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Re: (RP) “The Dead Nation – Forum and Live Roleplay.
January 26, 2013 08:34AM
Role play Live : Group : The Carrendar DynastyDead Nation

The fire that burns within.



CharlotteCarrendar: – Taru strode around her brother, Sora and Larry, as Sora was being fitted into the pants of the power suits. Sora did as he was instructed, sitting down upon the floor and wiggling into the legs. He did find it a bit awkward, especially being fitted under the watchful gaze of Taru. Having her pace around like she did made him somewhat uneasy. “Hmmm.” She said just under her breath, eyes flickering, and the black definitely showing itself in her gaze. The dripping had seemed to stop for now, and her demeanour had softened. Maybe it was because Sand had warned her it would be a bad idea to come off at snobbish or authoritarian. As Larry explained the power suit’s features, he brought up a very good question in relation to added features, or special requirements. “So interested in some tanks or special attachments for these amours?” The thought of using them under water, was intriguing, since the idea of the bulky Astartes being able to swim, was not exactly an ability she figured they would be capable of. Also, Bebilith can’t swim. And to think that this would give them that ability was a definite plus. “I think tanks would be a wise choice, don’t you, Sora?” Taru said with a slight rise in her shaped right eyebrow. By now, Sora had on his boots, and was fastening the pants up, by pressing the belt buckle, so it adjusted to his form. When the pants had locked into the right shape, Sora gave a firm nod, and then asked of Larry. “Certainly snug now. Not used to the whole…’wriggle pull on’, but I think I can get used to it.”- Sora showed a grin, as he wiggled his tush. “Check it.”- Taru rolled her eyes, and said plainly- “Tanks are a good idea, let’s go with those.” The fitting continued, with Larry assisting, and Sora made a few more choice comments, finding the experience of being the test subject rather enjoyable after a time. <c>Raven was actually feeling pangs of hunger in her stomach. It had actually been a while since she had anything to eat, and appeared gaunt, however with her mask on, no one could tell. “I’m not bored, just a a bit hungry. “ Raven pushed herself up off the grass, and wiped herself down with the flick of her hands, when Darksied made a suggestion about a game. A game that they could play with the other children in their class. “A game of darkness? – Raven rubbed the edge of the cheek line of her mask softly- “Okay, sounds like fun. How do you play?” – She asked. <c>

At the Down the Drains shop, Cookie was learning that the Otyughs were mostly all taken, and there probably wouldn’t be any available to buy for weeks. You could hear the audible sigh, as Cookie lowered her machete at the news. “Oh…I forgot about that, sorry.” Perhaps Cookie hadn’t been paying attention, but then she learnt that she would be riding with Rider, just the way that Raven had. This did brighten things for Cookie. “But now I need to find you a willing teacher or training dummy for that matter…I might know someone that fits that category” A training dummy? That was a new one. Did they get someone to pretend to be a Meat to attack? Did they use strung up bits of real meat, like boar carcasses? Either way, Cookie was curious to find out who would be a willing teacher. Meanwhile, Baldrick had been studying an igloo of clothes, and trying out the local dialect. “Cluck…er…gobble gobble, bark…yiff?” Would have looked decidedly daft, but least he was having a go. Course, he didn’t hear Rider come up to him and then say, in a rather cheeky fashion )”Here’s your shovel turnip now let’s go meet my friend.” Turnip took the shovel and then held it aloft, as if it were Excalibur. “I plan to go where no ..man and shovel has gone before. Onward, my dear Cookie!”- Baldrick marched out the door, with Cookie following along behind, shaking her head. “Why me….?” <3>

TormentedPerfection: As the sergeant turned round, to god knows where. The android followed. His loud metallic body hitting the ground as it clanked. His sights were still scanning the deserted place, up until he was lifted to where the Sergeant sat and asked the man. The android laid back on the other seat as he just sat, perfect posture and unmoving…And then the sergeant asked him such a difficult question. What was he? Did he even know? He knew he was Android. And that he was a synthetically manufactured creature. But was it wise to tell him? His hands shot up to the table. And before eh could retort. His speech was gone, and the data on his mind was screwed up. Revealing a new A.I Which then spoke, informing the man. “What you have here is T.O.R.M.E.N.T. Android of the kind with A.I unmoving, more so, excellent. It was manufactured by the NanoTech Industries so that they could create the perfect weapon. It’s defense mechanism also included a different feature. One that it’s maker brilliant called “Forced Adaptation.” in which the Android takes the body of a specimen and consumes it, whether biological or synthetic, before adapting it’s weapons to it’s body as a mechanism tool.” To make a point, the android sliced at the table and stood. But hopefully they won’t try to kill him. Since he wasn’t in control. “T.O.R.M.E.N.T Also includes Sexual Mode in whi—” And before it could speak further, it shut down, the normal A.I Taking over. And the A.I blinked and spoke “My name is…Torment.” And it offered it’s scythed hand, as if for both the people to shake. It felt eerie, actually. To be kicked out of consciousness ever so easily, for other A.I’s to control you. That was weird. And that one was programmed into him. He knew his Anti-Hacking capabilities would kick anything that tried to hack him out. But he didn’t want to experience other A.I’s hijacking his memories. And little did the Android know that he just sliced a whole table in half and offered hs scythe. Whatever the sergeant will do is then justified. Whether he’d be kicked out or attacked on sight Hopefully he’d understand. Although that was quite far from happening.

DarksiedtheLegend: -Somewhere on the surface of the dead nation would Torment begin his expaling inside the workshop of the repairman-(Torment)”What you have here is T.O.R.M.E.N.T. Android of the kind with A.I unmoving, more so, excellent. It was manufactured by the NanoTech Industries so that they could create the perfect weapon. Its defense mechanism also included a different feature. One that it’s maker brilliant called “Forced Adaptation.” in which the Android takes the body of a specimen and consumes it, whether biological or synthetic, before adapting it’s weapons to its body as a mechanism tool.”-As the Sergeant looked on to see the Android actually speaking to them and almost managed to sidestep that slash motion made by Torment that cut a table in two-(Torment) “T.O.R.M.E.N.T Also includes Sexual Mode in whi—….. The Sergeant would then look at the person he was talking to before about to speak as the man repairing the armor would just say to the Sergeant-(??)”I believe it is more or less friendly I really don’t have the time to analyze that thing so for the mean time it means us no harm.”(Sergeant)”No harm did you see what it did?!” (Sergeant)”A mere accident…he is no more deadly than you or I…” (Sergeant)”Should we send him to the Butcher?” (??)”Lord Butcher is very busy dealing with the politics of both surface world and sewer world…and even I’m busy like him due to your men nearly destroying these armors…do you how difficult it is just to fully armor everyone here and even to conjure up a crystal that purifies the air in just this dome or even crystals that can act as miniature air reservoirs in these armors? …we are literally on borrowed time until your men successfully eliminate the wretched toxic spewing plants in at least a considerable distance then maybe just maybe I’ll have some time in my schedule to analyze this thing…” (Sergeant)”Very well then, I shall leave Torment in your care until we can eliminate more of these plants…” –The sergeant would leave Torment in the care of this busy busy worker. Back to the War castle at Lorewall As Taru and Sora were talking with each other about the suit with Larry looking on and pay attention to each word they said before Larry would assist Sora with the placing of the armor chest piece as if it was some sort of big sweater with metal parts in certain areas once the chest piece was snug on Sora did Larry finish the demonstration with the final piece placing the helmet which should cover all of Sora’s head before Larry pressed a button on the side of the helmet as he continued with his explanation-(Larry)”Due to certain improvements made on the armor certain things needed to be removed as well like for example the full sensory upload of enhanced vision, hearing and smell has been removed due to the sensory overload onto a human…instead what was placed was radio communications and also the nifty system which allows you to see through the head helmet and not through the eye holes…Like you aren’t even wearing the helmet” –The instant Larry said those words would Sora get a sight to behold no longer seeing through the helmet’s eye holes but instead seeing a full view of the surrounding in front of him as Larry continued-(Larry)”But due to certain part removed this function would not last for long if it is damaged and will in an attempt to save power revert back to the eye view from the helmet…So you interested in the tanks…What kind of tanks are you looking for light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, or super heavy tanks?” –Larry looked at her for a moment before recalling the conversation that Sand had with him about these two being Carrendars as Larry blurted out-(Larry)”Wait a minute you are spider people right?….Does this mean you are here for that tank? The tank of all tanks? If you are then what are you waiting for come with me…” –Larry would press a button on the wall which caused the heavy doors to open up as he took a left turn to head towards the corridor as he hoped they were following him head to the elevator before he stopped and returned back to them in the fitting room of the armors as he said to them-(Larry)”So since you are Carrendars you must be here for that tank right? That would explain the kind of specifications of this tank….oh yeah keep the armor on…you need to get a better feel so that you can get a better understanding of the armor…” –He would wait for them to move out of the fitting room with armor so as to bring them in front of an elevator before he would say to them.-(Larry)”I can’t believe why the government hasn’t pick this thing up or even called back after all it was the governments specifications” –As the elevator doors opened up before Larry went into the elevator and hopefully they were with him as the doors shut as they begun the long descent down. Now back to the forest of Shangri-La would the Raven tell to Darksied –(Raven)“I’m not bored, just a bit hungry. “-As Darksied would then suggest a game of darkness did she ask about before asking how to play the game of darkness as Darksied would think a bit before saying to Raven-(Darksied)”Hmm in a way it’s a mix of tag and hide and seek but if you are hungry I could take you to the mess hall or cafeteria if you like then we can play later…” –As Darksied would leap up to his feet and brush off his jeans a bit before offering Raven a hand-(Darksied)”So shall we eat?” –Meanwhile in the down the drains shop as Baldrick attempted to speak to the igloo of clothes or tried to speak the sewer speak would he get out seemed to be a giggle of laughs emitting from the igloo of clothes but as soon as the three were out of the shops and onto the streets would Rider point out something to the both of them-(Rider) “Meow…bark…quack. in that sequence is somewhat a start of a joke as for Cluck……gobble gobble, bark…yiff? in that sequence is what most call a pick up line though you really shouldn’t use that in front of certain people….some of them are desperate enough to try something…hmm as for my friend don’t be alarmed by his stature or appearance either” –As Rider would be leading them to the back alleys of the city before stopping in front of a dumpster as Rider would gently tap the dumpster before a voice would sound out-(?)”Groooooaaaan” (Rider)”Big guy I need your help.” (??)”Groooooaaaan yuck Ride?” (Rider)”Well yeah I need some training but more I need you to teach a young flusher person..Probably an old guy too” (?) “Groooooooooaaaaan yuck yuck yikes.” (Rider)”So I’ll see you by my house right?” (?)”Yeah.” –As Rider would then begin the trek back home.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- As the helmet went over the top of Sora’s head, you could hear the ooo’s then an echo to his voice. “Woooah!” – Woah was right, for as Larry explained, the helmet was designed specifically so that you would get a total view of what was in front of you, not just looking through the eyeholes. Sora reached out in front of him and raised up his hands, before then wiggling his fingers at his Sister, Taru. “You gotta try this.”- Sora seemed to be enjoying this far more than he should. It was almost like he was twenty years younger. His zest for life returning. Taru stood with her arms folded, keeping her thoughts to herself, but listening to Larry, and taking on board, everything about the suits. On the next question, Larry asked. “So you interested in the tanks…What kind of tanks are you looking for light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, or super heavy tanks?” Taru was about to answer him with medium, when all of a sudden, Larry seemed to realize just who they were. ”Wait a minute you are spider people right?….Does this mean you are here for that tank? The tank of all tanks? If you are then what are you waiting for come with me…” Sora and Taru looked at each other, not at all sure what Larry was on about. “the Tank of all Tanks?’ What the hell? Scuba divers wore moderately sized tanks, not strapped a big road tank on their backs. Larry pressed a button on the wall, and the Carrendar siblings stepped back as the large doors opened up to reveal another corridor. Larry seemed so eager he took off down and turned left to another passage out of sight. “How am I going to swim with a massive tank strapped to my back?” Sora asked, as Taru smacked the front of his helm with the open palm of her hand. “Must be a different type of tank. No, wait, here he comes.”- Sora reeled a bit from the head strike, and then righted himself, when Larry returned. He assumed that they must have been sent for the special tank, and went on to explain how the specification would have been made just for these suits. ”I can’t believe why the government hasn’t pick this thing up or even called back after all it was the governments specifications” – Taru and Sora followed Larry out of the fitting room, with Sora in the suit, and Taru still dressed in her black hooded robe. Making small talk on the way down, Taru could not help herself but say. “The government seems to be rather busy at the moment. They haven’t returned my calls either. Such a pity.” Whether Larry would pick up on that last quip, would remain to be seen. But both Sora and Taru, were keen to see this Tank. The tank of all Tanks. <c>

At Shangri-La, Raven was getting something of an idea about the game he mentioned; the game of darkness. Kind of like tag and hide and go seek. Raven actually smiled from behind her mask, as that was a favourite game she liked to play with her siblings in the chambers below the meeting hall. “Sounds fun, but I would like to see the mess hall first. Harder to play with an empty stomach.” Darksied was being really friendly and helpful, considering he had only just met her. Though she recalled him from the lake, and how he appeared in the mist above the water. Raven wanted to ask him if he remembered her, and that test, but pushed it aside, happier to just…be a kid for a while, and not have to worry about the responsibilities of being a Carrendar, just now. “Let’s go.” <c>

“I think that igloo likes me.” – Baldrick said with a wiggle of the head, walking away from the Down the Drains shop, and catching up with Rider. He held his shovel so the metallic end was just beyond his shoulder, the staff resting on his upper chest. Trying to speak the common of the tunnels appeared fun, till Rider revealed exactly what Baldrick had said. It was actually a pick up line, and Baldrick stopped in his tracks. “Bugger me, I don’t want to date a pile of clothes.” Cookie couldn’t help but laugh as she passed him. “Then knock off the gobble gobble yiff, or you will have every igloo in that place up at Rider’s front door Saturday night. Hahahaha.” But then it was time for little Cookie to get a shock, when Rider tapped on a dumpster and the Dumpster answered. It groaned and moaned when asked to do some training, for a certain little flusher person. Wait, that was Cookie. Cookie blinked and when the date was made, it was Baldrick’s turn to laugh. “And you just got a date with a pile of rubbish. Do..ho ho ho ho.” The three then ambled back to Rider’s home. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -With the android sitting on a chair and by the sound he broke the chair as the man would continue his work without looking around to check on the android before the android spoke-(Torment) “The Android wants to see the sight. Do you want to see the Android’s capabilities?” –As the sergeant was leaving the room would the android spoke again-(Torment) “What plant? May I be of service?”-The sergeant just looked at the android before speaking-(Sergeant)”No you may not be of service. It’s our problem to handle you just sit right there and wait for him to finish his job.” –The sergeant would then leave as the man repairing the armors would just say to the android without even bothering to look at the android-(?)”Your design is strange…so by your words you must have seen or heard something that must have made you do that forced adaptation..Tell me what are your objectives? And what caused your forced adaptation?” –The man would be continuing his adjustments on the armor not even bothering to look at the android. Now back to the War castle in Lorewall as the elevator came down and open its doors would Larry rush out and flipped the light switch which caused the dark room to light up as each light before revealing two large objects, one of the two was thirteen point five meters in length, eight point four meters in width, six point three meters in height and weights about three hundred and nineteen tons. This tank had about eleven turrets sticking out of this tank on it and massive caterpillars’ threads. While the other tank or what appears to be a large mechanical spider which had eight massive legs that were about three point eighty one meters each leg, twelve point twenty meters in width, seven point sixty two meters in length, weights five hundred tons and on the supposed head of the spider were two cannons in place of where the fangs would normally be as Larry would then point at both of the tanks.-(Larry)”May I present the two super heavy tanks in the War castle of this day…The prototype Baneblade and Tarantula both made by the order of government…or that’s what the heads tell me at least…the Baneblade tank is outfitted with eleven turrets one major turret for fighting against other super heavy tanks, three turrets for anti-personnel, three turrets for light tanks, two anti-air craft turrets and for those daring enough to get really close two flamethrower turrets and if you don’t notice this tank wasn’t exactly easy to make and now the Tarantula the very first in the line and probably the only in existence note the twin cannons in the front of its head is actually laser cannons that operate separately and can burn the grounds once fired, there are other turrets like the hidden plasma cannon that literally melts tanks inside and out and is granted to ensure no survivors in the tank are can escape, each of its legs is capable to crushing anything underneath its legs though it also has the function to literally jump up and flatten the ground underneath its body through the use of thrusters underneath the Tarantula’s main body…and many many other hidden features in this tank…I’m guessing that since you Carrendars are spider people it would make sense the whole specifications of the Tarantula…well what you think of them? Currently the Baneblade tank is under consideration of mass production we await the approval of the Lord of War, Captain and the Prime minister as for the Tarantula no one is sure who designed it but it’s in the governments black project funding and the War castle managed to get it….so far from these two tanks present only one would be mass produced the other unfortunately no one has any idea what will happen to it…so what you think of them?”-While at Shangri-La Darksied would begin to lead the little Raven across the jungles before stopping in front of a camp of what appears to be a fisherman as one could clearly see a man dressed in brown robes actually fishing along the river bed as the two would get closer would a being dressed completely in red armor looked at them before Darksied said to the two present-(Darksied)”Umm Lunch would be good if you got some.” –The fisherman would just nod as the red armored being would enter the camp to look for the food before coming back out with a wooden table as the red armored being placed the table on the middle of the camp before it started to light the fire place as small sparks would appear on the campsite before it lit up as the red armored being would place a pot on the fire before looking back at the two children as Darksied led Raven to the table before the red armored being brought out foldable metal chairs as Darksied helped the red armored being set them up as Darksied looked at Raven-(Darksied)”So what are you hungry for?” –Meanwhile Rider had returned back to the house with the two Baldrick and Paige had followed her to the house before Rider would point out the reason for the dumpster talking-(Rider)”Hmm to explain this my friend lives in the dumpster and on occasion he trains flusher people to be fighters and well I think he might be coming soon…that depends since he hates working in the light most definitely he would come over when it gets darker….His preference of course…people get nervous when he is around…something about him makes some people want to hide…but either way rest up for tomorrow you meet your trainer and that goes for you to Baldrick…Yawn..I’m going to rest for awhile make yourself at home. ”

TormentedPerfection: Of course he can’t. Fucking people. Who does he need to fuck in order to fuck some shit up? The android just laid on his ass, looking at the man looking at the armor and all that. He seemed like an odd one. The android thought. And as he was repairing the armor did he respond to him. One question that made the android think about what to answer and not just spit it out. <?>“Your design is strange…so by your words you must have seen or heard something that must have made you do that forced adaptation..Tell me what are your objectives? And what caused your forced adaptation? “ What did cause it? He remembered. The Mantis. Those damn bitches. His eyes shot up in glaring red as he answered, in full detail “Where? When the creatures attacked me…” he raised his scythe and spoke again, in a darker quite metallic tone. “Huge…creatures..mantis like…spitting poison…wanting to eat. Their arms were big and strong and they wanted to rip me apart. They all hatched from eggs. Underground, in an abandoned bar.. They seemed to be of no common creature. The data I gathered from them are minimal, so I had to consume them to appear as this.” It raised its scythe like arms before speaking again. “My model can morph into more convenient things. Such as growing wings. Or even growing extra limbs.” The Model of the android nodded as it started off to the man, tilting it’s head. The man was mysterious. He knew so much about him…Yet he knew none about him. This was quite the odd picture. To be questioned and eb taken care of an unknown man, in an unknown settlement I na deserted barren inhospitable wasteland. Scary I might add. But the android had no choice but to comply to the demands. The Bug bot tapped the ground with his scythe, and after those moments of silents, he spoke finally. “I would like to know your name.” It spoke, and then pointed at the armor “And what is that? The Model does not have sufficient data to scan or process what that is. Is it protection?” As if a curious kid, it stood and tries to peek on the armor, to no avail. And it crossed it’s arm with a look on the armor. “Scary looking. Does it come in red?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The illumination of the massive storage facility for the massive tanks, blinked and then came on, row after row, till finally the entire room was bathed in the unnatural light. But what lay before them, was not the tanks of their imagination, but Super tanks, military hardware, the kind that won wars. It was such a sight, that Sora took off his heim, and carried it in his hand, walking towards the Tarantula, his jaw agape. “MOTHER OF GOD!!, I haven’t seen anything like this since…since..”- Sora’s voice trailed off, and he had to wipe his eyes. Taru on the other hand, had seen one such tank, but was nothing like this. “Impressive…most impressive.” Taru went to wander underneath the massive machines, casting her eyes up, while Larry made the introduction, with all the pomp and flair of a showman. ”May I present the two super heavy tanks in the War castle of this day…The prototype Baneblade and Tarantula both made by the order of government” So, the government set to task to have these made. And yet where are the governmental heads? Who was watching over Nixagris, when the Astartes came to land and take virtual control? Sora was more interested in the BaneBlade, as he walked along with Larry, and nodded when the turrets were pointed out. “Anti aircraft turrets? Flame throwers? This is incredible, and can really pack a punch against the men from the stars, Right Taru?” Sora looked over to Taru, who had placed a hand on one of the large tarantula apendages. Something about the way she just stood there, staring up at it. Sora sidled over to Larry and whispered- “I think she likes it, first time I seen her be quiet like that in a while.” This much was true, but unless he pryed into her mind, he would know what she was thinking. Sora grinned at the mention of the twin cannons being lasers, and the hidden plasma cannon, that could incinerate an entire vehicle with passengers in a matter of seconds. Taru finally lowered her hand, and then turned to face Larry, having paid attention to his speach about the intentions of productions on masse. “If the government has decided to mass produce the Baneblade Tank, then by all means, I feel they are right, if it is for the irriadication of the Astartes and force their surrender.”- Taru then sauntered over to Larry and spoke to him with a softer voice. “If the Tarantula is a prototype, that is not meant to be made to multiple units, then this is the one that my brother and I shall need.” Taru inhaled sharply, and then said. “We are the spider people, the Carrendar, however, we are not government. We simply seek only to protect Lorewall, those below and those above.” <c>

Raven walked alongside Darksied towards the area that was considered the mess hall, but it was actually a camp within the jungle itself. A fisherman wearing brown robes, would be the first person they saw, and Raven stood in behind Darksied, so that he may ask about lunch. A quick nod was the response, and Raven shrugged her shoulders, not feeling comfortable asking what would be on the menu. It was at this point a red armoured being entered the camp and started setting up table and chairs for lunch. Starting a fire with, but all without matches or flint. Raven nervously fidgeted with her mask, and rightly so, since fire was a weakness of the Bebilith race. When he pulled out a pot and set it upon the flames, did Raven realise that the red armoured man, must be the chef. Seeing Darksied helping set out the chairs, and asking what she fancied to eat, she piped up, thinking the only logical thing would be fish soup, or stew. “Seafood chowder? If..There is any.”- Raven quickly sat on a fold out chair, and waited to be asked to get places ready before the meal was ready. Raven then bobbed her head towards the red armoured being and said. “Hello..” She still wore her mask, and was not yet able to say her second name, since it was to be chosen for her by the Masters. <c>

The sound of the man of the dumpster, was the likes of a monster, or legend. He didn’t sound that bad, according to Baldrick, but to Cookie, she couldn’t help but be intimidated. “How..Exactly does he train them? And..why would people be nervous? Doesn’t smell does he?” Baldrick tried not to laugh, as he lent his shovel against the wall of the inside of Rider’s home. “Paige, down here, things aren’t what they seem. Those who are kind are far and few between, and we been lucky to meet the kind ones. So, have an open mind about the dumpster man. Who knows, he might be your new best friend, beside that bag of sweets.” <3>