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Role play Group : The Death Club

A New Cold War.

The Secret life of Lotus.

Writer : CharlotteCarrendar.


Location : Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Moscow
Arrival : 4 Mar 6.30am Flight number 7R 106 Gate 4


-Flight 7R 106 from Prague to Domodedovo Airport, was being taxied into the terminal, with many a Russian coming home from working in various parts of Europe. Two of the passengers however, looked anything but Russian. Seated in first class, Ira and his Japanese counterpart, Lotus, were unfastening their seat belts, and preparing to disembark the plane. The trip had been incredibly tiring, and Ira for one, just wanted to get to their hotel room and crash out on the bed. The Israeli stretched and yawned, before running his right hand through his unkempt dirty blonde locks, before casting his gaze at Lotus, who had barely spoken to him for the entire flight. To describe Lotus, would be to say she was the epitome of what an Asian courtesan should be; delicate and beautiful to a fault. With porcelain like skin that was painted white, that had certain softness about it, however it was contradicted by her fierce gaze. How could a woman of such beauty, be so cold and hard headed? The persona which she would parade before the Russians would be that of a Geisha ; the most impeccable form of Japanese art. A woman who is taught from a very young age (starting from 3-5 years), to be able to entrance her male customers with music, dance, and conversation.

But Lotus was set apart from those Geishas of modern day Japan. Lotus had mastered the skills of sexual pleasures, that would leave a man captivated, not only by her beauty, but also addicted to her lithe body and ways of making a man feel like an Emperor, both above and beneath the sheets. Those that had encountered Lotus before on previous operations were left salivating and desiring more. One Sheik, was so taken with Lotus, that he wished her to take a place in his Harem, to which, she denied him, and he was so fraught with despair, that he ended up taking his own life. Many clients usually go about offering an array of gifts; money, jewels, and in some cases houses, so that they may come and enjoy her services privately. Not bad for an assassin, who was all of the age of just twenty one years.

Lotus however was an operative, who simply used this guise, to help her get into the high fliers set of world finance and government, with relative ease. It would appear that men with a great deal of money, often tire of the usual parade of models and escorts, preferring something a little different, and none could compare with the delights of the fabled “Lotus.” Uri’s idea was simple. By having Lotus arrive in Moscow, and setting up with their operative based in the capital, they would make sure that word had got out of her availability to the Russian money men and the mob. Words of whispers, around board rooms and state functions with as little as two outings, was certain to be enough honey to lure the big boys of Russian society. And there was no bigger bee, than Yuri himself. That was what the entire operation counted on, and it was his ace in the deck, to get his Viper back.

Rising from her seat, other passengers of the first class, actually stood back, in awe of the sight of a Geisha, dressed traditionally. Many had whispered, and cast glances back at her during the flight, however, she gave them no such attention in return. Lotus’s scarlet-fringed collar of her kimono hung very loosely in the back to accentuate the nape of her neck, which is considered a primary erotic area in Japanese sexuality. Lotus wore the same white makeup for her face on her nape, leaving two or sometimes three stripes of bare skin exposed. Her kimono was bright and colourful with an elaborately tied obi hanging down to her ankles. She would only be able to take very small steps and her footwear were traditional wooden shoes called okobo, which stand nearly ten centimetres in height. Lotus did not even wait for Ira, who took it upon himself, to get her bags, as well as his from the overhead locker above their seats. Lotus bowed politely to the Captain, who had even left the cockpit, to see the radiant Geisha for himself, going as far as to remove his hat and bow back to her. Though if you were to look into his eyes, you could see he was mentally undressing her. Ira fell in line with the other passengers, as they disembarked from the plane, giving the Captain something of a stern look, then jogging to catch up with Lotus, as they made their way to the baggage collection depot. Their only concern now was getting through customs, with little to no fuss, then meeting up with their Russian counterpart, who had arranged with Uri, to collect them from the airport, and take them back to their chosen hotel for de briefing.

Now caught up alongside her, as she shuffled along in her okobos, Ira couldn’t help himself.”Look, if we are going to work here together, the least you could do, is acknowledge me, in some capacity.” Many a traveller, actually stopped as they watched the odd couple go past, with the scruffy and unkempt attire of Ira and the immaculate Geisha, who appeared to still be ignoring him. Ira was by no means an unattractive man, far from it. In fact he had set many a woman’s heart aflutter, but there was truly only one woman for him. Only one, that could have him turn to putty in her hands. Ayalah. The same woman who had also won the heart of the Boss, who had gone to drastic measures, of getting a plant, inside Yuri’s compound. This was done to make sure that his “Viper” knew that help was on the way.


Reaching the baggage area, where the flights was to have the bags brought out and go around on the round conveyor belts, Lotus stood silently, waiting for their bags to make their way round before them. A face of no emotion, she tilted her head just so, to the left, observing a large bear of a man in a black fur coat and trilby hat, watching from beyond the customs counters. Clearly, this was either their counterpart, or some brute who found the Japanese Geisha alluring….or both. Ira was fishing about in his coat for his papers and passport, when Lotus, finally broke her silence. “We are being watched.” Lotus said simply. Ira glanced around at the other passengers, and then lent towards her ear, and whispered back. “Not sure if you realise this, but we have been the focus of an entire plane of passengers, this whole trip. *Ira appeared incredulous, that she could suggest such at thing* “You are just noticing it now?” Ira’s question was one of confusion. ~I thought this girl was on the game~ He thought to himself. Truth of the matter was, she was right. The bear like black coat wearing Russian, who was also sporting dark ray ban knock-offs, then waved in their direction. The bags finally came past, and Ira reached for each, placing them on a small trolley, that they would use to transport them over to Customs, where there were some very serious looking officials….with big semi automatic machine guns, and dogs.


Reaching the customs desk, Ira took both their suitcases and presented them to the customs officers, two very stern looking staff members. The woman, with her blonde hair caught up fast in a tight bun, gave Lotus a look that would kill, deep blue eyes, and her mouth, puckered tighter than a cat’s ass. She held her hands in behind her, but you could hear the dull tap of her leather gloves. Lotus, didn’t flinch, keeping her cool, as her papers were read and then stamped with approval to enter Russia. A lanky man, with a shorn head and scar down the right cheek, opened up both bags, one at a time, and with gloves on, searched through them for prohibited items. Finding nothing, he dumped everything back in their bags haphazardly, while another officer came up to approve Ira’s papers and passport.

“Добро пожаловать в Москву, доктор Blumenkrantz. Вы и ваши коллеги могут свободно пройти.”
{translation: Welcome to Moscow, Doctor Blumenkrantz. You and your colleague are free to go through.)

Taking back their papers, and shaking hands with the officer, Ira tidied up their belongings, as Lotus waited for them to press on, and meet up with the eager looking man in the black bear coat. Falling in behind Ira this time, Lotus shuffled along until the large man came before them and snatched the bags from Ira with a broad grin. Ira looked set to take him on, but there was a jovial tone to the Russian’s voice, when he spoke loudly.

“Я вижу, вы оба сделали это через таможенную без суеты. Очень хорошо. Я Петр, ваш … Таксист … ха! А что у нас здесь, доктор. Я вижу, вы принесли мне вкус Востока . Очень красивый пакет. Но мы идем, у меня есть автомобиль только снаружи … пришел … ну, вы оба “.
{translation: “I see you both made it through the customs no fuss. Very good. I am Peter, your …cab driver…HA! And what have we here, Doctor. I see you have brought me a taste of the orient. Very nice package. But we go, I have my car just outside…come…come on, both of you.”)

Ira allowed Peter to take the bags, and then offered his arm to Lotus, who promptly ignored him again, and shuffled along behind Peter. Another hundred paces or so, they reached the doors that lead out to where the taxis were all lined up, and Peter took their bags around to the back, opening the boot, and tossing the bags in, before slamming the boot back down. The taxi was not terribly large, more like a family sedan, but it was a BMW, that had to say something. Peter opened the back passenger door for Lotus, who glided in, with the sound of her hair pins chiming merrily. Peter could not help but wink at the Asian beauty, slamming the door hard, so hard you would think it would fall off its hinges. Ira got in the front passenger side, and when Peter got in his side of the car, it dipped down due to his bulk. Ira reached across himself, and drew the seatbelt across, while Peter started the engine. Flicking on the indicator, and then pulling out into the traffic, he followed the stream of cars, and buses, for the new motorway, that would take them back on the twenty two kilometre journey to Moscow. With Katy Perry playing on the radio, Peter, decided to speak in broken English to the pair.

“Word from the Jackal, is that he will not be joining you on this mission, Comrades. Apparently, two of those boys, from the errr Death Club, disrupted their take off from Prague. So….he sends his regards.”

Peter glanced in the rear vision mirror at Lotus and made a low whistling sound.
“Oh..that Yuri, he has taste for the finer things in life…and nothing is finer, than a Geisha. I know, when he gets wind of you being in Moscow, my Dear, he will be sure to make contact through his men. There is a ball to celebrate the latest Israeli- Russian co operative in the Drones programme. That is where you come in, Wolf.”

This was the first time, that Ira’s code name had been uttered by another outside of their organisation. Peter gestured to the glove compartment, which Ira opened, only to have a display monitor come up and appear on the dash board. The screen showed the Israeli government symbol, and then Uri appeared on the screen. He was seated at a desk, with two female operatives standing in behind him, both wearing camouflage fatigues, and dark sunglasses, their hair bound up behind them. Uri, looked fierce. And they were about to find out why.

“Ira, Lotus, good to see you have both arrived safely in Moscow. As Peter would have informed you, I am not coming over. Let’s just say, I HATE GREEK FAGGOTS!” Uri slammed his ring covered fist on the desk, the veins on his neck looking set to pop out of his skin. Composing himself by pulling on his own collar, the chief then cracked his neck and smiled back at the camera. “I have arranged for you to both to stay at the Le Royal Meridien National Hotel, where you will have adjoining suites. I know that Lotus likes her privacy, and considering her mission, I think it only fair she get at least that.”


Ira shrugged, having really not having spoken to Lotus the entire trip, and said. “Not got a problem with that, Jackal. So this Ball, you really think that Yuri’s men will be there?” It was a fair question, and while Peter was driving erratically on the motor way, and swearing at other motorists, Uri answered his question.

“I have someone already planted within Yuri’s compound. One that is passing information, not only back to me, but also, to let Ayalah know that help is coming. We understand she is held in solitary, in some small cell in the lower part of his estate. Word from the operative is that not only is Yuri’s men going, but Yuri, himself. So…make sure that you have my Lotus flower ready to bloom, and do what she was sent to do, while you….you bring back my Viper!” Uri’s finger pointed and stabbed toward the screen repeatedly, before the signal was lost, and then the screen folded back into the glove compartment. Peter chuckled under his breath, as they finally reached the city. Such beautiful buildings, a stark contrast from that of Jerusalem. Pulling up the car just outside the front entrance near the corner, Peter lent on the willow and pointed out at the front doors.

“Here we are, Comrades. the Le Royal Meridien National Hotel. The jewel in the crown. Beautiful rooms, and…beds too. HA! But another time for such tales of Peter. We will be in touch. Oh, and tell your beautiful Lotus, I like to use chopsticks when eating out.” Lotus gave the driver a foul look, as Ira got out and opened her door, helping her up onto the curb and then retrieving their bags from the boot. Two bangs with his hand, and the cab took off into the traffic, leaving Lotus and Wolf, standing on the pavement. For a moment, Lotus appeared perplexed, as though she was disappointed by something. Ira reached down and picked up the bags, and paused as he was waiting for her to go first. “Uri sure knows how to pick the fancy hotels. Wouldn’t you agree?” Lotus simply raised her head and looked up at the building before them. It was truly beautiful.

“Are you upset about that Peter? Surely you wouldn’t let someone like him bother you. Being, well…you. I still don’t get the whole Geisha thing you got going on. I mean, I thought they were all demure and shit…..and you aren’t like that at all.” This was probably the first time that Ira had really strung together a few sentences towards trying to make a conversation with Lotus, who for most of the trip was a closed shop. But it turned out that Lotus, did have a voice, after all. Turning on him, she gave a smile that would melt the heart of an ordinary man on the spot.

“Geishas are not submissive and subservient, Ira, but in fact we are some of the most financially and emotionally successful and strongest women in Japan, and traditionally have been so.”

Well, she can talk civilized. Who would have thought? This actually made Ira smile back. Not wanting to stand out in the cold a moment longer, he headed for the front entrance, where the doors were opened by the doorman, who wore a red uniform, with gold trim and matching hat. Lotus bowed to the doorman, and shuffled inside, while Ira handed over the bags to a bellboy, and went over to reception to check them both in. Uri had gone to a great deal of trouble, making sure they were staying in the Presidential suite, and with spectacular views of the city from their windows. Both Lotus and Wolf, were tired from their journey thus far, and went to their separate rooms, where Lotus went about the task of removing the kimono, and taking off all the makeup and becoming her usual self.

A few hours later, the door between Ira and Lotus’s door opened, to reveal a captivating woman, free of all the finery of being a Geisha. For now, she was simply, Masiko Kaori . Her hair was brushed so it was straight down, rather then pulled up into the fancy style of the geisha. She wore very little makeup and a sweet simple dress, as opposed to the full on kimono. Ira who had been reading a book in bed, sat up, bare chested and only wearing boxers. He was somewhat stunned to see Lotus like this. She was simply beautiful.


“Now I know why you are called the Lotus. Like a flower falling from a tree. Unbelievable.” For a moment, Ira totally forgot why he was even in Moscow, he even forgot the beautiful Ayalah. Masiko padded over towards the bed, sitting herself down and using her left hand placed down flat, to balance herself. She stared at him with gorgeous dark brown eyes, framed in such a sweet face. You would think that butter couldn’t melt in her mouth. But there was more to the Lotus, than just a pretty face. She was deadly, only Ira had yet to see an example of her prowess. For now she seemed like an ordinary girl that walked the streets of Japan. Ira had to ask to ask the question.

“How does a Geisha, become an assassin?”

Masiko smirked, and ran her fingers back through her hair, tipping her head up towards the ceiling.

“That, is a long story. One I am not sure you want to hear.” Masiko teased, as the corners of her mouth crept up into a smile.

“Try me.” Ira said, easing back into his pillow, and discarding his book. “I love bed time stories.” <3>