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One very surprised Spider this morning.



The Beautiful Blogger Award.


Today, I got the most wonderful surprise, when I received my first ever blogging award nomination for “The Beautiful Blogger Award.”
My thanks first of all, to Mirror Mirror, (http://thethirdredapple.com/) for her nominating my blog; Charlotte’s Web, for scary graphics. <3.
I have only been blogging for a few months, but I have been writing now for about three years, and having discovered blogging, thanks to my good friend Sarah, I have simply fallen in love with it, and also found so many other interesting and amazing blogs, that keep me reading for hours.
Okay, so the rules of this award nomination, are that I am to write seven things about myself. Heh, so those who know me, will probably nod and say…”Yeah, that’s about right.”

1. First and foremost, I am a coffee addict. I simply can’t start my morning right, without a good mug of coffee and a few threads to read, whilst enjoying my vegemite toast.
2. Writing; the love of my life. Yes, I am one that gets a total buzz from publishing a blog, or completeing a story for either my wp blog, or my role play group; The Carrendar Dynasty and Chronicles. When I am totally emersed in a story and being challenged by my peers, is when I make those happy sounds.
3. Laughter and comedy. Anyone will tell you, I love nothing better, than laughing till I can’t breath. Whether it be in film, or television, like say Mrs Brown’s boys, or a good story, nothing is more enjoyable. I do try and put as much humour as I can into my stories, such as Boobs Inga Boobs, and I get a total kick, if I can get my co-writer LadyBelz, to laugh so much that she needs to pee.
4. While songs like Gangnam style and I’m sexy and I know it, are anthems for the year that was, I am one that loves soundtrack music and celtic too. Most games have the most amazing and inspirational tracks, that I love to play when I write, to give me more of a kick to write with more emotion.
5. Being Australian, I am 100% proud of my nationality and being Australian means I get to find the humour in our own culture, whilst confusing everyone else with my lingo.
6. I am a shocking gardner. Don’t ever give me a plant…I guarantee you, I will kill it. Even though I don’t mean too.
7. Most importantly, my love affair with spiders. All of which steemed from a children’s book, “Charlotte’s web.” As I have named my blog after the book title, and even one of my characters for role play stories, I can honestly say, that my fondest childhood memories, are reading that book every night with my flashlight. No one could believe a spider could write so beautifully.

Now..for my nominations for the Beautiful Blogger award. And they are….

http://ladybelz.wordpress.com/ (Simply, an epic writer, whose stories always enlighten and entertain.)
http://www.aboutthechildren.org/ (A site dedicated to helping children and families, in difficult times)
http://bottledworder.wordpress.com/ (Incredible blogger, helpful hints on writing, and blogging. Insightful, and witty.)
http://moviewriternyu.wordpress.com/ (The return of the Modern Philosopher. Always thought provoking articles that have me dig deep inside my mind.)
http://thejigglybits.com/ (laughter is always assured on this blog. <3)
http://annascottgraham.net/ (Fantastic stories, told from the heart, and interesting articles.)
http://twistedmuses.wordpress.com/ (Poetry, and amazing blogs on writing.)


To all my readers, a big thank you for visiting my blog, and hope to have some new stories, and thoughts up soon.

Love from Down Under.