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October 20, 2012 04:36AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club
City Lickers : Part Four

Tikool: continuing her drink Melissa sits back and looks at her phone again, no calls or text this time. Nothing to take her mind off what she said or how she was feeling. ” You think this would come easy, I drink all the time. Why am I so odd NOW? I should DO something. ” She starts to get up and freezes as she turns around and sees all the craziness going on. She sits back down taking note of the lady who flat out left that guy sitting there with a huge boner, staring for a minute she turns back around and sits back down cubbing her drink. It was time she made a choice of either walking around and trying to engage in small talk or sit there and be awkward all night. ” I guess I gotta move. ” Standing up and walking about, she drinks her rum a little too fast, almost forgetting she left her other 2 drinks back at the pipes. Drinking too fast wasn’t a problem, it’s talking to herself out loud and randomly walking around that’ll likely get people doing whta the hell looks at her. ” I’ll walk around.. AFTER I finish my other drinks dammit. I can’t be leaving my shit laying around, that’s newbie shit. ” Walking back to her spot she downs her drink and cups her other one staring at the last one on the table. ” I’ll finish these two THEN walk around. ”

Carrendar: The door swung open, Iggy caught a bit off gaurd, thinking no one would anwser. “I. I. I.” She looked down upon the dance floor, things going absolutely bonkers. Who was that?… Was it that… Iggy looked at the womans boobs. Yep. It was Inga. Back from the horrid world known as a hospital. Turning back, she noticed the door wide open and she cautiously entered, closing the door but leaving it cracked. “I’m s-s-sorry. Z’I v-v-vas h-h-hoping t-t-to a-a-ap-ap.. Apply. For a eh.. a job in eh.. s-s-security?” She smiled softly, apologeticly, then pointed behind her. “Ve c-c-can d-d-disscuss this l-later, if y-you are needed d-d-down t-there.” Igniatus stood up straight, hands behind her back, trying to ignore the fact she was stuttering pretty bad, bitting her bottem lip before scoffing. “F-f-forgive the stutter.” In no way was Iggy dressed in a proffessional mannor to even be considered right for a interview, jeans and a tank. Nothing.. Decently formal. Even so, the idea of applying a job here was both sudden and.. Slightly thought. Anyway, Iggy boldy steped forward a step, looking over Helena with a look of determination, though intimidation had striken her to move stiffly, and very little. Standing 5’7, she didn’t really pack on a lot of weight. She wasn’t heavy set, not very muscular. She was a tad leaned out, flexability and agility being her allies, strength there but not a strong point. Aye, she was a little short, but.. Eh, who knows. She could hold her own if she had to, and she’d be willing to prove it if neccesary. She had curve, but not much. Frankly, she wasn’t all too physically appealing to most men. Anywho, Iggy would wait patiently for the lovely ladies to respond, waiting either for the smile and the go ahead for a interview. Or the laugh and the total ‘gtfo’ notion.

iShatteredSanity: -The crowd had fallen in a delirium state as soon as Inga had walked in, holding her fiancé’s arm. Everyone was shouting her name, the music being only an ambient sound. Demetrios and Alexandros were sitting in the corner of the bar, observing everyone and both of them smiling. But it was when Mia had appeared and slapped Inga’s face that Alexandros turned around and looked at Demetrios.- [Alexandros.] “That must have hurt. But I bet she loved it. Now the question is, will she use her boobzookas and shoot Mia in the face? Will she use those boobs as clubs and beat the living shit out of her? Or will she just shove Mia’s face in there and kill her by asphyxiation? I am telling you man, boobs are lethal weapons. Thus I love smaller ones. B or C cup are fine, more than that will kill me.” –Alexandros finished his rambling and Demetrios looked at him while wondering if Alexandros was high or something.- [Demetrios.] “Dude, I want what you had. Give me the number of your dealer, that shit is awesome.” –Demetrios said and chuckled with a smirk on his face as Alexandros flipped him off.- [Alexandros.] “You are an asshole.” –He said and laughed as Demetrios flipped him back. Both Greeks seemed to have fun, watching what was happening before their very eyes, Demetrios being happy that Inga was finally back, even though she was not working at the time. And why shouldn’t he be? Inga was part of his staff, he was her boss, and he wanted all the best for his employees. || Meanwhile somewhere in the club: The old man who had walked inside the club was walking around aimlessly, admiring the place and nodding his head a few times. Deathclub was its name, very fitting name, given the fact that his son had lost his life within those walls. But unlike Viktor, Nikolai was not a fool. Nikolai was old school mobster, meaning that what he was going to do was not to be performed in plain sight. But at least he gave credits to the one who ran the place. And of course Nikolai knew that it was the tall Greek man, Demetrios. While walking and unaffected by the crowd, he spotted Demetrios along with someone else who was flipping him off, but then laughed together and had fun. Nikolai walked towards the bar and merely sat on a stool next to Alexandros, looking at everyone and ignoring what was happening there, but at least waited to place his order. || As for upstairs: The young woman had entered the office and had left a small crack on the door, yet Helena did not seem to mind. Helena was cuddling with Anna, not caring about the young girl disliking it, and she was listening to her. The young girl stuttered a lot, something that made Helena arch a delicate eyebrow and cough to clear her throat once the young girl was done talking.- [Helena.] “First of all, close the door properly. Second, stop stuttering. Third, come and have a seat. I will wait.” –She said and looked at Anna with a smile, kissing her lips softly while waiting for the young girl to do as she was told.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Things were going off, all over the club, from Helena’s office, to Mr Nikolas on the bar top, dancing like he was at Sydney’s gay mardi gras. Beer soaked chest, his boxers, riding on his hips, barely, and that package…definately a two man job that one, anyways, Inga was saying her hellos to her favourite little Aussie, Dixie, when the star of the show, the woman of power, and the ability to have a man fire a goob of spunk ten metres from two faps, Mia, came trundling over and went on the attack…or so it seemed. Mia called out Inga’s name and naturally she turned around to see Mia, who prompty, smacked her across the face. “OCK!” -Too shocked to do much else, she was pulled into a fierce hug and the Diva hissed in her ear “Don’t you ever fucking scare me like that again, you crazy bitch.” Inga blinked, her sunglasses practically got knocked flying, only to be picked up by Kraus, who was ready to deal with the emotionally charged Mia. But instead, Inga held her face in her hands and then said to Mia in Italian : “Mia! … Tu schiaffo la mia faccia, e so che questo è su misura per voi, ora vi mostro come facciamo le cose in Svezia” (translation : “Mia!…You smack my face, and I know this is custom for you, now I show you how we do things in Sweden”) She drove Mia’s head down hard into her enormous F size boosies and then grinded them hard againest Mia’s face, so that either she was going to suffocate, or cream her panties, being so close and pesonal to her mighty melons of magic. “AkoochiechoochiechoochiCOO! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAHHH!”- She wiggled her ass, as she made sure to keep the wily Mia down for a good…oh…two minutes or so. Death Club…the girls will kill ya. <3>

DrakonMacar: Duke had enough watching. After the rather vrutal ass whooping he’d dished out, he contemplated getting another drink but something inside him made him want to keep his distance from the other non-security personnel  He sighed, resigning himself to the guilt he’d bottled up, letting it simmer again. He was going to use it as an example of what went wrong and with that, he noticed something. An old man who’d not been doing anyhing aside from wandering listlessly and then of course there was the other Russian. Duke called the camera room, ~Track father time here on the west side. Just one eye, nothing more.~ With that he had had enough waiting. In just a few seconds he was down stairs and back at the bar area, skirting along the edge of the others. “Hand me a bottled water.” He told the spare tender who tossed him one from the fridge. Duke promptly twisted it open and began sipping to cold liquid, although the rather nasty look kept to his face, he at least felt relief that the rest of the crew was getting along again. He capped it again and made to turn around, one fist clenched, one hand tightly gripping the bottle. He’d paused and took off his hat, fanning himself with it lazily, stony faced with a bit of blood showing around the stitches on his nose.

LadyBelz: “Mia! … Tu schiaffo la mia faccia, e so che questo è su misura per voi, ora vi mostro come facciamo le cose in Svezia” -Mia, completely understanding what she had said, laughed out loud, glad to have staved off the crying fit she was close to having. But it was when Inga grabbed her head and shoved her face in between those Gigantotits of hers that Mia knew Inga was back in form. Giving the crowd a thrill, Mia pursed her lips, wrapped her arms around Inga’s waist and went with the flow, feeling a little bit turned on by the whole thing. But Inga was only a friend and she loved her like a sister. Inga let out a little shout and a booty shake that made everyone laugh before Mia found her head released. She was chuckling right along with everyone as she hugged Inga again.- “It’s so good to see you, Inga. We’ve missed you around here.” -Mia smiled, eyes sparkling with unshed tears.-

LuciL: “Oh no need to apologize, no harm no foul.” He was definitely American with his deep baritone accent coming through his lips and quite tall, going past six foot for sure. With his long raven hair and olive skin, his attire of mostly black with glimpses of red fit to his figure, a figure that Sabina was clearly checking out. Ever since the teasing make-out with Syler on Thursday it had left Sabina hanging and clearly wanting sex but she kept her cool and distracted herself through shopping and the appearance of a new friend- sweet, flailing Melissa. Her thoughts about the past week disappeared when she overheard the hot man in front of her say “Seems like there is a bit of room left for me to leave some love, if I may?” Sabina was brought back to the present feeling his hand holding maybe over one hundred euros slid between her breasts and insert the notes. She didn’t care if it wasn’t as much as her regulars gave her on a Saturday night, he was divine and Sabina’s mind was immediately creeping back to what he look like naked and underneath her…or on top of her. Then he smiled and she was like butter “So what’s your name darling?” Sabina was about to answer parting her lips to deliver a flirtatious comment back only to quick shut her mouth as his charming demeanor changed and he was abruptly apologising “I’m sorry, I have to go. Uh, but here, this is the hotel I’m staying at. If you find yourself around there look me up. My name is Marrok.” His name hung in the air as she accepted the hotel card- It had read Grand Hotel Bohemia, giggling to herself she licked her lips “Till tomorrow Marrok..” She had made it a promise to find this fellow and take him right there and then, she tucked the card deep inside her sparkling black panties, she wouldn’t have any action tonight, she would get it all tomorrow if she could find Marrok that is. Dragging her eyes from the main entrance, Sabina turned towards the bar just as she watched Inga push Mia between her large assets and rub her between them letting out a whoop. Sabina burst out laughing cupping her mouth as she quietly approached them “It’s so good to see you, Inga. We’ve missed you around here.” Mia said out loud over the crowd’s laughing and chatter, the feeling was mutual Sabina was still shocked that Inga was here and alive, shadowed by her ever loving Kraus. “I’ll finish these two THEN walk around” Hearing Melissa talk to herself again, holding onto her second glass of what looked like rum, Sabina giggled sidling close to the 19 year old and hugged her waist gesturing towards Mia and Inga “Mel…what you are witnessing is one of those special, rare moments in the life of the Deathclub. The buxom blonde is one of our barmaids, her name is Inga and she has returned” A huge smile lighting up Sabina’s face.

Tikool: Melissa stared at what looked like a soft porn video, seeing the woman being tit raped was amusing to say the least,even how she reacted was funny enough. She was ready to down her drink when Rina appeared and sat next to her and hugged her pointing towards the action ” Mel… what you are witnessing is one of those special, rare moments in the life of the Deathclub. The buxom blonde is one of our barmaids, her name is Inga and she has returned ” Staring again almost in wonder herself she quickly downs her drink and goes to stand up, but not before randomly giving Rina a huge hug. ” Because I wanted too. ” Letting go she stands up out her seat and does an odd pose poking her own nose. ” Lets go say hi? Buy them a drink? But before that… I didn’t know you worked here? I’m still in shocked I mean what are the odds.” Looking down at Rina’s figure and looking back up. ” And I feel over dressed now. I should’ve wore my pussy shorts., but I don’t have any shoes that would match.” Turning to Inga Melissa points seeing if it was ok to randomly walk over there and buy drinks.

Carrendar: Without hesitation, the door was closed shut, her blue irises glancing over the two curiously. The next command, she smiled and simply nodded. Medical reasons could be explained later, she wasn’t about to make excuses. Third. Sit. Oh goodie. Her mouth in a straight line, she flicked her bangs back and strode over to the two, finding a empty sit and sitting down. Iggys phone was buzzing off the hook, and she slipped her hand into her pocket and turned the phone off, quickly sliding the hand back out and resting her hands in her lap, not exactly sure what to do or say. She did know that this woman was the type of woman where she asks the questions, and you anwser them. She tells you to do something, best do it. Or else. Iggys imagination soared. Heh.. What things would she have to do or say? Oh the thoughts… Maybe coming to the unknown floor known as upstairs wasn’t such a good idea after all.. Anywho, as Iggy waited for further instructions or interrogation, she thought back to her classes in school when she had to use certien techniques to keep her from stuttering as much, along with the countless hours of speech therepy. Such things would come in handy if she wanted to stay on the.. Rather attractive ladies good side.

iShatteredSanity: -At the bar: Demetrios and Alexandros were laughing and flipping each other, having fun and a good time while looking at what was going on. When Inga shoved Mia’s face between her breasts, Alexandros turned his head to look at Demetrios.- [Alexandros.] “Tell me why the hell I did not play the lotto. Tell me. Or at least tell me why I did not make a bet on that.” –Demetrios looked at Alexandros, inclining his head lightly to the right for some time before tilting it back to its place.- [Demetrios.] “Hmm… Maybe because you are a dork? I can not think of a better excuse.” –He said and flipped him off while laughing.- [Alexandros.] “You really are an asshole.” –He said and laughed as well. One could think that those two were drunk or something, but the truth was far from that. They were actually having a good time and they did not care about what some other people thought. But they soon stopped laughing when the old man in the suit approached the bar. Demetrios knew him very well and Alexandros recognized his face from somewhere. Shifting his gaze to the side he noticed Demetrios shaking his head slightly. Alexandros nodded slightly in return and looked at Demetrios.- [Alexandros.] “And why did you stop laughing now? Dude, maybe you need the number of my dealer after all.” –Alexandros said and laughed, nudging Demetrios with his elbow. Demetrios sticked his tongue out and shrugged his shoulders.- [Demetrios.] “Yeah, maybe I do.” –He said and looked at the old man in the suit who looked back at him.- “So, what brings you here this night Nikolai? As you can see we are having a good time and I don’t see anyone else with you. Are you sure that you can handle us alone?” –Demetrios said and lit a cigarette. The old man, Nikolai, looked at Demetrios as he spoke and shrugged his shoulders.- [Nikolai.] “I just came by to check place. Very nice club, I give you that.” –Nikolai said and pointed the pack of smokes.- “Now, give this old man one coffin nail, will you?” –Nikolai asked and extended his arm. Demetrios shrugged his shoulders and gave a cigarette to Nikolai while Alexandros was watching the two of them exchanging words.- “Thank you.” –Nikolai said and took a Zippo from his pocket, lighting it and lighting his cigarette, taking a deep drag and exhaling it slowly. But Demetrios was looking at him, wondering what he was really up to.- [Demetrios.] “What’s the purpose of you coming here?” –He asked and noticed Duke nearby. For some reason he was glad that Duke was nearby so that he would know the severity of the situation, but on the other hand Duke could find out that Demetrios was his boss. A really delicate situation.- [Nikolai.] “I told you young man, I am here for a drink and to see this place. What you did to my son is irrelevant to this place. If I want to kill you I will not do that in here, I will wait for the right moment and do that by myself.” –Nikolai said and offered a smirk to Demetrios. Demetrios took a deep drag of his smoke and chuckled as a devilish smirk appeared on his own facial expressions.- [Demetrios.] “You know something old man Nikolai? I really like you. You are a funny guy. Too bad that we have to be enemies. But I wish you the best of luck in killing me. You will need it.” –Demetrios said and took another drag of his cigarette, exhaling shortly afterwards as Nikolai smiled and nodded a few times.- [Nikolai.] “Young man, you have balls. I give you that. But balls alone will not save you. But I like you too. You remind me of my young days, that arrogance of yours. I thank you for your wish, and I also wish you luck.” –Nikolai said. Meanwhile Alexandros was looking at the two of them and he could feel the electricity in the air. Once Nikolai stopped talking he looked at them again and placed his hands on front of their mouths.- [Alexandros.] “Alright you two. Stop making me turn my head as if I am watching a tennis game, I really hate it. And stop with all that shit about revenge, really now. I can feel the electricity in the air and my hair will become frizzly or worse it will turn afro. Okay? Man some people need to get laid.” –Alexandros said and shook his head. || Meanwhile upstairs, Helena looked at the young girl who did as she was told, but the voice that was heard from the communicator made her grab the device and speak.- [Helena.] WHAT?! I am busy!” –She shouted. [Voice.] “Cake is ready. Going at bar now.” –The voice said and Helena rolled her eyes. Anna looked at her and got off her lap as Helena looked at the girl.- [Helena.] “I am sorry, come by next time or call me.” –Helena wrote down her number on a piece of paper and shoved it on the girl’s cleavage as she walked out.- “I will be waiting.” –She said and left the office, heading towards the bar. Inside the office Anna looked at the young girl and waved at her.- [Anna.] “And that’s your cue to get the fuck out of here. Come again.” –She said and looked at the girl leave. As Helena walked down the stairs, she looked at the guy who that voice from the communicator belonged and then she looked at the DJ, nodding to him. The music suddenly stopped and the DJ grabbed the mic.- [DJ.] “May I have your attention please. And no, I am not asking, this is actually something that you must do. Ahem. First of all welcome to the one and only Deathclub. Tonight we are very happy to announce the return of your idol, Miss Inga Snoggleblom, soon to be Inga Snoggleblom Zimmerman, or something like that. And yes, you can applaud now.” –The DJ said and a few people laughed while applauding for Inga.- “Yeah, that’s good. And now, go back to dancing.” –He said and turned the music back on as a young man around 20 years old came at the bar with a cake in his hands.- [Man.] “In behalf of the owner of the club and Miss Helena, this is for you.” –He said and placed the cake on the counter before taking a bow and leaving the scene through the back door.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – What a night it had been, Inga and Mia, could truly be called Bosom buddies, since Mia was the first woman to get so close to the delicious swedish magoombas. Kraus, well, he got a huge fat from seeing his beautiful bombshell get jelly with the amazing Mia. Now, all this was not lost on the bar staff, what with Nikolas having scored a whopping thousand euros in tips, for getting it off and washing himself down with beer. He jumped down off the bar top and bowed to all present, taking off the cowboy hat and placing it on Maggie’s head, since she had been such a good sport about his outrageous antics. The most precious moment of all, was when the DJ announced that Inga was now back in the Death Club, and to stay, which gained a rousing applause from right across the club. Inga blew kisses to everyone, right hand and left, Kraus was bowing over and over, like they were the new hot couple of Prague. Dixie watched from the side lines, and was leaning up against the wall that was adjacent the stairs to the offices up stairs. She knew that this was Inga’s moment, and she didn’t want to spoil it for her, so instead, she decided to go up and see how Duke was fairing, since she had asked repeatedly for Demetrios to find out if he was okay. Back at the bar, one of the barmen brought out a huge cake, to honor her return to the club. It was huge, pink and with Hello Kitty and an enormous gummy bear crafted top, oozing will more strawberry syrup. It was the kind of cake that would amaze even Strawberry shortcake. Inga was now teary, as she didn’t know the words to say, to thank everyone, and went quiet, her chin trembling as she said a very hushed “Thank you” Kraus started to cut a piece of cake for her, when Maggie decided she was going to help Inga have a piece. She got the extra spatula out and dug out a massive chunk and slapped it on the plate. Maggie was just about to hand it over when Nikolas bumped her from behind and the cake soared off the plate and right smack bang into Inga’s face. Maggie stood frozen for a moment, as Kraus looked between them. “Oh…oh shit”- Inga drew her claw like nailed fingers through the cake, the gloobs landing in her cleavage and other places, including the floor. “You bitch!”- She took a hand ful of cake and hurled it with bad aim, hitting Nikolas. ~SPLATT!~ Nikolas couldn’t barely see, and he took a piece of the cake, hurling it with a maniac grin, again, misfiring and it smacked Kraus. “CAKE FIGHT!” one of th waitors cried out. People were grabbing at the cake, hurling pieces of pink gummy goodness, in all directions. It was an insane mess, with Inga laughing in the midst of all this, as Kraus buried his own face in her tits, licking off the excess cream.

LadyBelz: -After having properly welcomed Inga back, Mia decided it was time to go home. She headed upstairs to change, before remembering it was pay day and that there was a meeting after the club closed. So instead she wandered off to take a leisurely shower. Once again, not caring that she’d left the door unlocked, knowing full well that the eyes and ears of the place was tuned in, she stripped down to the buff and headed into the shower area. Stepping under the warm spray, she let the water beat a pattern on her skin, massaging away the tenseness in her shoulders and arms before tipping her head back and letting the water run through her long locks. Grabbing up her shampoo, she poured a small amount into her hand and began rubbing it into her hair, murmuring a soft “hmmm” as she did so. Rinsing the soap from her hair, she turned to reach for the body wash when a hand clamped down on her wrist, almost painfully. It took a lot to surprise her, and this was definitely a surprise. Angrily, she turned around to see who had invaded her privacy and nearly gaped when she saw who stood there.- “What are you doing here? How did you get in without anyone seeing you?” -she demanded, not bothering to grab a towel to cover herself with. The person who stood there invading her personal space chuckled, before stepping under the warm spray with her, pulling her close.- “I missed you. You did not call for anozer ehpointment.” -Andrei murmured, suckling her neck in a spot he knew would make her swoon. Her eyes did close and she tossed her head back as his hands roamed her wet and naked form.- “I didn’t think you’d want to see me again.” -she moaned as one of his hands found its way between her thighs, his fingers pressing deep into her.- “Mia, Mia. I alvayz vant to see you.” -Andrei growled, kissing her hard. He grabbed her leg, pulling it up around his waist before swiftly impaling her on his hard cock. She gasped into his mouth as he pressed her into the wall, allowing her to wrap both legs securely around his waist as he rammed into her.- “Fuck!” -he growled, grabbing her sweet ass in his large hands and thrusting hard. Anyone daring to walk into the room just then would definitely get an eyeful. Both were uncaring of this fact, or the fact there was a food fight occuring one floor below as they succumbed to their passions.-

LuciL: Sabina watching the scene unfold before her was pulled into a spontaneous hug from Melissa, an affectionate smile gracing Sabina’s lips as she embraced her dear young friend back “Because I wanted too” was Melissa’s excuse before letting go. Giving the girl a side look, Sabina reached up and ruffled her red tresses as Melissa pokes her own nose “Lets go say hi? Buy them a drink? But before that… I didn’t know you worked here? I’m still in shocked I mean what are the odds.” Sabina laughed as she relaxed into the bar stool, still attempting to keep all the euros in her outfit, being mindful how she moved especially with the hotel card in the front of her skirt. Quietly explaining as the DJ tapped on the microphone and announced to the hushed crowd “May I have your attention please. And no, I am not asking, this is actually something that you must do. Ahem. First of all welcome to the one and only Deathclub. Tonight we are very happy to announce the return of your idol, Miss Inga Snoggleblom, soon to be Inga Snoggleblom Zimmerman, or something like that. And yes, you can applaud now.” Sabina giggled and clapped with the rest of the crowd, cheering on the Swedish porn starlet who was getting teary as a very pink cake was handed over to her. Turning back to Melissa, Sabina shouted over the music “Been working here for a month as an escort/dancer for the patrons, its good pay I must admit” She felt Melissa’s eyes check out her outfit especially with the skimpy belt top flooding with euros. “And I feel over dressed now. I should’ve wore my pussy shorts., but I don’t have any shoes that would match.” Sabina gave Melissa a Look, was the girl feeling clothing conscious near her, giggling and clasping Melissa’s hands she winked at her “I’ll make you sexeh Mel, we can go shopping again honey” just as a flying piece of pink strawberry cake collided with her abdomen “Who did that?!” Sabina jumped onto her stiletto feet, her hands immediately grabbing the money from her top and garters stuffing them securely into her panties along with the hotel card, it was getting rather stuffy in there…one of the patrons froze midway and stared at the Romanian woman “Oh shit…” he muttered as Sabina quickly walked over to where the cake was and threw it at him. While this occurring  she kept ducking from the projectile pieces of sweet goodness and quickly sidled close to Inga and Kraus who had his mouth occupied on his fiance’s breasts “Welcome back Inga, soo good to see you” Sabina side hugged the woman and quickly ducked again and ran over to Melissa not before getting hit on the back of the head with another cake piece “At least my hair is pink to match the cake”


Tikool: Melissa over hears the Dj over the mic and watches as everyone starts clapping, turning back as she heard the line ” I’ll make you sexeh Mel” She turns facing Rina and not really watching what she was thinking goes off to say something when it happened, CAKE EVERYWHERE. Dumbfounded she watched the scene explode in flying cake from mars or something, everyone was suddenly randomly throwing cake everywhere. She couldn’t help herself, remembering a line she heard in the game Mass Effect where a random guy screamed ‘ Eniemes EVERYWHERE ‘ she smirked and was going to shout it but with cake but what actually came out was this… ” KITTIES AND PUSSIES EVERYWHERE ” Surely she couldn’t be THAT drunk right? Well she was and didn’t even noticed she said what she said, only watching cake fly all over the lace like it was a food fight movie back in the 90’s. Turning she sees Rina ducking and running over to Inga and then back missing all the cake until… BAMM, smirking a little she can’t contain herself. ” Want me to lick that off? ” Before a reponse was given Melissa’s hit in the chest with cake. looking down and looking back up she simply smirks, grabs her last drink, and pours a little bit over the cake. ” Least I’m extra sweet now right? ”

iShatteredSanity: -Both Nikolai and Demetrios looked at Alexandros surprised by his reaction and then looked at each other as the DJ spoke. Nikolai looked at them both and a creepy smile made its appearance on his facial expressions.- [Nikolai.] “I guess that this is time for the old man to go. I am a fan of Miss Snoggleblom as well. I will see you again some time soon young Demetrios. And next time we shall have another kind of talk.” –Nikolai said and Demetrios cracked his neck and knuckles.- [Demetrios.] “Old man Nikolai, bring it, I will be waiting.” –Demetrios said and both him and Nikolai exchanged a glare that could send shivers down one’s spine.- [Nikolai.] “Enjoy your time for as long as it lasts.” –He said and rose from his seat, and walking away, right on time before a piece of cake fell on his seat.- “Oh, I am lucky I guess.” –He said and walked away from the bar, apologizing for bumping on a few patrons. Alexandros and Demetrios looked at him walking away before they looked at each other.- [Demetrios.] “It has begun. Listen, this is my war, not yours. I don’t want you t—” –Demetrios’ sentence was cut by Alexandros who elbowed his ribs. Demetrios groaned and looked at him.- “What was that for?” –Demetrios asked and Alexandros shrugged his shoulders.- [Alexandros.] “I just rebooted you since you were lagging.” –He said and Demetrios inclined his head to the side.- “Meh, you are an idiot. I am in this too. Stop with this shit of lifting all the weight on your shoulders alone. You are up against an organization, not a small gang. You will need my help and I will give it to you. Don’t forget man…” –Alexandros made a slight pause and head butted Demetrios, holding his head pressed against his.- “…we are brothers in arms. And I am also at fault here as well. We are on this together. Just like 9 years ago.” –Alexandros said and Demetrios blinked once since he could not nod.- [Demetrios.] “I guess you are right, brother.” –He said and patted Alexandros’ shoulder with enough force to actually feel it on his forehead. Alexandros chuckled and slowly pulled away.- [Alexandros.] “Well I do love being close to you, but not /that/ close. I am into romance, not bromance. I am into normal sex, not yaoi.” –He said and shrugged.- “Plus those ladies over there were about to cum the universe.” –He said and pointed a small group of girls who were staring at the two of them with eyes that were almost like hearts, like the eyes that some women get on anime. Demetrios gulped and coughed softly to clear his throat before looking at Alexandros.- [Demetrios.] “You do have a strong point there. Plus Dixie would kick my sorry ass.” -Demetrios said and looked around for her. Alexandros had sat on the stool again and finished his drink when all of a sudden a piece of the cake landed on his face.- [Alexandros.] “Oh I will be damned. I got a cake, good thing that it is not a bukkake.” –He said and began cleaning up his face with his finger, licking it clean afterwards. Demetrios looked at that and literally laughed his ass off, glad that he was sitting on a corner. As for Helena who had walked down? She had finally reached the bar when a piece of cake fell on her chest and she looked around arching a delicate eyebrow. Some of the staff and the bouncers looked at her with eyes wide open and the pupils dilated. But while one would expect her to be mad, she smirked deviously and smeared her chest and breasts with the cake.- [Helena.] “Did you all think that you could get all the fun for yourselves?” –She asked and grabbed some of the cake, throwing it at Sabina.- “Come and get me, but make sure to clean up afterwards.” –She said with a devious smirk on her face while waiting to see what she was going to do.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The scene on the ground floor of the club, was a sea of cake, gummy bears, smeared jelly, it was just the biggest mess, with people tossing hunks of cake into the next one, others slipping over and having people land on them, like a bowling ball had torn through the place and knocked everyone like skittles. From Dixie’s vantage point, she could see who would be next, and when Helena copped it, Dixie said. “Ooo bugger.”- She could also see Kraus, feasting off his fiance’s breasts, which was kinda kinky but totally cool. Maggie was running around the bar, trying to get away from Nikolas, who was sporting a large hunk of cake. The squeals from the Irish song bird were so ear piercing, she should be classed as a weapon by the department of defence. Inga was still thanking people, including Sabina and Mel, even though she had to prize her Kraus’s head out so she could turn ro face them “Thankz you….so kind…this is vonderful party. Excuse me, while..Kraus finishes dhe cleaning.” She snickered and placed her hand on the back of his head, and forced him to finish licking off the cream. Dixie dodged several pieces of cake, flying her way, and skipped back up the stairs, to Helena’s office, thinking that would be the safest place to hang out, since no one seemed to be buying drinks at the moment. She opened the door and wandered in. “Hello…anyone here?” <3>

LadyBelz: -Afterwards, dried and dressed, Mia looked at Andrei as he was putting his shoes back on.- “Andrei, how did you get in here without anyone seeing you?” -she asked again. He looked at her, a strange light in his eyes.- “I took backstairs. Door vas open. I vanted to see you. You vant to see me, correct?” -he stated. She smiled slightly as she brushed her damp hair.- “Of course, but I’m not exactly thrilled that you came to my job. Don’t do that again.” -she warned him. He gave her a look before he nodded. Standing, he walked up behind her, placing his hands lightly on her neck before bending down and kissing her cheek. He met her eyes in the mirror before turning with a smirk, leaving as quietly as he had arrived. Mia watched him go, shaking her head. To her, it was a very strange encounter and she hoped it never happened again. Snatching up a magazine, she made herself comfortable on the couch while waiting for the club to close. She wanted to get paid, find out what the meeting was about and go home.-

LuciL: Taking a seat beside Melissa once more who shouted loudly and looked ready to fall off her stool “KITTIES AND PUSSIES EVERYWHERE!” Sabina shot Melissa a suggestive look when the clearly wasted 19 year old smirked at her “Want me to lick that off” just as cake landed on the girl’s supple breasts and she poured the rest of the rum over it “Least I’m extra sweet now right?” Sabina laughed as she hugged Melissa tightly whispering hotly in her ear “My dear Mel, you are incredibly wasted right now…” Leaning down she slid her tongue out and quickly took a swipe of the rum mixed cake from between Melissa’s exposed cleavage “Mmm…it is rather tasty” She licked her lips nodding and giving the girl a cheeky grin at what she had just done. Another piece of cake soon hit her back, jumping back onto her feet, Sabina spun on her toes “Uh again?!” Only to see the redhead proxy herself, her voluptuous breasts already covered in strawberry cake and was giving Sabina a bold statement “Come and get me, but make sure to clean up afterwards.” Sabina returned Helena’s smirk and tilted her head towards Melissa “Say Mel…you want to meet Deathclub’s owner?” Sabina left the bar table once more and walked towards Helena, her dark eyes eyeing the cake covered fellow Romanian woman “Is that dessert for me? You are so kind” She giggled softly

Tikool: She watched and before she could think about what she just said Rina went and actually licked some of the cake off her boobs, second time a hot chick went there, only THIS time it was HER fault. Not knowing exactly what to do she smiply stared and tried to hide a huge smirk and let this happen. ” Didn’t think she would actually do it. And a cake fight randomly, I’m starting to like this place more and more. JL’s going to kill me.” Watching Rina get up and get hit with more cake she simply watches as she makes an exchange with someone else and licks more cake off her own breast with her finger. ” I AM quite tasty” laughing to herself she shaes her head and turns back around when she hears ” Say Mel… you want to meet Deathclub’s owner? ” Melissa nods and jumps off the seat not scared anymore and ready for just about anything. She didn’t care about the cake on her, and at the time she didn’t care she was letting out signs she was part Lesbo. This is gonna haunt her later, but right now she didn’t care. She follows Rina and hears ” Is that dessert for me? and giggled herself. ” Heh, I want some, with a bit of icecream.”

iShatteredSanity: -The party had already started. Caking flying on every direction and pretty much nobody was safe form the cake bullets. There was not a single person who did not have some cake on themselves, apart from a few lucky ones like Demetrios who was sitting in a corner, laughing at Alexandros but looking around for Dix. Where was she? Should he ring her or not? He took out his cellphone and pulled Dix’s contact, staring at the screen and wondering if he should call her or not. Alexandros next to him looked at his cellphone and chuckled.- [Alexandros.] “Sorry man, I need to take a piss and clean this cake from my face. I am too sweet, I don’t need any more than that otherwise the ladies will get bad teeth in a moment.” –He said and Demetrios rolled his eyes while shaking his head.- [Demetrios.] “Do what you need to do.” –He said and looked back on the screen on his cellphone, still pondering on calling Dix. || Meanwhile, Helena was wiggling her fingers at Sabina and her friend as she grabbed some more cake, smearing her breasts some more and holding some in her hand.- [Helena.] “Follow me you two.” –She said and slowly walked away from the bar, walking up the stairs to the private rooms but every once in a while checking to see if the girls followed her. || Inside the office. The lights were dimmed and only a buzzing sound of the computers could be heard. The cold light of the monitors was lighting the area, creating an eerie scenery. While the room seemed to be empty, it actually was not. Anna was there, but she could not be seen since she was hiding behind the couch. If Dix was to proceed she could see the monitors and some places of the club like the bar, the lounge, the DJ booth, the sensual room, the dance floor and a few others. But the main focus on one monitor was on the bar and more specifically on Demetrios. That was something hat he had requested so that he could give some commands to Helena faster than just calling her. Plus it was safer since this way people would only think that he was just a weirdo if he was grimacing. And the image on the monitor was a Demetrios who looked on his cellphone with Dix’s name on the screen.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The office was unusually dark, the illumination only came from the monitors that were deeper in. Dixie didn’t like the smell for one thing, and she wrinkled up her nose, placing the back of her hand up to her upper lip. Her eyes squinting. “Hello?” she repeated it again, but no one was answering. Dixie looked over at Helena’s desk, then the couch. No movement, no, there was no one here. Dixie was about to leave, when she noticed that the monitors were showing off different parts of the club, but there was one place the cameras centered on. The bar. Taking a few steps closer, she could see that the camera was focused upon Demetrios himself. The whole array of monitors  the cold blue hue of the pictures, reflected upon Dixie’s skin. Her expression became more curious, as she reached out for the controls and zoomed in on Demetrios. Why was the cameras pointing at him? What reason would Helena have to focus on the bar? Her heart started to beat faster as she saw that Demetrios had his cell phone pulled out, and it had her number displayed. Suddenly, Dixie felt violated. What if Helena had been watching her every move behind the bar….her work life, sure she was to do her duty at work and always had, but this? Something, felt wrong. Stepping back she lowered her hand to her side, and then quickly ran out of the office, slamming the door. Everyone seemed to be leaving, Kraus had Inga in a fireman lift hold and was carrying her out to her sports car,and Helena seemed to have vanished. Maggie was snogging Nikolas, in the dark of the store room, out of sight, and Demetrios was still sitting in that same place, holding his cell. Dixie quickly smoothed down her skirt and went down the stairs slowly, trying not to slip in the cake. Whoever was in charge of cleaning, was going to be pissed. Approaching Demetrios from behind, she asked. “Looking for me?” <3? >

LadyBelz: -Checking her watch for the fifth time, Mia decided it was time to go home, regardless of getting paid or not. She was exhausted and that little thing with Andrei had her bullshit radar going on high alert. Grabbing her jacket and keys, she left the room, closing the door behind her. She turned around to see Helena and two other girls, one she didn’t know, the other she did, coming up the back stairwell leading to her office and did not see Dixie leaving it. All three of them were covered in cake and giggling and Mia rolled her eyes.- “Oh for fuck’s sake, Helena, don’t you get enough with your little Anna toy?” -Mia groaned, annoyed.- “Nevermind, don’t answer that. I just want my paycheck so I can go home.”-

LuciL: Sabina had overhear Melissa step close behind her and say in her drunken haze “Heh, I want some, with a bit of icecream.” Sure the girl was drunk but she was letting down her guard and was oozing out that she was lesbian it had made Sabina chuckle and she didn’t have that many Black Russians to down so kept her head on. She knew she promised herself that she would get involved in any action, particularly that involved taking off her underwear and spilling the money and that treasured hotel card but Sabina also recalled the first day or second day that she had come to the Deathclub and was interviewed by Helena in the office, given the low down of what the club was like. The two women had also promised each other, literally and tonight it sure felt like it was going to be it. However Sabina did not expect Melissa to follow but it had made her chuckle amused, IF the teenage girl remembered tomorrow when they recovered from tonight, the reaction was going to be priceless. Sabina jotted down that before she went to find Marrok, she would offer coffee time with Melissa, just to remind her of what would occur or not occur with Helena. A cheeky smile crossing her face she followed Helena up the stairs, making sure that above the music she heard Melissa follow her if she did follow and walked past the occupied private rooms. Her dark eyes drifted down to Helena’s behind, admiring each curved and swallowed saliva down her suddenly dry throat. Was she nervous? Well it had been a year since she had sex with another female and that was just intense. The mere memory made Sabina’s cheeky smile turn to a smirk and she hurried after Helena, her heels clicking across the floor.

Tikool: Melissa was gone, you thik with all she been drinking this past week a few rums would be nothing. BUT add in those rums, around 7 if we’re keeping count AND add crowns to that, yup she was outta there. Pulling her iphone 4 out she smiles away and without thinking texts Jones. Yeah JONES, he’s only the friend she was scared to talk too because she felt like a failure and didn’t want to tell him any news unless it was that she got a car, a new house, a new band and a sweet DJing job and was making mucho monies. Melissa smiles and texts away ‘ Hey Jones, bro, it’s your friend BRO, which you really need a new nickname for me. Cause I”ve been way too girly lately. I’m drinko and drunko and about to maybe get a fucko. Wanna see my cake infested boob? ” Pulling the idevice away fro mher face she points it at her chest, revealing more than a side boob and snaps a photo. Drunk wnough to do it, but apparently not drunk enough to NOT do it. Even when drunk gilr knew how to handle her phone, perfectly. I guess so, seeing as those things cost an arm, a leg, maybe ahouse, and two dogs with a lawsuit if you dropped it. She lightly tabs Rina on the back and simply says ” This isn’t scaring anyone is it? This is scaring YOU is it? ” She didn’t want to scare off the only friend she’s made so far, but she’s too gone to pick up any thing and is just happy she’s not over thinking right now. ” it’s gonna be a momococomo kind of night. ”

iShatteredSanity: -Inside the office. Anna flinched at the sound of the door slamming behind Dix when the later stormed off. Anna had been watching the whole thing and she wanted to tell Dix that the whole thing was not stalking or something like that but a mean for Demetrios to contact Helena while in front of others and not make anyone suspicious. Anna curled up in a ball and remained hidden behind the couch, waiting for her Mistress to return. || Downstairs at the bar. Demetrios kept pondering on ringing Dix since he was starting to worry. He even turned his head to look at Alexandros, but he was still in the toilet.- [Demetrios.] “Goddamnit” –He mumbled and left the phone on the counter, lighting a smoke and smoking it slowly.- “Damnit Dix, where are you?” –The visit from Nikolai earlier made him think that he was not alone after all and that something had happened to Dix. He shook his head to make those thoughts go away and it was that time when he heard Dix’s voice, “Looking for me?”. Demetrios turned his head and looked at Dix who had appeared behind him, immediately putting out his cigarette and wrapping his arms around her, pulling her in a warm embrace.- “Yes, yes I was looking for you.” –He said and kissed her forehead softly.- “I was worried you know.” –He said again. || And upstairs again. Helena had seen Mia who seemed to be pissed off about something, but Helena could not tell what. But then she realized why.- [Helena.] “I see. Give me a moment.” –She said and wiped her hand on her skirt to clean her hand from the cake and she ran inside her office. Wiping her hands with a wet cloth, she took out the check book and filled it. Once done she rushed back to Mia, giving her the check.- “There you go. 3000 euros. Spend them wise.” –She said and took some of the cake from her breasts with her right hand index finger and placed it on Mia’s lips, winking at her.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Demetrios had been looking for Dixie, and of course, she knew it. She had seen it all on the screen. The bar was closing and thankfully the other staff got in to do the till, and the restocking of the fridges. Dixie walked straight into Demetrios’s embrace, a warm smile upon her lips. She promised herself, she wouldn’t doubt him, but that would never stop her doubting Helena. Not after seeing the walls of monitors that was in the office. Dixie had managed to come out of the cake fight unscatched, unlike everyone else, and she was pretty happy to have missed it, since their is nothing worse than getting cake on your new threads. Demetrios kissed her forehead, like he would a young child, and she closed her eyes, reminding herself that he loved her. She whispered so only he could hear. “Can we go home? I just want to be in our own place, away from all this and the noise.”- she kissed the tip of his nose and promised- “I’ll wash the cake off you.”- <3>

LadyBelz: -Staring straight into Helena’s eyes, Mia slowly licked the cake from her lips, making sure she got every little bit of it.- “Hmm. Fruity.” -she giggled before snatching the check from Helena’s fingers. Folding it, she tucked it into her top, smirking at the three of them.- “Ladies…enjoy the rest of your…evening.” -She stepped around them and down the stairs, careful not to slip in any of the cake still littering the floor. She smacked Ivan on the ass on her way out the door, jumping into the cab that was waiting for her and giving the address to her apartment.-

LuciL: The hype in the Deathclub was starting to die down many of the patrons were leaving or being ushered out by the bouncers, Josef who waited around to see if he could steal some private time with Sabina could not find the pink hair vixen anywhere and sighed out defeated quietly leaving through the main entrance. Upstairs, the three had bumped into Mia was looking rather pissed off from what Sabina could see that tonight was paycheck. Sabina felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around seeing Melissa right behind her, her phone out and what appeared to be flashing the side of her breast “This isn’t scaring anyone is it? This is scaring YOU is it?” Sabina giggled and shook her head, once again running her hand through Melissa’s red hair “Not scared, let’s say its been a while since a woman touched me” With that being said she saw Helena disappear into the office and come back out with a check “There you go. 3000 euros. Spend them wise.” She then proceeded to tease the Deathclub star by swiping some of the cake off her breasts and onto Mia’s lips. The Italian woman licked it off her mouth and snatched the check off Helena with a smile “Ladies…enjoy the rest of your…evening.” and she left the three upstairs. Sabina then smiled delighted realising today was pay day releasing her hand from Melissa’s hair and wrapped an arm around Helena’s waist propping her chin onto the redhead’s right shoulder “Draga (Darling) you didn’t tell us we were going to get paid today? Where’s my check” A smirk appearing on Sabina’s face as she arched her pierced eyebrow at Helena.

Tikool: Watching the lady walk off and being told to enjoy their evening, Melissa giggles feeling Rina’s hand on her head. the words ” Not scared, lets say its been a while since a woman touched me” Letting out a ” PHEW” She quickly follows as she watches Rina run up to the new woman she was blindly following and simply watched. Her eyes light up in mild shock as a rumble shakes her hand and looks. OH look Jones replied back, clicking the text she reads not knowing what his reply would be. Jones never tried to hit on her before so this was new. ” My my Bro.. what will you say? ” Reading the text Melissa’s eyes ran over the words ‘ The fuck? LOL No I don’t want to see your, cake infested boob? What are you doing? Please don’t tell me you’re drinking and somehow got yourself in some jam? And NO not the sandwich kind of jam either smartass, so don’t reply with that weakassbullshit. You wore it out before you left. Glad to hear fro myou either way, so nect time I call your awkward ass.. ANSWER! and you can tell me about it then, and no playing with yourself while I’m talking either ok. Shit’s odd.’ Melissa looks at the phone in a daze like state, she felt bad for worring him but it was for a reason. She didn’t do anything yet and didn’t want to waste time with normal chit chat. When she left she said ” next time I talk to you, I’m gonna be RICH BITCH.” But anyone outside that would’ve just took that comment aside, Melissa took it to heart as she didn’t want to be known as a bullshiter. Finally catching up to Rina and the other Woman she stands at the door, simply watching the events unfold. Nothing on her mind but getting rid of the odd feeling she was having, to say she was getting horny was an understandment, even tho she’s kindof horny all the time.

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios was holding Dix tight into his arms and nodded his head at her words.- [Demetrios.] “Of course. Lets go home.” –He said and began walking towards the exit. Alexandros who had come out of the toilets saw them leaving and he shrugged his shoulders.- [Alexandros.] “Oh what the hell, buh-buy Deathclub. See you next week.” –He said and walked outside as well. || Meanwhile Helena winked at Mia as she walked outside along with the many customers. Turning her head she looked at Sabina and her friend, giggling and pointing her office.- [Helena.] “In there. Stay here.” –She said and stormed off to her office once again, sighing one check for 3000 eur, leaving the office to give the 3000 check to Sabina.- “There, your money. Now, do you want to leave? Or stay and have some fun?” –She said and walked inside her office again, leaving her door half open.-

LuciL: Sabina chuckled as she released her hold off Helena who told her to wait here and disappeared into the office. She came back out and handed over the three thousand euro check to Sabina who eagerly took it off her. She could not remember the exact payment of what she was given on her first pay night but she had no doubt that the tips she was given from her patrons and regular fans that it would be quite the good money for just tonight. Looking over her shoulder and seeing Melissa text someone on her iphone as usual it seemed to be, Sabina heard Helena’s offer “There, your money. Now, do you want to leave? Or stay and have some fun?” Sabina was very tempted to go into the office and indulge in some cherry temptations but giving Melissa another look seeing how the girl was swaying on her toes made Sabina re-think about the situation. Her mind also drifted back to Chise and telling the Japanese girl about a job. Stepping slightly into the office, Sabina pressed a hand on Helena’s shoulders grinning at her slightly then quickly pecked her lips muttering against them “I’ll give you a call, there is someone I want you to meet. She needs a job and I told her she could meet you. I’ll give you my details later ok” Sabina took a step back and smiled, tucking a strand of cake covered pink hair behind her ear, allowing her silver hoop earring to shine under the various lighting “Mel, what you say to coffee this early morning?”

Tikool: Melissa puts her phone away and looks up to the question asked of her. ” Coffee sounds awesome. ‘Side we never got to finish our hang out” Looking around for anything else she waits by the door looking at the ceiling. ” JL is going to kill me. ”

iShatteredSanity: -Helena looked at Sabina and shrugged her shoulders.- “Fair enough. I will be waiting.” –She said and looked at her leaving, along with the other one. Helena looked at the club getting empty and she nodded at herself.- “Things went well. Lets hope that things will be like this.” –She muttered to herself and walked inside her office, losing her clothes and calling for Anna.- “Anna dear, momma is home. I need you to clean me good.” –She said and sat on her char, butt naked and waiting for a special round with her beloved one.-