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Re: (RP) “Trek to the Summit” : GM : CharlotteCarrendar : Forum Roleplay. Cont from Lights
January 15, 2013 05:11AM
Part Two – Smooth Criminal
TheGorya: -Conan smiled at her knowing her looks were just an act for her to display he could in fact sense she was trying her best to keep him from going off as she started packing medical supplies. She told him she might not keep food he as he nodded. Seeing her trot off he looked at the map as he saw the way to the highway. He looked at the map seeing where they were as he smirked as Seven talked about war he looked at him- “war? Well if there is one I am sure nothing will come to harm with us. Even so I will try to keep from fighting if it all means necessary. Trust me I am sure we won’t have a problem if you think that the fastest way ok then we will go that way.” –he looked to see Luna came back and said that there was only enough for a couple days as he sighed.- “well I am sure once we find your mother I am sure she will be supplied and ready for anything. “ –he could feel something wrong in the room like something was about to happen of course seven found something that looked like a small toy as he looked at him as he picked it up.

When the lights came on he had a reaction as he drew Brisinger as he pointed it at the ball in Seven’s hand as he said- “Seven. Place that down right now. That thing is not a toy by far.” –he knew the lights coming on didn’t mean anything good as he growled at it he started to channel energy within Brisinger. The sword by now should have started to give off a pitch of sound but that wasn’t the case for some reason Brisinger didn’t see the little object as a threat as Conan for once in his life was about to throw Brisinger out the window. He growled as the egg like object was light up as he dropped his sound sword on the ground as he said- “Fucking piece of shit relic won’t even work” –he put got himself ready to snatch what was in sevens hand.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Seven was half shocked by the automation of the droid, but was really pleased more than anything else. You have to remember, he is just a twelve year old boy, and a mechanical spider, is pretty freaking cool. “Seven. Place that down right now. That thing is not a toy by far.” Seven frowned and grizzled. “But it’s shiney!” –he whined and was about to put it down, when Luna noticed a picture up on the wall in Charlotte’s closet. It was her mother, and the science team of Seal 9, with an enormous battle droid behind them. The inscription on the frame said. “JACKV2FKR” Luna took another look at the miniature, and realised a startling resemblance. “Conan…I wouldn’t try and ..pick it up.” –she said in a nervous tone, as the miniature spider reared up at the sight of Conan approaching. “IT’S ALIVE!” Squealed Seven, clapping his hands, then realising, it was pointing two tiny rocket things at Conan’s crotch. “Dude?….” The miniature JACK was screeching in a metallic babble, and Luna dived behind the bed. <3>

TheGorya: -Conan looked at Seven as he told him “But it’s shiney!” Conan didn’t care as he growled while saw the object jumped out as it pointed rockets at him he didn’t know what it was going to as in the moment as Luna jumped behind the bed. Brisinger roared and screeched out as it was even louder than Conan was used to as Conan placed his hands on his ears as Brisinger was glowing with a weird aura. Conan looked at his sword as it raised and shot out a beam of light throughout the room as the beam disappear from Brisinger and start forming a body. He looked at it as the loud screaming was still around he couldn’t focus as the beam slowly dimmed he jumped in closet as the body of aura was moving towards the jacket. As it loud screeching was getting louder and the glass windows broke. Conan kept his hands over his ears trying to bare the pain of the loud nose he couldn’t even control it. It wasn’t just sound it was something else. The beam of aura shot straight at the mini spider with great force as the screeching stoped a voice came out.-

“Don’t hurt Conan!!!!!!” –then a form within the beam come out as a little girl no older than ten years old appeared as she stood proudly her hair was bright blonde with a flush skin tone of angel. Her face looked a lot like a little girl named Anya as her bright blue eyes gleamed like sapphires. Her dress was white as snow as he point at the little mini robot spider- “wait till I tell Dad what you are doing and then Charlotte will get a hold of you. They don’t call me Sarah for nothing I will make sure Anya gets a hold of you after im done!” –Sarah walked forward as she held her hand up while a bolt of electrical current started to form in her hand as she flung it at the carpet missing the robot spider as a warning. Who was this angel of a girl or was she even an angel?-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Ever have a moment, where so much happens at once, that its totally blinding and confusing? With Brisinger roaring and screeching, everyone hit the decks, including Seven and Luna. The miniature spider droid continued to chitter and threaten, as smoke started to come out of tiny rocket silos. But the loud screeching that was coming from god knows where, had everyone cover their ears, and with a final burst, that had the very windows break, a formation of a being started to glow, as Luna popped her head up from the other side of the bed. A beam of light shot out towards the spider, which leapt and then skittered around the bed, to hide with Luna. As the blast hit the carpet, more smoke rose up and the sound of a girl’s voice became audible.

“Wait till I tell Dad what you are doing and then Charlotte will get a hold of you. They don’t call me Sarah for nothing I will make sure Anya gets a hold of you after I’m done!” The crazy girl was screaming and trying to blast the small spider again with a bolt of electrical current. Seven got to his feet, and yelled at her. “Quit it….it’s a toy spider, you nit!”- Luna placed the spider on her shoulder, and it leaned against her neck, as she popped her head up again. “Well, My Mummy is going to send your Daddy the bill for damaging her apartment.”- she said with attitude, poking out her tongue. <3?>

VladePrimusOriginus: The Vlade would be Poised upon his lands Ready to strike upon the vast and uncertain quarrels of his Dark abode. His hands were positioned just barely beneath the folds of his Clothing. They speedily return with a small flintlock pistol, The intricate designing of the Weapon was detailed explicitly with golden linings. Twelve or so runes of Power line the barrel of the Gun. A dark essence flows around the expanse of the Artillery The one within in his left hand had a Rather Pain stricken façade to it. The one in the Right gave off Partial waves quite similar to The energy Dispersed by his being. A smile crosses his twisted disfigured face as a loud and daemonic repertoire of Slaughtered laughing. He tilts his head to the left and the Smile lengthens. His index finger pulls down upon the triggering mechanism of the Gun. Instantly His Aura Flares behind the Piece of material loaded in the gun, It exponentially Builds force and launches the Bullet within Straight into the Shadowed form of his Blood Bayne which was Stabbed into the ground precisely twelve feet in front of him. The bullet hits the blade and instantly Forces Vlade into the Oh so needed Great Purge. Vlade screams loudly as every minute microscopic part of his body and essence Vibrates. He screams till his throat gets raw. Blood proceeds to flow from his Eyes and Ears, Eventually from his endless screaming Blood begins to spray from his mouth. He falls to his knees. A burning sensation envelopes his entire Body, As if someone replaced the Ichtor in his veins with molten lead. His body begins to feel as if it were about to burst into flames.

His Eyeballs begin to swell and steam in his sockets. His skin begins to bubble as The Stress in his Body from Such an alteration to his Physical form. He reaches up in his agony and begins clawing his Face and Flesh off of his Body. At this point His Aura would launch around him and Ignited upon contact to his Physical form. In a matter of moments his Entire skin would have been charred clean off leaving only the fleshy remains from under it. He falls onto his Front and begins to Seize up violently as Every Fibre of his Aura is Burnt from the essence that made him. Thousands of useless parts of him purged away. Out of this Purging came the Expanse of other things vanishing, A purging of his Psychos, a purging of his Form, his power. It was at this point in which Our Story would begin. The embodiment of Insanity.

The very fibre of all the way void and devoid of logical thinking. And from all the pieces purged off from the Vlade it forms its own being. One of the inner daemons that Vlade had sealed within himself. Insanity would spiral as its holds upon the World deepen. The Vlade would be left in Cear thought, a very scary idea, as the Aire of Insanity Ponders over the partially linked Basis conjoining the Realms he inhabits to their Inverts and from their into their Twin realms. From which it would jump into the Realms of the Living. Only to become noted by the beings of a Strange Dynasty. Equipped with the Inverts of Vlade’s Qweapons Insanity would holster its Flintlocks and begins to walk forward. It bears a rather lengthy smile, As if a glasglow grin were constructed upon his Face. At this point upon noting all around him in the area he commences his entrance with a rather Brutal Case of auto nucleation, or more easily understood as Ripping his own Eyes out.

Blood and puss flows down the expanse of its Black tarnished scaled Flesh. Its Body was big; most other Description of it would solely be described as Insane. All it does upon arriving is endlessly begins Chuckling, its tone holding very sadistic overtones.

TheGorya: -Conan still recovering from the screeching as he heard the worst of the screeching since he was on top of it as he could feel a little blood rush from his ear as he could feel his ear drum was not broken but damaged. He got up but staggered out holding his ear his balance was off as he looked up seeing Sarah appearing out of nowhere as he said to Sarah as he saw her- “Well isn’t that nice Sarah. Come in with a loud bang?” –he staggered as he got up knowing he could adjust as he stood there seeing her that she was older. Sarah had turned to see Conan as she looked at them all still confused but angry seeing Conan being threatened. She looked at seven as he was yelling at her. Still angry and confused she looked down as she said- “Get out of my face before I break your jaw….” –she was upset angry and confused at where she was as she looked to Conan.- “Where dad? Isn’t he with you?” –she waited for his answer as she looked at him with worried eyes. Conan went quite as he looked away knowing that her father was Shadow he birthed her from his own soul of course none of these kids would know any of that as he spoke softly-

“You know as well as I do if you’re standing here older and aged of course Sarah, he is dead” –he stopped as he said to Seven while he walked towards him as he said- “Seven stop yelling she was only protecting me, and its confirmed Shadow is dead….” –he looked over to Luna as he asked her in a calm tone- “are you alright?” –he was worried as he looked back to Seven as he spoke- “This is Sarah Daybreaker formed from Shadow’s spirit. You might know her sister Anya.” –Sarah heard the words that Shadow was dead as he darted straight at Conan screaming as she cried out- “HE CANT BE DEAD! HE WAS IMMORTAL BY AGE!!!!!! HE CAN’T BE DEAD!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO….” –she started slapping at his jacket and chest as she fell to the floor screaming at him as she cried and screamed at him.- “NO!!!!!! HE CAN’T BE!” –she placed herself on the floor as she was crying as he latched on to his feet as she looked at the other two children in disgust as she always looked at those who were mean to her from the start. She was of course upset and in denial.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Seeing as Conan was actually bleeding from his ear, Luna got up and dashed into the ensuite and brought out some wads of cotton and a bandage for his head and ear, all the while the mini Jack was perched on her shoulder, the Cap plushie tucked under her left arm. “Conan…you’re bleeding.”- she said, pointing at his head, whilst the girl from the Big Bang, was making a big noise. Conan had been trying to point out the fact that her father was in fact dead. Seven copped a serve, for yelling at Sarah, and his jaw fell open, pointing at Sarah as she lashed away on the ground. “Least I am not carrying on like her. Come on Luna…we have a quest.”- He then snatched up the map, and with his backpack on he urged his twin to follow him. Stomping down the stairs, he is heard to say to Luna. “Did you pack extra socks? Cause if that twit is coming, I am going to want them to ram down her gob.”- Luna rolled her eyes, carrying more gear, than Seven was. “Mum’s going to be pissed about her room.” <3>


TheGorya: -Conan looked at Sarah as she balled out and luna assisting him with his ear as he looked at Luna and Seven. Seven basically wanted to leave them here as he growled at him as Conan said to him- “give me a moment Seven you might be old enough on your own but your not only with a quest…” –he looked down at Sarah as closed his eyes as she was now over working herself as he reached down at her back as his would glow with a white aura as it entered Sarah’s back. The glow would wrap around her as her body was changing into something the aura engulfed her as she transformed. As it glowed it showed a sword like figure as he grabbed a hold of the handle as he swung it around as he placed the blade on his shoulder the sword hardened showed a bright steel that was bright yet it had an electrical aura around it.

As the hilt of the blade had symbol of the gorya. Daybreaker was her last name and she was Daybreaker itself. Conan turned to Seven as he walked past him out the door as he said walking by.- “You Seven are starting to really piss me off if anything I think you should start to learn respect…” –he glared at him with a intimating eyes as he finished.- “you should at least have respect for those that have lost family what if we find out your mother is dead? What will you do then?” –He stood straight at Seven as he finished his barking at him- “If you want to be an adult start acting like it and stop being the know it all!” –he knew the kid was right about a so called quest but in reality Seven was young he most likely barely knew how to fight and Conan was not about lose his way in this world because a kid was trying to act tough for his age. He looked to both of them as he said- “now if you are all ready let get a move on” –he turned around as he started walking towards the lift out of the penthouse as he carried Daybreaker on his shoulder.-


VladePrimusOriginus: Insanity Began to skip around the General mass of the Area, He continues to laugh aloud as his Crazed Mangled Form displays an extra set of mandibles upon his sides. Using the First set of Appendages linked upon his upper left quad-sector of its elongated Spine, it would bend forward allowing its remaining limbs and appendages to fall to the ground. Now with a most dark look upon the curvature of his Upper head expands lower to the three remaining faces with heads. In its utter confused being further altered by the three black mineral whips protruding from its Flesh in odd places. A Pair of Silver Wings protrude from its many shoulder blades, They have a wingspan when unfurled of twenty-seven feet. It proceeds to launch itself forward, Its destination unknown even to itself, It simply did with no reason.

Though this was not to say that Insanity was Stupid, or even not intellegent. Insanity was infact very intelligent, it is beyond mortal comprehension. It reaches a cluster of Trees and runs deep into the Miniature forest. It straightens itself and its form shifts into what appears to be a slender man, only more so covered in a thick fur symbolic of barbs on barbed wire. It punches a tree with each hand. Falling twelve from each mandible. Only its form seems to shrink after every strike. Soon it is evident that its form is one of illusion and reverts to one of a more stranger from. Its mandibles seem to vanish as do all of its arms. It begins dancing around now as the trees begins to fall dodging underneath them as ech one were about to hit the ground.

Upon exiting the group of trees It would run dashing down the streets Chasing after Sole police cars and climbing buildings only to run down them on the way down. It comes to the exit of a penthouse and looks at a figure exiting. “One might ask If the morrow would ever come but to get to morrow one must have a quest to start today for the trip to get to morrow is trip a day would talk to get to morrow today youd have to leave for morrow yesterday and today you’ll get to morrow with tommow for your day.” It pauses and stares at him for a moment. “Death awaits the Morograths….” It sits in the middle of the street and Stares at the man.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Unbeknownst to Seven, he was really yanking Conan’s chains something fierce. If it wasn’t for the fact he had pledged his sword, he may well have used it against the Carrendar Teen. Conan charged past him in a huff of sorts, growling fiercely as he went. “You should at least have respect for those that have lost family what if we find out your mother is dead? What will you do then?” Seven thought about this for all of five seconds. “Have a freaking party here!…Yeah…and then….yeah.” He was after all, only twelve. “If you want to be an adult start acting like it and stop being the know it all!” Boy, this bloke really had a set of pipes. Luna came up alongside Seven, basically carrying most of the supplies, like a pack mule. On top of having the miniature Jack and the Cap plushie. Seven leaned over to her and said in a hushed tone. “I haven’t even got pubes, and he wants me to act manly? What is he? The Indian from the Village people? Gay….I tell ya.” Luna shrugged, and adjusted her packs as the miniature spider droid chirped happily on her shoulder. “Maybe you should cut him some slack…I mean, he only woke up this morning, and he is babysitting all us lot.” Conan was about to usher them out, when a strange figure appeared at the doorway. Seven spotted this and then piped up loudly. “Oh..Mister Conan…someone is here for you.” <3>

TheGorya: -Conan was getting hot headed over this his ears still were aching as he walked to the door he let his guard down as he could hear Seven talking like he was going to party. He bit his lip as he wanted to smack the boy silly after that comment. He simply placed Daybreaker up against the wall as Sarah wouldn’t be able to return into her human embodiment for sometime as he sighed. He waited for the lift to come back to the top as he heard Seven call out to him say “Oh..Mister Conan…someone is here for you.” He quickly turned around as he went into defensive mode as he started to use his sensory type magic to sense the intention of the figure outside the window as he glared. He just relied that Brisinger was in the bedroom he knew that he could fight without if it this thing that was at the window was an enemy. He watched carefully as he said to Luna and seven- “Stay right there! Both of you!” –he looked at the shadowy figure as he said- “State your business” –he hummed into a sweet melody as his focused the sound in his throat around him as he clenched his fists tightly. The sound he focused from his voice would carry around his body a light aura around him. He was of course worried if this thing would attack him or the kids here.-

VladePrimusOriginus: The instant it would Feel the very fibres of an energy scanning over it Insanity would begins chuckling and gently Press at the minds of those around him. What was it however that he would share with them? Quite frankly he was just pressing his mind out at them, completely unguarded. Insanity begins to rock back and forth ever so slowly as it begins to ponder its next course of action, see there were millions of possible futures spreading from this single instance and the instances leading out of this moment. Insanity thinks of all these infinite choices that could be made. Of course this occurs in a nano second as he hears the demand of its intentions.

“I am the Wandering thought, The ingenious. I am on a mission benefiting all For from me comes your, or at least the conscious that is you, For without me You wouldn’t be you, After all what is it that makes your conscious you? The Varying levels of sanity or their lack of?” Insanity smiles and stands before continuing. “I am here to corrupt the minds of the pure and purify those whom have no purity. For that is my way, Or is it? Perhaps I could choose the other action? No….So many choices can’t I have them all?” He shakes his head as he argues with himself. “To simplify this emancely I am an embodiment of Insanity. Take what Assumptions you want from that.” Is rips off one of its hands and begins tossing it from one hand to another. Before finally tossing it into its mouth, and eating it. It chews and swallows before it speaks again. “Though I don’t have any intent of attacking any of you, But then again I am sporadic In my choices.’ It shrugs before proceeding to crack its varying joints and knuckles thus creating an assault of cracks pops and snaps.

 {To be Continued.)