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Roleplay Group : The Death Club

A New cold war.

The Secret life of Lotus – Part Three.


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar.

-Ira was stunned. The Israeli operative could not believe what he had just heard. “Her name…was Ayalah Romach.” Spoken with little to no emotion, each word was like slamming down a gavel, punching home the fact, that the Lotus and the Viper, had more than just working for Uri in common. And Ira, he knew what this meant. Both sat in silence, but neither looked away from the other. All of this was now starting to make sense, though he had heard only the beginning of the story of her life thus far. But would this revelation affect the mission at hand?

“Lotus…”- Ira said just her name, as if he didn’t know how to follow on. He reached up and rubbed his left temple, while Masiko watched on, slightly bemused by his reaction. “I have a name, you know. Lotus is my code name. My real name is Masiko, feel free to call me that, for the sake of this….bedtime story.” The last two words, were said with a haunting smile, for this was not the kind of tale, you would dare wish to read to a child at night. No, this was the telling of a child’s nightmare.

“Masiko then…I have to ask you. Why did you take this mission, knowing full well just whose life is at stake, as well as risking your own?” Ira had a point, for in order for this job to be done, meant she would have to bury her true feelings deep within herself. Masiko simply let her hand slide, slipping onto the bed, lying upon it, then propping up her head, so she could continue this talk. Her eyes appeared to glaze over, and again, she answered his question, with another. “Did you really think I had a choice, Ira? Did you think Uri would just send anyone to do this?” Masiko’s voice got lower, as though telling another secret. “Surely you are not blind to the truth. Ayalah, is his treasured Viper, his greatest asset. No, she is more than that…so I came to discover.”

Ira was now deeply intrigued by the way in which Masiko was answering questions with questions. But then he had another that was certain to crack her cold exterior. “If Ayalah is so important to him, then what are you to him? What aren’t you telling me?” Ira was no longer smiling, and he wanted an answer this time. But instead of answering, she simply rolled onto her back, and stared up at the ceiling. “It’s the wrong question, Ira. You shouldn’t be asking me, what I am to him..*she turned her head so he could stare at her face, which again, was the cold mask. “You should be asking… who?”

Now it appeared that Maiko was toying with him, baiting him further along, and yet revealing nothing. This would bring a rise from Ira, who was getting tired of the tactical chess game currently being played. Ira folded his arms across his chest, showing signs that he was getting defensive, from her nonstop questions. Turning the tables on him, yet again. Exasperated, he let out an audible sigh, and said more or less to no one. “You’re enough to drive a man to drink.” It was an off the cuff remark, more like he was thinking out loud. Maiko stifled a chuckle, and then went back to wait for the next serve…the next question. “Wouldn’t be the first time, Ira.” Well, either she was serious, or had finally revealed her sense of humour. “Indeed. Now, I am going to ask, and hopefully you are going to give me a straight answer. So…who are you to Uri, Masiko?”

And there it was, the cold mask started to fade away, and a more natural expression, like she was about to let the weight and burden of years of heartache and sorrow, be released like doves into the sky. Masiko tipped her head back, and then began to tell the story….in all its glory.

“For years Ira, I always thought I knew who I was, who I believed myself to be. Sadly, everything I had been told, and came to know as truth, was nothing more than a lie. A lie that would destroy my father, and assure my place at Uri’s side.” Masiko swallowed back the building saliva that was lacquering her tongue. She had come this far, and it was time to make peace, as though the recanting of her life, may well offer solace to her own heart.

“My mother had been “entertaining” Uri, as she did every other week, while my Father was back in Tokyo. I was outside, playing with Ayalah; we were having a tea party, and she asked me if we had any cookies. So, I decided to go back into the house, which I was not supposed to do. *Masiko shot a look at Ira and said*…Ayalah must always get what she wants. Heh.” Ira shrugged, but he knew what Masiko meant, Ayalah was always demanding something, whether it is new lingerie, or a meal out on the town, dancing till all hours, when not working. “So I crept in, and had to pass my Mother’s room, on the way to the kitchen. The door was partially open. I heard her high pitch cries, begging Uri to stop. But he wouldn’t. He kept at it. I could hear his animal like grunting, rutting her while she was suspended from the ceiling. Tied up, like you would a slab of meat. I was so shocked, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t look away. In my horror, I must have released a sound, for he looked to the door, and saw me. And you know what he did? DO YOU?!”

Ira shook his head, now feeling physically sick. “He laughed….he..fucking laughed. I can still see her face, etched in shame, caught in the act, with the man my Father trusted.” Wiping away a stray tear, she then sniffed loudly, and proceeded to tell the end of this sickening tale. “I was not the only one to see them. For my Father had arrived home early, and he was standing, right behind me. I don’t even know how long he was there. All I remember is the scream from my Mother. Like the sound of a cow being gutted while alive. Uri didn’t laugh then. He just stood there…and then, he kept going, he kept fucking her. What kind of man does that?” Ira was shocked to silence, unable to look at her any more, he was now looking out the window, angered at his own Boss. Masiko paused, like she was trying to regain her composure.

“The next thing I remember was I was on a plane, flying back to Tokyo with my father. He never spoke; he just sat there on the flight. I kept reaching for his hand, trying to touch him. But he kept flicking my hand away. Like he never wanted to be touched again. That he never wanted to love again. This was to be the start, of my journey into Hell, and finding out…just who I really was.” <3>