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Roleplay Group : The Death Club

A New Cold War.

The Secret life of Lotus – Part Two.

Writer : CharlotteCarrendar


-Seated at the edge of Ira’s bed, Masiko let out a gentle sigh, looking away from him as he tossed his book away. “I like bedtime stories.” He said with a smile, feeling that he was about to enjoy hearing more than just a single sentence from the elusive “Lotus”. From the time Ira had met the Japanese operative in the back of Uri’s limo; till touching down in Russia, she had barely said two words, keeping up the facade of a woman who was destined to be the secret weapon to free Ayalah from her Russian captors. Seeing her now, dressed so simply, her pure jet black hair, so smooth, and brushed straight, the natural beauty of her skin, free of makeup; it was hard to believe she was the same person. It was as though, removing the finery and paint, she had managed to strip back to the innocent girl beneath, the flower had been exposed. But no matter how one appears, we can never truly see into their minds, into their hearts. We all wear masks at some point, but our reasons for wearing them, vary from person to person. Was this just another mask? And would Masiko tell the greatest secret of all? The Secret life of Lotus.

A Child should be seen, and not heard.

Ira took another pillow, and placed it in behind his head, easing back and getting comfortable, the sheet that covered part of his abdomen falling back and revealing more of his olive skin, the start of his hair line to his boxers prominent, and once he was settled, he eased both hands back to behind his head, and with a tilt of his head, he asked. “Okay well, I’m ready.” There was warmth to his smile; there was no doubt about it, when she heard that Ira’s code name was Wolf. He had a rugged exterior, along with his unkempt hair, so shaggy, when he did not have it combed back. Ira had an approachable manner, and coupled with the fact he was in a relaxed state, you could presume, that if he had a tail, it would be wagging at this point in time. Masiko appeared to be gathering her thoughts, as though what she was about to disclose, was like releasing a genie from its bottle. A quick snort through her nostrils, and she again brushed her hair back with her hand, perhaps in a nervous gesture, something you wouldn’t often see from the Asian beauty. “I believe your question was, how does a Geisha become an Assassin?” – Masiko said, turning her head to look back at Ira directly. “You should really ask, what is a Japanese girl doing working for a man like Uri?” Resuming her gaze back at the window, that gave a wondrous view of Moscow, she waited politely for Ira to respond. Naturally, Ira shrugged his shoulders, and locked his fingers together tighter behind his head, arching a dark eyebrow, his smile seeming to fade. That was actually a very good question, and he had wondered, why, but not been bold enough to ask, since she had been so standoffish.

Wetting her lips with her tongue, and not bothering to face him again, Maiko asked. “How long have you known Uri?” Her tone was softer, but why, and why now was she asking him questions? Ira released his fingers from behind his head, and using his right hand, gave his head a scratch, closing his left eye, while he pondered her question. “About five years, he was one of the officers to train me. He is a great man…hard headed, and a genius in my books. Only wish I knew more about his obsession with women. Never could fathom that.” It was true, Uri surrounded himself with beautiful women, both socially and when it came to training his operatives. Ira gathered that Masiko was just another in a long line, like….Ayalah. When Masiko didn’t turn to look at him and continue to speak, Ira paused, and then asked. “My turn to ask you, *Ira lowered his hands to rest on the mattress and cocked his head to the side, asking*…” how long have you known him?”

Masiko’s hand that was propping her up on the edge of the bed suddenly drew in the fabric beneath, as she scrunched it into her fist, like a cat kneading a blanket. Ira’s eyes darted down, like he was taking stock of her body language, feeling something was off. But ever patient, he waited for her to respond in her own time. Her answer would have his jaw drop in shock.

“All of my life.” * Masiko said, not even pausing as she continued* “My earliest recollections are but blurs, like a distorted dream. Not even sure if its real.. I can still remember the voices, raised, coming from “her” room….then there was that time…my Mother…she…*Masiko caught herself, and then chuckled softly*…”Ira, there is a western saying, “Children are to be seen and not heard.” Masiko rolled her eyes as she said this, like in her mind, she was reliving the moments. Playing it out again, and what she was seeing, was shocking, and changed her, marking her soul. “I doubt he knew I was there, watching them…watching him.” Ira sat forward; more curious than anything of where this was leading. If what she was suggesting was true, Uri knew her Mother, intimately. Masiko shot a sideways glance at Ira and simply nodded. Confirming what he presumed to be true.

“My father was the Ambassador to Israel, my Mother ‘the ever faithful wife.’ *You could hear the sarcasm in her voice, positively dripping.* “They were very well known in the social circles, and I understand that Uri met her at a dinner. From the photographs, I have seen, my Mother was captivating, charming; the perfect hostess. This was before I was born of course.” Releasing the sheet from her grip, she smoothed the sheet out, and took a sharp breath, as though what would come next was incredibly painful.

“Whenever Uri came to visit, he always brought “her” with him.” Masiko said, frowning and her hand froze on the sheet. “This girl had beautiful red hair; she was a little bit older than me, a few months at best. Uri would always send us outside to play, while he met with my Mother. My father had been returning to Tokyo, quite a lot in those years, leaving us behind. Family issues, he would say… Ha! Maybe if he had paid more attention, not been so blind, to see what was happening right under his nose, he would have seen what was becoming of his own family.”

Curiosity now had the better of the Wolf, as Ira narrowed his gaze, and then asked then the obvious.

“Who was the girl that Uri brought with him, for you to play with? I have already worked out from your words, what Uri was up too, it does not take a fool to see.” Ira was intrigued, and then the puzzle piece fell into place. Masiko held her head high, looking even regal for a moment, but there was the pursing of her lips, a tightness of her skin across her cheek bones. The girl was obviously someone that Masiko would come to despise, with all her being, someone that she could never be….someone, that Uri would move the earth for. Someone, the Lotus, was in Russia to save.

“Her name…was Ayalah Romach.” <3>