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Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club

A Mexican Standoff

A New Cold war.



iShatteredSanity: -The air was a bit cold in Prague, despite the sun being already out. Sun with teeth as the Greeks use to call it. But on the Ducati, damn, it was a totally different story, yet the Greek duo did not seem to mind it, plus they were dressed up for such weather. Both wearing black clothes and warm enough for them not to freeze. The needle on the indicator was over 120 kilometres per hour and Demetrios was paying attention on the road so that they would not crash on any car or other motorcycles. Passing by everyone while the beeping sounds of the horns faded into the distance, the duo had no time for such nonsense. Hell, they did not even stop when a cop rose his hand; Dietrich would be busy afterwards.- [Demetrios.] “Did they arrive at the airport?” –Demetrios asked. Alexandros checked his phone for a moment and put it back in his pocket.- [Alexandros.] “They are already there. The van is not moving though. We need to hurry or we may lose him for good.” –Alexandros replied.- [Demetrios.] “Alright, hold on tight.” –Demetrios said and shifted the gear on his bike. The motor roared loud as the speed rose to 170 kilometers per hour. Everything seemed like a straight line, yet Demetrios was careful enough. They needed to hurry after all. A few minutes passed and finally the duo arrived at the airport. They stopped outside the entrance and Alexandros checked the GPS for the route the van had taken.- [Alexandros.] “Not here. The security will get us. Lets go around. I saw the route they took. Let’s go.” –Alexandros said and Demetrios nodded his head. Then he shifted the gear on the first and left, following Alexandros’ directions to reach the hangar that the van was at. Stopping the bike and turning it off, the duo got off and hid it in a safe place. Checking their weapons and guns, the duo decided that they should move right on that moment before it was too late. And so they sneaked inside the hangar, hiding behind crates and tool cases so that they would not be seen.-

CharlotteCarrendar;- Inside the hanger, the gulfstream jet was already fuelled on the instruction of the Jackal. Quick thinking, and a backup plan always in the works, he had not missed a trick. In the back of the limousine, he reached for the paper, one last time. The picture of Kraus on the front page, was soon to be a distant memory to the people of Prague, and the police would be forced to go through the usual channels in their investigations to uncover, just what happened at the Death Club, that fateful eve. The Hanger was well guarded, by Israeli operatives, and the door to the limousine was opened, by another agent. Stepping out of the limousine, the Jackal straightened his lapel, then buttoned his suit jacket, before making his way to the back of the ambulance, where a sedated Kraus, was being off loaded. The pilot, came down the stairs of the aircraft, and wandered over, taking off his hat, and placing it under his arm, before offering his hand to shake to Uri. “Sir, where is it you were wishing to go. The plane is ready, full tank of fuel.” The Jackal shook the pilot’s hand warmly, and was about to utter the destination, when Kraus appeared to be coming out of the drug induced sleep. Kraus began to shudder, when his eyes flickered, and the Jackal slapped him hard across the face. ~WHACK!~ The Jackal then chuckled and advised the paramedics to make sure he was bound securely whilst being loaded onto the plane. The pilot was still waiting for the destination, and the Jackal took out his leather gloves, slapping them in the palm of his left hand. “We are going to take him….where no one will ever find him.”- As Kraus was wheeled, Uri said proudly. “I will tell you on the plane. Come…let us be off.” -The armed agents, all scanned the outside of the hanger opening, as the Jackal made his way to the steps of the plane. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios and Alexandros made sure that they were well hidden behind some crates in the hangar, avoiding detection and also monitoring the area. They both saw Kraus on a stretch, unable to make a single move. Yet despite that, he was still squirming and trying to escape. Then the slap from that weird man in the suit. Damn. Despite them not liking Kraus, they still clenched their fists and cracked their necks. Whoever those people were, they meant business and they would do anything to accomplish their goals. Demetrios and Alexandros looked at each other and nodded. Demetrios took out his gun and held it with his right hand. Alexandros grabbed his gun with the left and a few shuriken with his right. Seeing that the men in black were facing the other way and knowing that their window of opportunity was that of only mere seconds at best, they decided to take that bet. Both of them jumped over the crates and aimed for the tires of the jet. 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 shots were fired from the guns that the duo held. Alexandros also threw 6 shuriken, all that he had in his hand, on the same spot, managing to damage the tire enough to create a hole so that it would lose air. Both of them smirked, but they knew that by now they were already noticed. Since they knew that resistance was futile, they both stopped on their tracks and sat down on the ground, taking out a cigarette ad lighting it while waiting for the men to surround them.- [Demetrios.] “Hey. Are we going to leave our corpses here?” –Demetrios asked Alexandros after nudging his side. Alexandros shrugged.- [Alexandros.] “I don’t know. Maybe. Well, at least it was fun.” –Alexandros said and Demetrios nodded.- [Demetrios.] “Well, true. Anyway, lets see what is going to happen from now on.” –Demetrios said and coughed softly to clear his throat.- “Alright fuckers. I don’t know who you are, but I demand to talk with your superior. You have a man in your custody. We want him back.” –Demetrios said and smoked his cigarette as if nothing was going on. Now… What was going to happen?-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Israeli agents, who were all wired with earpieces, were spread out around the hanger, the ambulance, and the plane, when all of a sudden, two men leapt over the crates, and in a flurry of hand movements, they had fired their guns, not at the agents, but at the wheels of the jet. A chorus of shouts, rising voices, angered and all pulled out their weapons, varying from revolvers, to a few with semi automatic rifles; that they had slung over their shoulders. The ~pop pop pop…crackle….pop pop pop~ of gunfire, was enough to have some men hit the deck, while the Jackal was preparing to board the flight, following the paramedics that were taking Kraus onboard. Though Uri had only just stepped on the lower steps, he felt the plane suddenly lower, with the tyres deflating rapidly from the bullet strikes, as well as the shuriken. “WHAT…THE…FUCK?!” The Jackal roared, only to turn and see that two crazy young men, were seated in the middle of the hanger, one had even lit a cigarette. The agents all surrounded the pair, guns aimed at their heads, while the Jackal, heard the voices of one of the two men. . “Hey. Are we going to leave our corpses here?” Snorting loudly, the Jackal looked under the plane first, to see the tyres were indeed flat. He turned his head slowly, back towards the two men, and the look on his face; contorted rage. Slamming his hand on the rail, he stepped back off the stairs, and started to walk towards the circle of agents, as the other one flapped his gums. “I don’t know. Maybe. Well, at least it was fun.” Cracking his knuckles, the agents parted so that the Jackal could meet these two clowns face to face, as one said. .- “Alright fuckers. I don’t know who you are, but I demand to talk with your superior. You have a man in your custody. We want him back.” The agents all spoke in hushed tones to each other, as the Jackal crouched, and then showed off his evil smile. “Do you…both have a death wish?” – the agents all cocked their guns, pointing them at the pair’s heads, as Uri raised his hand. “One moment….this is comical. Why would you two fuckers….want to save Superboy…eh? You two…*he then pointed to each of them*…You two…are the reason, he looks like he was trampled by an elephant. So…again…..what is his life….to you? Eh?<3>

iShatteredSanity: -Oh damn. It seemed that the small attack that the duo had made was a success. Not only they managed to destroy the plane’s tires, but they also got everyone’s attention, including the one who was in charge. Demetrios and Alexandros looked at each other and chuckled while the man in charge appeared before them. Listening to the man talking, the duo inclined their heads to the side; Demetrios on the left and Alexandros to the right. Then they both pointed at him and tilted their heads back and looked at each other.- [Demetrios.] “Say… Doesn’t he look like a dork to you?” –Alexandros nodded his head.- [Alexandros.] “More likely an autistic monkey.” –Alexandros said and the duo laughed out loud while still pointing the man in front of them. Then as they settled down, they both took out their guns and aimed at the man’s head. The expression on their faces changed into a devious smirk.- [Demetrios.] “Death wish? Are you retarded? For starters, you cannot even kill us. You need to rely on your little bitches here. And I bet that they have bigger balls than you.” –Alexandros snickered and looked at one of the agents around them.- [Alexandros.] “Hey you, compare your balls with the fucker in front of us. I want to see if my friend here is right.” –Alexandros said and cracked his neck. Both Demetrios and Alexandros were pulling the trigger of their guns and it needed only a millimetre or two to shoot a bullet and enter the fuckhead’s head.- [Demetrios.] “Now would be a good chance to give us your name. As for what we did to him, that’s none of your business. Now, what are you going to do mister baby sized balls?” –Demetrios asked and his smirk widened a bit. Of course they knew that even if they were to kill the one in front of them, they would not live to tell the story. But still, they could do what they knew better… Make fun of everyone and visit the angels with a smile on their faces.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Now, everyone was paying attention, to the duo in the centre of the ring, while the Jackal was crouched, regarding each with something of an evil grin. Thinking he had the upper hand, with the agents all having their weapons trained upon the pair. However, the two found all this rather comical, even exchanging glances, and then….off they went, starting to troll the Jackal, right in front of his agents. Dem said first “Say… Doesn’t he look like a dork to you?” –Alexandros nodded his head.- “More likely an autistic monkey.” The Jackal suddenly lost his amused look, staring at each in turn, as they taunted not only him, by saying that he could not possibly kill either man, for he had all the surrounding agents, and that, his “bitches” probably had bigger balls than him. One of the agents actually chuckled, and then got a sharp nudge in the ribs, from a fellow agent, before all the men continued to keep their weapons trained on the pair. Course, both men pulled out their guns and pointed it straight at the head of the Jackal, and with the range, and hair trigger touch, both guns could go off in split seconds, blowing the Jackal’s head apart. “Now would be a good chance to give us your name. As for what we did to him, that’s none of your business. Now, what are you going to do Mister baby sized balls?” But oddly enough, the Jackal started to laugh, and loudly. Oh yes, he was actually enjoying it. “What is it with the Greek boys and balls…eh? You two been sucking each other’s a bit too hard I think…Balls…Man is not judged by balls. No…he judged by cock…and how well he swings it. But no…no..we not talk about my cock, and you think you shooting me, is going to change anything. I die…you die. Simple. SO…either you shoot, or…we talk about something..other than..balls.” The agents were actually rather surprised by the Jackal’s behaviour. Most men would have peed themselves. The Jackal, he had a hard on. He then shot a look at Alex and it dawned on him. “YOU…YOU the one that my Ayalah…she no like. NO…she hates your guts. Why you here living is beyond me…Alex.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The duo had noticed that their ‘jokes’ were somehow appreciated by one of the agents, well, even for a few seconds. But that was not the point there. The duo made fun of the man before them, yes, but the reason for that was to actually have the man underestimate them. But they could not back down from the challenge that the man posed. Looking at each other and standing, they dropped their pants with their free hands and then lowered their boxers, flashing their goodies.- [Demetrios.] “There. Here is my little buddy. Do you still think that you have a bigger pair of balls or a bigger dick that mine? You can prove it if you like. But…” –Demetrios made a small pause to do a comical shift of his eyes and look around before snickering like a child.- “…we all know the truth here mister baby sized balls and cock.” –He said and pulled his pants up while still aiming for the man with his gun. Then it was Alexandros’ turn to look at the man and incline his head to the side again after mentioning Ayalah.- [Alexandros.] “Oh, I see now. It is all about that little wanna be assassin who got her ass handed to her by me. Are you jealous that she preferred my balls and cock?” –Alexandros shook his head and laughed out loud.- “Oh man, you are so pathetic. Demetrios is right. You must have a baby size set of balls and dick. Such a shame really…” –Alexandros said with a deep sigh as he pulled his pants up.- “Now. As for me still being alive, it is really simple; I am far better than that bitch. I am superior to her in any way. Though she was clever to use poison needles to make me pass out. That was really clever, I have to admit.” –Alexandros said. Demetrios coughed and cleared his throat.- [Demetrios.] “Well… Seems to me that we won this cock swinging contest. How about you give us your name mister wanna be badass assassin with a baby sized dick?” –Demetrios asked and cracked his neck as he took a step forward.- “You see, we do not fear death. What you have before your very eyes is the grim reaper and the genocide. Do you think that we will fear someone like you? Don’t be so conceited. Plus… Lets just say that even if you kill us two, some bigger badasses than you will appear here and kill every last one of you fuckers. Then they will head to those higher than you, kill them too and their friends and family. Don’t think that you have won only because you have more numbers than us. Now, your name bitch.” –Demetrios said as his expression changed into a comical one.- “That is if your mama gave you one before she had her throat caved in by my cock.” –Demetrios said and Alexandros could not help but laugh once again.- [Alexandros.] “It is really a shame that we are not filming this. This shit is priceless dammit.” –Alexandros said and made a pouty face as he sighed softly, again in a comical way like in the anime he so loved to watch.-

CharlotteCarrendar;- Okay, these two guys, were the biggest pair of clowns, that the Jackal had ever come across. And it seemed that they could not back down from the challenge, when the Jackal stood up to their threat to do him in. So, they resorted to actually dropping their dacks, and flashing their goods. Much to the amusement of the other agents. “…we all know the truth here mister baby sized balls and cock.” The Jackal was simply floored that the two men would resort to such sordid tactics, to win the battle of the troll. But on the mention of Ayalah…oh that was when the claws came out. .] “Oh, I see now. It is all about that little wanna be assassin who got her ass handed to her by me. Are you jealous that she preferred my balls and cock?” If it was one thing, that the Jackal prized over everything else in the world, it was his Viper…his Ayalah. The Jackal rose to his feet, and pulled on his cuffs, while Alexandros said more words, that fed into the Jackal’s oncoming anger Now. As for me still being alive, it is really simple; I am far better than that bitch. I am superior to her in any way. Though she was clever to use poison needles to make me pass out. That was really clever, I have to admit.” This brought the Jackal right up into Alexandros’s face, and he said through gritted teeth. “You, my friend, will not speak ill of Ayalah. Okay. You can flash your cock all you want, but I hear no bad words of her. You hear me, Dick boy.” Demetrios then started on the Jackal, and taunted further, only this time, he brought his mother into it. That was it. The Jackal had heard enough. And now, the sadistic and evil side of the Jackal truly emerged. “Laugh…yes, laugh. But you see….Ayalah, was not only looking at one target…no…no…she had another…just in case.”- he then rounded on Demetrios. “Dixie….the beautiful Dixie Chix.” He then opened his mouth, as if to pretend to be shocked. “We know all about you two….and congratulations. Baby on the way. You were saying about my Mother…and yet…sweet Dixie is to Mother of your child. Who is watching HER, Dem?”- He then stepped closer, so Dem could taste his breath. “I have eyes…all over Prague…you snivelling little shit. I tell you my name, and you lower your weapons. Heh…I do it now. Uri…I am otherwise known, as the Jackal.”<3>

iShatteredSanity: -Alexandros was so amused by the reaction of the man in front of him that he could not hold back another laughter.- [Alexandros.] “Oh man, this is killing me. This guy is better than any standup comedian. Demetrios, can we keep him as a pet?” –Alexandros said and looked at Dem who was giving a blank stare at the man who introduced himself as Uri.- “Demetrios? Hey, you alright?” –Alexandros asked. Demetrios turned his head to look at Alexandros with a face blank of any expressions; like a pokerface.- [Demetrios.] “Did this Uri-nate guy just threaten me?” –Alexandros tilted his head a few times.- [Alexandros.] “I think he did.” –Alexandros replied with a shrug of his shoulders.- “And Uri-nate? I thought that his name was Uri.” –Alexandros said.- [Demetrios.] “Yes, his name is Uri, but his breath stinks like a urinal.” –Demetrios replied with a shrug of his own shoulders.- [Alexandros.] “Oh, I see. Nice name, I like it. We will call him Uri-nate or Uri-nal from now on. Good thinking brother.” –Alexandros said and gave a thumbs up to Demetrios who looked back at Ur with a devilish smirk on his face.- [Demetrios.] “I shall thank you for the congratulations mister Uri-nate. But as for your request, I shall humbly decline. You see, I am not afraid of a punk ass bitch like you. Also threatening me while using Dixie as your card, that means that your eyes over the town are just as bad as your breath.” –Demetrios said and put the gun on Uri’s left temple.- “Next time don’t play a card that you cannot use. I dare you to go after my angel, you will only meet your maker an hour earlier. She cannot be touched by the likes of you. Lets just say that a choir of angels is watching after her while I am away. Now, give Kraus back to us and you can go play with your dick above your baby sister’s swing. Or go and fuck your mother, I honestly don’t have a fuck to give.” –Demetrios said and cracked his neck.- “What will you do now mister Uri-nate? You can’t win this fight and you know it. My suggestion is to give Kraus back to us while you still can. Or we will take him by force.” –Demetrios said and Alexandros grabbed the handle of one of his katanas on his back, ready to unsheathe it and do what he knows better.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- With the gun trained to his head, and the nonstop trolling of the pair on his case, making the situation very tense indeed. This was the Mexican standoff to end them all. Uri meant every word he said about Dixie, and sneered as the pair made jokes about his breath. Now the deck was about to be shuffled again, and this time, the joker was coming into play. “Let me tell you something, Mr Greek boy. That Kraus….has put us all in it. Ayalah was taken by those Russian dogs, that hired Ayalah in the first place. Now, if the police investigate, not only does this mean ill for my government, it compromises Ayalah, even though she is in the very hands as the beautiful Mia is. Now. That Super boy….I was this close, to just ending his life. He…and his big mouth, along with Hermon, has created a scandal, we need put out. Ayalah’s life….is on the line, and I will NOT have her risked further, just to please you two dicks!” –he shouted, now getting angry. The veins in his neck were set to pop. “How you going to stop a police investigation…eh? The damage is done. I remove the Super boy…it stops, then we can get on with the rescue mission. NOW…either you shoot, or we do.”<3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios stood there and listened to what Uri was saying, sighing all the time with the man’s idiocy. Hell, even Alexandros could no longer stand it and shook his head.- [Alexandros.] “Dude… Just… Just kill him. He is dangerous to human kind. That stupidity of him knows no limit. You will do a favor to our kind, just kill the fucker and go back home.” –Alexandros said and shook his head.- [Demetrios.] “I will kill him at some point. But first, lets educate this fool.” –Demetrios said and looked back at Uri.- “Uri-nate, listen here. While it is true that Kraus is the one at fault here, killing him won’t change a thing. Do you honestly think that killing him will erase him from the face of earth? No, it won’t.” –Demetrios said and poked Uri’s temple with his gun.- “That will simply give birth to more questions about the way he died, why he died, who killed him, and all that useless shit. Plus you are caught on cameras in the clinic. Mister hacker here has everything saved and people already know about it.” –Demetrios said and made a small pause to look at Uri, disappointed at him.- “Then we have that Hermon person. What will you do to him? Kill him too? That will once again be the worst thing you can do. Killing those two men is no good and the sooner you get it, the better it is. Nobody will be able to avoid being found out if those two men die. Neither you, nor Ayalah, nor your people, nor Mia and hell, not either me.” –Demetrios said and Alexandros looked at him.- [Alexandros.] “We already have plans. You are only making things worse and more unfavorable for all of us. There are more ways of dealing with things than killing a guy or two on this case. But I guess that you shit for brains can not even begin to fathom the severity of the situation nor you can think straight. I get it man, I get it. You liked Ayalah’s pussy. Good for you.” –Alexandros paused to give a thumbs up with his hand that let go of his sword.- “Good for you. But you can not see what lies ahead of you. Anyway, give Kraus back. I honestly can not stand your idiocy.” –Then he looked at Demetrios who kept looking at Uri.- [Demetrios.] “What are you going to do Uri-nate? You see, I am really impatient but I still don’t want anyone after my ass. The ball is in your field. If you don’t give Kraus back, you die, my friend and me die as well. And then this place will be swarmed by some people who really want to kill. Make a choice.” –Demetrios said and pressed his gun a bit more on Uri’s temple, the trigger only a hair away from being fully pulled and shooting that bullet to open Uri’s skull.-
CharlotteCarrendar: – All this trouble it seemed, for a comic book collecting nerd, who had lost the love of his life, for holding on too tight. The gun was pointed at Uri’s head, and then he started to laugh. “Hahahahahaaha…..alright. You can have your precious Kraus. But it is like taking the rabbit from the Jackal and feeding him to the wolves…no? What is to stop you killing him? You have already beaten him to a pulp. Call me a monster. Take a look at yourselves in the mirror, boys.” Uri snapped his fingers, and the paramedics brought the bound Kraus out of the plane and then dragged him over and dumped him on the ground at their feet. “He’s all yours. But mark my words. This is not over.”- He then turned to Alex and grinned. “Ayalah….is too good for the likes of you…my friend.”- he then turned and started to walk towards his limo, while the other Israeli’s pulled back. <3>

iShatteredSanity: [Demetrios.] “For a man like Kraus, death will only serve as salvation. Sometimes living is far worse than dying. But I guess that you don’t have the necessary thinking and comprehending abilities to realize that. I feel sorry for you Uri-nate.” –Demetrios said and removed his weapon from Uri’s head, turning his back on him and standing right next to Alexandros.- “There will be no home for us to come back to. We know that we will die like dogs or maybe worse. But at least we do not expect anything better.” –Demetrios sighed and looked at Kraus who was tossed like a bag of rubbish on their feet. “He’s all yours. But mark my words. This is not over.”, were Uri’s words and Demetrios chuckled.- “Bitch, this is just the beginning. I will see you soon mister Uri-nate.” –Demetrios said. And then it was Alexandros who looked at Uri with a grin on his face.- [Alexandros.] “Be jealous baby sized dick holder. See you soon.” –Alexandros said and waved at Uri like a maniac. Then and once everyone had left, he looked at Demetrios.- “So, what now? We got Kraus back, but what about the news?” –Alexandros asked and Demetrios looked at Alexandros with a crazy smirk on his face.- [Demetrios.] “Let’s go and pay him a visit that he will never forget.” –Alexandros nodded and cracked his neck.- [Alexandros.] “I like the sound of that. Though… What about this retard here?” –Alexandros said and pointed Kraus.- [Demetrios.] “Call the clinic. Tell them to come and pick him up from here. As for you and me, this is just the beginning of a good day.” –Demetrios said and walked away from Alexandros and Kraus, heading for his Ducati.- [Alexandros.] “Why do I get the feeling that someone will regret doing something?” –Alexandros said and called Dr. Warehouse at the clinic, telling him to pick a package. Then he followed Demetrios on his bike and mounted it. Their destination? The lair of the spider.-