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December 05, 2012 02:20PM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar DynastyDead Nationhttps://i2.wp.com/i56.tinypic.com/295sby1.jpg

Flushing out the Meat.


DarksiedtheLegend: -As soon as Raven left the store would Rotal then respond to the brothers-(Rotal)”The part about staying away from your affairs was meant for me huh?”(Seer)”Why of course handler” (Jester)”We have more important things to deal with than a little” (Executioner)”Quiet….It’s too soon to reveal the surprise. Shouldn’t you be leaving handler?” –Rotal would smirk before placing a mask on his face and putting his hood up as he left the shop while the brothers would begin their planning. As Raven was rushing back to the house would there be a loud blast from a horn echoed throughout the town as various people would be rushing to their homes, closing up stores, locking down their homes and even some were fortifying their windows and doors as some of the flush men and women would wake up from their slumber and began to grab their saddles and armour. The flush men would be fixing their saddles onto their Otyugh’s, while others were putting on armour , grabbing swords, pikes ,maces, spears, bow and arrows, crossbows, staffs, axes, halberds and even pipes, and on some of them were helping their comrades onto their Otyugh’s while Rider would be waving her hand around as if in attempt to press the snooze button on an alarm clock before she topped that as it hit her…She couldn’t afford that new flanged contraption as Rider would look around to see if anyone was awaking up but then decided maybe later to get up but as she turned her head to look out the window she would notice the Otyugh smiling and nudge its head forward as Rider let out groan before getting up slowly as she head for the door. –

CharlotteCarrendar: – Raven was in a hurry to get back to Rider’s house, so that she could inform her kin and Rider of course, of the good news. But it was as she hurried along the market streets, she too heard the blast of the horn, that resonated through the tunnels. She even raised her hands up to the side of her head, as though to try and block it out. It was loud enough to wake the dead. But there was something going on, as many people scattered from the streets, the sounds of people slamming doors, and closing windows, barracadiing themselves into their abodes. The horn was obviously a warning blast, to alert the people of the tunnels, that bad things were about to happen. This only made Raven go faster, skipping and jumping over objects, that lay on the ground. She could see many other flusher women and men, gathering weapons, and fitting on armour. Was the tunnels, about to become a new war zone? Raven reached the outside gate to the propery of Rider and saw that her Otyugh, was trying to get Rider up. Obviously she had slept longer than she had intended. The clink of metal, the sound of many getting their Otyughs, ready to face what was coming, had Raven a teeny bit excited. She entered the dwelling and waited for her to get out of her bed. “Rider….there are many gearing up for a war?”- she said loudly. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would be placing seems to be a leather chest plate on to her body before answering Raven-(Rider)”It ain’t war…It’s the meat’s; the horn signifies that they are nearing the town and the flush men and women who actually own Otyugh is being called to duty. While normally a flush person is only suppose to clean up the mess and go where others cannot…we tend to do this job as well. Now let see did I ever explained to you lot what a meat is…..maybe I didn’t but here goes meats are beings that still have the disease in them…When the bombing occurred it didn’t wipe them all out apparently the disease was eager to survive so in duration of time it got smarter and stronger even mutating humans and the like now usually this was the Butcher and his men job to clean them out but no knew that until…Pardon for use of the surface dwellers…The Carrendar sympathizer started acting out and without thinking why the Butcher was even here…He decided not to clean up the meats, that’s where we come in he put us in charge of that duty only because the disease doesn’t affect Otyughs…so as the riders we were unofficial conscripted to do that job…for every meat the Otyugh eats we get money but this caused some of the flush people to over feed their Otyugh’s and say they ate many meats but they got smart and made a new system in way that one really has to weight their Otyugh before going and then coming back….want to see this side of the job? This is one reason why most flush people wait for the horn and sleep all day. The hordes of meat hasn’t been to active as of late this season so everyone is going to be in high gear so care to see this line of work or do you prefer to stay here?. ”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Raven had only heard the phrase “meat” used once or twice, so really she didn’t understand what they were, till now. Infected and diseased people, that had been from the surface, but somehow mutated, and were on the move in the tunnels. So this was what the warning blast was. To alert all Flush men and women to get ready, to use their Otyughs to eat their way through the menace. “So these are the people from the days of the plague? Baldrick mentioned something about this, but he was very sick himself at the time.”- Raven replied, thinking of what it would be like, to see Rider’s Otyugh taken on a meat and actually eat one. Raven watched as Rider prepared herself, using a leather chest plate to protect herself with, and then explained this was why the flusher men and women slept, cause they were waiting for the horn to sound, to get ready and do the job they have made for their own. “Want to see this side of the job?” Naturally, Raven wanted to help Rider however she could and nodded, saying. “I want to do what I can, since I have not yet been able to find another job, although things are starting to look promising with the three brothers.” Hoping this might help lift Rider’s spirit, to know that Raven could be bringing in money as well, would ease the burden of their upkeep on her. Adjusting her mask, she prepared herself to join Rider and her Otyugh on her first real hunt. She secretly wondered just how many meats, the Otyugh could eat. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Raven would then get her basket saddle as she dragged it out to the Otyugh as the Otyugh complied as Rider would fasten the rope on the under belly of the Otyugh as Rider seemed to respond to Raven-(Rider)”I am not sure if it were the same people, could be their mutated descendants…The plague as you call it found a way to mutate itself in an almost strange manner…How to put it well some say they breed among themselves others say that they just copy each other over and over…whatever the case they grown into an almost huge horde.” –Rider would then get on her basket saddle before offering her hand to hoist Raven up now if Raven got on would Rider patted the head of the Otyugh as the Otyugh seemed content with charging forward to the hordes that may be coming as Rider then continue to speak-(Rider)”Let’s see normally I stay away from this sort of things but I am strapped for cash so I have to take this risk. No risk means no reward…now pay attention to the man who would be coming up” –As soon as Rider said that would another flush man come up riding on a dark Otyugh and this flush man had his two axes out and ready dressed in almost light armour with a make shift horned helmet and his Otyugh has its arm around the flush man’s waist-(Rider)”You see how this dresses…Don’t dress like him, the meats bite hard and if you are exposed well you become dinner.You see how the Otyugh got his arm around his rider that kind of rider is going to be thrown at the horde when the time comes so in a way he earns money for how many he takes out and in a way it allows his Otyugh to eat while the rider enjoys his fighting but also this puts the rider in risk of becoming dinner again.wait a minute what kind of weapon are you good with?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven listened intently to Rider, explain about the Meat, and how they came to be all these years after the plague had hit Lacardis. Mutating, and breeding amongst themselves, caused their numbers to swell, and now they are the menace that the Butcher wants wiped out. Rider offered her hand to Raven, to help her get up aboard the Otyugh, once the saddle bag was properly fastened and the Otyugh was ready to head out with the others. Once Raven was secure, Rider looked forward to the tunnels where the hoarde of meat would be coming from. A pat on the head was given, and the Otyugh started its charge, with both Rider and Raven on top. -(Rider)”Let’s see normally I stay away from this sort of things but I am strapped for cash so I have to take this risk. No risk means no reward…now pay attention to the man who would be coming up” The fact Rider said she was strapped for cash, had Raven feeling mighty guilty, since it was her family that were taking up a lot of Rider’s savings. She know knew she had to come along and help, since the responsibility to contribute, lay with her. Out of the darkness, another Otyugh approached, and on its back, the flush man, who was dressed in light armour and some king of horned helmet, much like the Vikings. Raven also noted that his Otyugh, had its arm around the man, supporting him and keeping him steady upon its back. When the time came, the Otyugh would hurl this flush man at the horde, so he could fight the meat while his mount would start eating them. Raven’s face fell when Rider said the meat bite really hard, and the chances of becoming infected or worse are high. The male flushman seemed excited at the prospect of fighting the meat, even though it was a high risk. It also paid extremely well. Rider asked Raven “what kind of weapon are you good with?” Truth was, she had only ever used assault rifles, and thought to herself that they wouldn’t exactly be plentiful down here. The only weapon she brought with her was….the staff. “I have this staff, but I don’t know if it would work against the meat. Do you think I could get a hold of a machete?” <3>