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Since I have something of a love affair with spiders for my writing and role playing, decided to start a blog, dedicated to my favourite arachnids.

Now, the first one I have chosen, truly is one of the most feared in Australia. ย No other is quite as aggressive, and to be sure, you won’t ever forget, if you are bitten by one.


Today’s Spider : “The Funnel Web”


Showing a bit of aggression.

“A gift…nothing more’

CharlotteCarrendar: -The Spider demoness, tilts her head from side to side, upon seeing that somehow a creature of this realm created a black hole with no appearance of magic (or prep) and shot it like a cannon at the foe that had so brutally and nearly almost nearly, killed the alpha female. It was a truely jaw dropping, eye widening sight, that the body was ripped apart (and was that an auto hit? yes I think it was). Trotting over to the body of the badly beaten alpha with her chest caved in and her head beaten like a watermelon with a mallet….or a bloody big sledge hammer, Charlotte would shake her head and say softly- “Such a pity…..the blood masks your beauty…and yet the hand of death did not dare lay a finger upon you. But I ask..why is it your kin are acting as though nothing has happened. Surely they be rush to save your life…ahh here comes one now…well….I leave you with this parting phrase. “Next time….oh sleeping beauty, you might not be so lucky” -she drops a funnel web spider upon the unconcious Alpha- “A gift…nothing more, but once it lands it bites….the venom sure to make sure you never waken” And with that, she vanishes in a swirl of black spiders returning to her lair-
A parting para…. “Kiss of the Spiderwoman”

Notice the difference in size, from the female to the male.

The Sydney Funnel-web Spider is a very aggressive species and one of the deadliest spiders in the world. The cephalothorax is almost hairless and appears smooth and glossy black. The abdomen is black, dark brown or purplish in colour. The body and legs are covered with fine hairs. The male has more slender legs and a spur on the third segment of the second leg. This tiny spur is used to hold the female’s fangs during mating. Funnel-webs are extremely aggressive spiders and when threatened they raise their front legs high off the ground and point their fangs forward ready to strike. When they strike they drive the fangs down with force and speed.

Body length: male 20mm, Female 30mm

The Sydney Funnel-web Spider is found in rainforest and wet eucalypt forest, and has moved into shady damp areas of private gardens. They build their silk-lined burrow under a rock or log. The burrow may be up to 60cm long. Most burrows have two entrance. The burrow entrance has thicker lines of silk radiating from the entrance to form trip-lines which alert the spider when prey is near. They are attracted to water and sometimes fall into swimming pools when they are wandering.

Mostly insects, although can catch prey as large as frogs and lizards

Males reach sexual maturity at four years of age and females at five years. The male wanders in search for a mate in humid conditions after heavy rain. The Female spend most of her time in her burrow, and waits there for a mate. The male entices the female out of her burrow for mating. The female produces an egg-sac with about 100 eggs and stores it in the burrow until the spiderlings hatch.

Found mainly around the Sydney area in Australia although the range extends along coastal regions of New South Wales to Queensland.

Male Funnel-web Spiders sometimes wander into buildings when they are searching for a mate, and sometimes find their way into clothing on the floor. The Sydney funnel-web spider bite is one of the most dangerous in the world. Bites can be fatal if not treated. An antivenom is available and no fatalities have been reported since its introduction. Seek medical treatment immediately if bitten.

Class: Arachnida
Order: Mygalomorphae
Family: Hexathelidae
Genus: Atrax
Species: robustus
Common Name: Sydney Funnel-web Spider


Fun Fact: Apparently, like white men, Funnel Webs can’t jump.