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Role play Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation

The Sons of Izu.


Writer : CharlotteCarrendar

-Within the Spire of Arachne, the children of Charlotte and Taru remain, with the Ettercap protectors, as was so arranged, by not just Charlotte, but also Taru. The Spire was created by Laertes and Charlotte Carrendar. The inner sanctum was known as the Cathedral of Fiends. But what few realised, it was a calling beacon. Not just to Bebilith, but to Demons of all kinds. This was done, in the event, that the offspring, of the Carrendar, and their descendents, could keep in touch, not only with each other, but in case of a time of great need, they could call upon others, in the fight against their oppressors, or enemies. Truth of the matter was, that very few truly knew the Carrendar family, aside from the fact that the females; Charlotte and Taru, had many offspring. But the males…..they didn’t have as many.

In the days of resettlement, from the fallen nation of Lacardis, the Carrendar all went their separate ways. Sora, found solace and peace in Harsten’s labrynthe, where the Lost Lacardians, sought to live in a place, that time and technology forgot. Forging the ideals, of the Matriarch Lorelei, they lived in harmony, and enjoyed the simple life. Where the Sword, was the weapon of the chosen, and they lived by a simple creed. Unusual for a Demon, you may well think, but Sora had felt, he had seen enough death and destruction to last a lifetime. He could not bear the agony and the pain in his heart, from watching the country torn apart by war and disease. There was truly only one love in his life, and that was for his fallen Mother, who died so long ago. So to honour her memory, he carved his existence, in the jungles of the Western highlands. He chose no mate, for he felt that his blood line, should stop, and end with him. Sora would have remained in Harsten’s to this very day, had Taru not come into his life, after the destruction of the Meeting hall of Lorewall. Little did he realise, that this would lead him on a most dangerous path, going against all of his own beliefs, and taking him straight into the heart….of Lorewall. The very place that would become the battle ground, for the sovereignty of a nation; even, the planet itself. So many warring factions were building up their armaments, both in space, and on the ground.

There was another Son, a twin to that of Sora, his name, Izu Carrendar. Unlike his brother, who did suffer greatly when their mother died in the battle of Demon Roze, his life was to take a different direction. If Sora was the passive of the twins, Izu, was the aggressive. On his mother’s coffin, he made a vow, one that would only come to be seen many years later.  Izu and his wife, Dezi, settled on a small volcanic island, just off the larger island, known as First Landing. A whizz with science and a thorough understanding of technology, he began to build an island fortress, that would be a fitting place, for he and Dezi, and their first clutch of young. Dezi, a bebilith from the lower catacombs of the Lair of Mazmezz, had caught Izu’s eye, when he was but a teenager, and their love was the talk of many in Lacardis, years before the end of days.

Matched by Mazmezz herself, for reasons that were unclear at the time, their love for each other overcame all obstacles. Until one day, Dezi fell deathly ill, after laying her eggs of young. Sadly, she had contracted a virus, on her final visit to Mazmezz, and though she fought it with all she had, she would die and leave Izu, to raise his Sons, on his own. With a team and staff, from Seal 7, Izu would go on, to build an amazing and elaborate underground laboratory, and with enough equipment, in effect, everything that was needed, to make ships, that would be able to reach, both outer space, and of course, the mainland of Lorewall. Not only that, he taught his Sons, everything about flying ships, planes, and building robot spider walkers, reminiscent of the famous JACKS, that were used by Lorelei and Charlotte, in both nations. With his five sons, whom he kept out of the gaze of the rest of Nemaues, Izu was able to go about, building not only a sanctuary, but a place where he could teach his own sons, and one day, be able to return, and defend the planet, and their own kin, when the time was right. Izu’s son’s were now young men, strapping lads, that took after their father in their abilities, but also strong resemblance to their dead mother, Dezi. They were well aware of the situation in Neamues, but their father, who was now Commander of the Sky Castle, preferred that they remained on the Island fortress, till such time, they were able to enlist, and join in the fight to save the nation. The smallest of the brothers, was Billy, who had a passion for robotics, and was rather eccentric, in both his outfits, as well as his creations. A gamer, who spent more time, with his eyes glued to a screen, than spending on flying lessons with Nigel, Brock, Orson and Ty, he was able to recreate full size working Battle spider droids, that would have had his uncle, King simply overwhelmed. Dark messy hair, and always sporting broken goggles on his forehead, he dressed in a white lab coat, that was always grubby, from the spilt oils and from rubbing his hands on, rather than wash them.

A secret about Billy, was that he had been to the mainland, and in particular, had sought out, one of his favourite Professors; Professor Grimort Ribberstein; Science division from Seal 9. Having been a huge admirer, and even took lessons under his tuition, he made secret journeys to Lorewall’s underground, in the days before all teleporting to inside the capital was to cease. Communications from the Professor alerted Billy, that there was some sort of devices, in and around the capital that was causing a netting effect making it impossible for armies to just materialise from a warp gate, or portal. The last day Billy tried, to plane shift in, he ended up on the wrong side of Fjelding mountains, where he confronted of all things; a giant Wurm, that had smashed its way out of the rock, and then continued to tunnel its way back down into the slate and rock. Stunned, Billy immediately returned to the Island, and went about his experiments, under the watchful eyes of his brothers.

The brothers; the four larger of the Carrendar boys, Nigel, Brock, Orson and Ty. All trained fighter pilots, but with Nigel and Brock, both having flown into space, on a recon mission with their father, Izu. The call of the return to service of Izu Carrendar, back to Lorewall, to command Skycastle, was something of a shock to his sons. That fateful day, where they all stood on the platform, that looked towards the rising sun, that rose over Nemaeus. The boys all stood in a row, wearing their uniforms proudly, as Izu did an inspection march past, only to stop at young Billy, who was playing a hand held gaming device. His other brothers, all turned to look at him as his father stood before him, arms crossed.


“Oh..*Billy quickly pockets the device and then stands straight and tall*…Sir?”

Izu held out his hand for the device, and then nodded once, meaning he wanted him to hand it over. Ty snickered, and then silenced, as Izu shot him a look, that would send a chill through lesser men. Ty went white faced, and stood to attention, like his other brothers. Billy fumbled, relaxing his posture, as he dug out the game and handed it to his father, who turned it over in his hands, and then tossed it back to his son, Billy.

“In future, when we are saying our goodbyes, could you do me the courtesy of leaving your toys, in your room?”- Izu said, with a stony face, but there was a hidden twinkle in his eyes. For his love for his sons, was his greatest reward in this life. Billy quickly pocketed the device and saluted his father proudly. Izu looked at each in turn, and then his face became grim..

“I won’t lie to you boys that country over there is not even being run properly. There is no news on Aunt Charlotte, nor on Great Uncle Baldrick. I received word that they needed a new Commander in Lorewall, so I guess this means I am out of semi retirement….for now. So, what I wish you all to do, is continue your studies, practise all I have taught you, and do not take girlfriends out for joyrides….Brock.”

– He made a particular address directed at Brock, who was known to like to invite over his lady friends, and treat them to a mile high club experience. Brock appeared sheepish, with his cheeks turning crimson, and Orson couldn’t help but notice and give his side a quick nudge, followed by a wink.

“Lucky bastard.”- Orson chortled under his breath, only to find his Father, Izu, standing before him now. Looking him up and down, he reached out and placed a finger under his Son’s chin, raising it so that they may stare eye to eye.

“You want to make the flight academy, and show those humans how to fly. Then you need some self discipline, Orson. And that means no tower fly bys.” -Course, this brought a reaction from Orson that was of disbelief.

“But Dad….you did when….”

Naturally, his father cut him off, giving his chin a small flick. Sure, in his younger days, Izu was quite the character, and a high tower fly by, was not completely unheard of. Buzzing the tower was actually something Izu was well known for. The other brothers couldn’t suppress their smirks at all. Since the truth was actually quite funny. The time had come to go, and Izu could no longer delay the inevitable. He gave his Sons, the Lacardian Salute, which was the right arm, diagonally placed across the chest, fist curled into a ball.

“As in the former world, as in now…we shall always say…In Nemaues, we trust.” The boys followed their father, matching him in spirit, and word. It did hold meaning to them, even if they did not go to the mainland often. All stood back, as their father smiled at each, and turned on the ball of his foot, and headed over to his jet, to take him to the Sky castle, and his newest commission. That was now some time ago, and the boys, or should I say young men, did as they were instructed….until that fateful day….

Present day….Lorewall

The final leg of the tour of the Tarantula, led by Larry, had now taken them to the third level, which was where the Command base or floor was situated. A chair that was suited to a Captain or Commander, was well positioned, primarily so he or she, could oversee the operations done by the Navigation pilot and the of course the driver’s seat right beside it, complete with toggle like joystick, to drive the Tarantula manually. Larry concluded the tour, by advising that there were exhaust pipes, that came out from just below the command deck, and had the capacity to blow anyone away, that attempted to enter the Tarantula, via the hatch, which was not to be used, when the battle tank was deployed and in the middle of an enemy attack. All in all, Sora and Taru were well pleased with the various features, and layout of this superb craft. It was the likeness of a spider, from the outside, but inside, it was an armed and fully operational fortress, that could house its occupants for days, and keep them safe, in even the most difficult of squirmishes. Rounding on the pair, he asked.

“The only thing left to show you would be the testing facilities for the turret guns, the laser, plasma and cannons guns and various simulations of actual tests run on the Tarantula plus probably the emergency features. So what you think of it?”

–Larry smiled awaiting their collective answers, and Taru had dropped her mask, so to speak, clearly impressed with the technological terror, that the boys and girls here had constructed. Sora shrugged, and then showed his appreciation by sticking out his hand and giving a thumbs up. Taru didn’t think that was truly appropriate, and lowered his arm, giving a bit of a tick, as though her brother was trying it on a bit.

“I love what I have seen so far, so as you say, there are testing facilities, to see how it operates full steam. How about we get straight onto that?” Taru was not about to take it off their hands, without some way of seeing it actually blow a target up. She stepped back, to allow Larry to lead them off to the next part of the operation. The weapons testing facility. Sora just followed along behind, still in the fancy body hugging power suit. It was a little too tight in some places, and as Taru watched him follow Larry to the next destination, she chuckled, staring at his shapely ass, and headed off behind them. Taru wondered about her much older brother. Could he be counted on, when the chips are down? Could he handle the responsibility of running the Tarantula in the midst of battle? Only time would tell, if he could embrace this technology, and do what he can for the cause. Or would he turn tail and try to escape, back to his domain in Harsten’s?

The School of Masters – Dead Nation

Raven reached up and undid the ear hooks, that helped to secure her mask into place, and handed it over to the Headmaster of the School. This was probably one of the first times; she had removed her mask, since entering the tunnelled world of Dead Nation. Her red hair fell about her face, and she tried to pull down her fringe, as though she was trying to hide her face away from Darksied. Course, he had questions after she divulged about the Ettercaps, Lorewall, her Aunt Charlotte, and Mazmezz. There was no point denying it, she had to come out sooner or later. The unmasking, of a Carrendar, in the School of Masters, was not something that would happen every day. Just the fact she was even there, after her families past in the nations of Lacardis and Nemaues. Raven slyly stole a glance at Darksied, wondering if in his silence, he thought less of her, for her namesake. She didn’t even have to say the answer, it was simply to gaze upon her face, to look into her eyes, and see the massive arachnid, that hides beneath. Raven dropped her arms to her sides, and then sucked in a breath, holding it, while listening to the teachings of the Headmaster, about her clan, the Clan of Darkness, that was not controlled by a single leader. There were many factions, and more leaders than even she could have imagined possible. Raven bowed her head, and then waited quietly for the Headmaster to fix her mask, twisting her right foot, and every so often, she checked to see, if Darksied, had left her side. Why did the removing of her mask, make her feel like she was suddenly the enemy? She was still of the Clan of Darkness, with the black flowing through her veins. Not by choice….but by birthright.

The Tunnels of Dead Nation – Rider’s House

Cookie/Paige, just managed to slip between Marluck’s legs, in a frantic attempt to avoid the double strike blow from his enormous hands. She parried, and then attempted to strike him in the backside with her short sword. A dangerous move, from a novice meat warrior. Course, this didn’t exactly go over well with the trainer, and he performed an aerial manoeuvre, that had him use his arm like a pole, to spin up and have his legs in the air. Course, Baldrick was bringing the rear, and not about to let Cookie face a mauling from Marluck oh so early.

“Oi..Oi…you could at least say Good Morning!” Baldrick shouted, twirling his shovel, which was his weapon to be used in the tunnels, as a flusher person. Rider called out that she was going to go fetch her chair from inside, so that she could watch the training first hand. In the moment that Marluck paused at the sound of Rider’s voice, the distraction was enough for Cookie to jump back a step and bring up her small shield as protection. A fool would believe she wasn’t at all scared, of trying to fight the mighty Marluck, but truth was, her heart was set to beat out of her chest. Once Rider had settled down on her chair at the front of her house, she sung out again…more instructions.

”Marluck doesn’t really talk much during his lessons! He prefers a ‘hands on’ approach! He also said that speaking is a waste of energy! Hey Marluck why not we start with the meat lesson first before the combat lesson?!”

Meat lesson?! Cookie’s face was one of fear, hidden in behind her mask. The only way you could tell she was frightened, was by the way her chest rose and fell rapidly, the trembling of her body, and the sheer white of her eyes, that you could just make out through the slits for her eyes in the mask. Sensing that this probably wasn’t go to well, Cookie braced herself for the impact strike from Marluck, which was coming, as he would make her pay from trying to stab his bottom with her sword. His foot shot out, ready to strike her fiercely with the large talon like toes, and you could hear the high pitch squeal, as his leg seemed to whistle through the air at such speed. But surprisingly, he retracted his foot, just before impact, which was just as shocking as if he had actually hit her. Stunned by his change of tactic, and then flipping himself over, to somersault and land in front of Rider, this gave both Cookie and Turnip/Baldrick, a chance to breath. Or so they thought. Never drop your guard, around someone like Marluck, who uses his feet, hands and claws, rather than waste time with words. Rider, naturally was the running commentator for this training exercise, and as Baldrick was about to find out, Marluck was very much hands on, when it came to his methods.

”While there are many normal type meats out there that just creep out and attack you in mostly hordes there are some special classes like the jumpers who ironically can jump at you from incredible distances to attack you… some jumpers have a tendency to attack Otyugh riders of their Otyugh…so Marluck ready?”

Only problem was, that Marluck started his attack on Baldrick, before Rider had a chance to finish getting the last few words out. Without word or warning, Marluck lunged at Baldrick, with his claws drawn to go for Baldrick’s face, which was also shielded by the mask. An adrenilan rush hit the old timer, who had been in countless wars, and even defended Lorelei in one of her village squirmishes. With his shovel held in front of him, he twirled it like a baton, so that as Marluck’s clawed hand came in range, he flipped the shovel staff, to attempt to catch the trainer’s arm underneath, and then turn in a clockwise rotation, to deflect his arm away, whilst sidestepping and then turning side on to Marluck, with a fancy bit of foot work. If the shovel handle caught and he succeeded in the deflection, he would kick out with his right foot, towards Marluck’s side, to attempt to knock him off balance. It was a risky move, but Baldrick had to think on his toes. Knowing this move may well make Marluck mad, he was sure to be sure footed, since the next attack..was probably going to be personal. Cookie/Paige watched on at the spectacle, of her Grandfather, trying to beat off Marluck, with nothing but a shovel.

The Cathedral of Fiends – The Spire of Arachne, Lorewall

The children of Taru and Charlotte had more or less been left to their devices, with the Ettercap guardians, patrolling the Spire grounds. Taru and Sora had said they would return, but so far, they had failed to. When children are preoccupied and bored, they tend to get into mischief, and with so many young, all around the age of twelve years, and no set leaders, since Raven and Seven, were now both missing, squabbling and infighting, was more than just a past time. But while the children ran amok, they failed to notice that black pools were forming in the fountains that were in the main catherdral, where the enormous statue of Lorelei was. The shrine as it was known, a place for reflection for their fallen grandmother and Matriarch. The more the children fought, the more the black seeped in and built higher and higher, popping and bubbling, rich and sticky. Had it come up from the very bowels of the planet itself? As the children continued to ignore it, this warning of what was coming, in the tunnels of the monorail, a group of black cloaked beings were marching their way through, the leader, carried a large book, and a red cloth. Dark laughter could be heard, echoing through tunnel, a tone so dreadful and dark. The hood of the leader slid back, to reveal a bald head, that was badly scarred. He had one red eye, the other had been cut out, and yet he bore an evil grin, one that was sure to scare the children silly, when they gave up their foolish games.

The Clan that changed Taru to the” Child of Black”; all those years ago, when she was just a new born baby in Lacardis……had finally come to claim its prize. The children of Taru. <3>