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Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty

Dead Nation




DarksiedtheLegend: -The thing known as Torment would begin answering the questions of the supposed repair man as he continued to fix on the armour –(Torment)“Where? When the creatures attacked me……Huge…creatures..mantis like…spitting poison…wanting to eat. Their arms were big and strong and they wanted to rip me apart. They all hatched from eggs. Underground, in an abandoned bar.. They seemed to be of no common creature. The data I gathered from them are minimal, so I had to consume them to appear as this. My model can morph into more convenient things. Such as growing wings. Or even growing extra limbs….I would like to know your name…And what is that?..Is it protection?” –The being named Torment got closer to the man repairing the armour before asking another question.-(Torment)“Scary looking. Does it come in red?”

–To which at this the man would answer Torment-(?)”A name would mean I would need to get familiar with you and at this time that is unnecessary and as for this piece of armour it is actually just a piece of armour… It has be to enhanced with various magic’s and runes so that the magic air crystal can work as a breathing device of sorts…Hmm it seems like you can’t analyse the air surrounding hmm interesting but any way when anyone who breathes air try to go out of this protective barrier or dome they realize that the air outside is toxic and not completely breathable well at least for certain beings not sure if you are counted on the list…Though it can be red if you got the paint for it but since that is an unnecessary personnel use and produce red paint isn’t in this area we have stuck with the usual plain rusty colour and or the traditional mass-produce black armour…are you saying that there are bugs outside?…you got to be kidding so one of those small bugs attack you and you made a forced adaptation that’s a bit much to swallow…I don’t recall receiving any reports of a bar anywhere near here but then again we had been placing our forces to do other tasks that were more significant maybe it’s about time I ask for more scouts rather than exterminators……”

–Now back to Lorewall in the War castle as Sora was in a clear show of emotions saying things like mother of god and how the baneblade tank was capable of punching those men from the stars and even whispering to Larry-(Sora)”I think she likes it, first time I seen her be quiet like that in a while” –As Larry though for awhile really now that is interesting and as he continued his speech about the governments’ plans before stopping to and hearing Taru speak up about her intentions -(Taru)”If the government has decided to mass produce the Baneblade Tank, then by all means, I feel they are right, if it is for the eradication of the Astartes and force their surrender.”-After which she got close enough to speak in a softer voice-(Taru) If the Tarantula is a prototype, that is not meant to be made to multiple units, then this is the one that my brother and I shall need……..We are the spider people, the Carrendar, however, we are not government. We simply seek only to protect Lorewall, those below and those above.”

-Larry would raise his right eyebrow before speaking to her-(Larry)”Very well then. Now can I start telling you what you got yourself into? And please must I remind you that it isn’t necessary to tell me what you are going to use it for, the boss approves of you taking what you want so quite clearly I can’t stop you but wait for me in a moment I have to teach you about the Tarantula.” –After finishing his talk with Taru would he go off to the side of the Tarantula before crouching down to the floor to press a few buttons on a hidden panel on the floor before stepping back a few step as a metal platform would begin to grow from the ground to the top of the Tarantula’s back an almost massive structure before the metal platform transformed into a side platform with stairs allowing anyone on the ground to climb up and walk on a metal bridge with railings to get on top of the Tarantula’s body before Larry returned back to Taru and Sora.

-(Larry)”Now then before you could just take the Tarantula and probably we here at the War castle might put a big bow on it, there is some things you need to know first. First off congratulations on picking the Tarantula from the War castle to be your super heavy tank of choice but now here comes the need to basis…While the Tarantula is a product of the War castle, we cannot in any way answer any questions about the vehicle if it does break down in active use there is no help hotline or customer service for this vehicle. The War castle has the right to say that no such vehicle ever existed and don’t bother calling the parent company to complain as they too have no knowledge of this vehicles’ existence. Now while it is in rest mode note it could tower over the Baneblade tank was its legs has fully extended and is in stand mode. Right now the Tarantula is inactive due to the main internal generator being offline, The tarantula has three floors within it these floor extended from the abdomen to the thorax , the top floor is the boarding floor there two latches that allow entrance. Entrance one is located on the top part of the thorax just in front of the abdomen and behind the make shift with the laser cannons and ones must turn the hatch in order to enter and the other one which is located in the underbelly come on follow me…”

–Larry would walk to the Tarantula before going in between the legs to show the underbelly which has a hatch before Larry pointed out to them-(Larry)”Notice the second entrance…well that is fake, its more to throw off enemies into trying to get to get the latch while getting into a killing zone if you don’t notice there are some hidden panels that allows the soldiers inside to use their guns to blow the enemies to smithereens but it it’s a tank underneath the full body slam down wards is the one option to destroy tanks underneath the Tarantula otherwise the legs themselves could crush the tanks without mercy. …Do you want me to show you the internal compartments of the Tarantula?.Cause I got the platform ready just in case.”

–Meanwhile in Shangri-La would the cook in red armor just nod at Raven without even responding to her as the fisherman continued his fishing while the one in red armor went back to the tent to look for food before Darksied started to speak-(Darksied)”The one fishing is the teacher for the water clan and the one in red armour is the teacher for the fire clan. Apparently there are other clans around here who does teach their students but as for where that’s hard to tell…well normally we would get visits by the other clans but mostly the water clan…I believe mute taught us that there are many clans, sub-clans, family branches, unaffiliated groups and so on and so forth. Some groups within the clans would eventually branch out to create their own clan and be recognized by the heads of the main clans…in fact currently the clan of darkness had been split to three groups one is the more commonly known Union headed by their current foreman…I can’t remember his name, another is the citizens of the sewers supposedly ruled by unknown person and then there is the third group relatively new group that was established during the underground wars of Nixagris…no one knows who is the leader but I believe mute said politics are a messy thing in the world of masks and said we shouldn’t worry about it though I believe it would be safe to say his tape recorder said that not mute himself…Ahh food is here.” –The being in red armour simply placed two plates of fried fish and rice before placing a fork and spoon for each of them. Once that was done the being in red armour just returned back to the tent without even speaking to either of them to which Darksied responded-(Darksied)”Some of the people around here don’t like speaking too much while others just don’t like being near other people so umm bon appetites..”

–After Darksied would move the bottom part of his mask upwards so as to begin eating as he used his fork and spoon to try and remove the fish meat from the bones while trying to remove the bones away from his plate as he took up a bit of fish and placed it on the spoon before getting a scoop of rice with his spoon and placing the bit of fish and rice into his mouth at which he would begin to bite down on the both as he continued to eat while trying to make sure he doesn’t put a piece of bone into his mouth. While back Rider’s house in the dead nation as Paige started to ask some questions about Rider’s friend-“How..Exactly does he train them? And..why would people be nervous? Doesn’t smell does he?”-But before Rider could explain did Baldrick speak up first-(Baldrick) “Paige, down here, things aren’t what they seem. Those who are kind are far and few between, and we been lucky to meet the kind ones. So, have an open mind about the dumpster man. Who knows, he might be your new best friend, beside that bag of sweets.”

–To which Rider then let out a yawn as she explained about her friend-(Rider)*YAWN* Well his name is Marluck and well some people are nervous around him due to him being unpredictable no one knows what he will do…like for example everyone walks on their feet right? Well he walks on his hands at times sometimes he literally scares people not by appearance but by his actions…how to put it? Hmm I remember they had a word for it well unpredictable is one way to put it but it’s just that he doesn’t react to situations like how normal people would…As for how he teaches well that depends on entirely who he teaches at times. Even though he knows how to train flusher people he doesn’t join the flusher people and rather be a scavenger of many things in fact when he comes in the morning I think you would understand and besides he hates to move around in the daylight unless he needs to as for you Baldrick I think you might get a kick out of learning from him too beside you would need it just in case of course so rest up *yawn* for tomorrow Marluck comes for you two. *yawn* -And to that Rider would try and get some sleep as she lay her head upon her bed.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – It didn’t slip past Taru, the expression on Larry’s face in regards to her statement about not being part of the government per say, but that they were still the Spider people of Lorewall. Now, having remembered how Sand said to be in her approach to Larry, she had to keep it in a manner that was not authoritarian. And for Taru, that was proving to be rather difficult. Almost like she had to forcefully suppress the black that ran in her veins, and this would prove later, be disastrous. But for now at least, Larry was willing to divulge everything he knew about the Prototype, Tarantula. Sora and Taru were to be treated to a personal guided tour of the Super spider tank, which had Sora amazed, overwhelmed by its size and capabilities. Still wearing the power suit from earlier, his boots clunked along the floor of the laboratory, and together with his sister, Taru, followed Larry to the metal platform that grew from the ground to the back of the Tarantula back structure. “Stairs? I was half expecting to be sucked in from beneath by some sonic space like suction thing.” Taru shrugged her shoulders, and followed Larry up the stairs, into the underbelly of the Tarantula. This was able to be accessed via a hatch, like you would see on a submarine.

There was of course a second entrance, not far from the hatch, which was pointed out, and both Siblings looked up to get a better idea of it. For those that try and reach the insides from underneath, if the enemy attempted to gain access, the Spider was of course a massive tank and could draw its legs in and simply crush whatever is beneath it. Sora was getting more and more impressed by the second, eagerly inspecting the underside, where there were hidden compartments, especially for storing extra weapons, should you have to leave the tank for whatever reason. Larry then made the offer, that if both were willing; he was more than happy to give them a tour of its internal structure, to which both replied. “Yes please.” This was probably one of the few times, you would ever find this duo being quite so polite. And why wouldn’t they be, this was by far the mother of all tanks,and being a Spider, made it all the more special. ::

At Shangr-La, Raven’s stomach was actually growling, and she even held her arms around her middle, in an effort to make it stop. The man in the red armour, wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but then again, Raven had only said a one word greeting. Staying sitting down, she turned to watch the fisherman by the bank, who was the teacher for the Water Clan. So, if he was of water, the red armored being was of course the Teacher for the Fire clan. The fact that they were all working together like this and not showing any signs of animosity had Raven intrigued. Especially after the rough response she had from the Trio of brothers back in the tunnels, when she was told to be Clan of Darkness. Raven’s stomach rumbled again, and she smiled from beneath her mask awkwardly at Darksied, in case he heard her. He was of course, explaining just who was who, and all about how there were many more clans, families, and then extended family clans, for those that branched out and far from home. “To me, it sounds like a real community, but here they all teach those in need. I wonder if we will meet more water clan people after lunch. Mmmm it smells good, whatever it is.” –

As they sat together, waiting for luncheon to be served, Darksied explained that there were three types of Clan of Darkness clans in existence, and when he mentioned Nixagris, Raven stopped fidgeting. “I haven’t been to the North. I spent most of my childhood at the hall in Lorewall, and then we moved to the Spire after Mazmezz’s troops attacked. My mum….”- Raven’s voice faded away, as she remembered her mother, trying to defend the Hall against the hordes of Orcs and the demon Lords. Thankfully, their meals were brought over, and placed down in front of them, and Raven said a quiet thank you, to the Red armored being, as she picked up her fork and twirled it. She then remembered, she was wearing her mask, and it was going to be impossible to shove a fork full of food into her mouth through the tiny mask hole. Slowly, she lifted her mask up, and this allowed her mouth to be seen, however, her eyeholes were raised to her forehead, and she could only see the inside of her mask. “Eh..” Raven made a slight discouraged noise, trying in vain to keep her identity a secret behind the mask, but still wanted to eat her meal of fish and rice. Darksied seemed to be handling it well, being careful to prize the tasty flesh from the bone, and add some rice to his fork, before swallowing it all, with a light munching. Raven picked at the fish with her fork, but her mask kept sliding back down into position, and this only brought more small funny noises from Raven. So each time she got the mask up slightly, and she did a balancing act with the food stuffs on her fork, she would attempt to get it in her mouth, without it getting it everywhere. Needless to say, this was going to be a long supper. ::

Rider was quite tired from her day up at the Down the Drains office, and was yawning and stretching, while Baldrick explained to young Cookie, that it was not a good idea to judge others before getting to know them better. Course, Cookie had only heard the dumpster man’s voice and had not seen hide nor hair of him. Rider would explain that his name was Marluck, and that the locals of the tunnels were somewhat nervous of him, since, he walks about on his hands. “Topsy turvey. I like it.” Baldrick said with a smile, while Cookie appeared perplexed. “How can he carry a weapon with his toes? I don’t get it.” Well, its not every day you see someone getting about on their hands, this was true. So, reclusive, shy and intimidating. Baldrick then laughed and nudged Cookie’s side. “Your Grandmother could be like that, except the part about walking on her hands.

But she had people nervous, and scared. Especially me at times. Ooo…she was a right treasure that woman. Right, so what time do you think Marluck will get here?” Baldrick asked, picking up his shovel and giving it a twirl. “‘I’m keen now.” Baldrick had some renewed energy, since the day had already been rewarding in his opinion. But Rider had other plans, still yawning her head off, and advising the two get some rest before hand, since Marluck was expected the following day. When Rider lay down on her cot, Cookie wandered over to the window of the hut, and stared over at the large dumpster, that housed her trainer. She rested her arms on the window sill, and lowered her chin down, eyes watching closely for movement. Baldrick knew that sleep was a good idea, and found himself a nice corner on the floor, with a pile of clothing from the Down the Drains shop as makeshift bedding. He fluffed the pile up, before taking a look at Cookie. “Better get some sleep. Rider is right, staying up all night just make you tired for when he does train you.” Paige let out a sigh and fell back, before going over to Raven’s sleeping pile, and got down on the floor, curling up and finally going off the sleep. <3>