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October 20, 2012 04:36AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club
City Lickers : Part Three

CharlotteCarrendar: – Outside the club, a familiar car turned up to take the reserved space for VIP’s. It was a sportcar, pink of course, and what was on the side, the bonnet and the roof? Well, none other than hello Kitty.  In it at the wheel, was none other than Inga Snoggleblom, the buxom porn star, barmaid to the Death Club and now the new face of Oil of Ole’ facial products. Opening the passenger door, was everyone’s favourite nerd, Kraus Zimmerman, wearing his favourite Superman t shirt, blue jeans and matching sneakers. He checked his collectable seiko Superman watch, and checked the time. He grinned and then shut his door carefully, before going around and opening the door, the long leg of Inga, her foot in a gorgeous pair of pink pumps from Milan. She was kitted out in a tight pink pvc mini dress, strapless, and done up with lacing at the back, her size F breasts bulging out the top, nipples almost exposed. Her hair was all teased up in a beehive, with curls coming down the sides, and sporting a huge round pair of hot pink sunglasses, her make up done professionally, by her stylist from the porn studios. It was then the papparazzi pounced, cameras clicking with men shouting “Miss Inga…this way…look right…smile, come on. Looking good, Inga…Inga…Inga this way. One more just one more.”- Inga posed with Kraus, arm in arm, both doing their best to keep up the appearances, Inga even doing the peace symbol, smiling. Her lips a lustrous shade of hot pink, matching her gucci purse. The bouncers would be of course ready to move the crush of photographers. :: At the bar, Nikolas was flexing his pecks at Iggy as she giggled and acted like a school girl on prom night. “Um.. Nick? Z’I h-h-have a q-q-uestion.” He stopped flexing, and then smiled, as Dixie came up and whooped him on the ass. “You’re not a bloody giggilo, Nick…get on the job and stop showing off ya keg to the clients…Jesus Christ, put on a shirt, Mate.” Dixie shook her head and went back to get Jenny’s orders for the rooms, while Nick shrugged and went right on flirting with Iggy. “Shoot Igs. What you wanna know?” Iggy asked, in her own special way, about getting a job in security, and this made Nikolas snort, somewhat. “Shit, you wanna work under Duke…You’re braver than I thought. I think you need to go see Helena, she is up in the office at the top of the stairs, but…a word of warning.” -He motioned with the crook of his finger, for her to come closer. “She hits on anything with tits. So..if you value your life, stay away from her pussy. I hear it has teeth.” – He then nodded chuckling as Dixie shouted over the din. “And you will have no dick if she finds out you said that.” <3>

DrakonMacar: *Duke, got a rape on the floor.* Duke sneered more so than before. He’d found a target. ^I see him.^ A rather orange looking muscle head with a pencil thin beard, short over gelled hair a wife beater, sunglasses indoors and an unnecessary abundance of gold painted chains. In short a complete and total douche bag and one who was all over a girl in the middle of the dancing throng. He saw her look, tears and sweat on her as he groped and tried to have his way with the young lady in a now thoroughly rolled tube top, no bra, mini-skirt and a very tight thong. Duke would’ve shaken his head at the display had he not seen the straped being tugged on by one of the bastards hands while the other was over her breast, pinching and squeezing. Duke had stormed down the stairs and pointed at the man. “GET OVER HERE!” He shouted over the crowd, the douche bag looked as he hid the girl on the other side of his body as he looked at the rage filled head of security and released the hand he was forcing a wedgie with to flip Duke off before turning back around and resuming his business. Something inside of Duke rejoiced at the morons disorderly conduct and defiance of authority. He waded through the crowd like an ice breaker cutting a frozen sea, in a flash he tilted his hat downwards to hide his eyes as he double tapped the mans shoulder. “You’re out.” ‘Fuck you cowboy yankee doodle, go back to your saloon and hoe downs you faggot.’ Duke’s grin widened as his fingers twitched, squeezing them hard to pop all the knuckles in his right hand at once. “GET OVER HERE!” He shouted as he ripped the man away from the back of his chains, sliding around his now falling figure very quickly to get between him and the sobbing girl. “Get outta here kid, go to the bar and wait for me there.” Duke looked over his shoulder to the girl who sniffed and nodded. ‘YO IT’S ON COWBOY! YOU SHOULDA STAYED AT YO COUSINS TRAILER AND FUCKED HIM YOU HILLY BILLY INBREED FAGGOT.’ The douche bag got up as a circle of people suddenly formed around the scene, 5′ radius from either. “You’re outta your league you sack of shit. Nobody does that shit under my roof.” The douche wasted no time in winding up and throwing a punch at Duke’s face. ‘I’LL FUCK YOU UP HARDER THAN THE LAST GUY WHO MESSED YOUR UGLY ASS FACE UP!’ Duke side stepped to the man’s left as the thrown punch went wide, in the same motion Duke’s left hand reached across his own chest and his arm threw out a back hand across the smug bastards face. “BITCHSLAP!” He shouted as the gloved hand that concealed a set of roughly textured steel knuckles impacted across the mans cheek. The sound of breaking bone could have been heard if the music weren’t blasting. In the recoiling motion as the douche held the side of his face and turned to stand up and face Duke, the gunsligners left hand was already a fist and a vicious upper cut landed under the mans jaw, shattering teeth and sending him on his back sprawling, whining and grimacing like the maggot Duke knew he was. “On your feet maggot.” Duke grabbed the back of the bastards wife beater and the waist of his pants, dragging him across the floor, to the front doors. Leoni and Dmitry opened them as Duke pulled, heaved and threw the fucker out on the street in front of God and everybody. “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FUCK WITH US!” He shouted as the douche laid there outside the door way, spitting his broken teeth and blood. Duke looked out into the night as he heard gunshots, seeing the pleaing youngster then turning around and walking back inside, suddenly hearing Helena issue orders. Duke’s response was a simple grunt as he rubbed the knuckles of his glove with his right hand, retreating quickly at the sight of the sports car that Inga and Kraus pulled up in. He looked back at Igna and then to Kraus solemnly before vanishing into the crowd again, stopping by the bar to get an incident report from the girl as he lead her away from the club and into the security office.

LuciL: The reaction coming from Melissa was something to remember and Sabina wished she could somehow squeeze a tiny camera in her skimpy attire and take a picture of the teenage girl’s face. ‘RINA… OMG.. holyshit… YOU’RE HERE TOO??? Rina!!! I.. I mean.. YOU’RE HERE?? What are the odds? I mean I was just thinking about you.. I MEAN not that way.. ummm aww fuck.” The adorable nickname that Melissa had given Sabina squealed through her lips and it only made her more adorable to the older woman and she laughed again, finishing her first glass of Black Russian and hugged Melissa’s shoulders whispering softly “Its ok Mel, even women get fantasies about me, so your thoughts are completely normal” A teasing comment yes it was but Sabina was in a very good mood tonight even more now that another friend had showed up. She hoped Miho would not be taking too long at the restaurant and could join the two at the club, Sabina wanted her Japanese friend to meet Melissa, she had no doubt that the two women would get along well especially since she had to start working and soon to get her euros shoved in her ‘belt’ top and garters. “And used your advice…It doesn’t measure up to yours, but it’s a start. I’m totally fan girling right now…I didn’t think I would see you again.” Sabina’s mind was brought back to the present as Melissa explained why she had dyed her hair. Reaching across, Sabina ran her left gloved hand through Melissa’s newly dyed red tresses “Mel you look amazing and I am loving your outfit too” Her dark eyes once more raked up and down her friend’s attire with approval. “Mind if I sit with you” Sabina released her hand from Melissa’s hair and nodded “I need to start work, buuutt…watch at the ventilation tanks” She giggled with a playful wink, hugging Melissa one more time she left the bar and made her way back to the ventilation tank, brushing past the patrons queing up to get a drink. Several of them catching sight of her pink hair, the boys whooped at her immediately recognising the Romanian escort who laughed just as she heard Mia’s seductive voice come through the speakers, standing in the group of ‘fans’ she pointed towards the main stage ‘Eyes on the catwalk boys’ Sabina smiled brightly immediately seeing “Mr Quick hands Josef” already in the que “Jo, welcome back” She reached up to pass a kiss onto the man who kept giving her the Black Russians last weekend. She was pulled up into a hard embrace, his bulge clearly evident when it rubbed against her thigh “I hope you got cash Mr quick hands” Sabina teased Josef with a wink, her dark eyes turning to watch Mia tease the birthday boy on stage.

Tikool: She slapped herself a Rina walked away and her words flashed again ” It’s ok Mel, even women get fantasies about me, so your thoughts are completely normal” Melissa head desks and laughs. ” That’s not what I meant… god I totally throw my ‘ I’m not awkward at all ‘ card tonight. ” leaning back she looks for the pipes she was just told about and orders another drink, no wait.. she ordered 4 drinks for herself. ” Can I have 3 more rums and cokes and one more crowd please? ” Waiting to get her drinks her attention is turned to the man getting a birthday dance, she watches and while the drinks are being put in front of her she grabs her jeans. ” Thats kindof hot….” Stopping as she notices she’s not looking at the guy and slaps herself again. ” I’m ‘posed to be checking out the place.. NOT checking out the women… has it been THAT long? ” Cause she uses her phone for EVERYTHING but a dick she pulls up a check list of sorts and looks down. ‘ Last time I had sex, … I stopped counting a year ago ‘ Doing a flat emotionless face Melissa pays for her drinks and moves to the pipes. All she wanted to do now was free herself of her worries and stop being a spaz. ” I’m going to hate myself in the morning for this… so FUCK! HERE’S TO DRINKING AND SEEING HOT WOMEN! ” Not caring anymore she downs her drinks watching the events unfold and trying her hardest to not look awkward which might as well have failed hard. Doesn’t she know the harder you try the harder you fail?

Carrendar: Igniatus pulled her hair back and felt her bangs brush against her head, a couple pushing against her from behind as the started making out, Iggy not moving a bit till they rolled on, making her laugh softly. Her hour glass frame shifted in her bar stool, her phone buzzing against her thigh, but she ignored it. She giggled even more as Nick flexed, shaking her head at him, then nodding in agreement with the girl. “Ja, b-b-best s-s-stop.” And with that, she rose from her seat and winked, deciding to play along with the game. She pointed behind her, taking a step back. “Z’I c-c-come b-b-back l-later, ja?” By the time this happend, the hungry wolf was out on the floor, beating the fuck out of some guy. She spun around and clutched her arms around her stomach as she watched, slowly edging around the ground after the man escorted the girl towards the security office. //God, I hope that’s not Duke.// Wouldn’t that just be horrid? Working under such a.. Brute. She shuddered at the thought. No.. That couldn’t be this “Duke” must be some other guy. Not him. Please… Not him. Ignitaus headed over to the stairs and looked up at the offices above, taking a deep breath. Mia was dry fucking a young man on stage, and she watched them for a moment with envy. Lucky bastard. “S-s-s-some s-s-s-shoot m-m-mmme.” She muttered, shaking her head as she bounced up the stairs, her 32C jugs jumping up and down as she did so. Once at the top, it took her a second before she thought she found what she was looking for. Fixing her hair quickly in the low glare of the window, she knocked on the office door thrice a time, a bit loud in case the booming music muffled it to nothing. A bit paranoid, she looked back behind her and to either side of her, wondering if that crazy security gaurd was around her, looking for someone to pounce on. What joy that would be… Again, more shudders.

Marrok: The bouncers looked at each other, then one of them shrugged and reached into his pocket, pulling out what looked like the latest model iphone and handing it over. “There, use it.” In his heavy accent and deep voice, the man was very intimidating. “Thank you!” was Marrok’s reply as he turned and almost bumped into an older man dressed in clothes that Marrok usually only saw on top executives. Pressing the home key on the phone lit up the screen and thumb slide bar to unlock the phone. It was then that he noticed the words were in…something that wasn’t English. He thumbed the slide bar over and the screen changed to show four white boxes with a dial pad of numbers. A lock code. Great. He turned back to the bouncers, just in time to see the old man being ushered inside and their slight mouth movements. Dismissing this, he walked back to the bouncer that had handed him the phone and gave it back saying, “It’s locked, but really there is no point now that I think about it since we already checked out of the hotel and I lost my phone and all my contacts…” He stops short and realizes how stupid he sounded. “Look, could I get inside and get my head straight? Some really bad shit just went down and I just need some time to relax.” The bouncer stared down at him and replied gruffly, “There is a line over there.” Marrok just smiled and handed over his ID with 100 Euro wrapped around it. “I hate lines.” The inside of Death Club almost took his breath away, the lights, the music, all of the colorful dancing people and the lightning?! Big tesla coil things were spitting out bolts along wires set up between them. Completely awestruck now he hears a woman’s voice calling out about some lucky son of a bitch’s 21st birthday. Moving towards the stage, after descending some steps, maneuvering around one of the bars and ducking under a heavily laden tray he gets close enough to watch the woman put on one of the most excellent lapdances he had ever seen. Soon enough he was cheering and whistling along with the rest of the crowd. Bouncing over to the bar, he catches the tender’s attention and orders Absolut and two shots of Jagermeister. Grinning happily and burying what had just happened beneath the surface of his mind, determined to enjoy the night. “Cheers!” he said before knocking back both shots and moving towards the main stage to watch some more of the beautiful ladies.

iShatteredSanity: -Outside the club: A huge commotion had started with a pink car arriving and none other than Inga and Kraus coming out. Ivan and Nikolai looked at each other with eyes wide open. None of them could believe that it was her. They thought that she would never want to come back there again, yet there she was. Putting on a bring smile on their faces, they both pushed the doors open to let the happy couple walk in. And they both saluted as if they were still in the military.- [Ivan.] “Go in. I am sure that it be huge surprise for all.” –Ivan said.- [Nikolai.] “Good to have you back.” –He said and waited for Inga and Kraus to walk inside before they blocked the path to the paparazzis.- [Ivan.] “None of you go in. Any of you go in…” –Ivan stopped and Nikolai continued.- [Nikolai.] “…and not walk out. Begone cockroaches.” –The two of them said and kept blocking the path, grabbing some of them by their clothes and pushing them back so that none of them would enter. A few of them cussed at the two bouncers, but Ivan and Nikolai were not intimidated, instead they shooed them. || Meanwhile inside the club: Demetrios and Alexandros were looking at Mia as she performed her show with that shy and timid young man who had just turned 21.- [Demetrios.] “Now, is he a lucky bastard? Or a poor one? I do wonder.” –He said to Alexandros ] “Meh, she is good, don’t get me wrong. But she is not my type. But I am sure that a night with her would change my type, I don’t know. We will see. Maybe I can go at her place to fix her laptop or something.” –Alexandros said and shrugged his shoulders as Demetrios shook his head while chuckling.- [Demetrios.] “Yeah, just make sure that she won’t fry your hard drive.” –He said and took a sip from his drink before taking a drag of his cigarette.- [Alexandros.] “And how do you know?” –He asked and looked at Demetrios who smirked deviously.- [Demetrios.] “You are adorkable, but I just know stuff. Plus it was on the videos you deleted from her site.” –Demetrios replied and Alexandros looked up right for a moment before slapping his forehead.- [Alexandros.] “OH! That, yeah, I totally forgot. Oh well, we will see.” –He said and had a sip from his drink as he looked at the crowd, only to spot some folks walking in and nudged Demetrios.- “Dude, isn’t she that chick you had here?” –Alexandros asked and Demetrios looked at the entrance, nodding his head.- [Demetrios.] “Yeah, that’s her. Well, get ready. The party is about to start in any moment now.” –Demetrios said and looked at the camera, nodding slowly since he knew that Helena was watching. || Inside Helena’s office. Helena had watched outside the club what had happened and she was prepared. Inga was in the club and it was about time for the surprise that was planned for her and Kraus. Looking at Anna, she smiled softly before she spoke.- [Helena.] “Finally, things will turn back in the way they should be.” –She said and took the communicator.- [Helena.] “She is here. Wait till she reaches the bar and bring the cake in.” –Helena said and a voice was heard on the other end.- [Voice.] “Understood.” –The voice said and Helena left the communicator down, looking at the monitor and seeing Nikolai, Viktor’s father walking around the club, perhaps getting familiar with the interior of the club, but still not doing anything that would make anyone suspicious. Looking back at Anna, she nodded her head and Anna let go of Helena, walking towards the door.- [Helena.] “Lets go and see them down—” –Helena’s sentence was cut in half by the knock on the door. Helena looked at the monitor and saw a young woman standing outside. Cussing under her breath for the timing, she looked at Anna and sat back on her chair.- “Anna dear, let our guest come in and come back here.” –She said. Anna nodded her head and opened the door, walking back to her Mistress’ side and sitting on her lap, cuddling Helena tight.- [Helena.] “Hello there. Are you lost or you want something from me?” –Helena asked and looked at the young girl at the door.-

CharlotteCarrendar: Nick was now enjoying the attention he was getting from the ladies at the bar and grabbed the phone from under the bar, and rang through to the DJ, as Duke was beating the crap out of some poor guy, who probably deserved it. The women were holding out their euros to hunky Bartender, who was really starting to get aroused by all the attention, much to Maggie’s annoyance. Dixie, who was keeping busy, helping Jenny taking trays of glasses and drinks to the thirsty patrons of the sex rooms. But it was as Dixie was coming back from room 4, she saw the sight that she never thought she would see back at the Death Club. Jsut then the song that came on the speakers, had Dixie burst out laughing. “Life at the outpost” a classic from the eighties, and then she glanced over to see Nikolas, up on the bar top, dancing in his jeans, and no shirt, his boots stomping as he sang along with the song.

 “Give your love to a cowboy man….he’s going to love you just as hard as he can”- Women were catcalling and reaching out to touch his legs as he danced past, boot scooting to the song, and then he took one of the beer jugs off Maggie, who by now found the whole thing hilarious, and he poured the jug of beer over his head, the amber fluid running down his chest. Dixie was bending over laughing, when she got smacked on the ass. “HEY!” -she exclaimed, to turn around and see, none other than “ROCKY…PUMPKIN!”- she tossed her tray and gave Inga a hug, as Kraus patted Dixie on the shoulder, smiling. “Little Skippy. I didn’t know it was Gay night.”- Dixie went to hug Kraus and then said loudly, trying to be heard over the music. “No..that’s Inga’s replacement. Its Nikolas…or Nick the…” Inga would be the one to finish the sentence.. “DICKZ…look at it…its foot long…oh god, is that real?” – Maggie by now, was taking up the women’s tips, for Nikolas as he continued to dance, being thrown a cowboy hat and then stripping off his jeans, causing all the women to lose it. Dixie gasped, as she actually saw the head of his cock, sticking out of his shorts. “Holy shit… IT is real! What are we going to call this place now, Chippendales?” <3>

DrakonMacar: It had been a few minutes as Duke took down information and left the girl to the camera operators to comfort the girl and do whatever else. Duke had emerged from the office and back out on patrol. He shook his head as he heard the new song playing, removing his hat and scratching his head before going back to his brooding. Fists clenched and still looking mad as hell he went back to looking down over the crowd as he replaced the hat. He was breathing heavily and he was flushed, it was obvious that he was coming down from a runners high as he leaned on the railing as usual, the seething anger leaving him slowly as he looked for another target, although after that commotion he doubted anybody would have the balls to start something now.

LadyBelz: -Mia had really good hearing, despire the music pumping through the speakers and when she heard the crowd murmuring Inga’s name, she stopped mid way through the birthday boy’s lapdance to look around the club. And sure enough, there was Miss Kitty and her Superman at the bar receiving well-wishes from her friends.- “Oh my fucking god!” -Mia exclaimed, feeling her heart nearly explode out of her chest. She would not admit, not under the threat of death or the pain of torture, that she missed the blonde bombshell. Leaving the befuddled birthday boy in the middle of the stage with a raging hard and a sad case of blue balls, Mia climbed off the stage and started pushing her way through the crowd, ignoring those waving money in her face and calling her name. A few even stepped in her path, stopping her progress to the bar. Growling in frustration, she shouted for Ivan.- “Ivan! Get the fuck over here, now!” -The large bouncer who had a soft spot for the Italian spitfire immediately abandonded his post at the door, signalling for another to take his place and plowed his way through the crowd to Mia’s side. He glared at everyone who stood in his way as he helped Mia get to the bar. She kissed his cheek when she finally reached her destination, calling Inga’s name. When the woman in question turned around, Mia couldn’t help herself, and slapped the woman across the face before pulling her in a fierce hug, trying her damndest not to cry.- “Don’t you ever fucking scare me like that again, you crazy bitch.” -Mia hissed in her ear, eyes closed tight against the threat of tears.-

LuciL: It was a mixture of emotions and reactions emanating from Sabina, watching Mia’s lap dance for the 21 year old had made even Sabina all flushed in the face and sweating underneath the tesla coils, her body shivering in anticipation watching the star show what she was famous for in the club, that was before Mia had leapt off the poor young man with a raging boner and jumped off the catwalk and towards the bar, Sabina followed Mia’s run and saw her envelop someone Sabina had not expected to ever see again in the Deathclub. Inga! With her arm proudly laced through Kraus’ arm before Mia had slapped her and pulled her into a fierce embrace. Just as the bartender that had given Sabina her first drink for the night jumped onto the bar tables and started dancing for his group of cheering, catcalling female fans who were desperately trying to grab onto his legs while the redhead who called her lassy was collecting the money from the screaming ladies. “Well what do you know, Mr hang man got skills” Sabina chuckled softly as Josef handed her another glass of Black Russian. Sabina eagerly took the drink and took a mouthful again, pecking Josef’s cheek “Alright boys, you want something to see?” She gyrated past the group who attempted to tug off her red mini skirt and jumped back onto the ventilation tanks, the fan inside vibrating against her stiletto heels and sending a shiver up her spine. Biting her pierced bottom lip, Sabina shook her body around and dropped her body to the ventilation tank, holding back a whimper feeling the vibrations go through her body, teasing her.  Swinging her hands above her head, her eyes staring at the crowd below her, hauling them all in with her captive gaze. She drew her gloved hands down the centre of body squeezing her breasts together and taunting the men closest to her tank with a nipple tease. Sitting on the edge of the tank, the vibrations now encouraging her she pulled off a classic ‘Leg spreader’ and leaned backwards, her pink hair falling off the side of the tank, her lower body moving up and down gyrating in the air before pulling herself up and swinging her hair around in sync with the song. Now having captured her audience, Sabina giggled sliding off the edge off the tank and into the throng of panting admirers who eagerly shoved the euros into her garters and belt top, she blew kisses and continued dancing and gyrating. Her dark eyes lighting up with need for sex and more alcohol and also wanting to see Inga again. Making up her mind, she squeezed herself past the patrons, still getting money pushed into her skimpy attire. Grabbing the glass of Black Russian off Josef, she twirled around and gyrated back into one of the men who was downing his alcohol trying to squeeze through the que. Pausing mid gyrating, Sabina flipped her hair again and looked over her shoulder “Oh pardon me sweetie, I was too caught up…by your size” She quickly answered, a flirtatious smile flashing on her face.