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Boobs Inga….Boobs!

Inga Snoggleblom
Inga Snoggleblom

The Spanish trip now over, Inga and Kraus are able to settle back into their routines, Kraus going back to work for the Prague Post, and of course, Inga had a lot of interviews to do. The commercial shoot for Oil of Ole’ turned into a marketing triumph, since it was posted on you tube and had received something in the tune of 50 million hits world wide. Inga was now a household name, while Antonio was under arrest for endangering an animal while under the effects of an illicit substance. Nanna Noonie, was still bragging about having served Antonio her special home made muffins, and even went as far to have the photograph that she helped him sign, framed and proudly on display in the kitchen, so she can show it off to her bingo lady friends. But what is happening in the Snoggleblom, Hello Kitty apartment? Lets take a look, shall we?

Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas

9.30am, Wednesday

The soft shuffle of Nanna Noonie’s hush puppy slippers can be heard along the tiled floor, as she approaches Inga’s bedroom door. Not shy to knock, she simply turns the handle and wanders into the Hello Kitty palace, that is Inga’s room. Wall to wall Hello Kitty, and in the middle, a large four poster bed. Tangles the cat, skitters in and leaps up onto the bed, where the long lump beneath the bright pink doona, is snoring soundly. Noonie shuffles over to the curtains and then reefs them back, so the room is bathed in the sunshine of a new day.

“Vise and zhine! You ‘ave appointment, vith vedding planner!” Nanna Noonie shouts, then smacks the lump, right about where her bottom should be. Tangles the cat, decides to go a bit further, and creeps up the lump, which is now groaning in protest. Tangles then decides to swat her head, like she was pawing at a mouse. This was because, Nanna Noonie, used to only serve Tangles the generic brand cat food, and Inga would feed Tangles special Hello Kitty pussy treats. “Naaaaaaaaow”- the cat would continue to swat at Inga, who finally sat up, wearing a bright pink hello Kitty sleeping mask. “VHAT?”- she screeched, only to scare Tangles, who scratched and then fled the room, his tail like a duster, poofy and erect. Inga lifted up the sleeping mask, and then was nearly blinded by the sunlight, streaming into the room. She reacted much like a vampire would, hissing and trying to hide from the bright rays. Nanna Noonie, was having none of Inga’s antics, and she gripped the covers of her bright pink doona and reefed it back, exposing Inga in her Hello Kitty sleep set; a pink tank top and matching g string. “Ock…must you wear a hanky to bed…zhame on you.” Nanna Noonie was really getting in Inga’s face, as Inga tore off the sleeping mask and threw her legs over the side. “You are lucky…I normally wear nothingz.” Inga protested, marching off to the bathroom and slamming the door. Nanna sung out. “Vell you look like the back, you vear dental floss.”- The sound of running water, had Nanna know that at least she was getting ready for the day, and Noonie was happy enough with that, quickly making Inga’s bed and picking up her clothes. Inga was not one who was very tidy, so Nanna Noonie always found herself with something to do, chasing after Inga. Lord knew how she would cope, when living full time with Kraus.

Out in the living room, there was still about fifty boxes of Oil of Ole’ and it was taking a lot of room. Kraus had been thoughtful enough to make the boxes into a cubby house, for them to share a candle lit dinner, but after giving away many boxes to her bingo lady friends, and even donating some to the local thrift store, there was still a lot left. In fact, the stacks was so high, that you couldn’t even see if Nanna Noonie was in the room. One good idea, that Noonie had, was when Inga was doing shopping centre promotions, she actually signed bottles of the Oil of Ole’, to give away to her fans. Nanna Noonie was also tempted to sell signed bottles on ebay, to not only lower the stock, but help her save for her Christmas holidays.

Nanna Noonie went back to her computer, and had just started auctioning off more bottles, when there was a knock at the door. “Inga!…You get the door?!” Noonie sang out, going back to working at typing on the Hello Kitty lap top, one finger at a time. ~Click….clack…Click~

Inga burst out of her bedroom, dressed in a bright pink kimono, and then undid all the locks of her door, finally opening it, to see a small Japanese woman, standing with her agent, Sven. “Inga…sorry we are late, I had to pick up your wedding planner from the airport.”- Sven extended her hand down to the young Japanese designer, who bowed politely to Inga. Sven beamed. ” This is Mami Takahashi, and she has come all the way from Tokyo, to discuss the wedding. I know you wanted Hello Kitty, and Mami here, is the very best at finding everything you need.”- Mami was stunned by the size of Inga’s boobs, which were pushing their way through the pink silk kimono.

Mami Takahashi
Mami Takahashi

(translation: Oooo I had no idea she had such big boobs. Oh she is going to be hard to have fitted for the dress I had in mind. Photos do not do justice.)

Mami then stepped forward and started to squeeze Inga’s boobs, trying to push them together, and looking perplexed. Inga, shot a look at Sven, who was shrugging his shoulders, not quite understanding what was going on.
“Vhat did she say?”- Inga asked Sven, as the diminutive Japanese designer pulled out a tape measure and started to try and wrap it around Inga’s bosom. Inga froze, thinking this was the oddest thing that had happened, well this week, and Sven took out his iphone and tried to find the translator for what Mami had said. Between the two of them, niether were getting anywhere, until Nanna Noonie stopped typing on the lap top and looked up. Seeing the young Japanese desinger trying to take Inga’s breast measurements, had Noonie chuckle and then suddenly she spoke in Japanese.

(translation: “Oh they are a size F. Silly girl wanted epic boobs. Now, she can’t roll over in bed. Are you trying to get her size measurements for the wedding dress?”)

Mami heard the Matriarch Snoggleblom speak perfect Japanese and she quickly bowed to Nanna, bringing down her tape measure.

(translation: – “Miss Inga wants a special Hello Kitty dress for the wedding, but I had no idea she was this big. I came all the way from Tokyo on behalf of the Cosmetic company, since Inga is doing special shoot, as part of her wedding.”)

It was true, Inga was more than just the face of Oil of Ole’, she was also now signed up, to do more commercials, and Sven had it in his head, why not include the upcoming wedding. Mami took out her phone, and then excused herself to make a call to her management team in Tokyo, to discuss the dress, and the other items. Inga was rubbing her breasts after being manhandled by the tiny Japanese designer, and then asked Nanna. “I didn’t know you spoke Japanese.”-It was a bit of a shock, since Nanna had never done it before. Nanna Noonie shrugged, and went back to her one handed typing, while Mami took photos of the inside of Inga’s apartment, and then of Inga standing there in her Hello Kitty kimono. Suddenly a smile came across Mami’s face and she quickly called another number and sent over the pictures she had just taken. She excused herself from the room, chatting excitedly and then you could see her taking more pictures.

Inga rubbed her temples and then asked Sven. “Vhat is she doing, taking pictures of my apartment? I thought she was wedding planner, and was to help me get my dress.” Both Sven and Inga watched the Japanese girl, going around the apartment, snapping away, till she finally started speaking on the phone, and then nodded repeatedly before hanging up. Mami made her way back over to Inga and then bowed again, before speaking quickly.

(translation: – “I was just on the phone to the CEO of Hello Kitty Corporation in Tokyo and they are so impressed with your collection, and of course you, since you are the face of Oil of Ole’, they want you to come to Tokyo, so they can interview you and you will possibly be the new International Ambassador for Hello Kitty to the world.”)

Now, Inga and Sven were at a loss and poor Sven tried to get all that in the translator, but Nanna Noonie, she heard every word, and clapped her hands together excitedly.

“We are off to Tokyo!”- Nanna Noonie did one more click on the lap top, and shuffled over, smiling at Mami, who was now on the phone again, making arrangements.

Inga looked stunned. Tokyo? “Why? I thought they were going to make my dress and send it over.” Inga blinked as she heard the chatter coming from Mami. Noonie then explained to Inga.
“You…they vant you to go to Tokyo, to be interviewed by the Hello Kitty Corporation…they vant you cause you love Hello Kitty zo much, I guess.” Inga was blown away at this moment. First, Oil of Ole’, now off to Tokyo to meet the makers of Hello Kitty. Sven frowned and said. “Well I am not sitting on the plane with Noonie again. That would be a 24 hour trip!” Inga started dancing around in her slippers.

“Tokyo…here ve COME!” <3>

Hello Kitty Japan
Hello Kitty Japan