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Roleplay Group : The Death Club

A New cold war.

The Secret life of Lotus – Part Six. (Finale)

Sadness – When a petal falls.


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar

-Ira could see on Masiko’s back, the tattoo of the Lotus. Carried out by a member of the Yakuza, the exquisite depiction of a lotus in bloom was without a doubt captivating to those that love this form of body art. Just below her left shoulder, it captured her soul beautifully. Ira was impressed by this, but as Masiko pulled up her dress once more, she swallowed hard. Memories began to resurface of what getting that tattoo meant. Turning back around and sitting back upon the edge of the bed, she continued with her bed time story. Already now, the sun had long since gone, and the streets of Moscow, were illuminated with the street and car lights, the buildings, becoming jewels in a black velvet night. Though hungry, Ira wanted to hear this story to its conclusion. They had not yet reached the summit, in the story of her life. Masiko clasped her hands together tightly as she spoke softly.

“I was to find that my Father’s connections led news of my tattoo back to him. Needless to say, his reaction was swift and brutal. If he could have carved it from my flesh, with a knife, he would have. But instead, he took me outside, and beat me repeatedly. Although I had learnt to fight, he was my Father, and I had to endure my punishment in silence. I remember seeing my Grandmother, watching on, the look in her eyes. Such hatred. I did not know that they both knew the truth. At this stage, I was still unaware. When the beating was done, they left me there, and went to arrange what would become my new life. Taking me out of school at the age of fifteen, and then packing my bags, they sent me to the Geisha house of my Father’s Mistress. My Father’s obsession with Geisha had him turn to the idea, that if I was one, then I would bring pride to the family name. That and he would finally be rid of me. My fees were paid, to the Okiya, who was the Head of the Geisha house.”

Masiko paused and then blinked, following with; “It would be the last time, I would see my Father. He simply put up his umbrella and headed back to his car. No words spoken, not even farewell.”

The more that Ira heard of Masiko’s life, the more his heart opened up to her. Sadly, he knew that once the bed time story was told, that she may well return into the dark prison where her soul was held captive. This was indeed a rare talk. Masiko was unfolding, opening up like the very Lotus that was upon her back. The world of the Geisha, was far removed from Western society and similar cultures, as it was from even those of the Japanese themselves. Steeped in tradition, they truly are an art form, unlike any other. One thing that has never changed, was that the biggest industry in Japan was not shipbuilding, producing cultured pearls, or manufacturing transistor radios or cameras. It is and always has been entertainment. A Geisha was the ultimate Japanese woman. The term Geisha literally translates to mean “entertainer”. One that could captivate and serve a man, to show him off at his best in a public gathering or setting. The perfect hostess, and a fine accessory to the business man, who wanted to be seen as having everything. His wants, needs, and desires are to be met without fault.

“Once inside the walls of the Geisha house, the Okaa-san, other Geisha and Maiko were to become my Mother and sisters. They were my new family. Of all the Geisha I would be assigned to, it was to be Kikuyu, my Father’s Geisha. She was to be my Onee-san, the closest that I would have, in the years of training to be Geisha. As her Imouto-san, I was her servant, while she trained me in the arts of how to work in a Hanamachi. To serve tea, playing shamisen, and dancing. Musical ability is also important. I had to master every instrument, as well as sing. Something that I did not believe I was good at. I don’t know how many times I was hit with a fan, for getting it wrong.”

Ira adjusted his posture, and relaxed more in the chair, as he continued to listen, but had many questions. “And your Father did not come to the Geisha house, even though your Geisha sister was his?” Maiko shook her head from left to right and back.. “Kikuyu would always have to be ready, and go to meet him, either in a car that he had organised for her, or to travel to a nearby tea house to meet him in the district. I remember the hours that it took to prepare her for those nights. Everything had to be immaculate, her hair, makeup and the dressing of her in the special kimono. That alone was something I had to get used to. When she would go out, I would have to stay up and wait till the early hours of morning for her return, and then help her undress and ready for bed on her return. Thankfully, she did not speak of her time with my Father, for at this stage, I felt hardness in my heart for him. As I was not yet tested to be Geisha, I could not go out with her to “entertain”, but remain behind in the house, and clean and serve others their meals. During that time, I practiced everything, from how to walk, how to kneel, how to serve tea. I knew there was no escape, that this was my one and only chance to prove all wrong about me. I kept my silence, when not spoken too. Diligent;, and mindful of my place.”

“So when did you become a full Geisha, Masiko?” Ira asked, taking out his cigarette packet and tapping it on his palm. His eyes trained on her, watching for a change in her demeanor. This was when there was a flickering in her eyes, and part of the veil started to rise back up. “As a Imouto-san, the key to learning, is to watch everything. No matter how small or insignificant, and learn to mimic and get it down pact, that you yourself are immersed with your Geisha side. Soon, I was surpassing the other Maiko, and this did please my Onee-san. You see, when you are assigned a sister, the relationship is like that of what you westerners regard as like a marriage. Kikuyu was the one to have assigned my Maiko name. She took full responsibility for any fault or the displeasing of clients, when I was ready to be shown in public. A full year, after my Father dropping me off at the Geisha house, I would emerge, dressed in a full celebration Kimono, and become a Maiko that would be requested across the many tea houses of the district.”- Masiko actually looked proud, her cheeks reddening, and there was something about her eyes. Ira toyed with an unlit cigarette, and asked. “So what was your Geisha name? What did Kikuyu choose for you?”

A Geisha’s name is specially chosen, so that it has not only meaning, but will be popular with the clients that vow for her services. The name chosen for Masiko, was one that had special meaning. “I was called Kyoka, which in part means flower or perfume, depending on how it was taken.” This made perfect sense to Ira, considering that Ryu had the tattoo made on her, of a Lotus. Ira wondered what Ryu must have done, to find that Masiko had been taken from school, and placed in the Geisha house. Knitting his brow, he placed the cigarette down on the table beside him, and lent forward, curious of one thing. “Did Ryu search for you? Did he try to hire your services, if it was known in the social circles where you were?”

Suddenly, Masiko rose from the bed, and turned away from Ira. Her hair whipping around her as she could not seem to face Ira at this point. She stood, staring out the large window, her hands clenching into fists. This was to be the part of the story, where hell was unleashed. Ira got up from his chair, and approached her, but keeping a safe distance, since he knew they were still just acquaintances, and partners in this operation. “Misako?” Ira was now concerned, and without thinking, reached for her shoulder, attempting to bring her around to face him. Misako did turn, but the look on her face, was one of a woman who had been broken. Stunned, Ira looked down into her eyes, and said, “What happened?”

Masiko tried to speak, and the words were just not there. Like she was frozen from fear. But who would she fear? Who in her life had brought her great harm. Surely not Ryu. He was her best friend, he was the one, that named her. His Lotus. “Misako….speak to me.” Ira implored, now seriously worried about her. Having gone this far, she needed to let it out. Finally, after a few nervous moments, Masiko started to tell, exactly how she became what she was today.

“The House mother had received an invitation, for both me and Kikuyu, to perform on a vessel, a yacht. It was said that a new patron, wished to …wished to…*Masiko repeated herself, as Ira urged her with his eyes to continue*…to deflower….me.” Ira looked confused, and asked. “But I thought that was about granting permission, and surely not someone you had never met.” Ira was thinking this made perfect sense, and then he thought he had it figured out. “Ryu was to be your patron, am I right?” Masiko started to nod…but then shook her head slowly, as the tears fell. Ira now placed both hands on her shoulders, and urged her to tell him. “Who was on that yacht? Who was your patron, Masiko?”

“We were sent for, and picked up in a fancy car. Kikuyu thought this was to be a great moment for me, she was so proud of how I looked. I was so scared, and then when we were dropped off at the yacht, all these members of the Yakuza were there. But I could not see my father. They all allowed us to pass them, as they bowed, and we went up the gangplank. Ryu was on the boat, he was standing there, but the look on his face. Anger. I thought it was something I had done, but he bowed, and we were ushered inside, to the main cabin. Kikuyu kept smiling at me, that everything would be alright, but I had sick feeling in my stomach. There was a man, standing with his back to us when we entered. Grey haired, but smartly dressed. I then heard a woman laugh, and I looked over to the bar, and this red headed woman, was smiling and toasting me with a glass of champagne.

“Poppa….look who is here?” The red woman hair said, smirking as she took a sip of champagne.
Masiko held herself steady, while a large security guard came in and seized Kikuyu’s arm. Kikuyu cried out as the guard chuckled, and dragged her out of the room, screaming back for Masiko. Not a minute later, there was the sound of two gunshots, followed by the thud of a body on the deck. Masiko looked for the exits, but in her kimono and geta, she would not be able to make a run for it.

The man with grey hair, finally turned around, and when it was when she saw his face, she realized who it was. He smiled at her, as she could feel the blood run from her face. He tapped his cigar, and then placed it between his lips and puffed on it, chuckling as he could see that she was terrified.

“You know…with all that makeup on, you are still as beautiful as your Mother. Course, she had to go and kill herself, to get away from me. But then…then I found out, that…she left me a gift.”- He slipped his hand inside his pocket and then extracted a piece of paper. A birth certificate. He unfolded the document, and coughed, placing down the cigar in a crystal ashtray. “Ahem…turns out, that for all these years, you have had the impression, that I was some sort of monster. I do remember you watching, as I fucked your mother. You were so sweet then. *the man grinned broadly, while the red headed woman started to laugh* “Well….according to this…*he held out the document and waved it about*…you…like your mother, belong to me.  You… are a part of me.  My blood is flowing through your veins…. Daughter.” Masiko wanted to be sick. All the years, her life had been a lie, and now the knife was about to be twisted even further into her heart.

Ira watched her intently, as Masiko came to the last page in the bedtime story.

“Who was the man in the suit?” Ira begged of her, half knowing, but wishing it was not so. The final blow. The falling of the petal….

“It was Uri….my real Father.”

The Israeli was incredulous, shocked beyond belief. He kept shaking his head, and released her from his hold, turning around, and then laughed, laughed like this was some sick and cruel joke. This all made sense now. It’s how he got her back, to his side. Killing her sister Geisha, and taking her back to Israel, where she would be taught, by none other than her “sister”, Ayalah, how to please a man. From that day on, she was known simply as the Lotus.