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January 01, 2013 04:47PM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty
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Duergar the Dwarf


CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven left Rotal behind, after he suggested she return to the home of Rider, while he went to discuss the situation of the Brothers with the Masters. The walk back had Raven thinking a lot of what happened, whilst she was in the secret training garden. The boy, with the moon on his jacket. The fact he was dressed in what appeared to be modern clothing. The trio of brothers; how they sought to kill her one moment, then wanted to see her grow in strength and remain in the tunnels. She wouldn’t run. How could she? Her responsibility was to her Grandfather and her cousin, Paige. In the back of her mind, she thought of her siblings and that voice in her head, of her mother. They were all united in Lorewall, as she saw through the vortex, and she gave up that last chance to just leave this place and return to them. Her hands tucked deep inside her tattered cloak, and her face hidden behind a mask, she kept her head bowed, as she stepped across a muddy pool. A sinking feeling, as it dawned on her, that things were not getting better. She still did not understand how things worked down in the tunnels, accept to say that she would not be finding employ with the brothers. How could she ever trust them? Raven would need to find another way to help pay for her families keep. Arriving back at the house, she quietly slipped through the door, and saw that Rider was fast asleep. Baldrick was propped up against a wall, his mouth agape, as he snored loudly, and Paige at the table, her head resting on her arms, as she guarded the coin purse. Course, she was asleep as well. Raven tiptoed over to the pile of clothes and sank to her knees, taking off her mask, and curling up on the dirty pile. <3>

ZeedusJrFrostBlood: Typical. It was a usual calling for old Z to enter the nearest bar. A fatal grunt of suspicion exited his peculiar-shaped lips as his feet propelled him forward, his two giant booted smashing down into the surface of the ground in the meantime. ”Beware. A giant of sorts is entering the vicinity.” No-one heard such words, it was said and stored from up above in his mind. Strange, but that’s how he was. Secretive and cautious. Smoothing his right hand over the door handle which was the entrance to the bar, his middle finger tucked under the handle to find a chipped part, and what do you of it, he did found it. ”Bloody knew it. Shoddy craftsmanship.” By shaking his head, he twisted the handle anti-clockwise before he entered the building, eruptions of coughs free fall from him gullet due to the fact that he was coming down with something. Every single one of the shadows had followed him into the tunnel; it was inevitable for them not too. Smiling his usual, devious smirk, he extended both arms out to the sides, equal length and all. A few words later and the following shadows surrounded around him, each one sucking deep into his core which the feeling was indescribable. ”Oh. Yes. Fuel the engine that is my void.” Now all of the shadows had possessed his mere figure, the giant arose; in front of the barkeeper, both cold and frantic hues staring right into his puny ones. Forth while, his lips began to part, the upper pushed up and vice versa with the lower. ”Ale.” Once said, he pushed by all the people that lingered within the bar, probably bums and such. His shoulders touched them in a hostile manner; all were to scared to retaliate due to the intimidation that signalled from his immense size. ”Seat. Where is a seat.” Grunting, he looked over to a couple of blokes who were enjoying each other’s company, Z’s orbs turned shade instantaneously to frighten them away. The red shade was the most intimidating and frightful, each guy backed up and pushed the other out the exit. ”G…Go. GO.” Laughter arose as they ran away in a scurry, each attempting to run properly due to their structure kept falling over. ”All right. Sit and behave.” Rolling his eyes, both pupils in full dilation. – Minutes later, the barkeep had designed the ale specially for him, which was poorly poured into an tankard. Slowly he approached, every sign of cautiousness was detected in his body language. ”You all right, pal? You look a bit pale.” The barkeep shook his head and planted the tankard onto the table before running away back to the bar. No tip needed. ”Hahaha. Excellent.” His conscious announced. Picking the tankard up by the handle, his palm secured a placement thoroughly around it and tightened its grip. Manoeuvring the piece of wood/steel (or whatever it’s designed out of) towards his lips, he tipped it and pushed the containment’s down into his large gullet. The broth came after as a exquisite side-effect of the drink. ”Oh. Fuck.” Chuckling as he placed the tankard down onto the table, his right leg went across the other in relaxation. – If anyone wanted to bother him with mindless blabber, Z would merely scare them away with his main tactics. Either it could be the reaction of the pupils, or the wide extending of his mouth….which if done correctly, can present a full two sets of 20 fangs which were intoxicated with the world’s most powerful poisons. Either one does the trick.

DarksiedtheLegend: -At that moment would Z have an unfortunate time for when he was pushing through some of the crowds and while many of the regular citizens would move away and or leave the bar some of the other bar regulars stayed behind for they really didn’t care of a giant entering their and getting rid of those wimpy scaredy cats citizens it would be at this moment one of these so called bar regulars would march up to Z and take a seat right next to him. Now this bar regular was wearing an metallic scrap armor that protect his chest while his arms would have chain mail sleeves with some unusual spiked brass knuckles, his legs wore a simple brown trousers with boots and on his back wrapped in leather straps was a warhammer which had one end the usual heavy front of a hammer while at the back was crude spike and this bar regular was bald, had grey skin and was about four feet and eight inches tall. As this dwarf or better known as Duergar hopped up to the bar stool before putting his arm on the counter before letting his chin rest on his arm as he was smiling at Z as he said-(?)”How’s the toilet ale pipsqueak?” –Before Z could speak and or respond would the Duergar speak to the bar keep-(?)”Hoy bar keep make sure to get my pipsqueak friend over here another pint of the finest ale down here and don’t forget to scrap it off the toilet bowl after my large orcy friend and his companion the Minotaur comes out of the toilet.” –As the bar keep would attempt to play neutral on the matter-(Bar keep)”Come on guys, he paid good money to be here so please stop harassing the poor boy.” –At that statement would the Duergar spoke up-(?)”Don’t worry bar keep we just having a little fun at his expense of course. But we are also thanking him for gracious getting rid of all the other paying customers that inhabited this place before he showed up…But for you bar keep we promise not to hurt a single hair on his pretty little head…” –As the Duergar would pat his own bald head before saying out loud-(?)”After all we know I deserve to have a little of it….Hyuck ha ha ha” –As the other bar regulars hidden in this dimly lit room began to laugh in agreement to the bald Duergar before the Duergar would then turn his attention back to Z-(?)”Now now lady perk up, stop being serious and enjoy the company among….friends…Is that what you call this miserable lot?”-And then the other bar regulars laughed in agreement before the Duergar himself jumped off the bar stool to return back to his company of misfits. While back at the house of Rider was soon as Raven placed her head rest would Rider wake up in a cold sweat as she sat up from her bed would Rider start to think about her strange dream and wonders if it was just a dream or a memory as she walked out of bed and out of her own home just to feel the air outside her home as if to think as Rider began to walk in a circle before stopping mid way to notice that her Otyugh had woken up as it stared at her with that eye stalk of his before Rider approached the Otyugh before patting its head as she whispered to it. –(Rider)”Don’t worry baby it was just a bad dream go back to sleep.” –As the Otyugh seemed to have nodded before walking back to its nest which was in the make shift burrow under the house as soon as the Otyugh went back to its burrow would Rider return back to her bed to try and sleep again in hopes that she won’t have that strange dream.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- The three in the house of Rider seemed to be asleep, but in fact, Raven was very much awake. She did have her head down on the pile of clothes from “Down the drains”, but her head was filled with so many unanswered questions, that the idea of drifting off, seemed remote. Watching Rider rise from her cot, and then head off outside, to see her Otyugh, Raven thought that Rider must be worrying about the dangers that her family had brought upon her, and all the money she had spent so far, to help them out. Raven felt a wave of guilt hit her, and she closed her eyes tight, when Rider returned from her walk. Last thing she wanted was for Rider to see she was awake after all. Opening one eye as Rider lay down again, she was in half a mind to go talk to her, but again, felt that she was making things worse. She started to think of her Mother, and the siblings, safe back In the Spire of Arachne. Picking at a loose thread on a garment on the top of her sleeping pile, she wondered how life could have been, if she had gone with her siblings, back to their home nation. But under Lorewall, all was not well, at all. Seven and Luna, the twins of Charlotte, watched on as the enigmatic Taru, took control of the gathered broods of Carrendar children. The Children had gone from worshiping Lore; to holding their arms up to the Elder, with the winter white hair. Sora stood in behind Taru, but you could see he was uneasy with what was happening. Seven, who had always been at odds with Raven over her dreams of the new hope for all in a far off land, was wondering, just where she was, after seeing her brothers and sisters with Sora and Taru. He decided to find out. “OI…where is Raven? What of the Staff of the spider? Where is Grandfather?”- Luna piped up. “Raven would not stay away from the Spire. Where is she?” Taru stared down at the Mohawk haired Seven and mauve haired Luna. A dark look swept over her features. “Raven ….is in a land beyond our reach. The staff is broken. The will of Lore shall be no more.”- Seven and Luna both gasped, and cried out in unison. “What?!” <3>

ZeedusJrFrostBlood: Oh. They had to come over and bother him, didn’t they? Well, play with fire and you will get burnt. Attempting to ignore the bald headed freak was futile, he needed something more subtle to get him to move from him. ”Baldy, call me pipsqueak one more time and you’ll see how much I am capable of.” Hearing the laughter of the man caused him to do the same, his hands pushing together to crack one another. ”Oh, aye. I am going to enjoy your company very much. I may even get the chance to throw you out of the window, how does that suit you baldy.” Looking right down at the male, the masculinity soared from him as his right hand was pressed onto the male’s shoulder out of pure hostility. Both hues circulated the entirety of his facial expressions; admiration was not executed for this man. He was a joker, one occupation Z despised. There was no doubting that Z was the tallest and most possibly, the strongest out of these men. ”Heed my warning my friend, do not attempt to make any sudden movements because I will disconnect your windpipe from your bastard throat. Understand.” A smile that glistened throughout the bar and it’s inhabitants, his gigantic hand pressured down upon his shoulder, which was most probably covered in armor. No matter. Z could crunch through steel, and that is what he did. Without no mistakes, he was going to dislocate the baldy guys’ shoulder/collar bone. And without effect, a thrusting movement pushed down on his puny shoulder, the entire force of his power and strength combined executed downwards upon the bone. There was no possibility of a broken bone, maybe something more disastrous. One thing he was serious about was his confidentiality around people, he wanted to be left alone and instead he got harassed by bloody men. ”Can’t you see I just want to be left alone. HUH!” Z said as he stood up, his hand continued to push deeper into the male’s shoulder, the thrusting movement kept on manoeuvring downwards and by this time, the bone would be completely shattered. Like he gave two shits. ”Fuck ye.” Nodding as he removed his hand with the proposition of any further fighting. ”Tell you and your boys to stay away or you will get much worse.” A low growl escalated in hostility to the man, before exiting the bar. ”Assholes.” One word was all that was announced before began to walk in the Northern directions, he was still unsure of the place’s surrounding habitats, but soon he will get used to them.