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A new RP arc brought to you by The Spider Lady of Carrendar Dynasty. Feel free to join if you’d like.

Roleplay: A Pirate’s Life

Players: CharlotteCarrendar & LadyBelz

CharlotteCarrendar: -A frightful night, aboard the Pirate Ship, the Devil’s Mystery. The first mate was on watch, as the ship powered through the waves, on its way through the Caribbean. A place known for many a pirate vessel to plunder the ships of Her Majesty’s fleet. Down in his quarters, the Captain, one Captain Moon, was entertaining his consort and highly prized lady fair, Rachael O’Malley. Now, if only Rachael, would stop acting so manly, and let him win this arm wrestling contest. “Damn and confounded Woman…who taught you to wrestle like a man? I shall boil his bottom and feed it to him…GAH..You’re hurting my wrist.” *grunts and audible groans do follow* Seems Rachael had the Good Captain on the ropes.

LadyBelz: Rachael O’Malley, consort to the Captain and the scourge of the seven seas, wasn’t even breathing heavily as she kept her arm steady. She had challenged the Captain for the right to sail the ship to a port of the winner’s choice and she was itching to see Port Royale, located off the coast of England. Since she was a wee babe, she’d heard stories from her father, the late Captain Rochard “Red Beard” O’Malley, of the exotic scenes prevailant in England and it caught her fancy. She vowed one day to visit. She turned her attention back to the task at “hand” and grinned. “Learnt it from me dear departed father, I did. Do ye yield, kind sir?” she grinned, knowing full well she was the strongest of any of the men currently on ship.

CharlotteCarrendar: So, the bodacious wench learnt the tricks on how to arm wrestle a man from her dear departed Father. Bugger, hard to boil anything of his aside from some old bones in a casket, and like hell he was going to go to the trouble to dig him up for that. “Do ye yield, kind sir?” She said, sporting that cheeky no good grin of hers. Got him everytime. “So long as you don’t go telling the CREW. Bah…have it your way. But remember lovey. You owe me a good romping later in the silks of mah bunk. It’s been a few weeks, and me balls are the same colour as me Parrot, Harold.” He then let her take the win, his arm losing its strength.

LadyBelz: Rachael slammed his hand down to the table and with a saucy wink, stood from the table. “The crew needn’t hear anything from me…less it be me screaming me pleasure to the heavens as ye plough me to me maker.” Twirling on her boot heel, she strode toward the door. Harold sqwuaked from his perch. “Saucy wench! Saucy wench! Rawwwk!” Laughing, Rachael tossed Harold a cracker before ducking out the door and onto the main deck to take control of the ship.

CharlotteCarrendar: Captain Moon’s arm went down so hard, the thud resonated and even some of his rum bottles clinked in the cabinet next to where they were wrestling. His darling Rachael got up and gave one of those tempting winks of hers, letting him know she dare not show him up in front of the crew. Her screams of pleasure would be all they would be hearing from her in the coming nights. Watching her strut out of the Captain’s quarters, the Captain rubbed his wrist, and snarled at Harold the Parrot. “You be keeping that beak of yours closed, or I be shovin’ crackers were the sun don’t shine!” He slammed down his fist, only to cry out in pain, as it was the same one she nearly broke. On the deck, the first mate, Holmesworth, was checking the ropes, while Cabin boy Tim was racing back from the galley. “Cooks serving stew…again. Crew are a bit restless, Ma’am”- he said with a salute. “What I be telling them? Cause they look to be ready to lynch the Cook and toss him over board.”

LadyBelz: As Rachael took the helm, the cabin boy, Tim, joined her. “Cooks serving stew…again. Crew are a bit restless, Ma’am,” -he said with a salute. “What I be telling them? Cause they look to be ready to lynch the Cook and toss him over board.” Rachael looked at the tawny-haired youth with a smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eye. “Tell the mates to suck it up for a bit. We’re ta be sailin to Jolly Old England to make dock at Port Royale. Cook’s to be sure to be likin the fare there. I bet me knickers on it.” She laughed, ruffling Tim’s hair. With a hoot of glee, Tim ran back belowdecks to pass on the news. There was a muffled cheering sound that shook the boards and planks of the ship and Rachael couldn’t help but be bouyed by the sound. She was finally going to get to see England for herself.

CharlotteCarrendar: Captain Moon followed the lovely Rachael out onto the deck, to see how she handled the situation with the crew, the cook, and one besotted young Cabin boy Tim. So, they were to be heading back to Jolly Ole’ England, and with a bounty on his head, this was sure to be a dangerous voyage indee. Walking up behind her, his hands behind his back, Captain Moon said in a voice, not as commanding and full of bravado, but more of a man, who loved this lass before him. “Port Royale. Hmmph. If I remember well, that is where I met your Stepfather.   A man with no love for Pirates.  I do recall you mentioning that he had picked a suitor for your hand.   I fear we be going into the mother of all storms.”- He took a long look at the Moon, then strode back into his quarters, awaiting her to come and give him what was promised.

And so the journey begins…