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Roleplay : The Death Club

A New cold war.

The Secret Life of Lotus – Part Five


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar

-Ira had heard the term of Yakuza before, since it was known worldwide as the Japanese Mafia. Course, he had seen the news reports, and the odd foreign correspondent story on a local television network some years before, but he did not truly know the extent of the history, of the Lords of the Mafia. Masiko had started off this tale of her life, from a simple question, of how she came to be. Now, it was time, to unmask the Geisha. Ira’s feelings now, were like that of a student that had in his hand the book of knowledge, of how a person, can grow through life and be molded by the actions and decisions of others. Already, he had learnt that Uri played a large part in dismantling her family, but what he didn’t know, was the missing years. His curiosity peaked, on the meeting of the mute Misako, and her over sized savoir.

“And it was Ryu that lead you into the underworld of the Yakuza?” Ira asked, his face now showing concern, for Misako. Having gone this far, she felt no reason to stop now. Relaxing from kneeling on the bed, to then swinging her legs over the side and sitting to face Ira, she took a deep breath, and said.

“Ryu was chosen you could say, by those of the Yakuza that kept a close eye on the boys in our school. They favour those that are strong, and know how to fight. It was when he signed into the martial arts academy, that they made their presence known. The owner was a man called Nobuyoshi Suzambo. A well known figure of the local syndicate. One of the elders you could say. I followed Ryu to the academy, and Nobuyoshi spotted me. Came over and said he knew my Father, and wished him well. I bowed and was polite, but did not speak. “

The Israeli didn’t need to be an ace scholar to figure out what Nobuyoshi’s relationship with Masiko’s father might have been, but felt the need to ask. “This, Nobuyoshi, he knew your father in social circles, or….was your Father in it too?” Now this was the sixty four thousand dollar question. Masiko raised her hand and let it glide over her hair, now about to reveal a family secret. One that no one outside her family or the Yakuza knew.

“They say that there are those that lead a double life, and in order to succeed, will keep some of their activities hidden. You see, my Father was a government official, but on the flip side; he was an elder of the Yakuza. His family had interests in commercial properties and hotels in many countries, outside of Japan. So naturally, he was in the perfect position to build up his wealth in the corporate sector by establishing contacts through his position as Ambassador to Israel.”

Misako appeared sad, as she spoke of her father. Was it possible to live with someone and yet know so little about them, till the truth is revealed from another source? When Misako went home, and handed her father the flyer for the academy, with the name of owner, Nobuyoshi Suzambo on it, he grabbed her and shook her violently. The idea that Misako had even been to the academy, meant that there would be talk, talk of her father being back in Japan, and also, he had certain debts to pay. One of those debts was the upkeep of his Mistress. He was patron to a Geisha. A high honour to have one ; especially in the circles of the Yakuza. Whenever the local syndicate would meet for their rituals and functions, it was the Geisha, who accompanied them and entertained the men with fine conversation, music, song, dance, and then there were the “other benefits” to those who allowed it. Naturally, her Father’s Geisha did more than just allow it. He was smitten with her, and thought her to be the epitome of what a Japanese woman should be.

But Ira wanted to know of the boy, Ryu. He leant forward in the chair, and said. “So what of the boy? Ryu? Tell me more of him, because I feel he did a lot more for you than you are letting on.”

The Geisha known as Lotus paused a moment, reflecting on the past, and then she spoke with her head tilted just so to the right. “Ryu saw that Nobuyoshi approached me, and was polite. Heard the words spoken by Nobuyoshi , that I was to wish my Father well. He gathered what that meant too, and kept extra close to me, even taking me aside, and started to teach me, how to defend myself; how to fight like he was learning. Days turned into months, then years. At one point, we were practicing, and I did a move, that he showed me, that he was very good at. I countered him and he fell on his backside. I am not sure if it was the expression on his face, or the fact I took him down, but….I laughed. For the first time, since I was so little and I knew what joy was? I laughed, and I couldn’t stop. At first Ryu was angry, but then he heard my voice and he saw the look in my eyes. He started to laugh, and I fell to my knees. He had given me back something I thought I had lost forever.”

Such a revelation had them both smiling, with the idea of her actually laughing about something as funny as to take down the school bully and junior member of the Yakuza. There were actually two worlds of the Yakuza; one was of the old ways, where they believe they are descendant from the mighty Samurai, with same strict rules and codes to which to live by. They were the protectors of those that could not protect themselves. Even in great disasters, the Yakuza were the first to come and give aid to survivors. It is part of the reason; many are so open in showing that they are Yakuza.

The other world however, is one based on crime, prostitution, drug smuggling, and money laundering; even pornography. It is a far cry from the original Yakuza, and the side that has given it such a bad name. Many newer recruits were actually from Korea, the very people they had fought in wars now long forgotten. Internal gang warfare has brought a lot of attention upon their activities, and what the police and authorities fear most, is the underground culture more than anything. While her Father, and Nobuyoshi may have been from the old ways, the newer and upcoming had much darker plans.

“So yes, Ira, Ryu was the one that showed me not only how to fight as they do, but also made me realize, my Father was deeper in the Yakuza than even I knew. As Ryu would be accepted and go to the rituals, he saw my Father, there with his beautiful Geisha. Laughing and smiling, enjoying each other’s company. Ryu told me everything, but made me swear that I was not to tell a soul, or share anything of what I knew with the authorities. I kept it buried deep inside. One day however, Ryu was to get his first tattoos, and naturally I tagged along. I sat and watched, as Ryu got his tattoo of a mighty dragon, which was on his back. So proud he was. Then he asked the tattooist, if I could have one done. I shied away, scared if my Father found out that I had marked my skin, but Ryu smiled and assured me it was the right thing to do. Ryu chose the design.”

Masiko then turned around, and started to unbutton the back of her dress, and showed Ira, the tattoo.

It was of a Lotus.