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Roleplay Group : The Death Club

Boobs Inga….Boobs!

Dinner for Two


Writer: CharlotteCarrendar

-And so the fateful night arrived. Six p.m sharp, Inga arrived in a taxi, along with her agent Sven and his fiancé Dai. Inga looked stunning, in a strapless black cocktail dress, that had a sweeping train, with a large split up the right side, to show off her svelte thigh. Sven and Dai both wore tuxedos for this evening, since they had chosen the Coda restaurant as an ideal place to have Inga meet her blind date; the mysterious Helga. Course she was no mystery to the boys, they had both made a pact that they wanted Inga to be happy, with someone who they thought might actually measure up, and we don’t mean just in the bust department. Sven trotted round and opened the door for Inga, and offered his hand, so he could escort her in. Nothing worse than going into such a beautiful restaurant on your own. With both boys flanking her either side, they all headed in together, where they were met by the Maitre’d, Phillipe.

“Ah…and welcome to the Coda restaurant. Miss Inga, you will be dining on our rooftop, as we have a very special table lined up for you.” Inga clutched her Hello Kitty purse tightly within her hands, as Sven stepped forward and shook the Maitre’d’s hand. “I am Sven, Inga’s agent. Dai and I made the booking on her behalf, for this occasion. Her guest will be along shortly. “- The Maitre’d shook Sven’s hand warmly, and then escorted all three towards the lift. Inga glanced back at the boys and then asked. “Vait…I thought you were eating downstairs.” Both of the boys looked at each other and then Dai pipped up and said; “We..want to make sure everything goes okay. So we will have a table far from you…but close enough if this person is making you uncomfortable and…you want to go.”

This sounded plausible and thankfully, Inga bought it, lock stock and barrel. “Oh…okayz.”- Shrugging her shoulders, she stepped into the lift with the giggling pair in tow, and the doors slid closed as the Maitre’d took them up to the rooftop. On arrival, the doors opened, and what a spectacular view awaited them. The Prague skyline at night, with many of its historic buildings illuminated by the architectural lighting. Inga had seen the city at night, many times before, just never like this. Stepping out into the cool air, Inga’s hair, which is swept up this evening into a bun, but with fine wisps framing her face; is playfully teased. Picking up a section of her gown to help her glide across to the table that was marked reserved, the Maitre’d pulls out a chair for her, and offers her a glass of the house wine to try. Inga glances up at the label and nods, as he presents it upon a cloth that is draped over his forearm. Phillipe starts to pour but a small sample for her to try, and she takes up the glass, swirling it before taking a sip, to let the taste be captured. Pleased with this, she sets down the glass once more and Phillipe continues to fill it, while another waiter, brings over the menu, and sets one down in the empty place that would be for her guest.

Across on the other side of the roof, just beyond some well placed hedging, Sven and Dai are seated at a table for two, but clearly, they were both curious to see what would be happening over at Inga’s table. Sven is handed a menu by the waiter and flips it open, while Dai is keeping an eye on the lift. Both men knew what Helga looked like, and Dai found it very hard to keep a straight face, when the boys first told Inga about Helga. Words like “Perfection….and bouncy” were used to describe the mystery blind date. Inga almost had second thoughts, but when told of the Restaurant chosen for the date, she quickly settled on the idea. Now, it was the hour, the moment when Inga may find new love, or be scared out of her wits, and want to jump off the balcony. Dai fidgeted with his napkin, tapping his right foot, so excited about the moment the lift doors opened. Sven even had to look up from the menu.

The waiter was passing the lift doors, as they slid open, and as he made his way, he was the first to catch sight of Helga. So shocked, by the sheer size of this muscular mountainous beauty, he walked right into the hedge and toppled over it, disappearing from view. The clatter of plates brought up Sven and Dai’s attention, and the looks on their faces said but one thing. “We’re dead.” Yes, Helga, was not some ordinary body builder, come weight lifter. She looked like she could easy pull a semi trailer half way up the road and not break a sweat. Or, break a man’s balls with a flick of her pinky. Dressed, or should I say, adorned in well placed swatches of blue fabric, that one would be crazy to even call a dress, she teetered over to where the voluptuous Swede was sitting. Hearing the odd click clack of a woman’s heels, Inga had just placed down her glass of wine, to look up and see the Goddess of Fitness take her seat. Inga was too shocked for words. She simply sat there, with her mouth open. A simple blink, and then she blurted. “I’m…expecting a woman for dinner.” Inga must of thought this was a female impersonator, who was part of the German weightlifting team. Helga lent forward, as her generous breasts thudded onto the crockery. ~crunch~ “I am voman…I am Helga..your new…lover.” Over on the other side of the rooftop, Dai had just fallen backwards off his seat when he heard the crockery getting crunched by the woman’s breasts. “Ahahahahahaha.” You could hear the mad laughter of the wee Japanese man, while Sven got up and tried to help him back up, all the while, hoping Inga was not about to come over and smash a pot plant on his head.

The peals of laughter were not lost on Inga, who was inwardly planning such horrible things for Dai and Sven when they got back to the apartment. But there were more pressing matters, like the bare back gorilla with blonde plait wig sitting across from her, who was licking a bread stick, like it was some sick sexual fetish. More laughter came from the back of the rooftops, and Inga’s eyes narrowed sharply. Do ho ho ho. So this was how they repaid her kindness, by setting her up on a fake date. Was Helga in on this plot? Who was to know, but Inga then decided to make it look all the more realistic. Reaching up behind her head, she slowly withdrew the hair pins, that held her bun in place, so her blonde curls would cascade upon her shoulders and back, while the German body builder looked on, startled by the sudden show of sexuality. We have to remember that Inga is a porn star come actress, and if it’s one thing she knows how to do, it’s how to turn on the charm.

“Oooo I must..Apologise. I was just blown away by how….sexy you are, dahlink.” Inga reached across and then ran her well manicured hand across Helga’s cheek, which caused Helga to drop her bread stick in surprise. Well this was a turn on. The body builder drew her shoulders back and proudly stuck out her mammoth chest, before taking Inga’s hand and started sucking her fingers hungrily, right at the table. “Mmmmm baby…you know you can eat me laterz.”- Inga purred.

Over on the other table, you could no longer hear laughter, instead it was gobsmacked silence. Sven looked like he was going to be sick. Dai, was in a state of shock. “She’s letting her suck her fingers.” Dai finally said, before hiding behind a menu when Inga looked around and flashed a fake smile. Sven wiggled his fingers in response, but then reached for a glass of water, downing it quickly. This was going a little too well for either of them to believe. “I’m not so sure I like this…what if she really likes her. Eeek..what if we have to wake up to that every morning.” – Dai peeked out from behind his menu and then asked. “I wonder if she pees standing up.”

The waiter brought the entree, which were oysters. Natural. Inga drew back her hand from Helga, who was more than just hungry for food. Inga picked up an oyster and took up her fork, to tease the morsel around in the shell, while the German, was practically salivating and wiggling in her chair. Inga toyed with the meat with her tongue, as Helga whimpered watching her, and then held up two fingers, licking between them, as an example of what she planned to do to Inga after the last course. By the looks of things, Inga was going to be desert. Inga downed the oyster and smacked her lips, before taking up the wine glass. You could hear the clunk of a shoe being dropped under the table, as Inga’s foot disappeared up between Helga’s legs. Needless to say, Helga started to wolf down the oysters, trying to hurry up the meal, so she could throw Inga over her shoulder and go climb the highest building in Prague to ravage her.

Back at the boys table, they were both head down in discussion behind their menus. “You organised this. I don’t want her dating Queen Kong!” Sven swore, as Dai was shrugging his shoulders and coughing loudly. “Shush…maybe…she is into big women…how was I to know?” Sven peeked over his menu back at the loving couple on the other side of the restaurant and looked set to barf, when he saw Inga spoon feeding Helga lemon sorbet. Helga was closing her eyes and sucking the spoon as Inga made goose lips at her and purred. “Who’s a good Helga…You arez…You arez…Yes you are.” The way this was going, Inga was defiantly bringing home something. Sven started to bang his forehead on the table. “No no no no no no.”

Just then, the lift doors open and out comes the lounge singer, with a violinist, who had been organised earlier by Dai, as part of the “date” surprise. The violinist started to play fiercely, while the singer, who happened to be Spanish, did a fascinating rendition of My heart will go on, by Celine Dion. Inga extended her hand to the incredible Hulk of Helga, who kicked back her chair and swept around the table, seizing up Inga like she was a rag doll. Together, they started to Tango around the roof tops, with Inga snatching up the rose out of Sven and Dai’s table vase and clenching it between her teeth, as she glided past. The look on the boys face; absolute horror. ~K thud..K thud..K thud!~ their glasses were trembling, like a T Rex was fast approaching. “Feels like an earth quake, Sven.” Sven took up the water again to drink and said. “If she does this to a building…what the hell will she do to Inga’s bed springs?” Dai looked shocked. “We have to stop this…it’s gone too far.”

Indeed. Inga caught sight of the horrified looks on the boys faces, and now it was time to execute her final act in this dinner with disaster. As the song came to a wonderful climax, Inga removed the rose from her teeth and tossed it over her shoulder, before embracing Helga with both hands, boobs squishing together. Inga kissed her ravenously, so much so that the Hulking Helga gave back, practically slobbering all over the woman’s face, and probably licking off a good amount of her makeup. Breaking the kiss, Inga stepped back blinking, and then she whispered in Helga’s ear. “I want to play …a game. It’s called, Hide…and come seek me out. You…close your eyes, and count to fifty…and when you find me. You can have me.” She planted a kiss on Helga’s nose and then spun her around three times. The final time she snatched up her purse, and the flipped the boys the bird, as she dashed for the lift. The lift happened to open with the desert trolley being trundled out, ripe with all manners of sweets and jellies. Inga zipped into the lift and then pressed the button, as Helga started counting. “One…two…three. ~ping~….four…five.” That’s right folks, Inga just did the bolt.

When Sven and Dai saw that Inga just pulled a Cinderella, since she did leave a shoe under the table, they both gulped. Here was this enormous and sexually aroused mountain twirling around and counting to fifty, while Inga was now getting in a cab and going home to wash her face, and have a long hot bath. Sven and Dai got up slowly and started to creep towards the lift too, when the large Helga opened her eyes to see that Inga had actually gone. The boys froze right before the desert trolley and it was like someone had just waved a red flag to a bull. “VHERE IS INGA?!” she roared as the boys both screamed like girls and tipped up the trolley cart, sending jellies and custard flying at the enraged behemoth. “EEEEEK!” they both screamed, and started pressing the lift button madly, as the furious German stomped over and gripped them both by the back of the necks, twirling them around like bait on a hook. “ I WANT MY INGA!” Dai was praying…”I don’t speak gorilla….eeeep!”
(The following scenes are unsuitable for disclosure, lets just say that it would be a long time before either boy would be organizing another date for Inga anytime soon.)