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Roleplay : The Death Club

A New Cold War

How do we start over? – A Tale of Four Bartenders

Writer – CharlotteCarrendar

-A rainy evening in Prague. The city lights seemed to bend and mix with the wet roads. Wind wipers sweeping back and forth, as a black sedan pulls up outside the smoking remains of the front entrance of the Death club. Inside the car, sits Inga and Kraus. Inga was actually devoid of makeup, her hair which is usually teased and preened, tied up in a bun beneath a scarf, and she wore a long grey wool coat. The busty Swede found difficulty in facing this place once more, but the four had agreed to meet here, after they had all been released from hospital. Seeing the massive hole in the entrance way, where the bouncers were just checking the patrons as they entered, Inga coughed and tried to suppress her tears.

The club had lived up to its name. The Death Club. Eight people had died in the attack, by militia from the Russian mob, run by Yuri. And to top it off, the sparkling diamond of the Club; Mia had been kidnapped. Such heartache and sorrow befell the staff and crew, the dancers and bouncers. And to think, this was the same place where Inga herself had been attacked by the knife wielding Lucy, Kraus’s ex. Only one word came from Inga’s mouth, as she sat in the front passenger seat. “Why?” Kraus reached over with his arm, and placed it around her shoulder’s gently. “How do we explain evil? We simply can’t.” Kraus let out a sigh and then turned off the engine, the windscreen wipers stopping, and now the windscreen was smattered with rain drops, making it harder to see. Looking past Inga at the darkened hole, that was bigger enough to drive a bus through, Kraus frowned.

“I knew I should not have let you return here to work. The Death Club is cursed. All the vices and debauchery; sex and sin. The Devil’s playground, and look at what happened?”

Leaning back, he runs his hand through his hair and then slams it down on the steering wheel, in a fit of rage.


Inga sat silently, and allowed Kraus this moment, to show his true feelings. She was not about to argue, he had a point. Swallowing hard, she was about to respond finally after a few awkward moments of silence, when there was a tap on Inga’s window. A bright green umbrella, held aloft by Maggie, and standing in behind her was Nikolas, who was also dressed in a long coat, his hair wet and plastered to his head.

“Come on…get out of that car, Ingeh.”

Maggie could be heard to say, stepping back so she could give Inga room to open the car door. Kraus’s pursed his lips, still annoyed, but he then waved his hand to Inga.

“Out you get, might as well.”

Both Kraus and Inga opened their car doors, as another car pulled in behind them. A Small silver Porsche, driven by Sven. He waved madly seeing the others on the side walk, and hurried Dai to get out of the car, also grabbing their umbrellas, and popping them up. Dai had his right arm in a cast, and Sven had bandages on his forehead, obviously they had received injuries in the attack.

“INGA…KRAUS…MAGGIE…NIKOLAS! You are all okay. Oh..my gods…I am so relieved. We were taken to Prague Memorial. Where did you all get to? Where are the others?”

Naturally Sven was full of questions, while Dai was warmly shaking hands with Nikolas, who had water dripping off the edge of his nose. Sven took one look at Inga and gasped.

“Inga?..No makeup? You look so…normal.”

Inga rolled her eyes, and then bopped his shoulder, which made him wince.

“Dat hurts! I have bruising on that shoulder from the rubble, when that rocket…thingy came in the club. I shielded Dai…I could not let him get hurt.”
Dai nodded and then said on the side to Nikolas.
“He tripped and fell on me. That is why I have a broken arm.”
Sven frowned and then became rather animated.
“I was saving you…it could have been much worse. A woman could have fallen on you instead.”

Just then a groan could be heard coming from the rubble of the Death Club itself. The movement of a hand beneath bricks and fibro sheeting, and a loud coughing. Kraus and Nikolas, ran in and then tried to get over the mounds of debris, and pulled the bricks and bits of wood away, to reveal none other than Corsica Chisolm. Surprisingly, she was still wearing her iron cross lieutenant hat though crooked, and had streaks of blood down her face. Seeing the two men trying to help her out, as she tried to push up, she uttered.

“Anyone get the number…of that bus?”
“It wasn’t a bus. The Death Club was hit by a rocket attack.”

Kraus explained to Corsia, as he pulled the woman to her feet. For such a petite lady, she was pretty raunchy, even after surviving the bombing. The two men helped guide her out of the rubble, and back to the foot path where the others were standing. Corsica’s leather outfit was ripped, her stockings torn, and her left heel on her boot was missing, so when she walked, she appeared to have a serious limp. Seeing the others, she recognised the bartenders.

“I remember….I remember I was wet, and one of the kind escorts was…eating me out. Then I think, I had the most earth shattering climax of my life…or the wall fell on me, not sure. “

Staggering around, she looked back in to where the BDSM section was, and remembered she had left a chap tied up on a chair and hooked up to some sort of battery. The realisation that he may well have died in the attack, finally dawned on her, and she caught herself before she go in any deeper. Inga, Maggie, Kraus and Nikolas, watched on as she rabbited on, while Sven was gushing.

“You survived that, and no one bothered to rescue you? Fabulous. Tell me, do you have an agent?”

Sven could picture making a bit of money off Corsica’s dramatic tale, but Corsica was not at all interested in letting the world know who she was and how easy it would be to find her. She patted the young man’s arm and with blood staining her teeth, she grinned.

“When I write my memoirs, I am sure to give you a call. You’re very funny, and I like that. But first, I think I will go back to my humble hotel suite, and…collapse.”

Turning on her good heel, she limped down the street, passing a girl who was approaching the group, the rain starting to fall a bit harder now. As she got closer, Inga spotted her and then squealed, as she let go of Kraus’s hand and ran the few steps, to envelope Dixie in a power hug.

“Skippy!…You are okayz. We all been zo worried. Yah?”

Dixie smiled as Inga more or less smothered her in the bear like hug, and had just stayed holding her, actually enjoyed the feeling that the closeness of her friend gave her. Finally pulling back, Dixie was surprised to see Inga without her makeup, and the way her hair was, under the scarf. Inga finally let go, and started to fuss. It didn’t escape her that what she suspected the night of the bombing may well be true.

“What did Doctor Warehouse say? Oh Skippy, you are so luckyz. Those menz could have hurt you. Yah?”

The rest of the group came over, Maggie instantly reached out to stroke Dixie’s hair. Kraus and Nikolas held back, while they watched on. Kraus then drew Nikolas aside and spoke to him in a hushed voice.

“I don’t want to see the girls go through anything like this again. Especially my Inga. I think it’s time they gave up on this place. Enough is enough.”

As serious as Kraus was, Nikolas had other ideas.

“Shouldn’t we let the girls decide that? I mean, Dixie is Demetrios’s girl, and I know how much the club means to her, and to Maggie. It’s like a second home. Its early days, Man. Give the investigators time to do their job, and the guys to find out what happened to Mia. Not only that, with Demetrios and Alexandros going to go find Mia, we need to be supportive of Dixie. I am pretty sure they are not going to take her with them.”

This was true. Demetrios had made up his mind, and though Dixie protested, his word was law. Dixie finally was released from Inga’s hold and she wiped back a tear, seeing the club, where once again, Death had been the star of the show. Dixie hugged each in turn, from Sven, and Dai, to Kraus, and Nikolas, before the group all stood before the hollow shell of the club. Nikolas was the first to ask.

“How is Demetrios?”

Dixie knew it was time to let her friends in on the private world of Dix and Dem finally. There seemed no reason not to tell, and these people were her best friends. Taking a deep breath, she said;

“He is very unhappy about the club, and of course with Mia being kidnapped. But something else has happened in our lives, and oddly enough it is a blessing.”

The other members of the DeathClub bar staff all looked bewildered, except for Inga, who had her fingers crossed out of sight.

“We’re going to have a baby. *she paused for a moment, as she watched their reactions* “ I’m pregnant.”

Sven was the first to react. Slapping his hands to his cheeks. Wide mouthed, and looked like he could catch a lot of flies. Inga burst out laughing and uttered that she knew it, after seeing her the other night. Nikolas came over and kissed the top of Dixie’s head, and then tweaked her cheek, making a small joke.

“They know what causes that you know.”

“It’s called rubbing uglies.” – Sven said with a wink.

“Speak for your own ugliez, Sven” – Inga said, slapping his shoulder again, causing him to yelp in pain.

Kraus had held back long enough, and coughed, which got the others attention. He decided that now was as good a time as any, to tell the others of his decision.

“With all that has happened, and only just getting back from Japan, I have decided that Inga and I should get married as soon as possible. It’s going to be on Valentine’s day.”

Inga looked at Kraus stunned, and then the others. Was he serious? The wedding was not suppost to be for months, and now he was bringing it forward? Dixie was actually thrilled by this news and replied;

“Least I won’t be some fat preggo in a frock. Seriously, if was going to the wedding half way through the year, I would be huge.”

The very idea that Dixie could ever look fat was something that no one could imagine. Course, all the bar staff would be invited, but Inga did look sad about one thing. Mia was missing, and Inga actually wanted Mia to be in her bridal party. The busty Swede tried to hide her disappointment, and then said:

“Let us hope that Demetrios and Alex bring back our Mia, and we can get on with our lives in peace.”

All nodded, and then Nikolas suggested they all go over to the coffee house across the street, to discuss what to do next. Each had a job that they could go to….all except Dixie. The group decided then and there, that they would help protect and see to getting Dixie a new job in Prague, while her love was away, for there was nothing worse, than spending your days alone, and waiting for your love to return.

As they crossed the street, a black Mercedes was parked just a couple of hundred yards up the road. The headlights turned on, illuminating the group as they made it to the other side. A man in a black hat, who was smoking a cigar, watched them enter the coffee house, then got on the radio.

“No sign of Ayalah. No word at all. I am sure those people are the last to see her. Yes…yes I will follow them”

Who was watching the Death Club staff now? And why?