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Today on Charlotte’s spider facts….a really beautiful spider

The Cobalt Blue

She’s incredibly beautiful, but don’t touch!

Cobalt Blue (Haplopelma lividum)

Quick stats:
Type: Deep burrower
Size (approx): 6″? Female, 1″ unsexed
Feeding: Large crickets, roaches, zoophobas
Enclosure: ½ of a 10 gallon aquarium, small jar
Substrate: 8-10″ deep bed-a-beast/peat/vermiculite
Furnishings: Cork bark shelter, plastic water dish
Temp/Humidity: 80-84°F, 80% Humidity
Temperment: Exceptionally aggressive and secretive
Recieved on: 05/14/2000, 02/28/2001

Species Information:
Haploplema lividum is a psychotic, high-strung burrowing species from Southeast Asia found in tropical forests. They like high humidity and temperatures. There is an excellent caresheet for this species at petbugs.com.

Being an adult, the big girl doesn’t eat lots, but she likes her crickets. She’s big enough to take down some substantial sized prey, and she has accepted a roach and zoophoba when offered. The smaller one is still on fairly small crickets.

Not sure what she’s munching, but it’s not my hand.

She lives in one half of a 10 gallon aquarium with deep bedding, a water dish and a cork shelter. Check out the breeding page for more details on this breeding tank. The smaller one lives in a small round pet-pal.
She started burrowing as soon as she was moved into this cage, and really has a fantastic burrow going. It goes straight down the corner of the cage behind the cork shelter, then around the side. The turret at the top is like a giant cartoon anthill.

The humidity outside the burrow isn’t particularly high, but it’s probably up around 80% in the burrow. The temp in the spider room is 80-84°F.


The big girl is the psychotic monster that is so well know to those who dare keep her! She’s quite unpredictable and may appear calm, but suddenly lash out at the slightest provocation. Chasing this girl around the room is a most disconcerting experience. She mostly hides in her burrow, but will occasionally venture out for a week-long vacation. Of all the spiders in my collection, this is the one I would least like to wake up next to…
The baby is not quite so nasty, but it is naughty and will go on a runabout if bothered. Surprisingly fast little bugger.