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January 04, 2013 07:43AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty
Dead Nation


DarksiedtheLegend: -As Raven told her tale of where she was and what she had to do did Rider listen and listen and when Raven offered to help with the Otyugh did Rider spoke again-(Rider)”I think we could just try to see if there are openings as flusher person…who am I kidding there is always a job for anyone who wants to be a flusher person…But I wonder how your family would react to this bit of news. We can’t avoid the three brothers they are the only people that would cater to a flusher person and they know which certain bits of food is acceptable to an Otyugh…we can try to buy food elsewhere though that is if your family is willing to try.” –Back on the surface as the android jumped down into the floor boards of the brittle old bar would the android come across the many large sized eggs as they begun hatching as one of the eggs would burst up as a nasty green fluid started to slip to the floor before the creature would come out. Its appearance seemed insectoid having what appears to be six legs each of these legs seemed to be more like spikes, a ferocious looking pincers in front of its smaller mouth, a set of eyes near the side of its main body but near to its mouth, and its hide seemed to be made from hard scales but since it had hatched it might be weaker than normal, but then another one came out beside the first, then a third one next a forth…it seems like more and more were hatching some might say that those that already hatched were fifty insects or so but there was still more eggs hatching by the minute but then the latest egg that hatched has produced an insect that seemed humanoid as it stood on two legs but it seemed like it also had two crab like claws and also two extra arms that seemed to be sticking out from its sides but these looked more like razor sharp scythes, this being took a moment to look at itself before noticing the android in an odd sense one could say it smiled before pointing a claw at the android and letting out a scream to which the fifty insects screamed before charging at the android for little did the android know it had unfortunately stumbled upon one of the many hidden nests of these bugs.

While in Nemaeus, specifically at the spire of Archane did lieutenant Fox continued to watch the scene between Taru and the two children before the Ettercaps arrive to take the children away would he mutter to himself.-(Fox)”If I knew any better these are just squabbling of children…Like I know what these beings are doing but if they want a war…then so be it the Zero faction might be more than willing to wage a war.”-Fox would then retrieve a small crystal ball before throwing it into one of the cracks in the building as he then just started to leave as he begun to stretch a bit as he worked his muscles before trying to leave this place.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Baldrick had been dozing soundly for some time, but when he heard the voices of Rider and Raven, he opened an eyelid, and stretched. His old bones creaked and popped, till he was sitting, smacking his lips, bleary eyed. “I must have slept a long time. And this wall, is not exactly the most comfortable thing to lean against.’ Baldrick slowly got to his feet, and groaned audibly, as it was a bit of an effort, to move those aching bones. Seeing as Raven had returned, and was not wearing her mask, Baldrick ambled over, and reached out to pat her head softly. “That’s my Raven, so good you came back. No luck with the Brothers. Bah. Looks like, it’s the Flusher business for us. Not sure how we get our hands on an Otyugh though. They must be expensive.” Course, none of them knew how to even get one, let alone how to pay. “Don’t suppose they rent them?”- was then next silly question, which actually made Raven smile. Something she had not done in many a day. Paige finally awoke, with her hand still holding the bag of coins. “What I miss?” she asked in a groggy state, her hair all messy on one side. Baldrick tried not to smirk, since it was not a good idea to make fun of the young one. “We might be working in the Flushing trade. Course, you will have to help.” Paige blinked a few times, and then whispered- “They smell.”- Raven stood up slowly and then pointed out. “We all do, since; I can’t remember the last time any of us had a bath.” This was quite true, and Paige had to agree. She raised her arm and smelt under it, making a shocking face. “You never all told me I smelt this bad.”- Raven turned back to Rider, and said with confidence. “That’s the three of us. What do we do to become Flusher people?” :: Back in the Spire of Arachne, Taru was walking through all the children, as they chorused their worship of her, the Elder of Carrendar. All this was starting to go to Taru’s head, in her sick state. She raised a hand up and coughed, the black appearing on her hand, and she quickly lowered it, trying to appear normal. Sora walked up beside her and tried to grab her arm. He snarled under his breath. “Locking up the children of Charlotte is dangerous. If word of this gets out, and she returns to find out what you have done…” Taru yanked her arm away from her brother, positively seething. “Oh…I am just getting started. All my life…denied what should have been mine. Those…that wronged me….will pay.” <3>

TormentedPerfection: Has the eggs moved? According to his thermal scanner, they were. And these meant only one thing. Something was coming out. While the initial impact caused the eggs to crack, the odd thing was the liquid that first came out of it. The android stepped right back, while the greenish liquid interested him, the rumbling sound of screeches were enough to intrigue the android, lifting his head up, a small tilt of his head would be seen as he seen the first one. It looked freakishly scary. Like one of those shits you’d see in those ALIENS movie. And if he wasn’t mistaken, they ate people. His eyes shot right at the other two, three five ones. His scanning process started to spin and zoom on the creatures while the female voice spo0ke “Warning. Potentially Hostile. TORMENT is advised to retreat or enable it’s weapon’s system.” TORMENT started to back up, it’s eyes glowing red as it’s memory AI initialized, forcing weapon’s system to enable. The voice once again, spoke. “Initializing…10…20…30…40.. ERROR! Could not fully interpret. Data aborted.” His vision spun and changed to a red one, with the scanner spinning a red hue. On the outside, the cyborg’s eyes would turn red, and its stance would take a drastic change, its left arm clenched in a fist as it spun uncontrollably, before being separated in half, a black mini gun of sort in place with his left hand. Firing exploding rounds as well. While his ammo socket came from the near Exo Skeleton, while the rounds were plenty, it was nowhere near enough for these. So, the android jumped up, just as they charged and it’s foot launched its rocket propelling system, propelling him backwards into the dark room. Although quite dangerous considering he didn’t know whether he’d hit a wall, and would initially knock a wall down, he had no choice but to calculate the resistance and turn away if needed, although that was unlikely and he’d hit the wall after one try. While he was being propelled backwards, he was sure that he did it the exact time the first bug ran, so the impact would’ve slammed into the bug, if not then what the hell. Aiming his mini gun and loading his explosive rounds, his voice changed to a deep, manly voice as he spoke. “I’ll BE BACK!” Although, it was unlikely, since it was possible that he won’t make it out the first place.

DarksiedtheLegend: -Somewhere in one of the cathedrals placed at the tops Fjelding mountains a man dressed in white robes watched at the scenes happening in the Cathedral of the spire of Arachne as this man watched from his mystical crystal orb did he then rang a bell as a deacon who was also dressed in white robes enter the chambers as the deacon entered the room did he bow –(Deacon)”Archbishop what are your orders?” –The man who had sat in the throne room and had stared into a mystical crystal orb as none other than the Archbishop who wore a mask-(Archbishop)”Has the agents of the God emperor landed yet?” (Deacon)”They have your lordship, various faithful believers in the Nixagrian army has proven this fact.” (Archbishop)”When the time is right inform them of to send inquisitors to the demon location.” (Deacon)”Are you sure Archbishop? Why not tell them now?” (Archbishop)”The divinations given to me by the God Emperor is disturbing at the least…These divinations has lead me to believe that a member of the agents who landed is a psyker and one who would attempt to summon the Chaos Gods…” (Deacon)”Impossible aren’t every agent of the God Emperor incorruptible?” (Archbishop)”The divinations of the God Emperor were never wrong before he foretold that Saviors would arrive from the stars to this planet…and now these divinations foretell of a traitor among their ranks if this traitor is not found soon….Then our saviors isn’t in this batch of agents…If the traitor is not found and our supposed saviors die then we will be forced to commit heresy to save ourselves and when our true Saviors arrive we would then repent for our sins.” (Deacon)”I understand Archbishop but what if our saviors then try to kill us? ” (Archbishop)”Then my hand is forced to activate the ancient relic to call upon the Ecclesiarchy to send the Adepta Sororitas” (Deacon)”The sisters of battle but don’t they?” (Archbishop)”Yes, they do the impossible but I rather be cleansed by the flames of Ecclesiarchy rather than the hands of false saviors. Deacon be prepared to tell our savior if they are who they say they are, the location of the demon but only when I say the need is now…Now go and wait for my signal.” (Deacon)”I understand Archbishop”-As soon as the Deacon left did the Archbishop smile before saying to himself ever so quietly-(Archbishop)”If only they knew that my loyalties are to one being alone…The one True Sied would grace us with his presence when the time is right.”

-As the android went into combat mode, the supposed leader just waited patiently for more of the insect warriors to wake up until there was an odd number of ninety nine insect warriors did the supposed leader retreated to inner confines of the basement as it passed more and more insect warriors hatching from the sudden intruder did the leader went into the deeper parts where the basement met a cave and in this cave there was three eggs two were upright but the third was laying down as the leader tapped the two eggs standing upright with its claw like arm which cause them to hatch, one of the eggs revealed a female human head, chest, and arms but the rest of its body was armored segments with a total of fifteen pairs of legs while the second one was bigger, it had no head to speak of, its entire body was thick armor plating, it had two elephantine legs, a large crab claw not the small crab claw but the really big one, while the other arm was empty almost like the other arm was deep with its thick armor plating body, and then its two yellow eyes open up on the chest part of its body as these two newly awoken insects looked at the leader it first pointed at the bigger of the two as it let out a scream as it then pointed to the wall. To which the big crab like creature nodded before rushing to the wall and using its big crab claw to dig and make new passage while the female insect just nodded to the leader as she wrapped her legs around the three egg slowly manoeuvring it to its back as she then waited for the crab like warrior to make their escape tunnel, while the leader went out of the special room as it let out another screeched to inform the rest of the bugs to fight harder and finish the intruder.

As the insect warriors fell one by one after receiving a certain number of the explosive rounds in them but the other insect warriors were rushing and charging at the android using their heavy pincers to snap at the android in an attempt to take one of its arms or legs if they were fortunate enough to get close to this android after all these just hatched but how many ammunition does one android hold? And is it sufficient enough to take down the forty five that still was trying to kill him and what about the other ninety nine that had hatched and blocking the path way of this android from entering tunnels leading to the special room. And now back to Rider’s house when the three seemed to be alive and speaking among each other about deciding to becoming a flusher people as Baldrick spoke about buying or renting a Otyugh did Rider wanted to speak but was interrupted by Paige then Raven then Paige because of the thought that she smelled and then when Raven turned back to Rider and asked about how could they become flushed people did Rider eventually spoke-(Rider) “Umm well most Otyugh aren’t cheap true but some are also cheap depending on their training…Hmm where to start on becoming a flusher person…I think you might need to register at the Down the drains shop but don’t worry they only need names cause if something happens they know which family member to send your paycheck too but I’ll take you all in the morning when the shops are open again…but then again maybe they are open all night…I never checked the night shift so it’s hard to tell.”

CharlotteCarrendar;- Eyes of pure black, watched over the many hundreds of Children, even a great deal of Charlotte’s. Without Seven or Raven to guide them, they were at the hands of Taru, who had diabolical plans for them, when the time came. Taru raised both arms, and then spoke to the gathered throng. “We all have much to do, but you need rest, my young. Go to your chambers, and gather at five am.”- All the children hushed under her direction, though some of the children that had been to Dead Nation, looked apprehensive, wanting to ask of Raven, but the realising that you would only be punished for speaking of them. Sora stood with his arms folded, watching this scene, and shaking his head. “We are Elders, we should be protecting them. I don’t know what game you are playing, but I have close to had enough, and will return to Harstens. I never wanted a part in the wars of the men from the stars.” Taru spun round, her long cloak whirling. The winter white haired bebilith strode right up to him, and then brought up her hand, to caress his cheek. “There is nothing for you at Harsten’s, especially when the war machine ploughs though your wilderness. And it will. They won’t stop till all is destroyed. Then what?”-Looking closely at Taru, he could see the change in her skin, the way the black leaked from her eyes. “You’re sick. I can see it.”- Sora said with concern, taking her hand and holding it. “Those Astartes, they did this, and set off, whatever it is inside of you.” He spoke the truth, for the black was taking control, and her body was to suffer for it. Would her vessel be strong enough to withstand….the end? For now, Taru had other plans. “While the children sleep, guarded by the Ettercaps, we…*she squeezed his hand and then brought it up to her lips, brushing them against her soft skin as she continued*..are going to the surface. Lorewall.”- Holding her brother’s hand, they both shimmered and left the Spire of Arachne. But in the shadows, someone was watching; little Jira. He watched the pair of Elders leave and then scurried down to the next level, running up and coming to stop in front of Seven and Luna’s cell. Seven raced to the bars, shaking them and begging Jira “Get us out!”- Jira took out an old hair pin, and tried to pick the lock, before the Ettercaps realised he was gone. The dull click and the door swung open, with Luna launching at Jira to hug him. “Thank you..thank you, I was so scared we would never get out of here, unless it was on a plate.” Seven grabbed Luna’s hand and said boldly. “We need to find Raven, and the staff, and get them back here.” Jira was panting and said to warn them “I have been there.”  Worried about the world that Raven, Baldrick and Paige were in. “Well, I’m not going back there, I just can’t.  You have no idea what I did to come back”

:: Back at Riders, Rider was filling them on the chance to buy young Otyughs, that needed training. Being hopeful, Raven asked. “Well, if we all don our masks, we can go to the shop now.” She wanted to start right away, and prove she was worthy to be in the tunnels, not being judged for her name.  “If we can get younger Otyughs and train them, then, that is what we need to do.  Staying in this house, and hiding who we are, is not going to bring in coins to pay for our keep.”-  Raven stood, and placed her mask back on, urging her Grandfather and Paige to do the same.  “Lets go.”

TormentedPerfection: It was doing great. His eyes scanned the room, it’s A.I system trying to find a certain exit. Although the hole he made wasn’t in anyway blocked, he knew it would be soon. And he was running out of ammo. One can hold so many rounds. But even his full barrel was coming to waste. And he’d have to resort to melee. Or his Plasma Cannons. But since he wasn’t fully equipped yet, it was unlikely. He wasn’t equipped to take down the whole swarm. And due to his calculations, he was concluding that it was fifty to forty. His eyes shot right around, his AI’s calculating capabilities tested at such a tight situation. Once that was over, he stopped firing, hoping to save his bullets. Although he could get upgrades for his armor. He just needed a bio sample from the damn insects. It was a possibility. Of course. His leg was unfortunately grabbed by one of the damn insectesoid. The Android didn’t yell or scream under the pain.

Although his nano-organic armour skin was slowly getting crushed, it was nowhere near his Exo Skeleton. So it wasn’t that much of a nuisance. His eyes however, shot right up at the exit as he was flung around. Knowing how to handle this, the Android forced himself right in front of the insect, souring through air , his arm clenched in a punch as he brought it down. If it would’ve hit, the punch might’ve taken it’s head off due to the unusual superhuman strength of the blow. And the android would’ve flown right at the fallen body, effortlessly grabbing it and he would’ve rocketed right up to the hole he maid, before placing the insect at the counter, safe from the hole which was unfortunately filled with insects. But what ran through his mind was what were those things? His AI did not have any record of seeing such organics in it’s life. And His AI was built to include most race and monsters there was. While this was an extreme oddity, he could not examine such hostile creatures now. Perhaps if he finally absorb this damn insect. His eyes would examine the insect, trying to find anything. Little did he know, that he was a mere pawn in the games of the giants. An experiment to be tested. And he didn’t even know that he was played.