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I never realised how much I rely on technology as I did yesterday afternoon, when all of a sudden the Internet stopped working, and I got a shock, because my network coverage on my mobile phone, also stopped.  I sat, staring at my screen, and then my phone and wondered.  WHAT THE HELL?

Okay, so on contacting Telstra, who diverted me to India (Yeah, they should know what is going on in my country), I was told to hold for ten minutes, while they contacted Australia, to find out what had happened to the service. WELL, they came back and said, that there was a major fault and it would be down from between, 24, to 48 hours.

The look on my face?



Are you kidding me?  NO…NO NO NO.  But yes, it felt like my link to the rest of the world was gone.

Now to top it off, I went down to the supermarket, to stock up, and for those that know me, I live in Central Highlands, North Queensland, which is gripped by torrential rain and flooding.  Needless to say, the trucks can’t get through due to some dams having burst their banks and flooded the rivers further south.  So, there was a lot of fresh products, bread, milk, fruit and vege and national newspapers missing from the shelves.

Okay…so I bought up what I could, stocked up.  Thought in my mind was, what if my town gets flooded in, and there is STILL no network , no eftpos, no banking…cause we all rely on the Internet.

So..you can imagine how isolated I really feel.  The last time this town was flooded, nearly 80% went under, and took months to get back on its feet.

Well, at about 2.20pm the net finally came back on.  Now at least I can see the radar sites, on the coming rain, and keep up to date with the flooding situation and truck movement from the south.  Its amazing really, I live 3.5 hours from the coast line, but once the rivers flood, I feel like I am on an island which is very hard to be reached by road and train.  Having no net or cell phone, also had me realise my dependence on it.  And it was a truly scary thing.

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