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A New Cold War

Confessions and Coffee



CharlotteCarrendar: -The coffee house that was across street from the Death Club, was one that was frequented by the staff on a regular basis, so it was no surprise to Clementine the waitress to see the bar staff wander in through the doors. Umbrellas were left outside, under the awning, but on coming in, the warmth of the establishment, meant they could take off their long coats, and hangs them up on the coat racks.

“Ellos…please all sit down, and I come to take your orders.”- Clementine said cheerfully, while she was behind the counter finishing taking another customer’s order. The coffee house was busier than usual, probably due to the rain, and also normal Death Club patrons had gathered there, since they couldn’t use the club. A large red couch, with two smaller armchairs was in the far right corner, and Maggie pointed it out to the others. “I think that be perfect for us.”- Nikolas nodded and gave her backside a slap to hurry her along, to which she narrowed her eyes. Nikolas was enjoying being playful with her under the circumstances, since this gathering was more like a wake for the Death club, than just simply gathering for the coffee.

The door to the coffee house opens again, only this time; it’s a shady looking character, dressed in a long black coat, matching fedora and boots. He hovers around the window just near the coat racks, and is taking his time, in removing his hat and coat, but inconspicuously keeping an eye on the Death Club staff and their friends. With people milling about, standing around near the open fire place, sipping hot chocolate, or those lined up at the bar to be served, and the hubbub of voices drowns out a lot of what is being exchanged quietly.

Inga removes her scarf, while Dixie takes off her woollen gloves, and Dai makes himself comfortable on Sven’s lap. Kraus is pulling at his tie, and then raises his head for Clementine, to come take their orders. He seats himself on the arm of the large red couch next to Inga, who is a bit shell shocked to know that the wedding was going to be in only a few days. So much to plan, or so it seemed. She was worried about her wedding dress arriving from Tokyo on time, and also, now that she had asked Dixie and Maggie to be in her bridal party, she knew that the next big thing was dresses. Nikolas eased back in the corner of the couch, and drew Maggie to lay back against him, trying to get her to relax and unwind, since he knew that the subjects that they would discuss here, effected everyone. Clementine finally had a break from serving and came over, taking out her notebook from her pocket and a pencil from behind her ear. She licked the tip of the pencil and poised to write. “So…what can I get you all?” <3>

EmpGeraltHellRise: -Filip was walking out his room in his same old black attire and a long black coat and an umbrella in his hand and a smile on his face. His hair was slicked back tonight was his third weekend going to the death club, A well know club in Prague for fun and ladies. He steps into the elevator from the third floor of the Bohemia Plaza. Once the elevator hit the first floor the doors opened and he stepped out and walked through the lobby, And out the door as it was night and pouring, He popped open his umbrella and started to walk down the street to the club only two blocks down, As he turned the corner he seen some rumble in front of the club and began to step up his pace stoping in front of the club he let a whistle.” some party they had here, and without me. i wonder what happen? ” -he turned and walked across the street to the coffee house getting under the awning, He closed and folded his umbrella and placed it with the rest of the umbrella’s. He then pushed open the coffee house door and stepped in seeing it busy, He looked around and seen Clementine waiting on the few of the Death Club staff, And so he walked over to the staff and tipped his head and spoke. ” I am Filip. I been going to club for some time now. Some party at the club huh? Too bad i missed out on the fun. I am glad to see you all made it in one piece. Can you tell me what all happened? Did anyone not make it out? “-While he was standing there he looked around and spotted the odd gentleman looking at the Death club member and shrugged it of thinking -Must be another fan of the club- <3>

CharlotteCarrendar: – Clementine was waiting to take their orders, when another came up to ask them about the club across the road. Kraus appeared surprised that the gentleman didn’t know and while Clementine was getting orders, from Dixie and Inga, Kraus approached him. “Yes, and helloz, I am Kraus. My err…future wife, Inga worked at the Death Club, if that is the one you are referring too. It was attacked on Saturday night by a group of men. Russian we think. They kidnapped Mia, who was the chief dancer, and the blast killed eight people, mainly patrons on the dance floor.” Dixie and Inga were ordering their coffees; Inga a latte and Dixie a flat white in a mug. Inga kept watching Dixie who was fidgeting with her wallet. “Skippyz…are you really okayz?” <3>

EmpGeraltHellRise: -Filip watched as the man approach him and listened as he spoke a sudden shock wiping over his face from the news. He let a sigh of disgust and shook his head and spoke.- ” I am sorry to hear all this, I am a busy man working mostly in office, I don’t have much time on hands. It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Kraus, I am Filip. ” -Right as he went to extend his hand to shake Kraus hand. His phone rang out. He pulled out his cell and answered.- “hello this Filip. ” -he then placed cell to his chest and spoke.- ” I am sorry i have to take this call. He then walked off and went and sat at a bar stool to the corner of the coffee house talking on phone still watching the strange gentleman watching the Death Club staff. – <3>

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie took out some Euros and placed them upon the coffee table, for when the waitress returned with her coffee. Easing back, Dixie’s face changed and she tried to brighten the mood instead. “Can we talk about something nice for a change? Like…like your wedding? What exactly did you have in mind, and where is it being held? Maggie and Nikolas were keen to hear that as well, and Kraus seemed to be stumbling on his words, coming back into the conversation, as Filip went to take his call. “Good question that. I…have no idea, but I am sure we can get a venue that day.”- Maggie scratched her cheek and asked. “Maybe you are rushing this.”- Kraus shook his head, a grim look of determination upon his face. “I want Inga safe….I want all you safe. The Death Club is a trap; it’s….taken how many lives this week. I can’t risk losing her again. I just can’t and if I marry her…then *he paused*…I can protect her better.” The others all looked at each of the other and Inga sat upright. “But Krauz….I like the Death Club…its vhere I like to vork. I know the riskz.” <3>

EmpGeraltHellRise: -Filip still on phone talking- “yes, I know i just turned in papers all is on your desk. ” a pause.” yes Sir.” -he then hung up the cell and placed it back into his pocket and waved Clementine over, and gave her his order. – “I would like a big cup of coffee please.” -He went into his pocket and dug out some uros and placed them on table. It was enough for coffee and a tip. He then looked to the gentleman sneakily and watched him with curiosity, Thinking.-hmmm. What this guy got going on, Maybe i should go have a friendly chat with him. – <3>

CharlotteCarrendar;- The man who was acting suspiciously, made his way to the front counter of the establishment, to order a coffee, but every so often looked back over at the bartenders as they sat in the far corner. It seemed that voices were getting raised. Kraus was starting to make his feelings clear about the Death Club and this was not a good sign. Dixie watched the exchange with growing interest, mainly since this was Demetrios’s club. Kraus listened to what Inga had to say, about how she liked it, and he shook his head and reached for her cheek. “What about the last time, huh? The bathroom. This attack was directed at the same place. Uhm…*he looked to Dixie and then asked in a gentle voice*..Skippy, what happened in that toilet? “ Dixie fidgeted nervously, like she really didn’t want to recant what had occurred. “I was feeling sick, course you all know why now. I took a break from the bar and went across, while, Mia was doing her act.” At this point, Inga interjected. “Yah, I knew Skippyz vasn’t vell….I knew it, I knew it.”- Kraus held his hand up, as if to get Inga to be quiet and let her finish, and she didn’t take that well at all. “Hmmph.”- Behind them, the man paid for his coffee, and slowly walked towards a small booth, while listening in on the conversation. Dixie picked up a curl of her hair and twirled it around her finger nervously. “I thought I was alone in there, and I went to wash my hands, and then this woman. Her name was Mrs Flinstone…”- At this, the man who was listening in, stopped and turned his head to face them as Dixie continued. Dixie was racking her brains, trying to remember what she said. “She said…Hello Dixie….Remember me? And I was like….who is she? Then I remembered I had met her before in a coffee cafe ..Cafe Lourve’. Then Mia came in, followed by Dem, and it all went crazy, they were yelling at her, and, all of a sudden Alex came and attacked Mrs Flinstone.”- She turned her head to Kraus. “That must have been when the building was hit by the rocket. I remember it getting really smoky and I could hardly breathe. Then these men entered, dressed like SAS, and they took away Mia and Mrs Flinstone. I remember Mrs Flinstone, calling them….Idiots. Why I don’t know. The men used rifle butts on Alex and Dem. I know they hurt the man friend of Mia. That’s all I remember. I’m sorry..”

Maggie, Nikolas, Sven and Dai all watched Dixie in silence, and then Inga got up and moved across to hug Dixie tight as she could. When she released her, she sat on the edge of the coffee table, and took Dixie’s hands. “We know the rest, and the fact you are having a babyz. You don’t have to go through this again. *she looked back over her shoulder and with a throaty growl, she said “Right, Darhlink?” Course, Kraus was still in half a mind to say more of what he thought, but what Dixie had explained was enlightening, to say the least. The man with the coffee, he had heard enough. Taking his cup, he went straight for the door, and grabbed his hat and slipped on his coat.

So…Ayalah had been taken by the Russians. Now the man in black knew, he slipped out into the rainy night and went straight over to his car. Opening the door, he slipped in and sat his cup of coffee in the cup holder, before tapping in a number into his phone and switching it to speaker via blue tooth.

A man on the other end answered. “Yes, Ira, what is it? What have you discovered?” The agent then lit up a cigarette, watching the coffee shop from inside the car. “Ayalah was compromised, and seems she is in the hands of the Employer of her last job.” The man on the other end could be heard growling under his breath. “They have my Ayalah?!” The man raised his voice, clearly angered by this revelation. “Yes Sir, she was taken by the hired mercs. Czech, by the sounds of it. My guess is she has been smuggled out of the country.” Heavy breathing was now coming through the speaker, followed by a hacking cough. “I will not stand for this. She was hired to do a job, she did it, and that BASTARD keeps her. Oh no…no, that is not how we operate. COMMENCE OPERATION RUSKI! We are bringing her back!” The agent nods slowly and then takes out a small data pad. “Yes Sir.”- Hanging up, the agent sighed, and brought up the file on Ayalah Romach, and ran his finger gently across her face. “I will…get you back, I swear it.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -A couple of days had passed ever since the Deathclub was attacked. All the staff was now discharged from the clinic and sent back home. Some with minor wounds, some with more serious ones. Ivan and Nikolai who had suffered some serious wounds were sent home with two nurses to keep an eye on them. Most of the bouncers were sent home with only bruises and scratches, but other than that okay. Helena was sent home with Nurse Lola to take care of her since she had began to lose her mind with everything that was going on; but could anyone blame her for reliving her past nightmare? As for Demetrios and Alexandros, they had spent some time thinking of what to do. Talking with Thio Antonis to form a strategy, they decided that it should be better for them to do a recon mission in Russia for a few days, come back and form a better strategy. Yuri and his associates were not just a gang with people with guns, they were trained in the art of killing, most of them being ex military men in high ranks, and then the mercs. Demetrios and Alexandros decided that it was for the best to do that and they went at the club since they needed to make sure that the machinery was still working and that the safe was not broken. Entering the club from the back, they both saw the hole still being protected by the policemen that Dietrich had dispatched.- [Demetrios.] “My home is ruined man… My home is ruined…” –Demetrios said and walked up the stairs with Alexandros following him.- [Alexandros.] “Don’t worry, we will get them.” –This was a small part of their conversation before they entered the office only to see that everything was in place. Alexandros headed straight for the computers, sending all the files to his own for further inspection, and Demetrios headed for the safe. The safe was not compromised, which was good. There were a lot of money in there, money that was going to be spent in repairs, the clinic and of course to pay each member of the staff. Since Demetrios could not trust anyone except for only a few people, he took half of the money in his jacket and gave the half to Alexandros. The total sum was around 200.000 euros; the rest of the money was in the bank and under Alexandros’ vigilant eyes. After checking up on everything, password protecting all the machines and locking the office, the duo walked outside from the hole on the wall, nodding to the policemen. Then Demetrios made a call to a friend of his to come and repair the wall as soon as possible, and hang up the phone. Both of them were a bit worn out, especially their brains from the long talk with Thio Antonis and taking care of the security measures in the club. They needed a place to chill and there they saw it, it was a coffee shop right across the street. With their hoods on to protect themselves from getting wet, they walked towards the coffee shop where they pushed the door open and entered it. Looking around briefly they looked at each other and nodded.- [Alexandros.] “There was such a nice place here and we had no clue. Way to go Demetrios.” –Alexandros said and nudged Demetrios who flipped Alexandros off. Of course the duo hadn’t noticed that the staff from the club was there.-

CharlotteCarrendar;- Clementine came over with her tray for the coffees for Inga and Dixie, and the others began to place their orders. “Irish coffee.” – Maggie sung out, and Nikolas kissed the side of her head and said “Short black…no sugar.” Nikolas placed both arms around Maggie and drew her in closer to him, snuggling on the couch, while Sven and Dai both said at the same time “Green tea.” The gay boys, were very comfortable in each other’s company, and then the last one to have their order taken would be Kraus, who was truly not himself. But why. Why was he looking so nervous? There was actually a very good reason. When Dixie had said the name “Mrs Flinstone”, he suddenly realised that he had brought terror into the Death club, by hiring her in the first place to protect Inga from any further attack. Kraus nervously ran his shaking hand through his black hair, and then heard the door of the coffee shop opening, and there was Dem and Alex. Oh shit. Surely, the two of them would twig, but how could they unless he said something. Guilt stricken, he looked frightfully pale, and began to stutter. “None…of this would have happened….if Inga hadn’t worked there!” He was right, in a sense, but had he let the cat out of the bag. Inga saw Dem and Alex come up and then she got up and slapped Kraus across the face. “Don’t…you DAREZ blame mez!” She was positively livid. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios and Alexandros had already entered the small coffee shop and had offered a brief check and exchanged a few words. Truly it was a very nice coffee shop with a warm atmosphere.- [Alexandros.] “You know… Under other circumstances, if we were just a bunch of average people with our friends and shit, this would be like that series on TV. The one that they played on STAR channel, FRIENDS.” –Demetrios turned his head to look at Alexandros and could not help but chuckle.- [Demetrios.] “You were lucky to watch TV when you were a teenager, I was not. But yeah, if we were average people, that could apply. By the way, the only one of them who still continued that… legacy, it was Joey. That crazy Italian bastard.” –Demetrios said and both of them laughed a bit till they suddenly hear a woman yelling. Dropping their hoods they looked at the direction that the voice came and they saw Inga having slapped someone in the face. And… hold on, that was her fiancée, Kraus. What the hell had happened there? Demetrios and Alexandros looked at each other and walked towards the table. Demetrios leaned over Dixie to plant a soft kiss on Dixie’s head and surprise her, while Alexandros moved behind Inga and placed his right hand on her shoulder.- [Alexandros.] “Relax woman. I don’t think that you want anyone in here staring at you.” –Alexandros said and shot a glare at Kraus before shaking his head.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – By this time, Inga was seething. The look of anger in her eyes, that even Sven had seen before. “Uh oh”- Sven said, and tried to hide behind the diminutive Dai, who was loving to see this sort of drama in live action. “Ooo” Yes, Ooo indeed. When Inga’s feathers were ruffled, look out. To top it off, Inga was not all done up to the nines, like she usually was with makeup and hair done specially, she was totally natural, and in the soft lights of the coffee house, she had a unique look about her, even with those hellfire eyes. Inga felt the hand of Alexnadros upon her shoulder, and then she reached up and gripped it, while staring back at Kraus, and demanded to know what he meant. “What you mean…thiz not happen if I not therez? What you talkingz about? Answer me?” Dixie was confused, and when Demetrios leaned over to feel the kiss, she jolted a little, then turned to see it was her love. “Baby…I think Inga wants’ to kill Kraus.”- She said with astonishment. All eyes were now on the one they called either Pumpkin, or Superman, only thing was he was anything but today. Staring at each of them, he blurted. “I hired Mrs Flintstone…to protect my Inga!” Dixie’s jaw hit the floor, while everyone else looked flabbergasted. He then realised what he said, and started to back away. “I never meant for this….I love my Inga so much.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios closed his eyes as he planted that soft kiss on Dixie’s forehead, smiling softly and then opening them to look into Dixie’s own ones as she spoke.- [Demetrios.] “Yeah, I have gathered as much. Poor Kraus will be killed if she swings her boobs at him.” –Demetrios said and chuckled softly. Meanwhile Alexandros had felt Inga gripping his hand and holding it tight in her own hand. He as well knew that Inga’s breasts were lethal weapons, something that he had experienced in the past and he had decided to choose women with smaller ones. Looking at Kraus he was about to tell Kraus to chill a bit when he heard him say that he was the one who had hired Ayalah in the first place. In an instant, the two Greeks shot a glare at Kraus, full of malice and killing intent. And they both shouted.- [Demetrios and Alexandros.] “MOTHERFUCKER YOU ARE DEAD!!!” –Alexandros was the first to move by letting Inga go and grab Kraus’ by his hair and slam it on the table in front of him. Then it was Demetrios who grabbed Kraus by his neck and slammed him on the wall after lifting him from the ground. With Demetrios being 215 cm in height and lifting Kraus over his own head, Kraus was literally hovering in midair.- [Demetrios.] “Are you telling me that this was all YOUR DOING ASSHOLE?!” –Demetrios shouted.- “So many people killed, YOUR Inga almost killed, my Dixie almost killed since she was with me in the fucking toilets, Mia taken away, MY FUCKING CLUB DESTROYED!” –Demetrios made a pause to take a few deep breaths as he shot another malicious glare at Kraus.- “All of that was your doing?” –Demetrios said and tightened the grip around Kraus’ neck for only a moment to make him realize that he meant business. Alexandros himself was clenching his fists and looked at Kraus, ready to cut him in half and let the dogs eat his remains.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The entire coffee house came to a stop, it was like the whole world had stopped turning and the focus of the anger and frustration, for Alex and Demetrios was against Kraus. He hired Ayalah, to protect Inga, and in the process brought the deaths of eight people, and the kidnapping of Mia, the destruction of the club, the mental collapse of Helena. The injuries, the dollars, the people’s lives and livelihoods. All because a man was not strong enough to protect his girl. When Dem and Alex both yelled “MOTHERFUCKER YOU ARE DEAD!!!”, Dai bounced on Sven’s lap. “Better than fight club”- Inga was now crying her eyes out and snarling. “YOU DIDZ THIZ?” Maggie and Nikolas jumped up off the couch, and Nikolas was trying to stop Maggie from getting involved, since she was set to push up her sleeves and take a swing. Kraus hand his head slammed on the table, then Demetrios lifted him high up into the air, forcing him against a wall. Inga ripped off her engagement ring and tossed it on the floor. “YOU…..YOU…GOEZ TO HELLZ!” and she stormed over to get her coat, and took off out the door, into the pouring rain. Sven saw her go, and quickly got Dai off his lap. “We better go care for her. Nice..meeting you all again. Come on Dai.” The small Japanese man bowed rapidly, as he was led for the door. Dixie stood up slowly and then folded her arms, hugging herself, as she watched more people suffer from the deeds of Ayalah. Watching Inga run out, Kraus screamed. “INGA…PLEASE…COME BACK…I DIDN’T MEAN FOR THIS!” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -What had just happened was something that nobody could have expected. Kraus revealing that he was the one that had brought this upon everyone’s shoulders and then Demetrios and Alexandros snapping. But not just them, pretty much everyone wanted to have a go at him. The Greek duo did not care about the commotion that was caused in the slightest. Demetrios loosened the grip around Kraus’ neck so that he could talk to Inga as she removed her ring and tossed it on the floor. “INGA…PLEASE…COME BACK…I DIDN’T MEAN FOR THIS!”, Kraus shouted but Demetrios tightened the grip once more and slammed him on the wall again, making him choke a bit.- [Demetrios.] “You are weak. Not just on the body, but on the mind as well. You are also a fool. When you play with the fire, be ready to be burned. This is all on you. EVERYTHING IS ON YOU ASSHOLE!!!” Demetrios shouted. Alexandros looked at Inga leaving the coffee house and ran after her.- [Alexandros.] “Inga, please come back inside. Please.” –Of course he was clenching his fists and he wanted to punch someone, but he was holding back as much as he could. Inside the coffee house, Demetrios continued after the small pause he had made.- [Demetrios.] “Even when Inga was seriously injured at the engagement party, that was still on you. Lucy was your ex. You knew that she was a psycho, yet you did nothing to protect Inga! Motherfucker I was the one who saved her. If I was not there, Inga would be dead by now. And yet you hired a fucking assassin to keep an eye on Inga? The soon to be your wife? Are you retarded? A fucking assassin? No, not just that, a person that you know NOTHING about?” –Demetrios finally let go of Kraus’ neck, yet he managed to land an elbow strike on Kraus’ stomach before Kraus fell on the floor.- “Weak little man. I cannot even pity you, nor feel sorry for you. You brought this upon yourself. Pathetic…” –Demetrios said and looked at Dixie for a moment before taking a cigarette out of his pocket and lighting it.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Out in the street, Inga was trying to flag down a taxi, dripping wet, and crying when Alexandros would reach her. “Inga, please come back inside. Please.” But Inga was beyond consoling, for she now felt the full weight of blame for the deaths of all the people in the Death club, as well as the possible harm that could have happened to her best friend Dixie. The fact Dixie was pregnant, made it all the worse. Turning on her heel, her face wet from rain, and the tears, she cried as she tried to speak. “I can’t…thiz is all my fault. I need to go away. No more people get hurt cause of me.”- at that moment a taxi pulled up, and she reached for the door, as Sven and Dai raced up to catch her. Sven saw what was happening, and he said quickly. “We take her home, and look after her. Thank you…thank you.”- Both men would get in the taxi, and in the back, Sven hugged a sobbing Inga, while Dai cheerfully waved at Alexandros as the taxi pulled away from the curb. Back inside, Kraus had been elbow hit to the stomach and collapsed on the floor. Receiving a barrage of insults and abuse from Demetrios, it seemed the whole coffee shop, started to boo the hapless Kraus. He crawled on his hands and knees to try and get clear, and go after Inga….but it was too late, she was gone. Maggie and Nikolas stood together silently, not knowing where to go, or what to do, and Dixie, well, she lowered her hands to her sides, seeing what she thought was a beautiful love story fall apart at the seams. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Outside the coffee shop, Alexandros was still trying to make Inga come back inside but to no avail. When he heard her saying that it was her fault for all of that, Alexandros froze. Damn, it was as if he was staring at himself in a mirror. Well, ok, not exactly in a mirror since his reflection would have massive breasts, long blonde hair and well, it would be a woman. But yeah, aside from that, Inga took the responsibility on her shoulders, just like Alexandros had done. Sighing deeply, he did not try to stop her anymore and Sven’s words that they would take care if Inga, they somehow calmed him down as he nodded.- [Alexandros.] “That was not your fault…” –He mumbled and then saw that Japanese man waving at him. Arching an eyebrow, Alexandros flipped the finger at the Japanese man and got back inside to find Demetrios smoking a cigarette on the counter and Kraus crawling on the floor in an attempt to go to Inga.- [Alexandros.] “Piece of shit!” –Alexandros shouted and ran towards Kraus where he kicked him in the face, making Kraus lose consciousness and collapse on the floor.- “You made her carry your burden. You forced that on her. Shame on you. You are worse than a worm. Begone trash.” –Alexandros said and Demetrios turned his head to look at the waitress.- [Demetrios.] “Miss, please call the hospital and tell them to connect you with Dr. Pontificus Warehouse. Also before he starts mumbling and mumbling, tell him that Demetrios called. Then tell him to send an ambulance here. And finally that the patient will gladly pay the three times the bill on his own.” –Demetrios said and took a last drag of his cigarette before putting it out in the ashtray.- “Well people, show is over. As an apology to your inconvenience, I will pay for your coffees and everything else you ordered.” –Then he looked back at the waitress.- “I would like a large mug of cappuccino. And I believe my friend there wants the same. Please, take your time.” –Demetrios said and sat on the seat that Kraus was sitting earlier, looking at Alexandros and nodding his head.- “Grab a seat. I ordered coffee.”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Kraus took a full kick to the head, and was promptly knocked out, a bloody and sickening mess on the floor near the door. Maggie and Nikolas both winced, as they watched Alex kick the goal, and then returned their attention to Dixie, whose blood had drained from her face. Go back an hour and they were united outside the gaping hole of the Death Club, now they were all torn apart, by a confession that would destroy love. How can a man make such a mistake, and then have Inga take the full brunt of responsibility for it. Alexandros returned without Inga, and when the call was made to have an ambulance sent, there was little to nothing anyone could do. Maggie and Nikolas slowly sat back down, but whispered between themselves of the events that had just transpired. Dixie was visibly upset, and she excused herself, and went to the restroom, where she was promptly sick, since she was still suffering from morning sickness. Coming back out, she stared at her reflection, and the sad face that stared back, was haunted by what she had just witnessed. Washing her face, she came back outside to the coffee shop, and crossed the floor, to take her seat, staring at the diamond ring, that was on the floor, where Inga threw it. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Alexandros looked at Demetrios and then grabbed a seat, the very seat that Inga was sitting earlier. Turning his head around he could hear everyone whispering about what had just happened. Demetrios was looking at Dixie who was really troubled. He knew that this could mean the end of the friendship for some, but he could not do anything against it. As he was about to say something to Dixie, she left the area and headed to the restroom. Sighing Demetrios looked at the other couple.- [Demetrios.] “Maggie and Nikolas. If any of you wants to leave, this is your chance to let me know.” –Demetrios was straight to the point and waited for their reply while Alexandros looked at Kraus with disgust.- [Alexandros.] “Piece of trash.” –He mumbled. Demetrios then turned his head to look at Dixie as she took a seat and he sighed once more. It seemed like that the day got really fucked up for everyone.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Maggie and Nikolas finally stopped whispering, when Dixie went to the restroom, probably to be sick, or freshen up, or both. The question was put to them, point blank. “Maggie and Nikolas. If any of you wants to leave, this is your chance to let me know.” Maggie looked up at Nikolas and squeezed his hand, urging him to say what he must. “Mags and I discussed it, and we have come to a joint decision. We’re staying.” Maggie nodded and then offered Dixie a half smile. “Before I came to Death Club, I had no home, no family. I found love there, and friendship. Death Club is my home, our home, and no place in this wide world, we want to be. Ya have to kick us fookin’ out, before we go. That and, we love Dixie, and don’t want her to ever be alone. Right Nik?”- Nikolas nodded and kissed Maggie’s hand. “Right. Looks like you’re stuck with us, Boss.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios had leaned back on his seat, calming down after what had happened just moments earlier. While waiting for Maggie and Nikolas to reply, the waitress arrived with two large mugs of cappuccinos and cookies on the side.- [Demetrios.] “Thank you.” –He said and looked at Maggie who spoke, waiting for her to finish her sentence. While hearing her, he put some sugar in the coffee and had a sip from it. After placing the mug back on the table, he looked at Maggie and Nikolas.- “Thank you both. By the way…” –A vein popped up on his forehead.- “…it is Demetrios, not boss. Unless you both want your asses kicked, you will call me by my name.” –Demetrios said and cracked his neck as Alexandros flipped him off.- [Alexandros.] “Don’t copy me asshole. You are 100 years too young to do that.” –He said and flipped Demetrios off again who flipped Alexandros back and they both laughed at themselves. Then Demetrios looked at Dixie and patted his thigh.- [Demetrios.] “Can I get to cuddle my girl a bit?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie rose from her seat and tried to smile for her love, Demetrios, but out of the corner of her eye she could see Kraus, laying on the floor in a blooded mess. Why was there always violence surrounding those of the Death Club? Dixie then focused back on her love and did as she was asked, moving onto his lap, and then wrapping her arms around him, and resting her chin on his shoulder. Her warm breath, he would feel against his skin, and then that closeness, the feeling they shared when together, may well calm him further. Maggie and Nikolas observed them, not having really seen them intimate, aside from the hospital room where the whole episode at the club was explained. On advice to call him Dem and not Boss, both realised their gaff, and apologised. “Sorry …Dem. Yes, Sorry.” Last thing they needed, was to be the next body on the floor. Dixie toyed with his piercings, and kept quiet, not wanting to disturb him further. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios looked at Dixie as she approached and wrapped his arms around her as she sat on his thigh, feeling the warmth of her body on his own and not helping himself but smiling. He had his adorable angel in his arm and he could not care about anyone else. Feeling her play with his piercings, he tickled her softly and looked at Maggie, Nikolas and then back at Dixie.- [Demetrios.] “When this whole thing is over, I will get everyone in Switzerland. There are some amazing cabins there. I bet that everyone will enjoy it.” –Demetrios said and winked at Dixie before pecking her lips. Alexandros looked at Maggie and Nikolas, then Dixie and Demetrios and rolled his eyes.- [Alexandros.] “Yeah… I will bring my two arms as my date there.” –He said and rolled his eyes once more as he had a sip from his coffee. Meanwhile the paramedics had arrived and they put Kraus on a stretcher before moving outside to get him in the ambulance.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Arriving at the apartment complex of Inga’s the cab driver asked for the fare, which Sven paid, and helped Inga get out of the car and onto the sidewalk. She looked like a drowned rat, and a woman whose dreams had just become a nightmare. She dug about in her bag for her keys, still crying and Sven let go of Dai, and helped Inga, taking her bag and getting her keycard to the apartment. “I be…*sniffles*..fine.” Sven wouldn’t have a bar of it. “No..no Missy, for once you are going to do as you are told. You are Inga Snoggleblom, yes, but you are also under my care. Noonie is still away, so you need….me.” The three walked to the entrance, and even Dai patted Inga’s back, as they got her inside the building, up the lift to her floor. She appeared to drag her feet, till reaching her apartment. Standing there, looking hopelessly lost, Sven took charge, and got the door. Dai suggested a nice hot bath, and went to prepare it, while Sven led Inga into her bedroom. “Now, we are going to get you all warm and refreshed…and then….A Patrick Swayze marathon…Okay? Okay.” :: Dixie smiled at Demetrios’s attention, for she knew her time with him was limited. So she nestled into him, as he kissed her lightly, and suggested all would go to Switzerland for a wonderful holiday. Dixie thought for a moment and said. “Just so long as its not the cabin we stayed at.” She knew why, just didn’t feel it was right to share. <3>