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December 02, 2012 05:37AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club
The Grim Reaper
Players :
iShatteredSanity: -Well, that breakfast was surely something that both Dixie and Demetrios would remember for some time. And why shouldn’t they? After getting a desert with a lot of “syrup”, of course they would get sticky. Demetrios had his arms wrapped around Dixie as she was laying on her side, both staring deep into the other’s eyes. Smiling all the time and tapping his fingers on her back, Demetrios did not want that moment to end.- “So, how was your breakfast Dixie angel?” –He asked in a playful tone while winking at the same time. Of course at the same time he was rubbing softly his left knee against her right thigh, not helping himself but wanting her more and more.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Grinning back at him, like the kitty that had just had herself all the cream, she made a light purring sound, giggling as well. “D-elicious.”- Just one word, but how she said it, left no question in his mind, she could always go for more. To add to that he was teasing her still, she couldn’t help but bite her lip, eyes half closed. “The day has started, when the sparrow farted. We are never going to get out of bed at this rate. We be like….John and Yoko…forever in bed.”- Dixie felt so at ease around him, she was coming out with the most peculiar things. “I feel so much better, having told you everything. Like a giant weight, has been lifted. Thank you, Baby.”- she pecked his lips softly, before laying back against the pillow- <3>


iShatteredSanity: -“D-elicious.”. That word alone that parted Dixie’s lips was enough to make him smile brightly, more bright than the sun itself.- “I am so glad.” –Demetrios whispered softly as he planted a soft kiss on her nose, and chuckling softly in a playful tone after hearing the rest of her words. True, with the way things were going, it would be a Herculean feat, no, a miracle for them to get up from the bed. Leaning his head a bit backwards and hearing the rest of her words, he nodded slowly while smiling at the same time.- “I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart Dixie.” –He said while closing his eyes as she stole a kiss from his lips. Looking at her laying on the pillow, he nodded to himself just once. It was time.- “Dixie, you have been honest and sincere with me. It is time for me to do the same.” –Demetrios said and took a deep breath, exhaling it slowly.- “I think that you should learn about me as well, what I have done in my life, how Mia, Helena and the Russians came into my life.” –Demetrios stopped there, knowing that those words would pick Dixie’s curiosity. He looked at her, waiting to see her reaction to those names, but more than anything, he wanted to see her reaction on his words about finally revealing who Demetrios really was.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- For all that was known of Dixie, she was still incredibly young, and not up to speed with just how bad the world truly is. Sheltered almost, by Demetrios, in their love nest come garage, this was to be the turning point in their relationship. How she handled this, would show Deme just how much she was in love with him. Truly…madly….deeply. The kiss to her nose, had her wrinkle it up, and she threw her arms around him for a hug, so tight, only to release and let him say what he needed too. Her eyes kept bright, her smile as well. Unaware of the extent of what was coming. “I know you told me about Mia…and I got to know her and she is really nice. Aside from ill timed messages. Going to punch her for that one. Heh.” Still holding that smile. She was staring at Demetrios, positively idolising him. “Tell me everything. I want to know it all, so there is nothing between us. Just you and me. Peaches and cream.” <3>
iShatteredSanity: -Looking at Dixie not betting startled by what he had said, but wanting to listen to him, Demetrios nodded slowly with a soft smile on his face. He knew about the incident with Mia, and he was thankful that those two got along together. Laughing softly at her comment about punching her, Demetrios caressed her back softly.- “So, where do I start. First lets start by my past in Greece.” –Demetrios knew that this would be a long chapter, so he preferred to focus on the really important facts. Taking a deep breath, his chest expanding as his lungs filled with air, he exhaled it slowly as he began speaking, his voice heavy, bass and deep as usual, his tone calm and collected.- “I was born and raised in a military family. My father was a general, my mother was about to become one. My early years had not been so nice and kind. Constant training, never living a life like all kids around my age did. But that was to be expected.” –Demetrios paused for a moment as the images from his past flashed before his eyes.- “But I can’t complain. They did not know better. They wanted their son to be the best. But it all changed when I turned fifteen.” –Another pause. Demetrios’ tone changed slightly into a more emotional one.- “I did my rebellion, but it did not end well and I was forced to join a military academy. That’s where I met Alexandros. That’s where I met my brother from a different mother.” –And another pause, this time his voice clearly shaken a bit and he half closed his eyes.- “And also, that was when I met her…” –Demetrios stopped there. Not because he wanted to add more suspense, but because he needed to take a breath. Of course those words would only make Dixie curious and perhaps frown a bit, Demetrios knew that all too well, but he himself had decided to remove his mask and drop it on the ground.-http://kokuun.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/mask-off.jpg?w=468&h=263CharlotteCarrendar: – As Dixie was listening, her facial expression started to change. From being totally happy, carefree and content, the smile started to fade, replaced by a half smile, then the smile was gone. Like the sun had just set across the horizon, and the darkness had fallen. The manner in which Demetrios was breathing, the rise and fall of his chest, his body was screaming what his voice could not yet project. Gently, in an action to try and help calm her love, she started to stroke his side gently. Urging him, to keep going. The mask had fallen, possibly about to smash, but it had to be this way. She had to know the truth. For only when you know all, can you make the right decisions. Her eyes followed his through the turmoil she could see, then suddenly, he said… “And also, that was when I met her…” The stroking suddenly stopped, as if time itself had ceased to exist. Dixie blinked twice and uttered softly. “Her?” He tried to take another breath and Dixie…held hers. <3>
iShatteredSanity: -All the while that Demetrios was talking, he could feel Dixie stroking his sides in an attempt to comfort him. How grateful he was about that. But of course as he spoke, he could see the expressions on Dixie’s face change from smiling to a blank expression. And then the surprise as soon as he mentioned another woman. His eyes immediately fell upon hers, staring deep into them and nodding slightly.- “Yes, her…” –A deep sigh parted Demetrios’ lips.- “Her name was Marianna and she was my instructor.” –Demetrios said and took another deep breath, his chest once again expanding, trying to keep his cool.- “But as I said, she was. I used the past tense because that woman is no longer in life.” –While Demetrios kept his cool, he could not prevent his voice from breaking.- “Forgive me.” –He said and coughed softly a few times, away from Dixie’s face, to clear his throat.- “She was the instructor on my team that consisted of 5 other people, including Alexandros.” –A small pause was made and Demetrios took another deep breath, this time his voice changing into a perhaps happier one.- “We all gave monikers to each other based on our performances between our team against the other teams. We had the ferryman, the racer, the beast, the priest, the genocide and…” –Another pause was made, one that made Demetrios close his eyes for a moment.- “…and the grim reaper.” –Upon revealing the last moniker, Demetrios opened his eyes and looked back into Dixie’s eyes.- “That was my team and I was chosen as their leader. Now, we only had mock battles, but we still used weapons that could seriously injure someone. We needed to be as realistic as we could after all.” –Demetrios stopped there and looked at Dixie once again, wondering if she understood any of what he was saying.-*

CharlotteCarrendar:- A splinter of a second, a jealous streak. Tainted with poison so green and foul. The mention of another woman in Demetrios’s life, had Dixie dumbstruck for a moment, but then, she had a miraculous recovery, the stroking resumed and her brows knitted, as she tried to regain her composure. Ears pricked high, feeding off every word that left his mouth. She started this. Dixie got him comfortable enough to lay it all out in the open. So this was her responsibility to help him through. Cast aside her doubts, cast aside the jealous moments. Focus on him. She took a deep breath, and immersed herself back into this tale. Her name, was Marianna, an instructor. It would appear she was older. Or that is how it seemed. More breaths taken. Pausing to gather himself. Dixie then smiled, as his tone changed. When he mentioned the monikers. “We all gave monikers to each other based on our performances between our team against the other teams. We had the ferryman, the racer, the beast, the priest, the genocide and…” Her face searched his for the missing name, which was to come later. “…and the grim reaper.” His eyes closing, had her wonder….and then it hit her. The engagement party. He was dressed as the Grim Reaper. This was more than a moniker. There was a good reason for it. The conversation turned to mock battles with realistic weapons. Dixie’s eyes searched his face. “Deme…what happened? Please tell me?” <3>



iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios always had the tendency to see the expressions on the face of his interlocutor. He was always checking to see if the expressions matched the words spoken, he was always checking to see if one was honest. And there was a plethora of expressions on Dixie’s face as he was talking. How much he loved Dixie. He did not only love her for the sex or the touch, he loved her because she was honest and she did not hide things from him. A soft smile appeared on his own facial expressions and he nodded slightly upon her request to continue.- “My team along with Marianna, out instructor, was supposed to do a clean up on some old minefield. We were told that the mines were dud, we even tested them afterwards when we dug some of them off the ground.” –Slowly Demetrios facial expressions began to change. His face turned blank, empty of any expressions.- “But…” –There, it was at that point of time when Demetrios closed his eyes and his voice broke once again.- “We were all mistaken. Not all of the mines were dud. There had been some that were still active, even after many decades.” –Demetrios paused once again, taking a few deep breaths and opening his eyes only to half close them.- “Marianna was only 10 feet away from me and Alexandros when she put a smile on her face and told us to go to the truck and load the dud mines there. Both Alexandros and I nodded and did as we were told. None of us knew what was really going on though. When the distance from Mariana was about 50 feet, it happened.” –Demetrios closed his eyes again and sighed deeply when tears began to create small ponds on his eyes before they slid down on his cheeks.- “At first we did not know what had happened. It was as if someone had pushed us forward and we fell on the ground on out stomachs. But it was that moment when we heard that sound. There was an explosion right behind us. Both Alexandros’ and my eyes opened wide and we looked at each other terrified. Then we turned around and looked at the hole on the ground after the explosion. It was the spot where Marianna was earlier. We… W—” –Demetrios could no longer restrain himself and he began sobbing as more and more tears rolled down on his cheeks.- “Alexandros and I yelled Marianna’s name many times, but we got no response. Even the other guys and the two drivers began shouting Marianna’s name, but to no avail. It was only when the smoke cleared when we realized what had happened.” –Demetrios sniffed and gulped hard.- “What we all saw when the smoke cleared was Marianna laying on the ground but her right leg and almost her half right torso missing while her intestines were laying all over the place. She was still alive, but she was coughing up blood. She was still alive and instead of crying from the pain, she was smiling to us. She looked at Alexandros and me with a smile that immediately made us think that she was merely joking and that it was all just a joke. And it was that time when she said only a few words before she finally collapsed, she told us “I am sorry you two. You must go on without me. You two are brothers, the grim reaper and the genocide that will not stop until their target is silenced. The storm that will cleanse everything on its path.” That we were told.” –Demetrios closed his eyes once again, trying to regain his composure, but he failed.- “Next thing I know is Alexandros and me waking up in the barracks with our captain looking at us.” –Demetrios said, barely restraining himself from breaking down, but his tears flowing nonstop.-


CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie lay beside him, watching, waiting. The truth of his past, would emerge into the light. But the tale, was one of which she could not have possibly imagined. Keeping up with the gentle stroking, urging him to keep going, helping him, every step of the way. She was set to walk through this tale. His words spinned into a field, black and white in her mind. There was an army truck, and they had been clearing the land of dud mines. She was there, watching as it all played out for her. “We were all mistaken. Not all of the mines were dud. There had been some that were still active, even after many decades.” Now, for anyone with any knowledge of explosives, there are some that can stay live, for many years after they are placed in the ground. Dixie brought her forehead to touch Deme’s as he had his eyes closed. Connecting her heart and mind to his, as he continued to speak. Further, the scene was Alex and Demetrios heading for the truck, and Marianna was fifty feet behind them …..~KABOOM!~ the shockwave from the blast would send the men flying, off their feet, landing on the ground and skidding along on their stomachs. Dixie kept listening, and she could see the imagery. “Oh …god.” Dixie whispered. Realising now, just what it was that happened. The tears were now flowing down his cheeks. A river, a flood of pent up emotion. The years they had been held back behind the wall, behind his self imposed prison of inner turmoil. Marianna was broken….torn, her limbs blown off, her torso….Dixie found herself blinking tears as she tried to stay strong for him. The horror..and yet, this woman, this brave woman, was smiling as her life was draining from her, like the sands running from the hourglass. Dixie hiccuped a cry, and her stroking of his side stopped, as she brought her hands to his cheeks, cradling his face, and kissing his tears, as he finished telling the most horrific story of his life. “Deme…” -her mouth was turned down, an upside down smile. She shared his tears…she shared his grief- <3>



iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios had kept going and going and going, revealing what had happened on “that” day that him and Alexandros kept mentioning every once in a while. But still, despite having revealed that information about that fateful day, he hadn’t revealed the reason that he was so devastated. The comforting of Dixie was enough to keep him sane and bring him back to the present after all those images had flashed before his very eyes that could not hold back the stream of tears; that dam had broken. Feeling Dixie’s lips on his face, cleaning it from his tears, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at her as he coughed softly, away from her face, to clear this throat.- “I am sorry about this. But the truth about me being so devastated is because Marianna was my first in everything. The first woman to love, the first woman to love me back, the first woman to be there for me, and the first woman who made me a man. She made me a man in more ways than one.” –There, Demetrios had said it, the real reason bout being devastated; love.- “After that, Alexandros remained in the academy for some more time, but we had both changed a lot. While I was in a secret relationship with Marianna that only Alexandros knew about, she was like a big sister to him. We both took it really hard.” –Demetrios made another pause for a few moments, wiping his tears away and regaining his composure.- “And about 2 months after that fateful day, there was another event where the members of some other team pressed Alexandros’ and mine buttons. They wanted to win so badly that they mocked Marianna’s death. That was it, Alexandros and I snapped. We ended up almost killing that team without using any weapons but our bare fists. Alexandros and I alone decimated their team and we shattered their dreams of ever becoming soldiers. They had suffered severe injuries that prevented them from continuing in the military. It was that day when Alexandros left the academy and went to Japan, it was that day when I had lost contact with my brother. It was also that day when I was beaten down by my father in front of everyone at the academy. It was that day when I wanted to leave for good, but in the end I stayed behind and continued living with those two incidents haunting me for life.” –Demetrios said and took a deep breath, exhaling it slowly as he laid on his back, turning his head to the side and looking at Dixie.- “I kinda need a smoke.” –He said and slowly let go of her as he rose from the bed and headed towards the table, taking a cigarette, lighting it and sitting on the couch to smoke it.-
CharlotteCarrendar:- A raging torrent, a swirling whirlpool that was set to take Dixie down into the depths of despair, when the flood gates to his mind, released onto her. And like the levys that hold the water from destroying the towns and cities, Dixie tried to stand tall in the face of all that was coming upon her. Wave after wave of his life, and the center of it all, was Marianna. She was his first. His first love, his first woman to make him a man. Like Travis had been the one that Dixie had sworn to give herself to the night of the crash, Marianna was the one that Demetrios had loved first. Slowly Dixie let go, her hands coming down to her sides. The force of the words and memories were bashing against her, as she struggled to be understanding. But more the violence of the aftermath of her death, seemed to destroy the lives of not just Dem and Alex at this point, but those in the other team from the academy decided to mock the death of Marianna. All part of some war games and this would prove to be the catalyst that would place both men on a different path. “They wanted to win so badly that they mocked Marianna’s death. ” Dixie’s face would be one of horror, as he divulged that he and Alex killed these men with their bare hands. Dixie felt the bile of her stomach rising in her throat, and she had to catch herself, swallowing back. This was getting too much, even for her to listen too. She couldn’t say stop, but she was turning green. The coldness that you get, when something so horrible goes through you. Like ice water trickling down your spine. Dixie sat still on the bed, when Demetrios pulled away from her. “I kinda need a smoke.” he said, and headed to the table, to grab his packet and then sit on the couch, by himself to smoke it. Did he suddenly feel that he had gone too far, or was the cigarette to help calm his shattered nerves. Dixie didn’t move or speak, all she could do was watch, as he lit his match and then brought it to the tip of the cigarette, inhaling. Slowly she lowered her legs over the sides of the bed, and then rose to standing. She was wearing one of his T’shirts, and nothing else. Padding over slowly, she stood beside him, as he took another drag, and she finally lowered to her knees, and lent to his right leg, and lay her head on his knee, staring out the small window, where the sun had gone behind a cloud. This was to be a dark time, and she didn’t have magic words to soothe him. All she could think to do….was to be there. To be by his side. To stand by him. <3>