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Yes, Ladies and Gents, …..Empress Watch is BACK!

-cameras all turn, as the producer gives Char Char the nod. The make up boy scurries off the set, leaving Char Char looking glamorous on the set-

5..4..3..2..1…..and action!

And welcome back to another episode of Empress Watch.

I know, you are probably wondering, just where has your favourite reporter been hiding, and well, I been catching up on a lot of role play, but never fear, cause when IMVU has a pulse, Char Char is always watching.

-turns to camera one with a stern look upon her face-

Okay guys, you all know that once a year, the Queen of England, gives her speech to the nation, and her Commonwealth on the state of things, but in a rather poignant and respectful way…even if her family act like total douches, she keeps a stiff up lip, and shows decorum no matter what….

On IMVU however, Monarchs have a habit of getting onto pulse, and virtually tearing their hair out, ranting, screaming, and basically trying to defend their actions when it comes to their ….-ahem- nocturnal pursuits.

“Course I am an Empress!…Just cause I wear PVC fuck me boots, and two shoe strings, does not mean I am a slut!”

-ahem- Not only that, they cry woe is me, raising their 100 + adopted and pushed out kiddies, how it is so so so so hard, cause half of them are such ungrateful little shits, that don’t spend enough time in the Kingdoms, and wow, “THEIR” children, they don’t show respect towards the Empress…..cause like, you are supposed to show respect to someone that has a dozen abbreviated letters on their SN…and never..EVER sit on their thrones…-whispers- might endanger their ass print….I don’t know,and will never get that in a million years…I mean why so obsessed over a freaking chair? IT’S A CHAIR!

And wow, Empress has a new Husband, so you all gotta see the love and nurturing going on….-fake laughter inserted- Yeah more like…Ooo why has Mummy made the room AP all of a sudden with the naughty furniture?

But seriously…if I have to read another freaking pulse, about how hard it is to raise an IMVU family of pretend kiddies, in a public room on IMVU, paid for with credits, that you BUY with real money….I am going to physically puke.

Char out.