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The Death Club Diary, is a live role play group that is based on a human style, set in Prague, Czech Republic.  Ensemble writing cast.


September 08, 2012 03:01AM
LustfulParadiseOpening Night

Orbital – Technologicque Park

Part one

iShatteredSanity: -Europe, Prague. Where the nightlife flourishes, where the cheap drugs and sex reign over the city like a king and queen, and nobody could say no to their command. But enough with the history of the city, lets focus on the present. Over the past few weeks there had been rumors. Rumors about a new club that promised to change the way that people see nightlife, and the name of that was “The Deathclub”. Of course there was enthusiasm by the clubbers and those who always sought a new thrill, but also whispers with death threats; the two sides of the same coin. And as the time was passing by, those rumors started to spread throughout the city, bringing more enthusiasm, but also more hate. Now, all of that could make someone be scared till they were to shit bricks, but for some reason those things only made the owner speed up the pace in order for the new club to be finished. The owner, nobody knew a thing about him, hell not even those who worked for that person knew how that person looked like. All that people knew was that it was a man, and that was all. But since the identity of the man was hidden, someone needed to do all the work for him, and that someone went by the name Helena Raminovic. Born in Russia and raised in Romania, Helena was very capable of handling both liquor and nightlife; which is the primary reason that she was chosen for that job, being the proxy of the owner. She was the one who had hired all those people that worked at the Deathclub but under the orders of the owner. Bartenders, dancers, security, they were all chosen by that mysterious person who must had spent a long time searching for them since some of them were not even from near Prague. But oh well, the staff was already hired and the building was finished. Messages on social networking sites, advertisements on the local radio stations and on the internet, and some flyers had already spread throughout the city area, revealing the time that “The Deathclub” would open its doors to the public. The message was simple “If you are tired of the same old things that everyone offers as a thrill, then this is the place to be. Come inside if you are seeking for real thrills and not just some child’s play. The Deathclub will open its doors 20 minutes before midnight in the 7th of September. See you at the dancefloor.”, and it was signed by someone who called himself as “Cross”. But who was that “Cross” person? A mystery indeed. And the destined day had arrived; the 7th of September. The day was a rather warm enough, but everyone knew that warm days tend to be flowed by nights with high humidity levels. And it was as it was expected, the humidity was very high, around 88%, adding the slight breeze that cooled down the city, one would certainly need a jacket since the temperature could fall down to 10 degrees Celsius. The narrow streets of the city began to fill with life again. Voices, giggles and chuckles accompanied with the sounds of high heels began to echo on the old buildings. The bouncers of the clubs and the bars got in position as the area around each door was lit from the neon signs that read the names of each club/bar. And somewhere close to the center of the city, a sign that read “The Deathclub” was lit. Two bouncers were outside, both very well built and tall, about 6’ 5”, speaking in a heavy Russian accent and of course packing with 2 handguns and 2 knives each, just in case that something was to happen. One could see that those were experienced since they would not flinch and look around with everything that they heard. Stray cats that bumped on the rubbish that were on the streets or the loud noises that the exhausts of the cars made, those noises meant nothing to those two men. Even the drug dealers and the prostitutes in the shadowy corners posed no threat to those men and they did not bother to hide it while mocking them. And the time was almost there, the bouncers were told what to do by the earpiece. Now, inside, well, inside was a different story. And finally it was time, 20 minutes before midnight. Both bouncers looked at each other and nodded. More voices were heard on the streets while the sounds of the high heels became louder and more frequent. There it was, the opening day. Who would dare to walk in and cause trouble?-

CharlotteCarrendar: -The Green and Gold emblazened Australian Rugby Union coach pulled into the Old Town square in the centre of Prague City, the chorus of drunken voices, and flags fluttering from the open windows, showed that after another historic win, the team was on their way from the stadium, to celebrate the night as most Australians do. Inside the bus, up the front, kneeling on the seat next to the coach, Dixie was waving her hands like she was conducting an orchestra as the drunken footballers swayed in time. (Dixie and the team)”And he sang as he watched and waited till his billy BOILED!!!….YOU’LL COME A WALTZING MATIL-DA…WITH MEEEEEEE!”-The boys all roared at the end, as the air brakes of the coach whistled shrilly, the coach coming to a stop just outside some swanky late 18th century hotel. Dixie grabbed her backpack and swung it onto her back, as the driver pulled the lever and the front cabin door swung open. The team Captain yelled out his cell number, as some of the other lads whistled and Dixie did her ceremonial treat of saying goodbye to the drunken crew. Ripping down her tank top, she gave the lads a good eyefull of her famous “Dixie cup tatt” along with a good amount of cleavage. Dixie sported a cropped hair cut, totally retro, that went down her shoulder and back, but the top was moussed, capturing the shine of the interior cabin lights. Pencil thin black jeans, and an array of ink, that would even do a bikie proud, she was a proud grunge chick, and for the football season, something of a mascot for the Rugby Union team, well one the wives back home didn’t know about. (Dixie)”You been great fun fellas…but this sheila has to earn some dosh, if she is going to make it to London!…AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE…!!”- the team all cat called and hollared back- (Team)”OI OI OI!” Dixi reefed back up her tank top and blew a kiss, before descending down the stairs, and jumping out onto the cobblestoned roads. The coach driver waved and closed the door behind her, tooting the coach horn, as the team went on their way to their next stop. Wide eyed, and looking totally out of place in this historical setting, the minx like Dixie, strutted along the street till coming to a lamp post, where there was a flyer, marked out in grunge writing, of a club, that was having its opening night. Ripping the paper off the metal pole, she studied it as a street sweeper came along past her, picking up bits of rubbish with a long pair of claw tongs. Not being familiar with the township, she hurried alongside the old man and said in a cherry voice. “G’day mate…fancy telling me where I would find this place?” -she said, thrusting the paper in his face, her voice filled with hope. (Street Cleaner)”Co chceš, hloupý blázen holka?” (translation : What do you want, silly mad girl?) The street cleaner was none to fussed with the buxom australian backpacker being so in his personal space. Dixie paused for a moment and then took out her little black book, quickly thumbing through it till she found a page and then held up her finger, as she tried to speak in Czech. (Dixie)”Kde najdu svůj penis?” (translation : “Where can I find your penis?”) The old man gasped and then hurried off along the street, leaving a startled looking Dixie, who read the book again and groaned. (Dixie)”Chci jen najít ten zasranej klub, zatuhlé ořechy!” (translation: “I just want to find the fucking club, numb nuts!”) At this moment, a gaggle of girls, were crossing the street, all decked out in heavy makeup, loads of pvc and leather, chattering about something called the Death Club. So news of this place was making its way around the underground scene. Dixie smirked, pulling on the straps of her back pack, and chased off after them, coming in behind them, and pulling out a chupa chup from her back pocket, unravelling the lolly wrapper, and popping it in her mouth. She twirled the stick a few times, before ripping it out and chortling. “this the way to the Death club, I need a job.’- One of the girls looked Dixie up and down before, smirking to her friend, (Random slag)”Nesnáším tyhle australské dívky … žádný styl” (translation : “I hate these Australian girls…no style”) Dixie mocked a look of shock and then leaned over and sneered saying back. (Dixie)”Least I aint mutton trying to look like lamb chops. -Dixie grinned slyly as she saw the tacky lights of the Death Club just down an alley. Two bouncers flanking the entrance. “Oh…I think I found it myself. And oh…by the way…watch ya backs, ladies, Dixie is in town. I plan to paint it red…” -she breezed past them and said the last part in Czech- ….”svou krví.” (translation: “with your blood.”- Pulling up in front of one of the burly bouncers, Dixie pulled out her chupa chop lollypop and smiled sweetly, slouching her hips to one side. Grunting in a masculine manner, she took off her backpack and placed it between her legs. The sound of metal cups and clink of bottles heard from within.(Dixie)”Name’s Dix…Aussie girl from the sticks, with a bag of tricks. I can pour and mix..take me to your leader, Champ.”- she joked, before sticking the lollypop back in her mouth. <3>

Felfaina: True had grown tired of London and traveled on her chopper down to Ashford and took the ferry over to France as she thought about the fact this was her first time outside of the British Isles and how freeing it felt. motoring over in towards Lille, then headed east through Westbaden and Neremberg,Germany; where she picked up work in a slaughterhouse, grinding up porkers and feeding the ground bits into the huge vats that mixed them with spices before giant machines pumped them into intestine casings and then onto other departments. Some hated the work and complained of the oderific iron taint of the dead meat, organs, and blood, but True just hummed to her music and counted each sausage made as another euro earned because she’d seen men shot pointblank for a fix, so death was common to her world. Once True saved enough to move on again she tossed in her apron and took to the road again, til she finally crossed into the Czech Republic and coursed her way up to Prague excited that she’d finally reached this hotbed of vibrancy. She’d spent a week there before finding the ad in the nightlife section of the “what to do in Prague” site she’d found. She had called the number and one Helena Raminovic had her come in for an interview. To say it was unusual would be an understatement for Helena had her stripe then poked and prodded her tits and ass before saying they weren’t bad, then made her gyrate over and over in time to Metalstorm befoire telling True she’d do and giving her a position as a cage dancer. True looked forward to opening night and feeling alive again.

LadyBelz: -The sleek white motorcycle zoomed through the streets of Prague, breaking speed limits as it weaved in and out of traffic, it’s engine revving and echoing off the walls of the buildings as it passed by. People stopped to watch for a moment, wondering who would be so reckless and flaunt the police with their stupidity. No clues as to the identity of the rider, the white motorcycle jacket and helmet with its darkened visor hiding the person from view. The rider approached its destination, spotting a place to park directly in front of the building, noticing another car about to back into the staked-out spot. Putting on a burst of speed, bike and rider squeezed into the spot with a squeal of tires and the smell of burning rubber. The driver of the car poked his head out of the window, cursing the motorcyclist in rapid-fire Russian. White gloved hands reached up to pull off the matching white helmet and hair as dark as night cascaded down like waterfall. Eyes as blue as the sky glared at the driver of the car, who was still cursing in Russian. The person on the motorcycle smirked, flipping the Russian man a two-fingered salute before climbing off the bike, slipping the gloves into the helmet. Flipping the dark hair over one shoulder, the figure in white approached the doors that were being guarded by two large men. The man on the left, whom was recognized as Ivan, chuckled.- (Ivan)…”Pissing people off again, Mia?”…(Mercedes)…”It’s a gift. What can I say?” -the person, now known to be female, stated in a heavy American accent tinted with a smidge of Italian. She put a hand on the handle of the door, prepared to step inside when Ivan grabbed her arm. She looked at him in question, blue eyes sparkling with michief. – (Ivan)…”When are you going to marry me and give me strong Russian sons?”…(Mercedes)…”When your dick grows bigger than those brass balls you claim to have.” -she grinned, easily shoving away his arm and stepping inside the club. Ivan noticed Nikolai struggling not to laugh and flipped him a finger.- “Mu’dak.” (translation: Asshole) -he grumbled, causing Nikolai to laugh out loud.-

DrakonMacar: He’d been stnading at the front door, checking in with his crew, an amiable American from a place where the Wild West didn’t seem to die. In his world he might have been called a vigilante, a gun slinger packing a big iron he called Reaper. Luanne, an acoustic guitar he casually took up to pass time when he wasn’t working for his Sheriffs office or Boarder Patrol. The former US Army Ranger and Sheriffs deputy had a stint as a trick shooter for some years growing up, renound as a marksman the world over. He’d been speaking with the two massive Russian Doormen at his disposal, Dmitry and Leonti in their suits and dragon scale body armour underneath. They spoke briefly going over last minute details, more grunting and nodding in understanding from each of the three, the cowboy strolled back inside to patrol the clubs floors. Drugs, sex, loud music, violence. Nothing was too terribly sacred but Duke “The Widowmaker” Graves had his choice, face the cartels haunting the American Southwest or lay out his own law to those unfortunate enough to cross his path. Dmitry and Leonti had their orders, they knew who to let in and who to keep out, they were good men at their jobs. Another floorman was present on the prowl, another American in a Fedora and pin stripes, looking like an old fashioned mobster with spit shined shoes, Donnie “Haus” Garris was Duke’s go to for troublemakers and he kept good connections with the Old Families running most of the world’s organized crime rings. He played informant and out of a blood debt, he obliged Duke as a partner to the grand opening of the Deathclub. The four of them made up the physical side of Secruity, a fifth and sixth pair were their eyes in the sky, two camera operators looking for disruptors at all times, all six with open lines of communications to one another. It was a big club with tough security and no bullshit. One mistake was all it took to get a fist, a blade or a bullet as their next treat. The music was already shaking the buildings foundations but their Benefactor was all too courtesious, a rocking chair sat in an eagles next postition where the sounds of the club all met and the notorious Widowmaker could do his job with ease. A small pair of binoculars, Reaper, four clips, brass knuckles, a combat knife tucked away and a multi-tool were on his person as e sat himself down to look down over his lands. Luanne in his hands he casually strummed himself a tune as his gravely voice went over the microphone to all security. “Show time…”

LuciL: The flight was unusually smooth for the pink hair Romanian girl, keeping it pulled to the side in a hasty styled plait, Sabina Veaceslav crossed her ankles behind her her thigh-high black leather left toe tapping into the carpet as she waited to cross into customs at the airport. Wearing quite the short, maroon red, frilled mini skirt that had two belts holding it up and barely covering her black lacy thong, her chocolate brown eyes rolled as she watched the person ahead of her in the cue took her time in passing over her passport with visa while fiddling in her purse. It was driving the 25 year old woman nuts, she could already see the vivid city lights of Prague lighting up before her, calling her name, encouraging her to find the elite, rich circles and lure them with her feminine wile that was part of her job. She hoped she found someone soon, her rather expensive lifestyle was becoming low on money that and while fleeing from the scorned ex lover was the whole reason why she was now in Czech Republic…he was rather persistent when it came to wanting her back. But Sabina being the usual woman that she was, took his money that he always kept in a safe in the back of his bedchambers and got the next flight to wherever possible. However patience was NOT a virtue for Sabina and she sighed out loud in relief as the woman in front of her finally moved away from the security guard and through customs. Already gripping onto her Romanian passport that was made up and done by her former lover’s forgists, Sabina sashayed over to the desk and gave her fake passport over flashing a blazing white smile to the securty guard. The smile held him in place and he smiled back nodding at her “Velcum to Prague Miss…” His dark eyes drifted to her passport “Gabriel?” Sabina merely nodded tucking a loose strand of pink hair behind her right ear. Nobody must knew of her true family name, her father was known to be a reckless drug lord back home in Romania and had dabbled in too many circles and caused too much trouble that it had alerted the local police and everyone with the family name of Veaceslave was to be taken into custody and questioned about the unknown whereabouts of Stefan Veaceslav. Sabina knew exactly where her father had fled to, but she didn’t care it was time to escape his violent household and make do with her life even it was nothing fancier than being your local escort/prostitute. The security guard nodded stamping inside her passport before gesturing towards the camera beside him “Please stand still” Sabina turned to the camera and gave another smile as her passport was given to her, stamped and cleared. She took it and gave a cheeky smile “Vină că-mi draga data viitoare” (Translation: Come find me next time darling) in her thick Romanian accent, picking up her backpack she continued her walk to the baggage carousel. Finding her luggage wasn’t hard, for it was as pink as her hair and soon she was walking through the arrivals lounge and outside to the waiting taxis. Not knowing where to go from here, Sabina scanned the area hoping for some sort of sign, she walked down the pavement, her pink luggage rolling behind her hitting a crack in the stone at random domes. It was in that moment, she heard a local speaking English but with his heavy Czech accent “How about we meet at the Deathclub my good man and continue our business there…certainly, I’m on my way now from the airport” The Deathclub…clubbing! It was a weakness and favourite that Sabina liked to do when in the different cities and this was her chance. Sidling close to him, Sabina picked up the scent of his cologne that was coming out of the lapels in his business suit and promptly tapped his shoulder, the middle age man turned around arching an eyebrow at her before his eyes softenend immediately taking in her appearance “May I ride with you…” Sabina spoke in English, another smile lighting up her face. The business man seemed unsure but any doubt he had in his mind was swept away when Sabina pressed against his side “You are heading to The Deathclub correct, I would like to see it…I just arrived in Prague tonight and looking for a good club” The business man immediately opened the taxi that had parked itself in front of them, he gestured to inside the cab “I assure you The Deathclub is…not like any other” That was enough opening for Sabina, she continued smiling as she handed her pink suitcase to the taxi driver and ducked her head into the cab “Thank you…” She trailed off clearly wanting to know his name “Erik” The business man responded following her into the cab…An hour later, the small cab was pulling up in front of the neon lit up club down the alleyway off the main streets, the door swung open and Sabina arched her pierced eyebrow, licking her petal shaped lips at the scene “Erik, dragul meu (my love) are you sure this is the right place?” Coming out of the other side of the taxi, discreetly zipping up his pants was a flustered Erik, he saw Sabina’s slightly disgusted face and chuckled, placing an arm on her shoulder “Trust me, this is the place. Now I have business with a work colleague go and enjoy it, we can meet up later after the club closes if you so wish” He had left it open and totally up to her, Sabina liked this freedom and nodded, reaching up and pecking his cheek “Maybe Erik” She giggled shortly after as they headed towards the doors, Erik nodded at the two bouncers “Jsem zde pro obchodní pány, přejděme” (Translation: I am here for business my good gentlemen, let us pass) The bouncers nodded and stood aside for them both, patting Sabina’s behind easily “See you soon Sab” Sabina grinned and nodded, the sound of heavy metal ringing into her pierced ears, it was time for some fun.

TheGorya: -The door would make a loud noise of it being kicked to open as a large shadow figure was in the door with its right foor raised. The lights would move and hit the shadow figure showing a tall but thin built man his hari was pitch black with a sliky but bright red hightlights in his hair. The goggles worn on his face flashed with the music of the club the red degin that seems to move slightly. His pale face would shine of the lights with his sweat covering his face from the air out side. His jacket was open to his skirt underneath. The skirt was gery black but still blended with his jacket almost looking like it was apart of it. His hand were covered by his glvoes that flashed with a white biohazard sign on them. He placed his leg down from kicking the door open as his pants looked to dark to see what they were but his whip would look to be made out of hard leather was hanging at his sides as his boots were a hard bright metal with blakc pvc for the siding of his boots. Next to the man seemed to be another shadow but the figure was not in the light to see what it was. He walked forward as he placed his hands in his pockets of his pants as he entered The Deathclub. The man looked around with a some what pist of look but not at all upset with anyone as he looked back up to the door and yelled at the figure- “lucy! Get your ass down here or I will drag you by you fucking feet…..NOW!” – his voice was firm but had an accent that sounded american but still from a part of the states prehaps it was the coast of to the west some where. He was itching for the thrill of this club that he was waiting for as he was thinking he would minggle with some others that more his style. Even though he thought his submissive didnt want to be hear. He was a little bit annoyed that she wanted to aruge with him but none the less he straighten her out with his iorn hand of domination. He noticed he passed a few men that seemed to be the bouncers as he gave them a nod really quick waiting for lucy to follow. knwoing he was only in the door war just in side.-

iShatteredSanity: -Finally, the time had arrived. The neon sign was lighting the area outside. The staff had begun to arrive. The DJ was already scratching his records. The very building had began to shake from the bass of the music while the lights were sure to light even the darkest corners within the building. Strobe lights, laser beams, smoke machines, those were all the usual stuff that one would have inside a club. As for the Deathclub, well, the owner indeed had some fresh ideas. For starters, two massive pairs of coils were installed inside the building, filling the area with harmless static electricity. The very electricity that was generated was attaching itself on each object nearby, even on the walls and someone’s skin, but as stated it was harmless; one could think of them like the plasma sphere that was very trendy some time ago and almost everyone had one. Then, it was the plasma tube in the middle of the building, again harmless should one was to touch it. And of course it was on the base of that tube that the cages for the dancers were located at, making sure that the ladies who would dance inside would be in clear view to everyone. Then it was the massive black generator that was a decoration with all those laser beams that it was shooting towards the dance floor. Then on the bar, a very special effect that some Japanese had made, a machine that was creating snow using nitrogen monoxide and was electrified using starters, creating an electrifying effect on the snow that was falling down from the ceiling. And last but not least, the two old and rusty generators on the sides of the dance floor, one could climb on them and dance, being the star of the night and showing off their skills. Well, at least The Deathclub was far different than the usual ones who only had some huge bars and a dance floor in front of the DJ booth. Yet it did not stop there, no. The first floor was a usual one, just a dance floor with the DJ booth where the DJ was rocking the joint. Across the entrance on the left was the bar with the special electrified snow effect and on the left was the lounge section. On the left side of the entrance was the special torture zone, for those who loved pain and were not ashamed to show it. And on the left of the entrance was the pole dancing section, for those who loved a good show. But the good parts were on the second floor. Right above the entrance, above the torture section, was the private show and escort office section. On the right side, right above the pole dancing section, was the BDSM section, for all the owned with their Dom/mes to have a place to chill. Across the building, above the lounge section, was the sensual room where one could enjoy the physical touch of someone else, be that one of the escorts or just another customer. And last but not least, above the bar was the office of the owner that was occupied from the proxy, the bitchy Helena. It was that office where Helena was sitting comfortably on the desk chair, petting her dear pet who was nobody else than a 17 years old Romanian girl that went by the name Anna, a submissive of Helena’s who would obey to her Mistress’ will, no matter what she wanted. Oh, yeah, Helena was a lesbian, an a hardcore one. Many men who had tried to hit on her ended up in the hospital, in the river on in a box. While Helena seemed to be a harmless little woman, she was actually very fierce. Despite her height being only 5’ 4” with a slim body and rich breasts [CC cup], she could defend herself just fine; after all she was going to clubs for the past 10 years, from the age of 10, since her brother was a DJ. But oh well, Helena was in the office, staring at the monitors and smirking deviously.- [Helena] “My dear Anna, tonight is a good night. Lets enjoy it to its fullest. And lest see if ‘he’ will come to see what he made.” –Helena spoke in perfect English but with a heavy Romanian accent. While she knew how to speak Romanian, she did not do that. Anna nodded as she leaned her head closer to her Mistress’ hand, purring like a kitten.- [Helena.] “That’s a good girl there.” -She said and played with Anna’s hair while still staring at the monitors with a devious smirk on her face.-

DrakonMacar: Leonti and Dmitry turned and watched the short, loud mouthed American kick in the front doors. Evidently the massive brutes must have been mistaken for statues. Dmitry nodded and Leonti stomped forwards with a sneering curl to his lip. ‘Crasher en front’ Dmitry growled into the microphone. Duke was in his ‘nest’ watching the front door. He watched the seen through his binoculars. “Affirm” He said into his mouth piece. “Watch him for movements, ‘Huas’ you keep on his 7:30 by twenty paces. I want breathing room, the crowds are just coming in an’ I ain’t fixin’ for a scene this early. Leonti cleared his throat behind the man who just kicked in the door, he made a gesture, two fingers pointing at his eyes, hand turning, fingers coming together he pointed at the man as if saying they were watching him. It was already obvious they were not happy with his first impression. Dimtry turned and nodded to Dix. ‘We answer to Cowboy American. Calls self Duke. You are bar tender? You report to station. You late.” He spoke with his thick Russian accent in English. Duke had already set his guitar aside and climbed down from his hovel, approaching the stairs casually, grinning and tipping his hat to the patrons like he was there to be apart of some off handed show for the evening. The fedora wearing Enforcer Donnie was waiting around a corner, watching the newcomer out of the corner of his eye, head turned to face another direction so his eyes couldn’t be seen. They were an effective group thus far, Duke was going to make damn sure they were the best. Dmitry held the door open for Dix, gesturing with a half bow to allow her passage. ‘Next time we show you employee entry, yes?’ He rumbled in his deep voice before stepping over and standing at his post again, the equally massive Leonti taking his position back, the two mighty doormen standing vigil on either side of the entry, arms crossed in silence as they returned to letting people in and sending them away, keeping the gender ratio 1:1 where possible. Duke was looking down the stairs, surveying the crowd like an eagle with his stormy blues, this was the worst night someone could test their patience, but the best to make an example out of a stranger.

EmpressOso: Reddex (Red) drove her old Honda bike thru the old streets of Prague, she loved this old city with its stone streets yet she loved its night life more. It was continuously on the brink of exploding, which she finds very exciting, she loved it and wants to experience it all, there were many dangers, yes, but in a way it made her feel alive …the adrenaline rush …was totally worth it! She had been here for about a year now, and haven’t had a boring moment yet and wants to keep it that way as long as she can. All her life She been sheltered into a very posh prison, well that’s how she always preserved it, but that was her past, when she was known as Galina Abramov, daughter of Valdamir Abramov , a self-made multimillionaire , a smart shrewd ma, an only child of a poor shoemaker. He was one of the many entitled ” The New Super Rich” in Russia and has always hated being associated as such. Her mother, had passed away while giving birth to Galina and her father, who had loved her very much, shut away his emotions and became a machine and dedicated himself to making money, millions and millions that never satisfied him . He forced his only daughter into a cage of proprieties, good behavior and etiquette 24/7 rarely seeing her and even rarely showing her any emotion other than a quick cold hug and a kiss on the cheek. Yet her father was very generous when it came to her upbringing, and insisted she is taught and raised as a proper rich girl of “her class”., she had everything he deemed needed , everything money could buy from highly paid tutors from different countries who taught her everything he deemed appropriate and “approved” , toys, clothes, jewels…etc, he even picked her friends. Her grandmother (her mother’s mother), when she was allowed to visit her, told her all about her mother, how she was like her, a free spirit, who loved life and wanted to do everything and loved everyone never caring for money. Galina would day dream about what she wanted to do when her father sets her free and was devastated when father whose hunger for power exceeded his love for money was cooly announced that he had arranged for her marriage and that many would be envious and will wonder how he had managed it. Galina was shocked to learn from a trusted household personal that her father had sold her to the highest bidder to achieve his greedy goals, not even giving a second thought to her fate…. Another prison yet the keeper an old man whose pervious three wives mysteriously disappeared, known for his cruelty and a taste for torture especially in the bedroom, he had seen her once when he attended a dinner party at her father’s mansion and wanted her ever since . Red shook her head to clear it, Galina was in the past, she had spent half the money she had stolen on changing her appearance, even had a few plastic surgeries and no one, not even her father would know her , gone was the Lolita with the curly light red hair with immaculate looks and designer clothes, she is now Reddex, a tall lean inked stripper with short very bright flashy hair, slightly slanted eyes, wearing green contacts to cover her blue eyes and heavy makeup, still beautiful but in a hardcore way. She had run away and worked in clubs until she got to Prague, and now found a job at the new club everyone is buzzing about, “The Death Club”. Her full pouty lush lips formed a smile and eyes glinted as it came into sight, lights flashing and folks lined up to enter and drove past them to park her bike in the narrow alley behind the club and enter thru the back door.

LustfulParadise: -A small figured girl hurried in the doors as she heard her Master yell at her kicking her shoes off to make it easier for her to run in. Her short black hair puffed up in layers and bounced a little as she walked in through the door, her breasts bouncing around in her black bra, her black corset coming just under her breasts and bra, and her black panties almost finding their way into the crack off her butt as she ran in. She had urged with her Master little ealier about being at the club still grumbling under her breath as to make it impossible for him to her at all. She ran into the back of her Master not paying attention to what or where she was going. Falling back on her butt she looked down at the ground knowing that he was going to continue yelling at her as her black shoes laid on the floor next to her.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – As the loud mouthed Amercian kicked in the door, the stink of his cheap cologne and brash attitude, even left the wiley Dixie startled. (Dixie)”Stone the bloody crows. Don’t those yanks know how to use the damn door handle, or is it boots’n’scoots from the get go…shuuu. Sure glad that jerk don’t go visitin’ my Dad’s pub. He be set on by a pack of jackaroos, before half time.”- The two burly russian security guard bouncers, were already infuriated, and on their mini microphones, relaying the front door action to their boss. In the meantime, Dixie picked up her backpack,and lugged it onto her shoulder, half expecting the lads would be running inside to do a bit of “vip treatment” to the Cranky yank. But lo and behold, the Russians reverted their attentions to the young Australian backpacker. ‘We answer to Cowboy American. Calls self Duke. You are bar tender? You report to station. You late.” – one of them said with a thick russian accent. Dixie jiggled with excitement. They thought she already worked there. Well that sure beat having to sit through an interview. Nodding her head in reply, her chupa chup stick twirling round and round, she side stepped to make her way in, when one of the bouncers followed her with a question, which was more of a directive. She should use the employee entrance next time. A quick mock salute, from the cheeky barmaid, and she scampered inside, the sudden sound of the beat, near pumping through her chest. (Dixie)”Woot…hello Prague!”- Darting, weaving, excusing herself, being jostled by patrons and dancers, she managed to find the bar up at the back, where she was in awe of the fancy special effects machines, that were pumping out snow, using nitrogen monoxide. (Dixie)”STRUTH…these guys must be fucking rich!’- she noticed then a young swedish lass, working behind the bar, looking run off her feet, her long blonde plaits whipping around her shoulders, as she poured beers, and mixed up spirit drinks with coke and soda. Dixie ran in behind the bar, and then nudged the young Swede. (Dixie)”G’day…you look bout set to faint. No fear, love. Dix is here!”- The young swedish girl shouted on the top of her lungs, over the din of the crowd and heavy music beat. (Inga)’Yah!…I amz INGA…I amz porn starz vrom Zveden….I do drink do payz de billz…You iz…AuZZie?” – Dix took her first order from a rather lanky looking russian dude, with a long scar down his left cheek. (Dixie)”True Blue, Inga…True Fucking blue.” <3>

Felfaina: Having left her bike back at the flat in her room no less, True took the tube to the city and wound her way through the overcrowded underground and up to the street. Taking off on a half jog she traversed the two blocks to the club; her black and silver chopped hair, head shaved on one side bouncing as she ran, standing out starkly against her tanned skin. Nodding to the two burly bouncers as she sidled her 5’7″ slender frame past them into the club, she glanced around with her steely gray eyes giving the room a quick scan as she mentally placed where the security were stationed, seeing she had already reconoitered the layout of the club on previous visits to practice her dancing. True shrugged off the black leather jacket emblazoned with a blue flaming skull with an iron cross tattooed on its head and held it firmly in her right hand, revealing the half-inch thick crossband chain with the minute iron crosses on each nipple and the numerous iron cross tats that covered her body. She continued her forward momentum to the bar, unzipping the skintight jeans as she moved. True grinned as she reached the bar and said “blackberry schnapps neat” and removed her boots long enough to peel off her jeans to reveal the bottom half of the chain as it slid up between her legs and appeared to be firmly clasped within her cuntlips. True replaced the tight pvc onyx stiletto boots and zipped them up as she waited for the bartender to give her the scnapps. True plopped her clothes onto the barcounter and she asked “can you toss these behind the bar there so they don’t get stolen?” She didn’t care if the jeans were taken even though she’d broken them in to her small curvy asscheeks and thighs , but the jacket , that was another case. That jacket had been hand-tooled for her by a friend only the week before he’d died in a gangfight back in Newcastle and she valued it almost as much as her chopper. She had ignored the door getting kicked in, doors are easily replaced and right now all she wanted was her drink and to dance.

<~ To be continued ~>




September 08, 2012 03:03AM
Opening NightPart TwoLadyBelz: -Mercedes made her way through the club, her heart beating in time to the heavy bass she could feel through the floor and hammering against her eardrums and skin. She waved to a few of the girls who were warming up in the dance cages and to the DJ who greeted her by name as she made her way to the second floor and the Escorts offices. She glanced over the railing in time to see the door kicked open and a strange man yelling over his shoulder at someone she couldn’t see. Taking a quick glance around, she spotted a new gal at the bar talking to Inga, who looked like she was about to pass out – poor girl, worked too hard and Mia was sure the girl needed the extra help. She continued down the hall, sparing a glance at Helena’s office door and noticing it was closed. She didn’t spare a thought to what her boss was doing in that room, she learned during her time as a common prostitute to mind her own business. Shaking her mane of long dark hair, she entered the Escorts offices and pulled out her clothing she was prepared to wear for the evening from the wardrobe in the corner. She peeled her way out of the leather motorcycle jacket, revealing the studded black bustier and leather overjacket beneath. She removed her outer jacket and hung both up on the hangers in the wardrobe. Taking a seat, she unzipped the black leather boots encasing her feet and slipped them off, tossing them underneath the table where she would retrieve them later. Standing once more, she slowly unbuttoned her white leather pants, showing off her flexibility by bending at the waist as she peeled the material down toned and muscular legs. Standing back up, she kicked them off and shoved them into a chair as she stood in her bustier and a plain black thong. Turning to the full-length mirror on the back of the closed door, she took a moment to admire her body, running her hands along her stomach and hips, checking for signs that she needed to step up her yoga workouts. But her body remained slim. She reached back to unhook her bustier, dropping it to the floor and kicking it somewhere near her boots as she rubbed out the lines the tight-fitting garmet had on her chest and breasts. She walked around the room in only her thong, completely comfortable with her body, not caring if anyone walked in to see her in such a state of undress. She moved to the makeup table, sitting before the lighted mirror to begin doing her makeup for the night, making her Italian features even more beautiful to draw in potential customers.- “Tonight’s going to be a good fucking night.” -she murmured to herself as she adjusted her lip liner on her lips, licking them slowly and practicing her seductive gaze in the mirror.- She grabbed the short black leather skintight minidress from the chair and slipped it on over her head, smoothing the material down her body with her hands. She grasped the zipper at her hip and drew it upwards, sealing her body into the confines of the material. She turned and admired herself in the mirror for a quick moment, nodding in satisfaction before leaving the office. She took a quick peek in the rooms reserved for her and the other escorts and seeing no one there yet, she made her way back down to the main floor, hips swaying seductively as she made her way down the stairs. Sauntering up to the bar, she sat beside True, noticing she was wearing another of her chained outfits and smiled at the girl.- “Margarita, no salt.” -she ordered, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it from one of the candles along the bar.

iShatteredSanity: -Helena was staring at those monitors, observing everything that was taking place inside and outside the building. So far, so good. Everything seemed to be under control. Even when someone treated the bouncers like statues, the situation was calmly taken under control.- [Helena.] “Now I see what ‘he’ saw in all those individuals. For a man, he certainly has some brains.” –Helena said and her smirk widened as Anna slowly rose on her feet and climbed on the chair that Helena was sitting. Letting a soft chuckle part her plush, crimson tinted lips, Helena licked them afterwards as she helped Anna to make herself comfortable.- [Helena.] “Someone is in a good mood tonight.” –Helena said and playfully spanked Anna’s buttocks. Anna giggled and wiggled her butt under her Mistress’ touch.- [Anna.] “Of course i am Mistress. You being happy makes me happy too.” –Anna said in that soft and pure voice of hers. That was what Helena admired on Anna, her voice and her eyes, those deep blue eyes of hers. Of course Helena liked Anna’s body that was very mature for a 17 years old girl, but most of all she enjoyed her personality. Helena nodded softly as she planted a soft kiss on Anna’s lips.- [Helena.] “My dear Anna, you always spoil me, but you are my favorite one. Now, lets see what the night will offer, shall we?” –Helena asked and looked at Anna who nodded slowly as she nuzzled her nose into Helena’s breasts.- [Helena.] “Such a good girl I have, I am blessed.” –Oh yeah, Helena had a complex of thinking that she was blessed or chosen or shit like that, but underneath that, she was someone who would accept anything that was thrown at her direction. And it was that moment that she saw something on the monitor from the camera on the street.- [Helena.] “Blessed indeed. Lets see now, what will ‘he’ do?” –Helena asked, but not waiting for an answer. And on the street, a tall figure of a male could be seen about 30 feet away from the entrance of the club. A figure that stood on 7’ 0.5” height, well built with slightly pale skin, deep blue eyes and black hair with electric purple edges. He was also seen with many piercings on his face and ears, as well as a tattoo on his right cheek, underneath his eye. The male was seen dressed in a black attire; black boots with metallic heels that always made a clinking sound with each step he made, black jeans with numerous chains and two tails of leather that fell on the side, a black fishnet top and a long black coat that was open on the front, allowing everyone to see his chest, or at least what could be seen underneath his top. The male was seen smoking a cigarette while looking around the streets, fixing the black round glasses on his nose, glasses that had no frame to be held behind his ears. Slowly the male had approached the entrance where he saw the two men who he was towering and smiled towards them.- [Man.] “Hello there. May I enter?” –He asked in a normal tone. His voice heavy and deep.-

TheGorya: -derick waited as the man walked towarrds him talking in some langauge he didnt understand. He looked at the other who noded then still listening to the bouncer in fornt of him as waited. Derick smirked as they singaled to him that they would be watching him as he chuckled to himself. He looked down at lucy as he gumbled as he said looking staight forward- “get up off the ground before I back hand you.” -he turned walking down the stairs looking around trying to find a good stop seeing others around he wasnt sure if there was a spot to just chill but then again he didnt want a drink just yet. He walked towards the front cages as he waited for lucy to check up his minf was racing as he thought of how over done somethings were in here. In all ends he loved that they were open about the place. Even with the talk of a BDSM section he was trying to find seeing if he could find it egding to meet someone who would respect him and his submissive or snuff them out if they dare lay a finger on what he already owned.-

DrakonMacar: Dmitry looked over the Leoni, the two massive Russians somehow found themselves to be in the presence of something even bigger than they were which had seldom happened. The two doormen stood there for a moment in silence, looking the other up and down. Dmitry nodded briefly to Leoni who shook his head then nodded, opening his mouth while opening a door for the stranger. “Do not create problems. Is busy night.” Leoni could all but smell trouble on this behemoth as he held the door open. Dmitry was already stealthily paging the camera operators with what was easily mistakable for a bored fidget while his eyes prowled the slwoly forming line. People behind a velvet rope that was wrapped in barbed wire beginning to beg to be let in, held back in check by the burlesque bouncers. Duke stood his vigil atop the stair case, watching the entry way. He had a keen wit about him, just enough to see trouble coming before it began, his gloved left hand flexing it’s fingers, clenching and releasing from a fist to a relaxed state. The first nuisense singled out had made his way elsewhere. Just another arrogant twat to worry about later if he got too roudy, unsurprisingly heading off to where the BDSM sorts liked lurking. Duke’s nose wrinkled briefly as he walked around casually. It wasn’t obvious he or Donnie were the floormen but if things kept up they mght just be discovered. Donnie slipped a hand into the pocket of his blazer and muttered into the mini-microphone. ‘He’s a square. Dropping off, there’s a damn colossus standing by the door, looks like he’s being let inside.’ “Affirm.” Duke responded, walking up the set of stairs he came from, leaning casually on the rail way, looking down over the crowd as he scratched his 5 0’clock shaded chin.

LustfulParadise: -She stood up quickly walking slowly behind him keeping her head lowered placing her left hand around her right forearm as she walked over behind her Master. She didn’t speak at all keeping her mouth shut not wanting anymore yelling from him. She looked up for a spilt second to see where he was going to go to make sure she was still behind him like always. She puts her head back down stopping a little ways behind her Master as her hand fell from her arm and to her side again holding herself straight up. She went to find a dark corner of the room to sit so no one would really see her. Setting her heels on the floor next her after finding her corner and sitting there hoping her Master would not come looking for her again. It was the only place that she really felt safe from his yelling and she grabby hands. It was also the best place for her to hide her bright red eyes making it look like some kind of monster was lurking in the corner of the room grumbling or growling softly as it just sat there.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Well the bar was just abuzz with all manner of people coming over to order their evening drinks, and Inga, along with the new help, Dixie, made sure that those folk didn’t go empty handed. Waving hands, orders flying, the two gals, were working as a team, rushing back and forth, leaning forward, to hear the orders, raising hands and doing the count, taking fists of notes, and racking up the bills. The fact that these two girls had never worked together before, it seemed like they had been working the bar for years. Winks and smiles, tossing bottles, even pouring two bottles at the same time into the rows of glasses. Snappy hand gestures, a flurry of movement, glasses sliding up to the pleased customers. In the midst of pouring a beer, a young lass approached the bar, squeezing in between two well dressed business men. (True)”blackberry schnapps neat” Funnily enough, True was also in the middle of changing right at the bar, and Dixie gave a low wolf whistle, as she prepared the drink. (Dixie)”Heh, and I thought I was bold, changing my bra over in the middle of the tour bus in front of twenty lusty lads. You take the cake, girl!”- she joked, sliding over her blackberry schnapps neat. True then placed the pile of clothes she had just removed on the bar top, asking the two barmaids, to care for them so they didn’t get stolen. Inga gave a sideways nod, as Dixie shrugged and dragged them off, tossing them under the bar. The odd thunk sound was when it hit the bottom of the cupboard. Without realising it, Dixie had just binned them. (Dixie)”Righto Love…safe as houses. You go have fun. Slide on a pole…or..something.” Beaming wide, the swirling chupa chup stick going round and round, the wiley barmaid moved onto the next customer. (Dixie)”Yo love…what I get ya?” – Eyebrows wiggling suggestively. “Margarita, no salt.” -the fancy dame said, straddling that barstool like she was about to ride it home. Inga nudged Dixie and said sternly. (Inga)”Dhey payz dhe ztaff to do the chitty chatty….Ve do drinks…hurry up…vaster vaster”- Dixie made a comical expression and pawed back at Inga playfully. (Dixie)”You’re just jealous, Toots. We can do some lip locking later. Right..one margarita, no salt, coming up.”- She was a whizz when it came to preparing the drink, crushed ice shaker, her tits bouncing beneath her torn tank top with the skull emblem, still working those hips, as she finally slid over the glass, and moved onto the next customer. <3>

Felfaina: After dropping her clothes off and gulping down the shot of schnapps, True made for the huge iron casted and steel barred cages on the main dance floor and climbed into one and let it clank closed as the latch slipped into place and closing her eyes True stood there like a statue for a good five to ten minutes before she began to move, having taken that time to let the music seep into her brain and pulsate down into her body til she could move as one with its throbbing beat. Feeling the beginnings of her ‘zone’ True forgot all but the music and as she danced knowing customers, both male and female, would be ogling her body that was already showing erect nipples due to the coldness from the snow machine. True made sure as she gyrated back and forth that she swerved her hips out in a slight exaggeration and let her hands occasionally roam up and down her body to draw their eyes to her assets, making them want to stay and spend money on more exotic and deviant pleasures as the night progressed. She caught the eye of another girl and signaled by moving her index and third finger into a circle. The other girl nodded and True lifted the latch and climbed out of her cage into the other one and then whispered into her ear “just follow my lead Hun” and True began to dance with ther other one as they swirled and twined and weaved their bodies ober one another like two snakes getting ready to mate.

LadyBelz: -A man came up behind Mia, slipping an arm around her waist and rubbing across her stomach. She quickly swallowed the liquid in her mouth and turned in her seat. He was a good looking man, about 5’6″, blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, skin the color of maple syrup. He smiled at her, his teeth blindingly white against his lips.- “Hello, gorgeous. What’s a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this?” -the man asked, his southern accent denoting him as an American. She crossed one leg over the other, a seductive smile on her lips.- “I’m waiting for a fine cowboy such as yourself. Buy a girl a drink?” -she asked, sliding her index finger around the collar of the t-shirt clinging to his body. Gulping hard, the man stepped up to the bar and ordered her another Margarita. Mia grinned behind the man’s back. She always had them eating out of the palm of her hand. He handed her the new drink and she slipped off the stool, as close to his body as she could get, making sure she rubbed against the growing bulge she could feel.- “Follow me, cowboy. We can go somewhere a little more…private.” -she whispered into his ear, despite the loud music pumping throught the club. As if his head was on a string, he nodded quickly, allowing her to slip his hand into hers. She lead him upstairs to her private room, reserved for her alone, closing the door on the world outside. Here the room was cooler, she had asked to have a couple of ceiling fans installed for this reason alone, and the walls were insulated to muffle the music in the club. It could still be heard, just not as loud. She pushed him against the door, snuggling her nose into his neck and inhaling his scent. She could feel his pulse racing, probably wasn’t expecting her to be so forward, but it was her nature.- “So…what would you like this evening?” -she asked softly, stepping back to allow him time to calm down.- “How much for a lap dance?” -he asked.- “$250 for a lap dance, $400 if you want a striptease.” -was her immediate answer. He pulled out his wallet and counted out five $100 bills, pressing them into her hand. She looked down at the extra hundred before giving him a look beneath her lashes.- “And the extra?” -she had to ask.- “For making my last night in Prague a special one. I ship out tomorrow on the SS Clinton to Iraq.” -she took his hand and lead him to the chair in the corner of the room before using the remote to turn on the overhead music, something with a slow sensual beat. She stepped between his legs, girating her hips and running her fingers down his thighs.- “Marine?” -she wondered. He nodded with a gulp. She turned until her back was facing him and bent over, pressing her ass into his crotch before flipping her hair back and resting her head on his shoulder. She took his hands and pressed them against her hips, allowing him to move her lower body against him. She kissed his cheek.- “I love a man in uniform.” -she whispered, stepping away from him. With a quick turn, she pressed the toe of her shoe into the chair beneath his balls, doing an exaggerated split. He could see the material of her thong beneath her dress and his pulse rate soared. She was determined to give him enough masterbating material for months to come. She took his hand and led it to the zipper beneath her arm. He drew it down slowly and the she peeled the dress down her body, running her fingers up her legs, thighs, hips, stomach and breasts. His eyes sparkled as he watched her. Wait till he told his shipmates about this place. Assholes were going to be jealous for months…-

iShatteredSanity: -The male nodded towards the other two men at the entrance.- [Man.] “Thanks. And no worries.” –The tall man said as he walked away from the two bouncers and into the hallway that led to the interior of the building. Of course he could hear bits and pieces of what the men were saying and he could not help himself but chuckle. He took a few deep drags of his cigarette and exhaled the smoke slowly, leaving a trail of smoke behind him that was pulled closer to him as his movement created a weak stream. He could feel someone watching over him and he was not surprised. After all it was the opening day for that club and the security would be tight in order to avoid any problems. Once inside he could see the area and his eyes opened a bit, nodding to himself as he mumbled a few words.- [Man.] “Damn, this joint is amazing. Someone must have spent quite a few zeros on this baby.” –He mumbled and nodded a few more times, this time with a devious smirk on his facial expressions. “If only they knew.”, he thought and walked past the large generator that was in front of the entrance, passing the plasma tube in the middle of the room while he could watch the dancers inside the cage shaking their bodies to the music.- [Man.] “I am so going to love this.” –He said and looked around for the bar. Of course he could see the ones responsible for the security watching at him and he could not help himself but smirk wider. His tall frame was a good reason for others to look at him in a “WTF!” face. But oh well, he never cared for such things. As he found the bar, the male walked towards it, looking at the two beauties that were serving the people. Inclining his head slightly to the right and taking another drag of his smoke, the man slowly took an empty seat in front of the bar and exhaled the smoke slowly.- [Man.] “Hey hun, can you pass me a Vodka with fresh lemon juice? And if possible, I want the Grey Goose.” –The man said towards the female who seemed a bit out of place.- [Man.] “Oh, and do you know where I can hide my coat? It is kinda warm in here.” –He added as he took off his coat and held it in his right hand. Every time he spoke everyone could see that he was not a local. His accent was a heavy Greek one and pretty much the locals could know about it. Now, back in the office. Helena could not hide that mischievous smirk of hers and she planted another kiss on Anna’s lips.- [Helena.] “I think that this is time to meet our guests.” –Helena said and slowly rose from her seat as Anna curled up on the chair. With slow steps she walked outside the office an towards the area that was designed for the owner and those invited by the owner. Once there, she had a good view of the club. Taking out a small device from her bra, she pressed a red button and 2 seconds later, the music was turned down. Then she looked at everyone who of course would be shocked and began her speech.- [Helena.] “Greetings and welcome to the Deathclub. I won’t take much of your time, but I will say this, fuck with someone in here and there will be no happy ending for you. That is the only rule in here. The security will make sure that none of the fuckers who will cerate problems will survive to see the light of another day. That would be all. Dance, drink, have sex, I don’t care. I want you to enjoy yourselves to the fullest. Once again, Welcome to the Deathclub.” –She said and pressed that red button again and the music started playing. Then she turned her head to the right and saw ‘him’, hiding a giggle, before she went back inside her office where she sat on her chair again.- [Helena.] “The game has been set. Lets see how many pawns will be out by morning.” –She said and embraced her adorable Anna, kissing her deeply and passionate while the music outside was making the walls shake.-

TheGorya: -Derick turned to see lcuy in a corner as his eyes narrowed then seeing that she wanted to hide in the corner like a lost puppy he growled at her as he said- “ lucy!! get your ass over and follow me….your in trouble little fucking girl.” -he griped his whip seeing a room upstairs as he started heading towards them already quiet embrassed of lucy he was going to give her something to remember after he made sure the room was empty or at least a room full of others that wouldnt mind seeing her get punished. The saddistic things he was about to do to her was starting to run wild threw his head as the nightmare of the teasing and the painful ideas that he had for her would break her of that. One thing he loved more than just teasing lcuy was making her scream for more after he had already broken her of the free will of pleasure. His ear preked hearing a voice as a womans voice poke on the loud speaker as he heard her speak not even carin he just kept on forward walking into a side room upstairs that had a chair with cuffs on the arms as well as it seemed to have a play room for pleasure of the dark fruits of life. Derick smirked turning around waiting for his little lucy to see what he had into story for her.-

DrakonMacar: The security seemed to half heartedly take in the announcement, they knew their job. They were detailed and drilled for a few days prior to opening, learning every nook and cranny of the club. Dmitry and Leonti kept to their post, Duke and Donnie looked up, mimicing the crowd to continue the rouse, leaving the club goers oblivious to who they were. The floormen wandered around, Donnie made a muted gesture towards the bar, Duke looked over, noting the new tender finally showed. He shook his head, not having seen her even interview but internally shrugged it off before he went patrolling the floor. Half heartedly eye balling he entertainers, wading through the chilled, static filled air on his route, Donnie roaming around arbitrarily, flirting with a girl in the crowd forming around the cages. At least he did his best part to avoid being seen, he was used to this life style, Duke on the other hand was not so keen on the atmosphere, but the money is what he cared for while he wandered listlessly.

LustfulParadise: -Lucy closed her eyes tightly as she got up quickly following behind him again as her head hung down. She opened her eyes reaching the stairs looking up to her Master with her bright red eyes again taking the steps as slowly as possible. ‘Might as well make him madder he is already mad at me and he has more fun when he is angry.’ Leaving her heels on the ground from where she was sitting she reached the top of the stairs feeling like he already had something worse in mind than he had before coming there tonight. She wrapped her arms quickly around her body as she looked at the whip next to her Master’s hand wincing at the stings from the last time he had used it on her for not listening at all to what he told her.- “Master Derick may your submissive speak?” –She waited for his reply as she was almost close enough to him keeping her eyes locked on him her whole body already tensing up from even the mear thought of his plan for punishment

CharlotteCarrendar:- The crowd grew larger and along with it, so did the thirst of the punters. Crowd was pumping, so alive with the sound of the music, rocking those speakers, the strobe lights, smoke machines, and jaggers of electricity, Death Club was the scene, the in and now. Dixie was bouncing along with the beat, shaking her ass, as she slid from end to end behind the bar, hands smacking hers, ripe with cash, and the odd cell number to boot. A wink and a cheeky smile, Dixie was in her element, every so often, she would raise a fist and rock out with the tunes being belted out by the DJ. Gyrating girls, sexing bitches in cages, men making out with fantasy queens in tight leather jeans, it was a hive of depravity and debauchery. Life lived short, and for the now. The In Crowd. As Dixie took yet another wad of cash from a rough end type, she then shot a glance at the heavy set man approaching the bar. Tatts, buried beneath hot leather. Dixie actually had a double take, and nearly tripped behind the bar, as he placed his order. [Man.] “Hey hun, can you pass me a Vodka with fresh lemon juice? And if possible, I want the Grey Goose.” Dixie was duly impressed, and winked, as the tempo of the music changed, she started rocking out behind the bar, as Inga picked up the beat too, and they both bumped hips againest each other. Girlish laughter, and Dixie nodded. (Dixie)”You got it, Gov.”- Wicked, lick and smack it, she turned round to grab a vodka bottle, shaking her ass. Swinging back the bottle then down she got the right measure, tossing in some ice and she slid the glass over. The request to take his coat, had Inga reach for it, and when he wasn’t looking, she brought it to her face and inhaled his masculine scent. (Inga)”Vocking ‘ell…He is heaven…I vould doez zomethingz to him.”- Dixie laughed as she slid across the Grey Goose, and then shook her head at Inga, slapping her arm. (Dixie)”Share, ya cheeky Swede bitch.” <3>

Felfaina: True went back to her cage after dancing with the sweet thing in the other cage. But in this chilly club True was sorely in need of her break and glad Helena had set down a time rotation of a half-hour dancing then five minutes off, then the same again unless of course a girl went private and earned the club extra. After all the cage dancers got the lowest dance wage due to being nothing more than glorified eye candy, there to draw the customers into wanting even more intimate dances. True caught one man staring and even when offered more by one of the exotics he shook his head no and just kept watching True, shoving one hundred Euro’s through the bars every time she came back til finally she whispered in his ear and led him off to a private room.

LadyBelz: -After listening to Helena’s announcement, Mia and her “company” resumed the very “rigorous” activites that had commenced about an hour into their session. If it wasn’t for the room being insulated, no doubt everyone in the club would have been able to hear the screams of passion echoing from within, despite the music vibrating the very walls of the place. It was hours before the two emerged, Mia’s hair and makeup looking a bit worn and the Marine’s clothing mussed and misbuttoned. He gave her another $300 dollars and she offered to give him a ride back to his ship. Not bothering to change her clothes, she stepped into her office long enough to grab her motorcycle jacket and helmet before leading the Marine by the hand down the stairs and out of the club to her motorcycle on the street. Ivan eyed her jealously, having caught a whiff of her as she walked past, and knowing she had spent possibly the last five hours having sex. She threw one long leg over the bike, giving him a quick view of the fact that she was no longer wearing her thong. The Marine climbed on behind her, hands resting on her waist as she started the motor. The two took off in a squeal of tires and burnt rubber.-

iShatteredSanity: -Helena had already closed the doors of the office and locked them so that nobody would disturb her intimate moments with Anna. If something urgent was to come up, she would know, that’s why she had so many monitors and the communication system after all. And back to the bar, the man looked at the girls behind the bar, shaking it and putting up a good show. That made him smirk deviously and not care about where to put his coat anymore. He only folded it and put it on his seat, then sat on it. He did not have anything that could break inside, so yeah. Staying only with that fishnet top that could reveal all the tattoos on him, both his arms covered with Celtic designs and a cross with angel wings on his back, all designs that he had made. And of course that top could reveal his well build body, but honestly he did not have that top on because he could show off, he just liked it; simple as that. Looking at the girl passing his drink, the man took it and winked back at her.- [Man.] “Thanks hun, appreciated.” –He said and took a large sip of that tasty liquid from the glass, feeling it running down his throat and taking another drag of his nearly dead cigarette. Closing his eyes to savor up the taste of the vodka, he slowly exhaled the smoke and then opened his eyes. And it was that time when the music stopped and a female voice was heard speaking a few things. The man could not help but smirk wider and chuckle.- [Man.] “Fascinating.” –He said and looked at the woman who served his drink.- [Man.] “Cheers.” –He said and rose his glass, nodding slowly and drinking the rest of his drink in one sip.- [Man.] “I think that I would like another one please, and if you can, pour that baby into a bigger glass.” –He said and gave the glass back to the woman.-

TheGorya: -Derick looked over his shoulder as he grined while he walked behind lucy whispering in her ear while he said in a very calm voice.- “now the fun begins my dear your going to be punished tonight with the full extent of my power with in this room” -he gave her shove into the room while he turned around locking the door with that happening only his face was last seen gving a saddistic grin on his face while fur the rest of the night the scream would be heard from the locked door of the BDSM room. No one would know if they would be for help or just for the pleasure they will share. The door slams and the door locks tightly hearing shortly after moans and screams of pelasure and pain. No cameras, no video recording would tell you whats really going on with in the room. The fate was sealed for that night in the Death Club the domination from hell started. The room would no longer be a virgin room after the night of the grand opening.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- For an opening night, the place was packed to the rafters, rooms filled with the heady cries and screams of pleasure that only the flesh could bring. The dance floor was thinning somewhat, as many retreated to darkened corners, the various BDSM rooms, and the stripper sections, where scantily clad girls worked their magic and their sultry thighs against the cold metal poles. Inga and Dixie had been at it full pace, and rocking for hours, so now the lull was something of a welcome relief. Bar staff had been wandering the rooms, collecting the dirty glasses and ashtrays, bringing them over where Inga and Dix were taking them up and starting to stack the washers, busy till the final call, when the streets would soon be littered with the drunk and drugged fuelled youth of Prague. The man whom had almost given over his coat, and chose to sit on it instead, had his tatts well revealed underneath a fish net t, that hung off his body and allowed for a hell of a lot of eye candy. He was enjoying the vodka that she served him first, remarking [Man.] “Fascinating.”- Dixie wiped down the bar top, reaching for more empty glasses, but you could see that the night was starting to tire her. Course, the man was still thirsty, and said [Man.] “I think that I would like another one please, and if you can, pour that baby into a bigger glass.” Dix took up the glass, and twirled in her hand, before placing it in the washer rack. (Dixie)”No worries, Mate…bigger glass for the Man.”- Inga leant back againest the bar behind her, wiping her brow, and then exhaling heavily. (Inga)”I never knewz thiz place be so busy….I am going to needz much rest…sleep all dayz.’- Dixie chortled loudly- (Dixie)”That be right, blondy…spend the day wrestling the sheets, right?” Inga tossed a bar rag at her, as Dixie caught it on the fly. (Dixie)”HA!..Can’t lie straight, let alone lie to me, Ingy!” Making up the second drink in a much bigger glass, Dixie slid it over and then finally stopped, turning her attention to two girls practically fucking each other against the bars of their cage. (Dixie)”Shit’s getting real for some.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Indeed, the time was flying by a bit fast, but that was to be expected. Someone had said that time is relative; having a good time with friends or at some place for hours will seem like moments, while touching a hot metal for only a moment will be like touching that hot surface for hours. Well, time was surely a mean bitch, but nothing could be done to avoid that. The man was looking at the girls at the bar, smirking slightly and chuckling, thinking that those girls were indeed a good choice for that place. Then he looked at the crowd, dancing like mad men on the dance floor. Of course he could not miss all those who were drooling over the looks of the dancers in the cages and on the poles. At least it was as that place had promised; new thrills. He had smoked about 6 more cigarettes in total for as long as he was there and he was now on his 8th. The ashtray before him was emptied and only his last cigarette was here, at least the girls were doing a good job. Then he looked back at the girl who poured his drink, nodding slowly towards her.- [Man.] “Thank a lot.” –Judging from her accent and the way she spoke, she must have been from Australia, or at least must had spent some time there. He would start to have a conversation with her, but he noticed the fatigue on her body. True, it was a busy night and the girls did not even stop serving the customers. Holding the glass with his right hand, he gulped the liquid in a single sip, wiping his lips afterwards. He enjoyed watching the two women playing with each other despite their fatigue, heh, at least they cared about putting up a good show and serving the customers, unlike some others. As he tilted the ash of his cigarette inside the tray, he noticed that one of the two women was looking towards the direction of a couple of girls that were fucking each other in the open. Shaking his head a few times he could not help himself but laugh.- [Man.] “I love this place. Count me in for the next days.” –He said and looked at the young woman, winking at her and taking another drag of his cigarette, exhaling it afterwards.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – A sly grin, the man seemed to be friendly, enjoying quite the number of cigarettes, as he sat at the bar, enjoying the banter between the fiesty Swede and the brash Australian. A couple came up from the dance floor, the girl practically glued to the guy, her tongue going in his ear, as he tried to order a couple of glasses of champagne, to take her to a room and get freaky. Inga reached for a bottle of champagne, and Dixie, chuckled, snatching it off her. (Dixie)”Let me show you how its done. You want to see how to pop a bottle?”- Reaching for a knife under the bar, she pointed the bottle neck at the couple and then gave it a little shake, with wiggling eyebrows at the man she had been serving. Then with a flick of the blade hard and fast against the neck of the bottle to the cork, the cork top exploded off, sending a shower of bubbly all over the girl who was licking her man’s ear with wild abandon. Her dress would be soaked, and her cleavage dripping. Setting down the bottle and two glasses, while licking her fingers, she made a mad grin at the man, and said- (Dixie)”More fun to lick it off than in a glass, Mate. Trust me, dip your cock in that and she be sucking it till you…”- Inga fell about laughing, as Dixie sucked her middle finger. The couple shrieking, but then the man snatched up the bottle and his gal and ran for one of the free sex rooms. The man that was still at the bar, may not know what to make of the wicked Aussie, but one thing was for sure. She was going to a noted attraction for the punters at the Death Club. The man laughed and said. [Man.] “I love this place. Count me in for the next days.” Dixie shrugged and leant on the bar with one hand, twirling the knife- (Dixie)”I might stick around too.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Despite the fatigue and the strain on their bodies, the two women behind the counter were still in high spirits, especially that Australian one. There was something about her that picked his curiosity. The man silently looked at her for some time, observing her and paying attention to her every movement. Apparently someone wanted to act high and mighty and open a champagne in the club… Ok, well, there was nothing wrong with that, but champagne? Really? Oh well, the man was not the one to judge the other man’s decision, he merely shrugged his shoulders and kept smoking his cigarette. His blue eyes kept looking at the young girl behind his shades, actually not caring if she was going to find out. And there he saw her, opening the bottle of champagne and showering the other woman while at the same time playing her game and provoking others. Of course the young one may had not realized that, but her attitude made the man who was sitting next to him to stand and move towards her. But the man with the shades knew what was about to happen and grabbed the other man’s shirt, shaking his head and pulling him back.- [Man.] “My advice is to sit down. Otherwise you will lose that hand of yours.” –Said the man and motioned the security guy who was just a few feet away. The second man nodded and walked away, but the man looked at the security person and motioned the other guy. After that it was nobody else’s job, but those in security to deal with. Back to the girl now, the man slowly rose from his seat after looking at his watch; the time was already 7:30 am.- [Man.] “Well, I will have to go. I need to open my store soon.” –He said and took his cigarette out in the ashtray while looking at the girls behind the counter.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Inga high fived Dixie, who was now smirking as a man seemed to get toey with the Aussie. But as luck would have it, a man with dark shades, dealt swiftly with what could have been the start of a bar brawl, and no one wanted that. The cash register was positively choked with cash, the two girls had done quite the night in takings, and as it seemed that everyone was getting ready to make their ways home, Inga was getting her coat, and bag from the cupboard under the bar. She noticed that all Dixie had down there was a backpack, and she asked. (Inga)”Vhere you sleep, hun?”- Dixie stuffed her hands into the tops of her jean pockets and shrugged. (Dixie)”I find somewhere, some parks aren’t too bad, till I get myself sorted, ya know?” Inga nodded and then she could see the other bar manager coming in to count the takings to take to the safe. She strode out and into the night, heading to her own little flat in Prague. Dixie cleaned away the last of the glasses, and then smiled as the man who she had been serving for a while was making his way to go to. (Dixie)”Night …or should I say…Good morning.” -Dixie then reached down for her Backpack and swung it onto her shoulder. The bar manager handed her a small card, and it had on the back the roster for the next two weeks. It was a job, and she did a little dance, before stepping out from behind the counter, tucking the card into her bra. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -The man heard the whole conversation that took place between the two girls and saw the manager who had arrived to collect the money of the day, or to be more precise, night. Once they were all done and saw the Australian chick getting ready, he looked at her and while holding his coat in his hand, he nodded upwards before he spoke.- [Man.] “I have a place where you can crash. It’s not anything fancy, but it is something that I call home. Wanna come?” –The man said and looked at the girl, waiting for an answer when all of a sudden he rolled his eyes and smiled.- [Man.] “And you can call me Demetrios.” –Finally he revealed his name while at the same time he waited for the young woman’s response. Meanwhile, right above the bar, Helena was lying on the floor, holding Anna’s body tight, both naked and with the marks of scratches on their bodies; one should be a retard for not realizing what had happened.- [Helena.] “That was a blast. Lets just stay here, we will get back home later Anna.” –Helena said and Anna nodded slowly before they passed out, holding each other.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie stopped for a moment, adjusting the straps of her backpack, and then tilted her head at the man’s offer. [Man.] “I have a place where you can crash. It’s not anything fancy, but it is something that I call home. Wanna come?” Dixie bit her bottom lip, and twirled her toe a bit, wondering if it was such a hot idea to go home with someone she just met. Not like he hit on her or asked for sex. His name would be revealed as Demetrios, and with his thick greek accent, she was kinda partial, have been brought up in Melbourne, where it was the second largest greek community in the world, outside of Greece. With her world in her backpack, and a devil may care attitude, she nodded twice. (Dixie)”Alright, beats sleeping under a tree.” -she offered her hand to shake and smiled- (Dixie)”Name’s Dixie, but you can call me Dix.” <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios nodded and slowly walked towards the girl who introduced herself as Dix. Demetrios nodded slowly and wrapped his coat around her shoulders.- [Demetrios.] “Pleasure to make your an acquaintance Dix. And you will need this.” -Demetrios said and moved 2 steps behind, making sure that he did not forget anything on the counter. Patting his pockets and making sure that his cigarettes, his cellphone and his wallet were in there, he nodded to himself and looked back at Dix.- [Demetrios.] “Shall we? We need to catch the bus first.” -He also said and motioned the exit while extending his left hand so that she could take it.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Feeling the comfort of Demetrios’s jacket draped over her shoulders, the cheeky Australian actually blushed, (which was a first), to be shown such gentlemanly ways. (Dixie)”And here I was thinking Knights only existed in fairy tales. Who knew I would find one in Prague. Heh.”- Watching as he checked behind the bar to see if he had lost anything, Dixie took one last look around the club, smiling. So this was the Death Club. Why was it it was the first time she found a place that was so alive, yet had that name? Demetrios was ready and offered his hand to her and she chuckled, taking it, walking out with him through the exit. (Dixie)”You know, when I lived in Melbourne, my Dad, he sent me to a greek school, where I learned valuable lessons such as, “If Nick has one goat and Maria has nine, how soon will they marry?” Random…sure, but that was Dixie. <3>

iShatteredSanity: -Demetrios noticed something on her face, but he blaimed the fatigue for that. Yet after hearing what she said, he shrugged his shoulders slightly.- [Demetrios.] “I don’t know about knights or anything, but I am just being me and I can’t help myself. I am weird, I know.” -He said and laughed softly, holding her hand softly inside his palm as they walked outside together. The bouncers were still there and they nodded towards Dix and Demetrios. Then together they walked down the street while the sun was already up. As for that Dix had said again, Demetrios actually chuckled before he spoke again.- [Demetrios.] “I don’t think that goats or milk will bring a marriage soon. If that thing is to happen, it will happen.” -Well, not anything clever or smart, but it was what he thought about that matter. And so they both walked down the street, towards the bus stop with their destination being the tattoo shop of Demetrios, that was also his house.-

<~ The End of session One~>