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Re: Agent Ayalah Romach – Israeli Assassin for hire
January 12, 2013 11:49PM
Role Play Group : The Death ClubAgent Ayalah Romach – Israeli Assassin for hire

Writer – CharlotteCarrendar

Take my breath away

7:30pm – Josh had combed the streets, been to many a bar, cafe, restaurant, any place that his darling Ayalah might be. Stray ginger hairs sat on his shoulders, as he had been pulling them, in frustration, not being able to locate the Israeli temptress. “Where can she be?” The voice in his head screaming. Panicking, like a druggie, needing to score, he wanted her, flashes of images of her on his lap top, moments of madness when he brutally took her in that apartment….that was an empty shell now. Scrubbed clean of him, and of her. That wondrous night, was now just a fantasy. His BMW’s tyres screamed as he took off into the traffic from yet another failed stop. Women; beautiful women everywhere, but there was no Ayalah. She had managed to bewitch him in a way that no other woman ever had or could. ~“Oh yes..” she said. She promised. She promised herself to me~ he was now thinking out loud.

Pulling up at the lights, his cellphone started to ring. Maybe this was her! Quickly, Josh turned on the loudspeaker, hoping it was that enchanting voice. “Baby….where the fuck are you? I want you to meet me at the gym…I am going to fuck…” –but he stopped mid sentence, as a different woman’s voice started to speak. One, that had been crying for hours. The voice was hoarse, and barely recognisable. “You!…Son of a bitch! I know what you did. You CHEATER! All your things are out in the driveway and front yard. I never want to see you…or your whores…EVER AGAIN! You are finished. My father..He is going to change the managing rights tomorrow. Get your things out of the office…and go be with your…WHORE!”- The phone went dead, as Josh stared straight ahead, his fingers gripped tightly around the steering wheel. The lights changed to green, but his car failed to move. Behind him, other cars were honking their horns and the drivers were shouting obscenities, but Josh could no longer hear them.

8:00pm – Balls of Steel Gym was in its final hour of opening. The clang of metal bar bells, the grunts of the weight lifters, the heavy thud thud thud from the aerobic class, all music to the ears of Summer Childs, who was at the reception with a very good looking Russian body builder. Vlad was new and signing in registration forms, all the while, chatting up the pretty receptionist. Summer was blushing fiercely, as the body builder reached out and tweaked her cheek, like she was some playful puppy.

“I am notz gud vith dhe English…you very prettyz. He He He”

Summer erupted in a fit of giggles, and went back to help him with his form, as the doors to the gym opened, and an erratic looking Josh stormed in, not even speaking to Summer, who raised her pen, but then jumped as Josh marched into his office and slammed the door. Unbeknownst to Summer, he locked it on entry. The Russian raised an eyebrow, and jerked his thumb towards the office door.

“”E lookz bad moodz, yah? Alvayz dis vay?” Vlad enquired, as the receptionist looked visibly upset. She truly didn’t know what had gotten into him. “I don’t know, normally he is a fun loving guy, always smiling. This is not normal for him. Maybe I should check on him.” She suggested, but the Body builder smiled and placed his hand over hers and stared straight into her eyes. “Butz…can you ‘elp me virst? I notz gut vith dhe English.” Summer relented, and then went right on back to helping him with his form, as the body builder smirked.

8: 25pm – Summer was now showing Vlad around the gym floor, the weights room, the showers and locker rooms, as Vlad walked along behind her, nodding as she spoke, and looking genuinely interested in the set up. “Very..Nice.” He said, over and over. Summer took the time to introduce him to other staff, and of course, some of the clients, who were at awe with the Russian’s physique. He was like a golden Greek god. Some of aerobic class girls came out and spotted Vlad, who was looking very smug, standing with Summer. “WOOOOO!!” a girl cried out, checking him out. “Take it off!”- yelled another, and Vlad nodded, removing his shirt, to show off his rippling abs. Summer, nearly dies of embarrassment.


One of the other staff members, took out her cell phone, and asked Summer and Vlad to stand together for a picture, cause it was not every day they had a famous Russian weightlifter in their midst. Summer certainly looked like she was radiating heat, and tried to smile, though she was still worried about her boss, who had not come out of his office. Maybe he was doing paperwork or rosters. She decided she would check on him soon, but then Vlad put his arm around her and made a silly grin at the girl holding the cell phone. “MONKEYZ UNDIEZ!” The floor erupted in laughter, and everyone in the gym was having a good night….all except one.

In the office, Josh had been pacing back and forth. Everything in his world was crashing down around him. His wife, somehow knew of his affair. But how could she? He had not seen her since he left for work this morning. Ayalah was missing. His beautiful , Ayalah. Josh stared up at the many pictures of awards for business, his famous celebrities, the women, the beautiful women that he had been spying on, day after day. His obsession with voyeurism had brought him to find the perfect woman in his eyes. Ayalah. Oh that voice, that body that never quit. But now, he had to pack up his things. A box was out, with his trophies, his files. A half assed attempt, to clean out his desk. But when he sat down to his lap top, there she was. He now felt he had nothing left to lose. Slowly he unthreaded his belt from the loops of his pants, and whipped it off, caressing the smooth leather. He set the recorder on his laptop media player to repeat the shower scene, where Ayalah has used a bottle. This was how he wanted to remember her. Slowly, he threaded the belt around his neck, and then placed the buckle of the belt on the window latch behind him. He undid his trousers, and let out his engorged member, that craved air. The belt was pulled taught around his neck, and then he pressed play on his favourite song, whilst he stroked himself, watching her with tears in his eyes.

Josh started to sing along, the belt tightening around his neck, as he was losing oxygen. The image on his lap top screen, was Ayalah with the shampoo bottle, making those sounds…sounds he would never hear again.

“How you turned my world, you precious thing
You starve and near exhaust me
Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you
I move the stars for no one
You’ve run so long
You’ve run so far
Your eyes can be so cruel
Just as I can be so cruel
Though I do believe in you
Yes I do
Live without the sunlight
Love without your heartbeat
I, I can’t live within you
I can’t live within you
-Josh takes his final breath, as he climaxes, his eyes closing-
I, I can’t live within……….. you”

9:00pm – The patrons of the Balls of Steel gym are now streaming out of the foyer, many waving to Vlad, who seems to be staying behind with Summer. Summer tidied up the front desk, and had money for the safe, which was in Josh’s office. Vlad coughed and then said, as though nervous. “I vould…er..likez do valk you do yourz carz?” Summer gave a half smile, as she held the takings bag and made her way to Josh’s door. “I be right out.” She then placed her hand on the door knob and tried to turn it, but it was locked. She struggled with it for a moment, then brought her head up and banged on the door. “Josh…Josh? Please, open the door, I have to put the takings in the safe.” Vlad tilted his head watching, but still having something of an evil grin, before Summer turned back to him, and he looked bewildered. “Zomething rongz?” He asked, pretending to be concerned. Summer started to pound on the door. “JOSH…open the door. JOSH?!” There would continue to be no sound coming from inside the office. Hearing Summer panic, Vlad came over and gently moved her aside with his large hand. He took the door handle and shook it. It was definately locked. “Dhiz iz notz gut.” Summer was tearful and begged Vlad to smash down the door. Vlad nodded with a stern expression and asked her to step back. Vlad then went back three steps and charged the door full on, the door breaking off its hinges and falling onto the ground inside the office. Vlad was the first to go in, and sure enough, there was Josh, seated at his desk. “Oooo shitz.” He said, as Summer came in after him and screamed. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Vlad took up Summer in his arms and held her as she sobbed and blubbered incoherently.

Vlad patted her and tried to console her, but knew that he had work to do. He held her back, gripping her shoulders, and kept her from looking at the body. “Goez…call dhe policez! Okayz?” Summer nodded and skittered out of the office, as Vlad watched for a clear moment alone, then hurried around the desk, to look at the lap top monitor. Sure enough, it was the footage of Ayalah. Vlad took out his weight lifting gloves and placed them on, before changing the video, over to the one of Mia, and pressed repeat, then looked down at Josh’s corpse. “Tsk TskTsk…you zilly man.”

Summer came back in the office and had tears rolling down her cheeks. “He’s dead…isn’t he?” She could see the belt tied tightly around his neck, the blue of his lips, the bulging of his eyes. Vlad took another look at Josh and said simply. “Yah.” Summer came around the desk and looked at the lap top screen and gasped as he saw what Josh must have been watching while he killed himself. “Mia?” she uttered, flabbergasted, that there was a film of Mia washing herself in the showers. It then dawned on Summer, that that was the showers at the Gym! Summer nearly choked on her own spit, and had to look away, as the smell from Josh and the footage, made her vomit all over the carpet. BLEARGH!!! Vlad wrinkled up his nose, but went over to hold her hair and tried to pat her back gently, though not liking this part of the operation at all.

9:30pm – The carpark of the Balls of Steel gym, was now full of police cars, ambulance, and the Forensics, who were now all scouring the gym for evidence and the body of Josh was being wheeled out in a body bag. Summer was strapped to a guernsey and being taken to an ambulance, having trouble breathing, whilst Vlad had given a full statement to the police investigators. As the doors to the gym were sealed with yellow tape, Vlad was given the all clear to go home and he thanked the officers with big handshakes. “I goez do dhe hospitalz vor Summer….zhe needz a friend.”- The policemen agreed and let him go, and when Vlad got into his car, he quickly got on the phone.

(?)“Yez…vhat is it, Vlad?”
“E is dead. Zuicide, and the police now have the lap topz”
(?)”Very gut….and did they zee the vootage?”
Vlad grinned and nodded, saying simply “Oh yah…dhey did.”

Vlad then hung up and sped off into the night, as the sirens wailed and the flashing lights continued to light the night sky.

At the penthouse, Ayalah had been listening to the intercom, with Vlad giving an account of what went down at the Gym. She was playing with ball, as she was dressed in a seductive lace cat suit, grinning like she just ate the canary.
(?)”Josh is dead.” –the well dressed Russian said, taking out a cigar and lighting it, as he watched Ayalah tossing the brightly coloured ball. She was acting like a kitten, a sex kitten, not having a care in the world. Tilting her head towards her employer, she said smugly.

“I did say…another would be added to the death tally. Ah well, guess I need to find a new gym.”

The Russian switched on his lap top and then eased back in his leather recliner, staring at the many shots of Mia in the gym. He stubbed out his cigar and started to laugh.

(?)”I ‘ave youz now!”