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November 19, 2012 05:53AM
Roleplay Live : Group : Death Club
Who said that love hurts?http://stat17.privet.ru/lr/091a2e2a67a9bba04c069b697d71d7fe


iShatteredSanity: -As the kiss slowly broke, Demetrios could feel Dixie’s hands on his shoulders and then sliding down as her pants slid down as well. Dixie began teasing Demetrios who leaned back on the couch, licking his lips and with his right hand began rubbing the bulge on his pants. Oh damn, she knew how to tease him; not that it was a difficult task, but anyway. He could get a nice view of both her ass and vagina at the same time. And what a view. Like a temptress, Dixie turned to look at him just like a wild cat with her hair like a veil to cover her face. Demetrios chuckled for a bit and he began to take off his shoes and pants at the same time, allowing his member to come out proud, hard and already throbbing with anticipation.- “Do you really have to ask Dixie?” –Demetrios said and moved closer to her, his member sliding up and down between her ass cheeks, poking her back door a few times before his member slid down between her legs, collecting her moisture and glistening in the dimmed light of the garage.- “I don’t just want you, I need you.” –Demetrios said and kept teasing her a bit more, sliding his member not only between her mound, but also between her butt cheeks, wondering which door she wanted this time.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hunched over, she drew her hands along the timber of the table, her hair draping over her shoulders, and down to hide her from Demetios’s gaze. Arching her back, as he moved in behind her, he could see the bumps of her spine, as it pressed through her skin, pulling it tight. Lowering her head, total submission, she appeared, soft, with rounded curves. Luscious ass cheeks, which he parted with his fingers, searching for where to join with her. Each forward motion, his member gently pushing to the rim, as if not wanting to take her forcefully. He wanted her to have the choice. Dixie’s legs trembled at the prospect, her tongue licking her lips in anticipation. “I don’t just want you, I need you.” God, for him to say, he needed her, like a human needs oxygen, a fish needs water, a bird needs to fly. She needed him too. More than he would ever know. So tonight, she wanted more than pleasure. Dixie wanted to walk the line between pleasure and pain. Closing her eyes, she whispered. “Take me where none have ever been. I want to cry your name. I want to feel, I want to be so tight for you, that you can barely breathe.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios had seen Dixie’s naked body many many times, yet every time was as if it was his first. He admired the view of her naked body, admiring the pain she went through for all those tattoos on her, admiring the courage of hers to bare them in plain view and not hiding them. After all they were Dixie’s very own feathers, feathers of ink. And Dixie was his angel. While waiting for Dixie’s answer on his unspoken question, Demetrios kept sliding his member up and down between her ass cheeks and also on her vagina, collecting more and more of her early nectar. And finally Dixie spoke, “Take me where none have ever been. I want to cry your name. I want to feel, I want to be so tight for you, that you can barely breathe.”. She gave him the answer to his unspoken question and Demetrios smiled softly. Damn, she had a way with her words.- “I will try not to hurt you much, but even when I do, I will make you feel good about it.” –Demetrios said and stopped sliding his member. The tip of it began poking her tight little hole, threatening to penetrate it at any moment. Demetrios’ hands began running up and down on Dixie’s back, caressing her skin softly before they finally rested on her sides, holding her firm as he pressed his hips some more, poking her tight hole more than earlier.- “It will only hurt in the beginning, bear it with me.” –Demetrios said and let some of his saliva fall from his mouth and between her ass cheeks, waiting till it had reached the tip of his member before he pushed his hips forward some more. The tip of his member finally entering her back door. Damn that was very super tight and he could feel it with the tip of his member. A few soft moans parted his lips since he could feel the pain as well, but he did not mind it. Slowly, very slowly, he began to push his hips some more, his shaft entering her back door now.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the dim lights of the garage, the alabaster of her skin, like the finest porcelain, then coloured with the animals, swirls of letters, the doves, the dragon and the tiger. Power and yet she showed, the most gentle creatures. A woman of contrast, it was as though her story was played out in the pictures of her body. Her totem. And for her man this night, she was his treasured gift, his delight and his prize. Worth the wait, and most certainly wanted, needed. Dixie had not ever experienced this before, and she knew that it would hurt at first, a great deal. Deme could hear her, taking short sharp breathes, getting her body ready, so she did not automatically tense on him. Oh she was going to be tight alright. Dixie draws up her fingers, so her nails would be like claws upon the wood of the table. Tension, so thick, it swirled the room, and this had her leaking pre, that was captured by Deme, as he rubbed his member back and forth beneath her. “It will only hurt in the beginning, bear it with me.” This was it..no going back now, no stopping him, and she wouldn’t even if she could try. Dixie squeezed her eyes tight, back arching further, and Demetrios took a commanding hold of her hips. The crown of his head, rest on the tight puckered rim of her ass, that seemed to be too tight for him to pass into. The drip of saliva, lubricated her tiny hole. She was already shivering in anticipation. Biting her bottom lip, she felt the entrance breached. “DEM!” The widening of her hole, that could barely cope with his engorged member, tightened, showing resistance, and this would only spur him on. Dixie was panting, regulating her breathing, as she felt the sharp pain. Pain…She felt him….and it was intoxicating. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Moans, soft groans, the sounds of heavy breathing, they had all become a melody for Dixie and Demetrios. Their very own bodies were the instruments, and quite honestly nothing else was needed. They had each other, holding each other, feeling each other, and bonding more and more with each other. With Dixie offering her anal virginity to Demetrios, that mean that from now on she was fully his. It mean that Demetrios had been the one to turn her into a fully grown woman; at least sexually. And Demetrios was not a punk or a fool to abuse that privilege, that honor. Demetrios who loved Dixie wanted her to feel good, enjoy everything that he offered her. Damn, she was so beautiful under the dimmed light. Her voice, her scream when she called out his name, so beautiful. Demetrios kept pushing his pelvis forward, feeling her tight hole clenching around the shaft and biting his bottom lip. It was a bit painful for him, but for Dixie it should be much more painful, yet he did not do things fast, no. He was entering her slowly, very slowly so that she could enjoy it, even though she was in pain. And finally after a few seconds, his whole member was inside her till the rim had reached the base of it. Instead of pulling out and going in again, he leaned forward as his hands traveled on her stomach, rubbing gently against it as he finally grabbed her small, but beautiful breasts, squeezing them and massaging them. He also leaned forward, planting a kiss on her neck before he licked her earlobe. Then and only then he began to slowly pull out, but again he did it as slow as he entered. It was her first time, and he wanted her to enjoy it.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Inch….Dixie clawed at the table, her body trembling. Inch…Pain, it hurt, it hurt…push past it. Inch…Dixie’s inner walls being pushed apart, god she could feel him getting right in. Inch…Another cry, only this one had no sound, her breath stolen from her. Inch…Unbelievable, the depth to which he was able to go. Inch…He was being so careful, so gentle, and Demetrios would know that she was going to remember this for the rest of her life. Inch…Her ass a virgin no more, he came to a stop, his body right up now, pressed to her ass cheeks, that were now apart. Fingers flexing, her mind reeling. He hunched over her, touching, exploring with his hands. Dixie had never felt so much love. She whispered his name, while her nipples, dark and hardening were growing as his fingers tweaked and teased them. Dixie’s skin was aflame with the fiery of passion, and his kisses like dry ice, sizzling upon her. Nipping and kissing. Erotic…Fantastic. Pleasure, Pain…she wanted it all. Her cries grew to deep moans, and she began to push back, wanting more. Wanting him to now press on. She was with him every step of the way. Now, he had her. Now…he could take her, bring her back onto him. She wanted him to enjoy her flesh, her feathers of ink…her many holes. To never want another…but his woman. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -More moans, more soft cries of pain and pleasure, more layers were added in the melody that was about to become a faster one with more beat. Demetrios could feel her body being hot. It could have been the anticipation, it could have been the wanting and needing, it could have been the time that they had spent without ‘connecting’, it could have been many things, but the result was still the same. Her hardened nipples grazed his palms as he massaged her breasts, something that made his member throb more and more, feeling so good to be inside her. After licking her earlobe for some time, he then bit it softly as his lips fell shut around it. He began sucking her earlobe, closing his eyes as well as she began to whisper his name. Damn that was the best sensation he could ever feel. Words could not explain how much he loved his Dixie and how the two of them could feel each other in ways that none of them could have ever imagined. With slow moves he moved his hips backwards till his shaft was out in the open again, but the tip of his member was still inside her. And then he began to push his hips forward, once again his member entering her and feeling her tight hole clenching around them. So tight, yet so good. Demetrios had taken her anal virginity too, but that did not mean anything to him. For him he was not having sex with Dixie, he was making love with her and he was forming a much stronger bond with her, one that he did not wish to shatter. Again his member entered her fully, but this time instead of stopping there, he immediately moved his hips backwards. And then forward, and then backwards. He had already began moving his hips back and forth with slow motions so that her tight hole could loosen up a little bit before he could increase both the pace and the force behind each thrust.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Hot breath seering her skin, and his teeth biting on her earlobe, teasing and sucking. It was incredibly erotic for Dixie, who was still in pain, but she craved more. Slowly, he started to pull out of her. “Oh my God” The feeling was impossible to describe. Such a release, and then as he caught her breath, he was going back inside her, filling her with his throbbing member. She must have been so incredibly tight, massaging with her inner muscles, squeezing him tight, tighter than a band, to constrict him of blood flow. Every time he would come close to pull out, the sensitive areas, beneath the crown of his cock, would be teased by the rim. This would make him want that, again and again. Slow was for the start, now he was picking up pace. She was now no longer some doll in a package he could never touch, he had broken her seal, and he could play with her, in any way he wanted. Delirious from the sensations, she craved to have him pull out and then press into her. The garage came alive with her cries, his name said over and over, words of love, then begging for him….her Man, to release his inner demon. The angel’s feathers had fallen. No longer virgin white…she was the beautiful black of night. Desire peeking, she rocked her hips back…so soon, you hear the slapping of bodies. Pull her hair back, ride the girl, brand her ass…make her yours. “I fucking love you!” She brought a hand up to her clitty, while supporting herself with her left hand, and stroked and fingered her clitty. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -In, out, in, out, in, out. Demetrios had already began moving his hips faster and harder, adding more force behind each thrust. Pain? He could still feel some pain on his hard and throbbing member, but he did not mind it. The mix of endorphins and adrenaline that was being pumped by his heart was filling his body, rendering him unable to feel pain, he could only feel pleasure and immense love for his angel. In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out. Faster, harder. Their bodies grinded against each other as they both moved in the same rhythm. And as their bodies grinded against each other, it was as if they created electricity. Demetrios could feel the chill down his spine electrifying him and adding as an energy source that kept him going and going. Her cries of pain and pleasure, the way she called out his name, her breathing, her heartbeat, he could hear them all. Having his eyes closed he kept sucking her earlobe before he finally let it go so that he could whisper to her ear.- “Dixie, thank you.” –Making a slight pause he thrust hard inside her, his balls moving forward and falling on her vagina, collecting some of her nectar and making them glisten in the dimmed light of the garage.- “I love you, I love you so fucking much. Thank you my angel.” –Demetrios finished his sentence and while holding her breasts, he stopped ramming her and pulled her on his body as he leaned backwards to sit on the couch with Dixie on top of him. Once they were in position, on that reverse cowgirl like position, Demetrios began to once again pound his member into her, ramming her fast and hard, loving each moment as it passed and not wanting any of those to end.- “I love you Dixie angel…” –He whispered again and he planted a soft kiss on her neck before leaning more into her to kiss her on her lips.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Bodies glisten, well oiled machines. Pistons working to create sparks, life. Engines roar, the garage was where you hear the ducati ignite, but instead of cars and bikes, Dixie was his sweet ride. Beyond pain, and falling, spiralling into absolute pleasure, the raw burning…now it was sweet, to be savoured and enjoyed, but one can’t take it slow, when you want to go higher. Faster, speed increasing. Demetrios gripped her, seized her, guided her onto him, again, and again. More more…so much more. He could feel the rough of her spine on his chest, his hands groping her small mounds. Handling her. His…His. Dixie was now flexible, no longer tense, fluid movements, and holding up to his onslaught. He whispered to her, while she fingered herself. “Dixie, thank you.” She had made him happy…the greatest reward to his woman. And she smiled as she captured her breath, with him pushing in all the way, then raising her up, her legs apart. Carrying her, while impaled on his thick meat. Sitting down, her knees now resting on the couch, so she was able to offer him freedom of movement. Reverse cowboy, allowed him to let his hands roam all over her, while still taking her ass. Slap slap slap. His throbbing length vanishing up inside her,his balls full and hard. Pulling her back he was able to kiss her neck, and she tilted her head enough, so they shared a kiss. No one had ever loved her like this. Now seasoned, primed. The pain barrier broken, she gave in, and lowered into the depths of waters of sin. She bounced down as he went up her, and her body simply melted upon his. “Dem…oh god….don’t stop…DEM!” she kissed him hungrily, the couch set to break from the act of love. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The two bodies kept grinding and grinding against each other. They were creating electricity that fueled them. But that was not normal electricity. It was the electrifying passion between Dixie and Demetrios that kept them going. It was the electrifying passion between the two lovers that had numbed all the pain that they could feel and turned it into pleasure and joy. “Dem…oh god….don’t stop…DEM!”, Dixie’s words echoed in every corner inside the garage and inside Demetrios’ head who did not stop for a single moment. Finally pressing his lips against hers, he kissed her back, hungry as well for her lips, for her kiss that could send him in a never ending bliss. Oh how much he loved it. His lips pressed hard against hers as his breathing had become irregular and while he managed to speak a few words.- “I don’t… I don’t want this to end… I want to be… with you… forever. I love you Dixie angel.” –Demetrios managed to say between panting and kissing her. Massaging her breasts some more, he grabbed her nipples with his index fingers and thumbs, pinching them and tugging them as he increased the speed and the force of each thrust. Her tight hole had already loosened up a bit and he was able to do so. And suddenly he took his member out of her, ramming it back inside her. And then pulled it out only to ram her again, and again, and again before he resumed his previous movement of piston fucking her while still kissing her. In all honestly, even though Demetrios was experienced in that field after having a few sex partners, none of them could compare to Dixie. Dixie was a woman that he loved and a woman that could bring out the best of him in all fields; sex of course being one of them.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Glistening pre like honey seeping out and coating his balls, that smacked her, with every upward thrust. Delirious, both now were, slaves to their desires. Hot, sticky, wet. Neither of them wanted to stop, they had yet to reach the orgasm, but what was best of this, was it hurts so good. Their tongues were coiling and dancing, probing and searching the other’s mouths. His hands, his fingers. teased and pricked at her ripe breasts. Grabbing each and tugging hard, as the speed increased, with the upward thrusts. Dixie didn’t want it to end either. In between broken kisses, would their eyes meet and each struggled to breath, with Demetrios blurting words as he tried to convey his love. “I don’t… I don’t want this to end… I want to be… with you… forever. I love you Dixie angel.” Through all they had known of the other, and the women that had come before, to call her an angel when he himself, was known as the Grim Reaper, the night of the Engagement party, between Inga and Kraus, meant that she was in part his salvation. Or maybe…she was truly a fallen. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Ahhhhh… How beautiful that sensation, the swirl of emotions, their bodies that had become sticky with sweat and their moans were. Such a beautiful tone, one that only those two could create. One could compare them to an instrument with a person to play it, or even a motorbike with the rider, both examples being very accurate, and both examples showing the relationship and understanding that was shared. If Dixie was an instrument, she would have been the best violin ever created, fitting only one man, Demetrios. And if Demetrios was a motorcycle, he would be fine tuned only for Dixie to ride him in any way she wanted. Regardless. Demetrios kept pushing more and more into the kiss, not holding back from his animalistic side as he kept hammering Dixie’s firm and tight, even though a tiny loose, ass. Her precum had begun to slide down and coat his balls with it, making them sticky every time they happened to fall on her glistening vagina. Looking at Dixie straight into her eyes, he blinked a few times since he could feel that he was about to explode. He was slowly reaching his climax and he wanted Dixie to know about that. Increasing the pace more and more and becoming a bit more fierce, Demetrios held her on the spot, only he was the one who was moving his hips up and down as fast as he could, moments before the grand finale.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – From love making, from pain to pleasure, now they had lowered into the warm depths, with a guttural growl from Dixie, you knew she was close. Husky, was how her voice had become. Breathing through her nostrils, when he took her mouth. The kissing, frantic, like she couldn’t be left behind. Her ass now a little less tight, took him with ease. The perfect fit. Demetrios bucked up inside her, until you would think they were truly one body mass. Frantic, her fingers delved between the slick folds, and she was now taking sharp short breaths. His cock was now thick, wide, and had her about to burst. Faster, they moved, and she saw him blinking. Oh god….she wanted to come with him. She wanted to finish the race with him. Gritting her teeth, she finger fucked herself, disappearing up to her knuckles, while his slick member had her ass conquered. It was …almost there. She could see it…feel it. High pitch, the scale going higher…her lips parted,and she cried…”I’m….I’m coming…I’m…coming…DEM!!..God!” -she squirted hot jets onto her hands, and wanted to kiss him, bite him, have him cum with her, fucking and loving her. <3>

iShatteredSanity: – -Pushing more and more into the kiss, Demetrios did not even take a single breath. He was using all of the oxygen he had left and pushed himself over the limits by increasing the speed and the force behind each thrust. Literally melting into that kiss, he did not want to postpone it at all, plus he had figured out that she was close as well. He had seen the way that she had been using her plunged her fingers inside her vagina after all. Finally breaking the kiss and hearing Dixie cry out, he took a deep breath and gave everything he could into the few final thrusts before he arched his back and rammed his hard and throbbing cock as deep as he could inside her.- “FUCK!” –He shouted as he arched his head and tilted it backwards while pushing Dixie down on his cock that began spurting its hot and sticky milk inside her, at the very moment she began to squirt on her hand. Releasing more and more of his semen inside her, Demetrios slowly leaned back on the couch but still pushed Dixie down on his cock. Once he had leaned back on the couch, he moved his head forward, his lips finding hers and locking into a kiss so passionate, so fierce and wild, a kiss that he had never given her before. Panting and moaning he did not want to break the contact even for a single moment.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dominant, hard, just so powerful. Demetrios pulled her down, breaking the kiss, and then. Like powered cannon, he fired multiple jets of milky semen up inside her. She could even feel his balls, constrict and move, his member pulsating within her red hot ass. The fire had been raging, and now the fireman put it out. Dixie’s head was filled with that one and only word “FUCK!” Oh..and he did. Dixie slowly pulled her hand out, and with glistening, dripping fingers, she massaged his balls, till they were milked dry. But it was his kiss, not stolen, but sealing them together. Hunger, was the only word to describe. He gave his all, and with her still held upon him, she had the second orgasm. With his mouth over hers, he would not hear her cries. But he could feel her chest, which was set to explode. Their love was beauty. To each other there was just one. Dangerous maybe, but they were like soul mates from the ages. Destined to be together. Her hands found his, and locked together, fingers intertwined. They just saved each other. <3>