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November 18, 2012 09:06AM
Roleplay Live : Group :The Carrendar DynastyDead Nation.




DarksiedtheLegend: -The two brothers who were still present would the Executioner then respond to the eager Raven-(Executioner)”Well you see there is a problem with letting you work for us. First off you are still a child if the Butchers men were to caught whiff of that. It would be against some child labor laws.” (Seer)”We could just easily make apprentices for that matter.” (Executioner)”That could happen but also she is an unregistered citizen which could arouse the anger and suspicion of the Butcher himself and plus we have to take into account that he makes surprise inspections on various sewer and surface cities.” (Seer)”But we could bypass this uncertainty of yours by simply casting a triad vote of the three brothers” (Executioner)”Let’s wait for the Jester to accomplish his task before casting the vote.” –That’s when Rider would interrupt their discussion by saying to the two brothers and Raven-(Rider)”Yes let’s wait till you get your papers Raven for the time being. I think it would be wise to teach about the sewers on my next run but first you must eat and further more I need to eat too.” –As Rider would give a bowl to Seer would he pass it to Executioner once Executioner got the bowl would he pour some of the fish soup to the bowl before returning it to Rider. As Rider would sit down somewhere on the somewhat grassy lawn would she then remove her mask so that she could start eating the fish soup. The revealing of her face to the Carrendar would it be shown that she had a short trimmed red hair, a white patches around her eyes and mouth with the rest of her face was orange mixed with black stripes as she began to eat her meal.-

CharlotteCarrendar:- Raven’s expression was one of hope, looking from brother to brother, as they discussed if she would indeed be able to work for them, to help pay for the extras, that would be a burden on Rider. Raven hated the fact that she couldn’t work for them, on hearing that they had anti-child labour laws in place. You could see her face fall, when they added to the fact she was an un-registered citizen to boot. Raising suspicion from someone like the Butcher’s men, was not a good idea at all. Raven looked back at her Grandfather, who was sitting on the grassy patch with her brothers and sisters, along with Paige, who was finding the fish soup a bit hard going. Rider came out from having her sleep, and put in her two cents worth, that they would need to wait for the Jester to accomplish his task before they make any plans beyond this moment. Stepping back, Raven went to sit with her Grandfather, Baldrick, who asked. “Not eating?” – he was genuinely concerned, that if she didn’t eat, she would become unwell. Raven simply shook her head. “I lost my appetite.”-the young bebilith said sadly, plucking at the grass. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would finish her meal before placing the bowl back to the ground as she placed her mask back on while the man known as Seer would remove a broken rusted pocket watch from his robe. The Seer stare at his watch before placing it back to his robe-(Seer)”It seems the time draws nearer to the dark hours and me and my brother have other… appointments to keep with. Enjoy the cart of food but remember young ones stay indoors when the darkness comes.” –The Executioner and the Seer would begin their long journey home or to parts unknown while Rider would slowly walk back to her house before saying to the Carrendars present.-(Rider)”If you want to stay warm, get into the house otherwise you will freeze.” –Meanwhile on the surface of Archane in the ruins of the former city, a large gathering of heavily black armor from head to toe only thing that wasn’t black was the skull pauldrons and their skull helmets and all were shouting together-(???) Butcher! Butcher! Butcher! –Then he came out, a man known only as the Butcher, a man donning black armor from head to toe but the only difference was that he held a machete to which he would raise above his head to which his men fell silent as the Butcher spoke-(Butcher)”MY GLORIOUS SOLDIERS!…I HAVE ASKED ONLY ONE THING FROM YOU! LOYALTY!!!. FOR IF WE HAVE NO LOYALTY THEN WE ARE NO BETTER THAN THE FORMER SURFACE DWELLERS!. THEY POLLUTE OUR WATERS, OUR FOOD AND OUR AIR! THEY HAVE MADE SICKNESS AND PLAGUES! ENTIRE LANDS SCROCHED BY THEIR WEAPONS! FORCED INTO THESE PRIMITIVE SUITS JUST TO LIVE ON THE SURFACE! WE CLEANED THEIR TRASH WHEN THEY LEFT US TO DIE!!! MY ALLY…HAS FOUND THEIR NEW HOME!!! …..WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT…THEY….WILL….PAY!!!” –The butchers men would rejoice as they all shouted with the butcher-(Butcher and soldiers)”PAY!!! PAY!!! PAY!!!”

CharlotteCarrendar: All the children finished their meals, and Paige actually helped to gather the bowls up for cleaning, while Raven rose to standing. The three brothers, had done their part, ensuring that the they had the food in the cart, and made their farewells, heading back towards their shop. One of the brothers did remark before taking leave, that the darkness was coming and if the children knew what was good for them, they would get in doors. Rider reaffirmed this, stating that it was going to get very cold out in the open. Baldrick started to usher the bulk of the children into the dwelling of Rider, looking back to see Raven, standing at the end of the garden, watching the three men leave. Baldrick called out to her, glancing back over his shoulder. “Raven…there is nothing more you can do. Come inside, and huddle with your siblings, so that you can try to get some sleep. It’s just too dangerous outside now. Please come.” – The other children filed into the small home, and took up two walls, all sitting with their backs to the wall, and leaning on each other, to stop from falling over. Paige washed up all the bowls, the best she could, stacking them up and joining her cousins. Keeping together, for warmth, it would ensure they managed through the cold night. Raven inhaled deeply, and then turned to march inside, her mind then coming up with different ways to kil the threat to her grand mother’s former nation. “Tommorow, it begins.”-she made her way back inside the hold hut, and found a space between to two of her brothers, and knelt dow, snuggling into them. All were unaware of the Buther’s ‘s reach. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -At the deep of night when the darkness sweeps in and creeps into the sewers, the town would lock up its doors, shut their shutters and its citizens head to bed as the creatures of the night would arise and take their chance to play from the skeletons to the various monsters and creatures marched into town but all were wearing a mask of sorts. They dripped of an unusual liquid which its color was black and the as the monsters and skeletons waited at the town square would the citizens of this fair town hear what sounds like a coming procession. Beings with masks carrying a coffin that leaked of the strange black liquid. These same masked beings were leading this procession with some of its members beating drums and ringing bells as this procession passed the house of Rider then the shop named Down the Drain then the Axe,Dagger,Eye shop eventually stopping in front of its town center. This group of masked beings would make the coffin stand upright before all stood silent as the black liquid sweep through the holes of the casket touching all those around. Once the liquid touched the skeletons would the skeletons start to grow muscles, nerves, clothes, armor and weapons while the creatures would be aging backwards had their skins healed, bones became stronger and fangs sharper. But every creature and skeleton being had their masks healed before they looked at one another then it happened someone or something threw the first punch, shove, slash, kick, bite and etc but one thing is certain no one knows who or what threw the first attack. The masked creature and beings started to fight one another well except one being a man dressed in a rainbow of colors and had his mask upside as he stared at the chaos below him would he rush to the town center where he broke into the place. As he removed his lock pit kit and began to take his time to break into the record room before looking for Rider’s mask while normally records are categorized by name some beings don’t have a name that can be written using the human language so the Butcher made sure that it was instead categorize by masks. Upon finding the mask of Rider would the man known as Jester begin remaking Riders family history and family before inserting two files would Jester wait for a bit as he took out the piece of paper that he wrote the Seer’s instructions as he read it carefully he just nodded to the paper before inserting the names of the two girls into Rider’s folder before placing a red band so that people in the records room would make a survey to check up on Rider and to confirm the existence of the two nieces. Then he placed the folder back to the record room as he then flee from the city hall. As the Jester weaved his way through the carnage of the masked beings and creature would he stop in front of the coffin which leaked the strange black liquid. Jester seemed to be mortified he can’t believe he got this close, no being has ever got this close without being killed or attacked but as he was about to reach and touch the coffin would he hear a man’s voice –(??)”I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” –Jester jumped back a bit before turning to see the owner of the voice, the owner of the voice was a masked being no surprise there but he was different this masked being. He wasn’t fighting like the rest nor did any of the beings bothered fighting him. He wasn’t dressed like a warrior nor did he anything special about him.-(Jester)”What? Who are you?” –The masked being would turn to Jester and then so did another being with this masked being. There was two of them looking at Jester one was clearly a man and the other was a woman as they both spoke together-(Masked man and woman)”My name is unimportant, what is important is that the era of change is upon us. The warriors of old will get their much needed rest…Our chosen champions will force the change in their world. They have seen the opportunity to force this change. Everything has gone according to their plans and soon will the beings of light discover that instead of defeating their enemy the darkness instead they have opened the door to their own oblivion. The warriors of light would say that they saw us coming but how could they if they never even knew of our existence and we will be the undiscovered even when the final strike has occurred. ” –Jester stood silent confused and shocking before seeing the masked man and woman walked into the coffin as if they were ghosts. Jester would flee in fear back to the Axe,Dagger,Eye shop. While in an unknown area of Nemaeus would the order of masks announce to the masked beings present-(???) Your attention everyone here is your champion. –A man big man in a full body armor suit stepped forward and announced himself to everyone-(Panzer)”I am your champion! Lieutenant General Panzer of the zero faction.” –While in old Lacardis a man dressed in red armor shouted to the skies-(Deep Red)”I have done it! True sied are you watching I am your champion. An unnamed being from an unnamed clan.” –Finally in the death planet in the ruins of Arachne Butcher stood proud and tall as he shouted to his men-(Butcher)”I stand before you…A CHAMPION!, can you not see the power I possess after winning the masked tournament TRUE SIED!!! Am I not worthy of being called your champion?!”