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January 09, 2013 06:03AM
Role Play : Group : Death ClubAgent Ayalah Romach –  Israeli Assassin for hire

Girls on Film


-8;00pm; The digital clock in Ayalah’s bedroom glowed in the darkness, showing the red numbers. Standing in the doorway, but leaning with her back to the frame, Ayalah enjoyed a cigarette, whilst keeping an eye on the time. Dressed in a sensual set of a black lace bra and panties, silken hose, with suspenders and garter. She capped off with nine inch stilettos. Her hair had been playfully teased and was full, flowing off her supple shoulders, and down her upper back. The apartment was decorated in a modern fashion, mostly white, with art deco and candles; which were all lit and provided not only a certain ambiance, but also the sweet scent of vanilla. Ayalah was still bothered by the altercation in the carpark, with that nosey Alex, whom she had met before at the Death Club. He was onto her, there was no mistaking it, but what does a woman do when she is cornered? She comes out fighting. This night was to be one that she planned to make a few people pay dearly, for messing with her. But, first things first. The Israeli temptress was on a job, and this was all part of the operation. Taking a last drag of her cigarette, she heard the intercom buzz twice. Right on time. Josh was keen it seemed. Stubbing out her cigarette in an ashtray, she made her way to the phone, and lifted the receiver. The small screen came on, and showed Josh, standing in the foyer, carrying his black bag, that may well contain his lap top. Josh was peering into the camera, and then asked. “Ayalah…it’s me, Josh. I got held up in traffic.” Ayalah grinned and answered promptly, pressing the button to activate the lock at the doors, to allow him to get through to the lifts. “You’re lucky this time, Josh. Come on up.”- Josh smiled brightly, hearing in her voice a tone, that he hoped would mean she was in good spirits.

Knowing that Josh would be a few minutes, Ayalah did a last minute check of her apartment. Champagne chilling in an icebucket. Rose petals scattered all over her bed. Fresh linen in the bathroom, and assorted sex toys and harnesses in her bedroom for Josh’s enjoyment. Ayalah had cleared a space on her dresser, that would make room for his lap top, and she had concealed the USB that she had lined up to record their passionate night. Pleased that everything was in readiness, she bit her bottom lip and let out something of a chuckle. “Oh this will be fun.”- Ayalah mused. Finally a knock at the door, and it was show time. Ayalah made her way to the door, undoing all the locks and then opening it, holding onto the side of the door with her left hand. Josh’s eyes said it all, as they travelled across her body. He could hardly believe it. This Israeli beauty was pulling out all the stops, and just for him. Ayalah tilted her head to the right and then glanced down at the bag, before raising her gaze to stare into his eyes.

“You’re late.”

“Just by a minute…or two.”

Thinking she may have changed her mind, by keeping him outside for now, he fidgeted with his right hand in his trouser pocket. “I brought it like you asked, but I am wondering why?” It was a very good question, and one she had every intention of answering. Stepping forward, she took his tie in her right hand, and started to pull him in, so their faces were inches apart. Her perfume this night, was Poison, and it was intoxicating as it was beautiful. Running her tongue across the top row of her teeth, she showed off the lustre of her lipstick. Josh’s heart was pounding in his chest, as he became aroused almost immediately. “I wanted, to do something special for you. I know you like to watch me in the gym, and in the shower, but…what would be even more juicy, to watch while you do the important paperwork of your gym….but to watch a movie of you and I, fucking like there is no tomorrow.” Josh was dumbfounded. Did she just say, that she was willing to be filmed in a live fuck fest for his pleasure, to watch whenever he wanted? Ayalah came right in close, her lips just brushing his. “You get to be a porn star for your own collection.” Josh was overcome, and then he started to kiss her, hungrily, with great need. His tongue forcing its way into her mouth. No more teasing, he wanted her so bad, he was practically humping his own car seat on the way over. Ayalah released small moans, that were almost….submissive? Oh god, that was exactly what he wanted. To bring Ayalah to her knees, and to have her suck him off, as he stared at the camera. His own private show, with enough fap material to last him a year. Josh was not even in the door, and his free hand was running up and down her back, searching for her bra clip. For a moment, it was like he was going to do her right there, till Ayalah pulled back and gasped for breath. “Daddy is an animal. Rawr!”- She easily took the bag from his grip and whispered. “Let me go set this up in my bedroom, and then…its show time.

Josh started to undo his tie, following her into her apartment, after closing the door behind him. As Ayalah took out the lap top and set it on the dresser, she could hear Josh out in her lounge room. “Hey…who was that creep giving you a hard time in the carpark? I would have come over, but…you know.”- Ayalah knew alright. Last thing he wanted was to make a scene in front of his gym patrons. Ayalah smirked and replied. “I know, Baby…I saw you watching out for me, but, I was fine. Alex…he is some obsessed freak, that has been stalking my facebook page, after I posted a few choice pictures of me. The joys of the internet, huh?” Whilst Ayalah had the chance, she took out her usb stick from its hiding place, and inserted it into the side of the lap top, and quickly started to type in to access his files. Sure enough, Josh would wander through, and Ayalah dragged down the down load bar, and instead had the camera testing the room. “I am so silly with computers, but I think I got it now. Josh was enraptured by all the toys, and the way the room looked just like a fantasy brothel room in a classy hotel. “You went to a lot of trouble, Ayalah, I knew you liked me, but…this is just…heaven.” Josh took off his jacket and threw it on a chair, as the cam on the laptop was recording.

Ayalah turned to face Josh, who had found a horse crop on the bed that she had laid out especially for him. He ran his fingers up and down the crop, and then slapped his hand with it, and urged Ayalah to approach him. So this was the game. He wanted to be the Dom, and for this night, he would become one. Josh brought the crop down and whacked it against his own leg, as if to call her to him. “I see you, everyday. I’ve been watching you, working out, teasing me with your smile, and of course, in the shower. I know you do it all for me. And you setting up this meeting just prove I was right.” ~Keep talking, Josh, and believe what you are saying.~ Ayalah thought, let him believe this fantasy is real. “I had to get you here, somehow. I’ve been so bad.” –she said with a luscious pout. Josh smiled, and then raised his hand, brushing her right nipple with it, before tweaking it, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. Ayalah kept still for him, allowing his advances, and then releasing small moans, which made him think she wanted him all the more. He lowered his hand and then seemed to turn away for a second, like he had changed his mind. Maybe the man did have a conscience after all. Just as Ayalah thought it was all for nought, he turned around abruptly and grabbed her shoulders, forcing her to the wall, squeezing tight, his finger tips pressing into her skin. His body pinned to her, she felt her nipples aching and he brought his mouth to close over hers. This was of course a reaction she didn’t expect, but one thing was for sure, it was going to look very convincing on the video. His hands moved up to her cheeks and his mouth was positively eating her, whilst his hips were grinding against hers. Josh was incredibly rough, and Ayalah was a new toy, that he wanted so very much to break. Changing his grip, his right hand took up a good portion of her hair, and he dragged her over towards the bed, where he spun her around and placed a flat hand on her back and forced her forward, so she was hunched over. Ayalah made a squeal of protest and he picked up the crop and struck her hard across the right buttocks. “Keep still, Israeli bitch!” Thankfully, her face was now obscured by her hair, so, the camera would not pick up the fact she was grinning at his attempts to dominate her. Sure, the crop strike stung, but to her, she had experienced far worse pain than that. For now, Ayalah would comply. Her arms out forward on the bed, and she felt his knee moving between her legs to part them. A few grunts, as Josh undid his pants and let them fall to the floor, with him stepping out and kicking them to the side, before grabbing her ass cheeks in his hands, kneeding them, trying to mark her, have her belong to him. This was what he dreamed of, full control.

Josh got in behind her, and he roughly undid her bra, and tore it from her, tossing it onto the bed. That was one expensive undergarment, and was a bit sad to see it ripped. Josh’s hands glided up her back and then around to her breasts, which he seized, stroking her nipples, before kneeding them as well. Ayalah bucked in response, and he grabbed a fistful of her hair. “What…do you..want?” Ayalah made another fake cry, and then said in a very soft voice. “Anything, Everything…I want you to fuck me.” Josh growled back. “I know…and once I do, you are going to belong to me. No other man will ever be able to touch you. I will have you whenever I want…even at the gym. You are to come when I text, and then fuck me in the office. In my car. Wherever I want.” Josh leaned forward, brushing away her hair from the back of her neck, and she turned her face to the camera, so it would be shown on the footage that they were recording. Josh then bit the back of her neck, urging her to comply, to say the word. Ayalah let out a cry as his teeth tore at her neck. But with a steely gaze she stared at the lap top and said. “Oh yes…”- then she mouthed something that was meant for whoever was watching. “Dare me, Alex.”

Ayalah opened her legs wider, inviting Josh to have his way and he thought she was submitting, just as he had dreamed and hoped for. “MINE!….MY WOMAN!” He slipped his fingers between her lace panties and tore them from her. The tearing sound exciting him all the more. He reached forward and grabbed her hair in one hand, to pull her head back, while his free hand, he slid his fingers between her clit lips, then poked two just into her pussy. And now to act, Ayalah knew she had to appear keen, and wiggled her ass, in anticipation, even releasing a small amount of pre, although she felt nothing for this man that hovered behind her. Josh was enjoying every flinch, every twitch, every cry. To him, Ayalah was the perfect woman. So assertive out in the world, but in this room, she bowed down only to him. His wife on the other hand, was a control freak, a dominating sow that he was forced to marry, when he accidentally got her pregnant, in his younger years. Her family owned the gym, which was the only good thing he got out of the deal. But she made him feel like less than a man, and only let him touch her, once every six months.

Josh found himself completely aroused, by her voice, and her scent, and could no longer stand the simple play. Quickly and aggressively he plunged his hardened member deep inside her, grabbing her waist on the right side with his hand, and the fistful of hair with his left. Josh gave a few hard pumps, forcing himself deep inside her, their skin smacking against the other. Panting, and throwing his head back, he was like a machine. He had waited so long for this night, he was almost giddy on how to take her. Josh wanted to have her taste him, and pulled out swiftly, his erect cock turned upward, as he pulled her back up and turned her around, forcing her to her knees. All the while, Ayalah kept an eye on the lap top, knowing the files should be nearly finished downloading. She would suffer this indignity a bit further, all for the job. With Ayalah on her knees, he pulled her mouth towards the head and then reached round to the back of her head and pushed, so she had to take all of him in her mouth at once. Ayalah wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft, and he groaned with pleasure. He placed both hands behind her head, and started to fuck her face hard. She didn’t resist, taking it down her throat, every so often he would hear squeals and moans of submission, and her tongue flickered up and down his cock, that was sliding in and out, like a fired pistion. God, she was amazing, taking in all his girth, better than any high paying escort or whore.

Josh changed pace, going agonisingly slow, as he stroked her head, pulling on her ears, and trying to catch her hair in his fingers. Her tongue worked feverishly, though he was taking his time. But then he was off again, pumping and rocking back and forth, getting her to take it, eat it, suck it dry. “Good Girl…Good girl….yes…gooood…girrrrrl….YESSSS…OH YES SUCK IT BABY!!!” Josh couldn’t hold back, and he pulled out of her mouth, taking it in his hand and jerking it fiercely, so the spurts of cum would spray all over her face and bare breasts. Josh was now laughing, so pleased with himself. He jumped on the bed and threw his arms out. “THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!” Ayalah crawled across the floor and grabbed a towel, trying to wipe the cum stains off, but as she rose at the dresser, she flicked the lap top, to show the files had been downloaded. SUCCESS…even though she was a mess. The home movie too, was captured, and she discretely removed the usb, hiding it in the towel. “I am going to go shower..Baby..then later we can…go again.” Turning around, she was amused to see that Josh had fallen asleep. Hmm…Must have been the poisoned petals. Grinning, as she wiped the last of the cum off her, she closed the lap top and snatched the usb in her hand. She now had the details of everyone in the gym from the Death Club. As well as an incriminating video of a cheating husband….and all the women who used the showers at the gym.

“Let the games…begin.”