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January 03, 2013 06:20AM
Roleplay Live: Group : The Carrendar DynastyDead Nation

Ready to hatch



DarksiedtheLegend: -The Duergar ponder about Z use of words especially that he wanted to be left alone as the Duergar thought this was a funny concept as Z pushed his hand deeper into the armor as the Duergar just smiled at the notion even asking for it but it was those words that made the Duergar laughed in front of Z for the thought of bar being a placed to be left alone…a bar of all place..a bar that most would visit as the local drinking pool of the community this very place where most flock and no one is given any sort of privacy cause there tends to be one or two drunks that would provoke other and this Duergar was no exception to that as he is known to joke around with every sort of person that drinks in this bar and when Z gave one more insult before removing his hand as Z made a declaration to the Duergar who was clearly drunk thus the reason he didn’t scream in pain but instead laughed and as soon as Z left the bar would the Duergar make his move to go to the corner of the room where unbeknowest to Z at the time was a being just sitting behind the table as the Duergar spoke to the being hidden in the shadows-(?)”It’s as you said sir, he has some strength but I believe he might be holding back though he did shatter my bone…A rare few can survive touching my cursed armor which cause some a great deal of pain over time it hurts anyone who dares touch it but not the one who wears it…Time will pass as he get slow bits of pain from cramps to legs falling asleep until eventually he loses control of his own bowels and certain body parts, if he survives through that he might be lucky enough to live a life restricted to a chair or bed whichever he gets to first…it’s a good thing I got a psychic friend to help me put this thing on and off so can I have something for my troubles?” –At that motion did the being hidden in the shadow tossed a bag full of gold coins onto the table to which the Duergar with his working arm grabbed and opened the bag to see it filled to the brim with gold coins to which he responded-(?)”You are all too kind sir to someone as small as me…can you oblige this small fellow with an answer…. Why are you picking on a giant like him?” –To which the being hidden in the shadows spoke up from beneath his black armor in an almost a breathless man-(Sheriff)”All outsiders must learn that the Butcher is the law now…No one is above the Butcher not even if the fallen Lorelei Carrendar were to rise up again would she be forced to be beneath the Butcher..I will ensure that even if she did rise he will remain in power and she doesn’t steal anything from the Butcher…Not even if the royal nobles were to sprout back up, they will be forced to understand that Butcher is the new leader…All must understand that the Butcher is the law…Now go and find a healer….You reek of alcohol” –The Duergar bowed to the being in black armor as he rushed off into town to find the local healer while back at Rider’s house would Rider be tossing and turning until she woke up unable to fall asleep and gasping for breath as she can’t believe some of her dreams well one was a nightmare where Butcher and his men burned her entire house to the ground with her in it and especially the dream where the Butcher himself was at her door and waited for Rider to open the door before saying to Rider that he was her father…Rider can’t believe the ridiculousness of that dream as Rider found it more and more so difficult to go back to sleep after seeing that scene and wished it was just a dream and that Butcher wasn’t out there right now as she tip toed across the room to check on her door and relieved that the Butcher or any of his men were not at her door waiting for her. Rider seemed to have stopped attempting to go to sleep altogether as she feared that she might have another crazy dream and instead decided to sit on her bed and think what all these dreams actually mean. While in the Spire of Arachne a rat was watching the event of Taru’s speech-(Taru) “My kin…my children. Long have we lived in the shadow of the Matriarch. It has brought us nothing but pain and destruction. The humans in their wisdom chose to rely on the Captain….and look at what has become of our world. The men from the stars, the Astartes have landed. AND THEY SEEK TO HARM THE CHAOS AND DEMON. While they all fight for the surface, we must take back the underworld. And it starts….HERE!” –As the rat listened to this speech and waited for its end did it started to return back to the sewers before seeing a being dressed in military boots, fatigues, green trench coat, and a gas mask, the being looked to the rat before saying to it-(?)”Shouldn’t you be going back to your master?” Well send him a message…The Zero faction has returned and yes the Malathos Point Genocide never happened. Now go back to your master. –The rat just squeaked before running into the sewers as it passed my tunnels before meeting with another rat and telling it what it saw as that rat then passed the information to another rat and to another rat until a rat eventual arrived at the home of a sewer dweller and this rat was dressed in a black robe as it started squeaking until the man in front of it pointed out obvious which so happens that the being was dressed in many bandages and wore a black robe-(Rat king)”Is this some kind of joke? You don’t need to wear that when you come to me, people will get this crazy idea that I can change into a rat…Hmm so another bebilith wishes to take the underworld back…but which one is she talking about? Bad enough that there are monsters down here now the bebiliths wish to attempt to take it….I don’t know what I find more troubling the fact that a bebilith might attack us, or the fact that the Zero faction is alive and well but I think the most troubling fact is that you even have a robe….Most troubling indeed.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven couldn’t sleep. Her mind alive with all that had happened in the secret garden, the boy with the moon jacket, and the fact she had failed according to the trio of Brothers. Pushing herself up to sitting, she couldn’t help but notice that Rider was also unable to sleep. Clearly, she was also upset by something; nightmares perhaps. At this point in time, it seemed that misery enjoyed company, and so she got up off the floor and wandered over to sit beside Rider, as she sat on the edge of her cot. Holding the mask in her hands, turning it over sub consciously, she turned her head just enough, to peer through her crimson locks, at Rider, with a worried expression. “Rider…I don’t have the best of news. Things didn’t go well with Rotal and the brothers. In fact, they not only tried to kill Rotal, they also tried to kill me, when they said I was part of the clan of darkness. “- she would mumble under her breath- “Whatever that is.” Turning over the mask in her hands again, her thumbs stroked the enamel edge, as she tried to find how to explain the turn of events. “I failed in getting a job with them. They more or less threatened me not to run, or they would hunt me down.” – Raven cast her eyes to the floor, the weight of guilt baring down on her shoulders. “I need to help pay my way, and protect my Grandfather and cousin. But I just don’t know who would hire me. Could I go to Down the drains tomorrow and ask them for work you think?” It was clear, Raven was running out of ideas. :: Back at the Spire of Arachne, Seven and Luna were watching Taru with growing concern. They had never seen her behave this way before, and though it had been a long time since they saw their own mother, Charlotte, they knew that this was not normal behaviour. Their questions regarding Raven were answered coldly, and that in itself, made no sense. “You mean that Grandfather …Paige…and Raven are in the other world?” Was it true, that the dreams of Raven, of the other world were in fact real? But Taru would have no word spoken of it. Taru glared down at the pair, as the chanting grew louder. “You heard me…do I have to explain myself again?” She recognised that these two were not of her clutch, and she grinned slyly. “I think its high time, you learnt respect for your elders. ETTERCAPS!” –she cried shrilly, then using her mind to mind ability of communication, she ordered the two be taken to the cells on the next level. Two large Ettercaps marched out with spears and nudged the pair. “OI!…You can’t do this, I am Seven…Son of Charlotte!”- Taru slowly came down the stairs, as the rest of the children chanted, her cloak swirling behind her, black tears falling down her cheeks. She towered over the Mohawk wearing youngster. “You…are a bebilith..and will learn your place. Guards…take them away!”- Both children were seized, struggling as Luna kicked out. “I’m going to tell my MUM!” Taru then slapped Luna fair across the face and came within inches of her nose. “Not if I cut your tongue out first.” The Ettercaps dragged the children to the next level, as Taru wiped her nose. Black staining her hand. <3>

TormentedPerfection: In the depths of the barren wastelands, in the dead sterile sand was a rectangular casket. But the casket didn’t look like an exact…casket. It was a case of sort, the front was badly destroyed, barely holding out. But still, it was blocking the sight. It had a small black wire on the side, and it looked as if it was buried there for years. And it was. But what was within, that we could never know. A rodent, a rat of sort, started skittering in the rocky ground, in the search of food perhaps. The rat’s tooth slowly bit into the ground. It’s nose bouncing as it tried to find the only source of nutrition it can. In it’s skittering, it tripped over the black wire, the squeal of the rat caused it to turn around, and it tilted it’s head on the wire. And unfortunately, It bit down on the wire, chewing with no remorse. Little did the little critter know what was inside the container would be unsealed. And slowly, as the wire was chewed off, the container’s color turned a bright red. The critter kept looking. While the commotion inside caused the whole thing to rattle. A disfigured, static broken voice spoke. “Back up android required. Initiating forced reboot.” With t that, the voice even disfigured more, and more up until it was repeating waves of unrecognizable sound. And the glows of the container started to release a screeching sound. The figure in the box was still however, intact. As if placed under a layer of protection. It still looked human like, and it’s eyelids were closed. But it had layers of wiring on it’s body and arms, as the container convulsed, data started to course through the wires, sending static info on the figure’s body. The figure however, still kept silent. Un moving even with bytes of data transported into it’s hibernating body. At a distance, the person still looked like a normal teenager. Coffee hair, baggie, striped tee and so. But soon, the convulsing went harder, and the figure started to move. And it happened. The whole container darkened. The figure was left there, it’s eye closed in the darkness of the underground…Until…. BAM! It’s eyelids went open. Multicolored eye lids starting to progress. In the cyborg’s mind, it was still reading through the whole visual interface was in static. It’s booting and computer system however tried to progress, and there was finally an interface. The green sight of the person with the huge marker on the front. Although a prototype, the cybernetic vision will have to suffice till his HUD started to reboot and reinstall. While it’s main interface spoke to the brain “Accessing main control and data AI control….” The android’s vision blurred as it’s body convulsed, it’s arm lifting up to his face and the hands opening and closing. It tested it on the other hand and it stretched it’s foot. The voice once more spoke “Testing vocal schematics and A.I lettering…..done. Reason and higher intelligence monopolization..Initialized. Ready.” The voice went silent for a moment, and another voice spoke again, now of a man. “Congratulations, Experiment T.O.R.M.E.N.T. Your schematics are deemed working and decent, it is time for you to walk these lands. Once this reading is over your A.I capabilities will take over your synthetic tissues and—BZZZZTZTZTZTZTZTZTZTZTZTZ” The voice cut off, and the man’s pupils returned to the same sight. Panting. He lifted an arm. Pushing with all his might. The door handle went blasting as sand kept pouring in on his body. The man crawled desperately, but alas, sand overfilled him. Perhaps the subject wasn’t a success if you placed it under tonnes of sand? Wrong. On the aboveground, a hand sprang up, clawing on the sand and pulling itself up. It was the android known as Torment V.30. It’s head rolled, and it was completely in disarray. It’s clothes were dirty and so was it’s face. Sand and mud were all over it’s body. And what do you know, glasses on the ground! Kneeling and picking it up, the Android placed it between his nose up until it wandered to the bar of sort, his HUD MAP didn’t work, but it’s advanced sight did. As if a person that was in stroke, it started to stalk on the bar, limping. Once it reached the bar, it pushed the door open with minimal force and sat on the stool, and for the first time spoke. Although it’s voice was disconfigured “Oil. Please.”

DarksiedtheLegend: -As Rider would listen to Raven who had sat beside her…wait Raven but how did she…before Rider could even say anything would Raven tell a tale of how the three brothers wanted to kill her due to being a member of some clan thus made her lose a job opportunity and now was asking if there was a job at the Down the drains shop to which Rider would answer-(Rider)”I had been looking for you for two days and here you are out of the blue..reminds me of that guy Rotal…I had searched for you in the tunnels, in the market place, and even tried at the shop of those brothers you spoke of but I couldn’t even find you. It seems odd how people just pop in and out of my house so quickly…made me worried that you might have been caught by one of the sheriffs…” –Rider would then hug Raven tightly as it seems tears would be falling out of her mask as Rider continued talking-(Rider)”I was so worried for you, for the past two nights I was worried that you might be in the hands of Butcher…I thought I lost you.” –But on the surface the android known as Torment V.30. woken and headed for the nearest building that was around its area as the android entered this building which was a bar it unfortunately had very bad luck…This same building that the android entered in was abandoned for about fifteen years and he was the very first customer to have graced it after so many years and as it asked for oil to anything in the room would the android get no repsonse. Well not the first being to grace its presence for if the android were to look around it could see the dried blood that covered the walls and ceilings apparently something or someone had been here before the android and it might have eaten or attack another being for the bar was somewhat bloody from certain areas which had blood splatters, some of the table and chairs were broken into small bits and pieces and even the fact that there was a half eaten decaying corpse in the corner and literally it was half eaten. The decaying corpse had lost its left arm, a part of its right leg has been snapped off, the skull seems to have hole on the left side and another on the right side but it chest was full of maggots still devouring the remaining decomposing organs of this unfortunate corpse. But if the android had the capability to scan the bar room would it discovered that underneath this floor was a basement and in that basement was full of large sized eggs and some of them were already starting to hatch. But in the spire of Arachne the man in the green trench coat looked at the scene caused by Taru, Sora Luna and Seven but by telescope as the man attempted to read their lips would he closed the telescope and say.–(Lieutenant Fox)”I hate how I can’t read their lips…But oddly those are the two from Harstens labyrinth…Hmm seems like Bebiliths are really ambitious maybe I should have put my money on this one rather than Charlotte…But then again Charlotte is the one who supposedly dropped the bomb but then again she might never know that no one died in that fabricated town…but then again maybe Truth should handle her either way I need to put money down on which one of those Bebiliths would succeed but either way…Back to staking out this Bebilith…”

CharlotteCarrendar:- What Raven had failed to realise, was that the time she was in the lake of the secret training grounds, that two days had passed back out in the tunnels. So it was no surprise really, that Rider would have been worried sick about the young girl. Rider’s sudden embrace of Raven, caught the young one off guard, and she found herself squished up against the flusher woman. Rider went off, about how she searched for her for two days, frantic that the Butcher or his men had captured the hapless bebilith. “I’m sorry…I am…I didn’t know I was gone for two days. It felt like barely an hour. The place I was taken too was so weird. It had this huge lake, and a statue of a woman on bended knee, wanting to hug, but I had to fetch the water from the lake and use the goblet to fill the bowl. Then, drink the lake water from the goblet. I saw a boy with a moon jacket, and he vanished into the mist.”- Raven went on to explain, that Rotal had been attacked by Jester, and the Executioner raised his axe, to cut her head in half. “I promise not to go there again, Rider, and…I will help you with the Otyugh, till I find another job.”- Raven actually started to shed tears, for all the pent up emotions that she felt at this time. So much weighed upon the young girl. In the back of her mind, she could only think of one other person she could turn to for love…her mother, Taru. :: The two children; Seven and Luna screamed protest, kicking and biting at their Ettercap guards, till they were both thrown into a holding cell. The cell door slammed shut and the guards guffawed, before shuffling back out of the holding area. Luna was in shock. “What the hell has gotten into Aunty Taru? Doesn’t she care that Raven is not here? And what of Grandfather? None of this makes any sense.”- Seven was rattling the bars of the cage, furious at being locked up. “I demand to be let out. I am SEVEN CARRENDAR!”- Luna plopped down on the floor, and started drawing on the dirt floor. “I don’t think they care somehow, Seven. You know, I really wish Raven was here. She may have given boring speeches, but….she would never do this to us.” Back out in the main Catherdral, Taru was basking in the chants of the many children, as she grinned at the statue of Lore. “Look now…Mother. Your world..Will soon, be mine.” <3>

TormentedPerfection: Has his scanning system malfunctioned? Probably. As the man would’ve been seen by other people, they would have no doubts in thinking that he was crazy. But alas, the android could not have processed the inside of the house at this rate. No oil, no grease. Within hours, he would’ve had a hard time to mood due to the rigidness of his body. He needed to find a way to grease his body up! While this was going on however, the visual HUD of the cyborg had detected a foreign presence in the room. The voice in his HUD Spoke, this time it was a clear woman’s voice. “Your interface software is halfway initialized. You should have more options now. There is also a foreign organic in this room. “ With that, his cybernetic vision slowly made it’s way to the dead corpse. The lens capturing it and zooming in. While the data processed, TORMENT got the info he needed. And it written. “ORGANIC. NAME UNKNOWN. DEATH: APPROXIMATING….14-15 YEARS.” With the info, the android stepped closer. Though greeted by the blood dripping on his synthetically tailored bio-organic fibrous skin. While his HUD processed the blood type, the robot kept approaching the dead matter and got on one knee. It’s scanner once more made a whole scan of the decimated body. “CAUSE OF DEATH….EXTREME LACERATIONS LEADING TO PAINFUL AMPUTATION, OBJECT USED WITHIN DEDUCTIVE REASONING IS LED TO BE…..A SHARP OBJECT. IE SWORD AXE.’ Once the scanning was complete, another window popped in his face. “BLOOD TYPE: O. DETERMINING AGE OF DISLOCATION FROM BODY……UNVERIFIED.” His eyes once more glowed silvery white. And this time, the saliva intact on the torn organs were processed. After a few moments… “SALIVA. RECIPIENT…UNKNOWN. RNA TYPE…UNKNOWN….DNA TYPE…UNKNOWN.” Within reason of course, the Android concluded that the cause of death was lacerations…only through consuming. And by the knowledge applied , these weren’t the work of cannibals because of how easily it was lacerated from the body and the sign of a feeble struggle attempt to overpower the creature. The android’s eyes started to look around, maybe find the torn ligaments. But instead, another thing caught his face and mind. The underground labyrinth or bunker of sort. And it was not empty. In it were a couple of spherical objects. One would conclude they were oversized stress balls in the size of eggs. However, that was an absurd claim. The android then grabbed a stool, smashing it off the counter and as the parts went flying, he grabbed the pointed stake of sort. Though he didn’t know how do go down, there was a certain law in physics…It involved the force of an impact and the sheer impact an object can take before it’s moved. Or in this case, destroyed. The android lifted its feet of the ground, stomping down to make a huge hole in the wooden floor. And as he jumped in the darkness,, he felt his descent going smoothly as he reached the floor. His fists on the ground and his free one holding the makeshift weapon…And what was these? Eggs?!?!?!