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Role Play Group : The Death Club

A New Cold War

Code name : Viper

Writer: CharlotteCarrendar


-The horrified look on Ayalah’s face, when she stared into the eyes of Alexi, who had the gun pointed squarely between her eyes. She’d been double crossed, by these Russian faggots, who probably didn’t even honour the payment for the information that led to the recovery of the Death Club Star, Mia. “Are you both stupid, do you know who I am? I am an Agent of the Israeli government, and if you think you can just whisk me away, you are both going to regret it.”- The poison and venom in her voice, was evident, defiant, even in the face of the man who held a gun to her head. Her eyes darted between the two men, as she said. “Kusemek!”- She shouted, only to be gripped forcibly around the neck by Alexi, and then having a gag shoved in her mouth, so she could no longer speak. There was no the leg room to kick, since Mia was out cold at the feet of Yuri. Her voice may been taken, but her eyes said it all. The fury of the Assassin, to be caught out in her own game. The limo sped towards the airport, where a private jet was waiting to take Yuri, Alexi and Mia back to Russia, where the nightmare of the two women’s lives was about to begin.


Waiting for the limousine at an Airport hanger just off the main runway, was a Gulfstream private jet, fully fuelled and ready for takeoff within minutes of its passengers boarding. At the foot of the stairs to the plane, were two suited heavies, both wearing dark sunglasses, and armed with revolvers in the jackets. Ear pieces relaying Intel to them, fed from the vehicle, would have both men nod, when the lights of the limousine could be seen coming for the hanger opening. When the vehicle rolled to a stop, Yuri and Alexi would exit the car first, while the heavies dealt with the luggage, so to speak. Mia, was out to it, and so to carry her onto the plane, was a lot easier, then the hell cat Ayalah, who was scratching and kicking, one kick smashing a bouncer in the balls, only to have him double over, while the other body guard restrained her, long enough for Alexi to tie her hands behind her back, and her feet bound together, so there would be no more mule like incidents. He would pat her head, only to have the wild growl come from Ayalah’s throat. God, she was now making a mental list of who she was going to kill and how, once she figured out a way, to escape. The men now had a better chance of getting her on board, but she still threw herself about like a marlin. Whoever was going to tame this brumby, was in for the ride of their life.

Ayalah was carried on board the plane, but only to be taken down the back and tossed onto a chair, and then physically restrained with belts into the sitting position. The Captain announced that they were about to take off, as Yuri and Alexi took their seats, and strapped in, while Ayalah could just make out the head of Mia, which was leaning against a window, but obviously out to the count from whatever drug or sedative they had given her. You could hear the jet engines being started up, and the flashing lights as the maintenance crews and the re fuelers, moved their vehicles out of the way, as the plane was about to taxi down the runway, turn and then fire up to full power, preparing for takeoff. Taking her last look at Prague International airport, she snorted loudly through her nose, when the plane’s jets whined and then with a shrill sound the plane rocketed forward, hurtling down the runway at speed, till finally the nose of the jet lifted off and the Gulfstream rose up into the rainy night sky, soon to leave Prague, and its devastated people behind. For the first time ever, Ayalah was truly out of her depth, and she knew to follow them to Russia, in such a cold winter, was a fools game.


For hours; the flight continued, with Yuri and Alexi laughing, every so often, Alexi glanced back over his shoulder and smirked at Ayalah, as she was restrained in her seat, the gag still in her mouth, so she could not scream obscenities. Ayalah’s eyes were filled with hate for these men, that had gone against the deal, and taken her prisoner, as well as the Night club star, Mia. How could Ayalah been so foolish to think that a Man like Yuri, would simply let her go on her way. This was not the plan, no she had a new assignment in London, and it dawned on her, that her superiors may well wonder where the fuck she was. Turning her head towards the window, she stared at her own reflection, and the image that stared back at her, with the tousled hair, and the gag in her mouth, she seen this before. When in the Special Forces, she was trained for hostage situations, and at one point, they held her head over a large bucket of ice water, where she could see her reflection. One of the men, gripped the back of her head, even though her mouth was gagged, and shoved her head, into the freezing waters. 10 seconds….20 seconds…..30 seconds…and her head brought up, eyes bulging from the cold, and snorting out the ice water from her nostrils. Lungs screaming for oxygen, as the torture were repeated, again and again. This was how they conditioned Ayalah, to mentally toughen her against her captors, whoever they may be, and in the background, a man stood. From being imprisoned in solitary for weeks, with a bag over her head, then her body assaulted with various weapons, as the voice of Uri would come in at the end, and say  “שוב.”  (Translation: “Again”)

This man, Uri would come to be known as “Pappa”, but he was not loving, nor kind. He was always watching her, right from her youngest days, for as early as she could remember. The Man in Black. The same man; that had taken her from her village, after the tragic death of her parents and family, in a dispute over land and the placement of a new home. Ayalah’s mother was the last to die, from internal injuries, while Uri stood in the back ground, and Ayalah played outside, unaware, that her life would never be the same. Uri Amar, one of Israel’s top agents, and leader of this unit. He insisted, that she go through all the training of his best men. Uri wanted to create the ultimate female mercenary, and for years that followed, that is exactly what she was to become. The blood that flowed through Ayalah’s veins was poison. She became a creature of destruction, that toppled governments, with her intelligence gathering resourcefulness, her ability to get into her target’s mind and life, and then leave them wanting. Ayalah came to be able to detatch herself from the world. Job after Job, Ayalah became more proficient at deception, and trickery. One minute, she would seducing a top Politician, and gaining all his secrets, whilst handing them over to an opposition government, then the next thing, she simply vanished, leaving the man behind desolate, and ruined. How can a woman, whose beauty matches that of the catwalk models of Milan, and yet within her chest, beat the heart of a killer. Cold, ruthless and deadly. Code name : Viper.


The Gulfstream finally touched down at a military airport, somewhere in Russia, but unfortunately with it being night, and the fierce weather conditions, Ayalah could not tell where she was. Unbuckled from her seat, she was again carried, by two Russian heavies, that removed her from the plane, and through her into the back of a van, that seemed to be in service years after the Cold war had ended. Driven for approximately fifty miles, the van came to a stop, and the sounds of arguing was heard outside. A Russian woman’s voice. Ayalah lay in the grime of the back of the truck, her shirt torn, skirt ripped. The doors of the truck flew open, and more guards. Where did they find these muscle bound baboons? Gnarled hands gripped at her, and dragged her from the back of the truck, hoisting her up, and taking her into what appeared to be a stately home, of this….mad man, Yuri. Struggling, was instinct, and she copped a strike to the head, before being tossed into a concrete cell, with no windows, a simple light globe, fitted into the ceiling, a bed that was mounted to the wall, and a toilet, which had seen better days. One of the men, removed her gag, and restraints, pushing her face down onto the bed, and walking out, slamming the door shut. The sound of the keys being turned in an old rusted lock, and this sound grinded in Ayalah’s mind, as she sat herself up slowly, and rubbed her aching wrists. The concrete shoebox, as she would come to call it, was barely big enough to swing a cat, let alone torture a prisoner.


From her years of training, she was flooded with memories, of similar situations, and so she took a deep breath, and rose to standing. Moving across the floor to the door, she ran her fingers down its sides, and to the flap, where food was obviously pushed through. There was a peep hole, and the door was made of solid steel. Riveted, and stronger than it appeared, even after years of neglect. This cell was not built to be escaped from. There was nothing in the room she could fashion into some kind of a weapon, the only thing she had, was her mind. And in order to protect it, she would need to dig deep inside herself. Not to break at the hands of these Russian bears. She growled under her breath;

“אני לא חושש.”

(Translation: “I’m not afraid.”)

Ayalah walked around in a circle, reaching up for her hair, and trying to smooth it back, when the door lock was heard to turn. Lowering her arms slowly, she turned her head to look back and sure enough, it was Yuri, and the owner of the female Russian voice. Her name; Sasha. A woman who may have been beautiful by Russian standards, but seriously looked to Ayalah, like she had a cold metal rod inserted fair up her ass. Course, Alexi was right there too, standing in and closing the door. What was this? The welcome wagon? Where was her fruit basket and champagne for such a wonderful suite? Yes, the strength of her mind was coming into play. Ayalah was not going to let them have the luxury of trying to take her will from her. The only way they could do that, was prizing it from her cold dead hands. Ayalah stared at each of them in turn, and Yuri was first to speak.

“Not talking eh? That’s too bad. I was looking forward to…disciplining you.”

Ayalah held her tongue. To speak now would win no points. A steely resolve, even though the cards were stacked against her. Eyes shifted to the crop holding Sasha, whose sick smile was bad enough to make any sane woman gag. Obviously one that got off on disciplining the “play things” of this Yuri, she was all too eager to make her desires known, as her eyes washed over Ayalah’s sleek but grimy form.

“Yuri, you promised me I could play with the pretty girl.” She whined, and Ayalah rolled her shoulders and stood tall, like the Viper that she was. Venom fuelled words spat from her mouth.

“Yes…let’s play a game. I have one I like to call ‘Let’s Rearrange Sascha’s Face.”

Strike one, in the first war of words, between the two women, which Sasha did not take kindly too at all. The result; a full backhand, that would send Ayalah spiralling down back onto the bed, the taste of blood in her mouth, from a cut to her lip. Licking up the crimson drops, she could not hold back strike two.

“That’s all you got, you bitch? That was a love tap.”

The reaction was swift, with Sasha moving in for the second strike, when Yuri intervened and pulled Sasha back. As far as he was concerned, Ayalah was a new toy to be added to his sparkling collection of beauties. And with her hellfire eyes, and body to die for, she would be worth a pretty penny to a man that liked a woman who could take the rough and give back just as hard. The two argued in Russian, while Ayalah listened intently, trying to gain an insight to Yuri’s plans. Of course, she could understand Russian perfectly, and so she translated in her mind.

“I wish to kill this fucking bitch and choke her on her own steaming entrails! Why you stop me? Sasha snarled, while Yuri hit back with; “Because, my dear Sascha…she is worth more alive than dead. Any man would pay through the teeth to bed such a devil. She must be handled differently than the others.” Sasha softened at Yuri’s words, and fell back alongside him like some obedient Doberman. Yeah, she looked totally like a Doberman, a right bitch. Ayalah wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, refusing to show a sign of weakness before her captors. Yuri bowed, and gave his final words for this meeting.

“We will come back when you are feeling more…sociable.” The three then left the cell, the door being locked again once more, and she was left to her own devices. Ayalah rose off the bed slowly, and went to the small hand basin, turning on the tap, and cupping handfuls of water, to wash her blooded face. The stain of her blood filled the sink, and she watched as it gurgled, and then washed away down the sink. Taking off her shoes, she got up on the bed, and started to do sit ups. Ayalah decided, that an idle body, meant an idle mind, and she set to work, on building up her strength. This cell may be her gaol, but she was going to use it to her advantage. Humming a song in her head, she grunted, as she placed her hands behind her head, and pulled her body up to sitting, repeating this, again and again and again.Whoever was watching her through the peep hole, would see a woman, who was not ready, to roll over for her new Masters….Not today….Not ever. <3>