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November 15, 2012 07:59AM
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Cloak and Dagger


DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would just look at the handful of clothes before taking another piece of clothing from one of the piles of clothes but it seemed more like a rolled up blanket rather than a cloth or robe before grabbing a fistful of coins and pieces from her left pocket as Rider placed the coins and bits on the counter before tapping Raven and Paige shoulder to follow her as Rider went out the store would she start to head back to the markets as she then headed to another shop this one seemed to be a bit more well constructed rather than the other building for this building was actually made from iron and it even had a sign that said “Axe, Dagger, Eye” as Rider would first let out a gulp before pounding on the iron door as the pounding could be heard in the streets and even around before the sounds of large mechanicals gears moving and chains rattling before the door opened as Rider entered the shop and waited for Raven and Paige to follow in but once in would Rider herself shut the large iron door as the chains would come alive to shut the door even the sight of mechanical gears on the door began its lock down sequence. Once the door was locked would Rider then speak up-(Rider)”Alright girls, we can talk freely here. The owners are a trio of brothers and they don’t understand the language of the sewers nor the common used by the surface dwellers …I think they are stupid not to learn any language but yet they can speak it but refuses but then again they might be clever for I haven’t seen anyone dare stand up to any brother of this shop…Ironically this is where we are getting food. This is the only shop that allows the flush people to buy food so time to wake them up” –In the middle of the iron sop was a wooden table and on it was a small white bell as Rider would pick up the bell and ring would the place come alive first in front of them the iron wall would raise up a counter with various meats and fish plus a bags of mushrooms and behind the counter was a well toned heavy muscle man wearing a sack over his face and a apron on covering some of his chest. On the apron was some words that said” Fear the Butcher and Executioner”-(?)”Wat cha u want? I got meat, fish, liver, fish fins and mushrooms.” –Then from their left side the floor would raise a different counter that had vials of various colours and rotting food hanging from the ceiling and behind the counter was a man wearing a red, white and black suit and even an upside down mask which the mouth was on the head and the eyes where down on where the mouth should be-(??) Nah they want herbs, potions or poisons or maybe rotting food for the growing Otyugh. –Then finally from the right side the floor gave to a rising room which consists of a table but on the table was a crystal ball, a free chair and a man sitting on the other chair and this man was dressed in a brown robe and brown hood which covered his face.-(???)”No, they want to see the past, future and even get magic charms.” –Then as if in union would the three say-(?, ?? and ???) “No they seek weapons.” –As various weapons would appear from hidden spots behind the three owners counters after the first which had axes, mallets and maces to the second which had swords, spears and daggers but all seemed to be dripping with some strange substance to finally the three one which had rods, scepter, scrolls, books and amulets as Rider then said out to the girls –(Rider)”What was it we needed again?”

CharlotteCarrendar: Raven and Paige both stood silently, arms outstretched with the cloth that they had managed to get from the moving piles. Clearly, it was not enough, as Rider decided to add a few thing more, and one that seemed like a rolled up blanket. Rider, kindly paid for the items, and then as they were done, all three left the store, Rider in front, the two girls behind. Raven, was naturally curious of the under world tunnel markets, and she could not help but stare at the other people, and the makeshift buildings, that were right up against the tunnel walls. Keeping their thoughts to themselves now, they were well aware of the dangers, of bringing attention onto themselves. The girls fell into step behind Rider, but it was Raven that picked up on Rider’s unease, of the next store they approached. Madly mostly from metal, it was called, “Axe, Dagger, Eye” A strange name for a very strange looking shop. When Rider pounded on the iron doors, the sound was amplified greatly, and it was the last thing that the girls wanted, was to make a lot of noise. Both looked behind, to see if they were being followed, and thankfully, they were yet to have suspicion raised against them. The massive doors opened, but was done so mechanically, with the sounds of winches and chains, rattling roughly, ~clang clang, clink, clang~ On entry, Rider made it very clear, that they were able to speak freely, due to the owners, not being up to speed on the language of the up worlders, or the sewer speak. Paige let out a sigh of relief, and almost dropped her bundle of clothing, but thankfully, she caught herself, but not before getting a stern glance from Raven. “Sorry…okay?” Raven said, rolling her eyes, but both girls would marvel, as each of the owners had their own stalls of wares. The first, had meat, fish, liver, fish fins and mushrooms, all of which, were actually fresh. The second, wore a mask that was upside down, and sold food that was, well past its used by date, definately suited to feed a growing Otyugh. Lastly, there was the third, and he had, a table with a crystal ball, a free chair, and what was distinguished about him, was the brown robe and brown hood, that covered his face. His stall offered magic, charms, and the chance to see the future, the past or the present. Now, they needed to decide, what was most important on this journey, and so when the men suggested weapons, and Rider, asked what they needed, Raven piped up. “Masks, food, I think that is what is important.” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -As the first one heard that they wanted food would he then shout to the other two of his brothers-(?) You heard them, bruthas so come to me for foodie food food. –Then the second would interject himself into this-(??) Hoy I want in on this, I got some food here too. (?) They want eating food not Otyugh food. –Rider would then interrupt their complaining-(Rider)”No no I intend to buy both types of food quite in a bundle of each” (?)”Ahh I see I see so what you want?” (Rider)”Hmm can I have some meat, fish and probably Otyugh food?” (?)” Buy the food and we will even cook it.” (??) “Buy a cart load and we will throw the cart in.” –Then the third one spoke up-(???)”We would even help deliver it to your home and cook it right there.” –As the third one would snap his two fingers and it looks like a small ball of fire was at his fire tips just right there not even moving or burning him in any way .The fireball was barely touching him when Rider looked at the three brothers before saying-(Rider)”Agreed now about the masks? –The third one would speak up again-(???)”We got masks but what is it you truly desire?” –Rider Would let out a gulp as she clutched her hands into fists as she tried to find the courage to say what it is the children wanted as she kept on saying to herself over and over “I could go back, I could avoid trouble” but then she said it-(Rider)”Papers….I need papers.” –She found the courage to say what they needed even though she knows that now she can no longer turn back this was the final straw if she was ever captured or taken by the Butcher’s men, she will be branded as a Carrendar sympathizer for she has just helped a Carrendar and she knew there is no turning back now as the third brother would snap his fingers and in his hand was papers as he then said to Rider-(???)”I can get papers but what are they for?” –Rider would kneel down to the level of Raven and Paige before putting her arms around their shoulders-(Rider)”I just found my long lost nieces and they require papers in other for them to start working.” –The third brother would snap his fingers again as the paper then disappeared then he looked to the first brother who gave a silent but stern nod then he looked to the second brother who let out a cackle as he nodded then the third brother spoke again-(???)”The papers you seek are quite rare so we would require something of equal value.” (Rider)”What’s the price?” (???)”Twenty thousand.” (Rider)”What!! That’s way too much!” (?) “There are certain risks involved” (??)”Not to mention that we will be crossing the law” (???)”And you did ask for two not one.” –Rider would look at the three owners before back to Raven and Paige before saying-(Rider)”Looks like I got no choice…Do you have umm candy, I know it’s rare down here but do you have any by chance?” –The second seemed to actual jumped at the mention of candy before pointing at his other brothers-(??)”See I told you two that making candy would be useful one day.” (???)”You just wanted to eat the candy for yourself” (??)”Oh be quiet I am trying to make a sale here….Tell you what if you like my candy then you can come back to place another order” (?)”The only reason for that is because you ate most of it” (??)”Why are you two always against me?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The two girls heads turned to each brother in turn, as they spoke to each other, bartering the deals of what food was wanted, how much, and the brothers were even offering to throw in carts. One of the brothers mentioned he would even go to Rider’s house and cook for them. Raven’s mind was reeling. If the brothers went back to Rider’s house, they would see the other children and her Grandfather, Baldrick. No…that couldn’t possibly happen, with Rider risking so much for them, and outlaying her own money. Paige was turning up her nose at the old rotten food, that would be suitable for the Otyugh to eat the smell making her gag, and she was fighting with all her might, to keep her bile down. Not only that, it would activate her neuro toxin glands, and bebilith are known to give off a certain scent, when they are in danger, and prep the acid. The young Carrendars, did get a small fright when one of the brother’s snapped his fingers, and a small fire ball erupted. Being a weakness, the girls inched back slowly, eyes darting at the other, clutching the clothing piles in their arms. Rider, established that food, and masks were needed, but there was just one other thing. -(Rider)”Papers….I need papers.” This was the one thing, that Raven and Paige had forgotten. In order to move freely through the tunnels, they would require papers to confirm citizenship. The deal was, that they would need to be paid for, but with what. Rider lied, and said that the girls were her long lost nieces. And as much as the girls hated doing it, they nodded to show that they were. A price was being bargained for, and this was going to cost, a lot more than Rider had. The girls started to worry, until Rider asked. -(Rider)”Looks like I got no choice…Do you have umm candy, I know it’s rare down here but do you have any by chance?” Now, Raven and Paige, both were known to have sweet teeth and it was a common thing among the children. Raven nodded,and placed her hands into her pockets, pulling out, three bags of sweets, one was musk sticks, one was everlasting gob stoppers, and the last one was a bag of spearmint leaves. She handed them over, without a fight, and then nudged Paige. “What?”- Paige said, as if she didn’t want to part with her precious lollies. “Hand em over….its the right thing to do. Paige frowned and kicked the floor. “Pooh.’ she reached in her pockets, and one after the other, she started pulling out, snakes, berry fruits squeezes, bubble gum, chuppa chups, strawberry kisses, milk bottle lollies, jelly babies, gummy bears. She was a virtual candy store, on two legs. Once the last bag was handed over she pouted. “Just…meh.” <3>

vampireboichris: -Sardis Massoghein left to depart from his home village of Espart, taking a buggy full of his healing books, vials ingredients, crystals and potions making the buggy he pulled with him very full. Gazing out the young healer was ready to embark and journey the world, help those in need and make use of his life here in this violent place from his ever peaceful home in between two mountains. Sighing as he than shook his head and gathered up his courage, and kept going towards the nearest capital he could find which was Arachnea, where he would go to train further in hea,ling and white magic. Walking only on the roads as many monsters lurked the woods and the so called quicker routes towards the nearest cities, known as goblins, annoying creatures that caused mayhem everywhere they went. Keeping his staff and his sentry orb nearest him just in case, walking along the cobblestone path chipped and chiselled by earth magic, the fireflies around him made him feel at peace regardless. Finding his way across the glowing cobblestone he watched as a seen silhouette streaks across the trees flying in the sky. It looked ominous as the cobblestone road began to glow more bright blue the protection sigils activating as 7 glinting objects were sent flying forward.The sigils flash just in time to create the barrier as what was seen were shruikens and the silhouette was heard crying out angrily.~What!!? Bandits!!!> Here of all places!? Just my luck damnit gods!!!~ Sardis cried in his mind, as he frowned angrily, wielding out his sentry orb and wielded out his staff, the golden runes etched onto its wood shimmer in the moon light, as the silhouette is hit with moon light showing it to be a ninja of some sort.~He must want money….Better prepare myself…..~-e-

DarksiedtheLegend: -The trio of brother and Rider would be shocked to see the amounts of candy that were being presented in front of them and Rider was more shocked than most about the amount of candy and how they could hide that amount as Rider said-(Rider)”Well, looks like I don’t need to buy any candy….So how soon can I get my niece’s papers?” –The three brothers and owners looked at each other before the second brother would just nod as he then went to the back room at which the third brother would say-(???)”Why ask that when we haven’t even left? Wouldn’t you rather know when you are getting your food? It would make more sense to worry about food down here rather than papers.” –That’s when Rider remembered the third brother might pretend to be a magician but in truth he really is what he pretends to be. As Rider thought to herself did they know? Did the trio of brothers already figured out what these two girls are really are or is he bluffing…does he bluff? As Rider would then say it bluntly to the two brother who were still present-(Rider)”If you know what they and I know what they are, let’s just call them my nieces.” –The third brother smiled before the second brother came back as the second brother said to Rider, Paige and Raven-(??)”Your food is ready for transport, do you wish it be cooked here or there and do you want us to deliver it to you now or later?” –Rider would think for awhile as if she was weighting her options. “If they already knew and haven’t told any of the Butcher’s men then maybe it would be safe to let them follow her but what if the three brothers are just waiting to corner them. They were rumored to be the most toughest and dangerous citizens well at least in this part of the sewers plus the Butcher allows them to roam freely. Maybe they are spies for the Butcher but then again they have been at conflicting ends with the Butcher and his men but what if they are part of the underground city rumored to be under the sewers? Well if they already knew then it would hurt to let them come now.”-(Rider)”Ahem can you let us know when the papers are ready?” –The brothers would just nod before Rider continued-(Rider)”Alright, can you deliver it now?” –The brothers would just nod as the first brother would be the first one to move out to get to the back room to get the cart while the third brother would sit and wait while the second brother would be checking his supplies of Otyugh food. But on the surface as Sardis Massoghein would be preparing himself to defend against the silhouette that had flew in the trees and had thrown shurikens at him would he then hear the sudden rumbling from the ground as if something heavy was running and is approaching him. As the sound got near so did the sight of the creature that had made the sound well it is more like the sounds of creatures. For if Sardis were to look behind him would he see a sight of heavily armored beings from head to toe covered in armor. Each of these heavily armored beings were in black armor, black gauntlets, black boots, skull shaped pauldrons and even a skull helmet as these beings would then rush past Sardis before one of them stopped to look at Sardis and then turned to look what Sardis was facing but then continued to run with its comrades.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Back at Rider’s small home, the children were all sitting on the the floor, and various bits of furniture, their eyes trained to the door, as Baldrick paced back and forth, his gnarled hands joined together behind, flap flap tap tap, againest the back of his coat. Jira and Zutos rose to standing, and joined their grandfather as he paced, mimcing him, walking behind him. This brought some giggles from the other children, who could really do with something to laugh at, in this terrible situation. The key staff, rest on one of the rickity tables, and Tor reached for it and held it in her hands. “This is pretty….I remember when Seven found it.”- Baldrick and the other two stopped pacing and Baldrick took his glasses out of his top pocket, and approached Tor, asking, “May I have a look at that please?” Tor didn’t argue, she handed it up to her grandfather smiling. “I just think its pretty. I mean, its got a spider in the crystal.”- Baldrick turned the staff over, and he saw the spider, that seemed to be frozen with in the amber gem. “This reminds me of …damn I forget. I am getting too old for this. If only…she was here. She always knew what to do.” – Handing the staff back to Tor, for safe keeping, he sighed, when Jira asked. “Who is she, Grand dad?” – Baldrick wandered to the window and stared out at the Otyugh, that was feeding on some grotty sludge in the garden….well it looked like a garden. Baldrick took out a hanky and wiped his eyes. “Your Grandmother.” :: The three brothers appeared to be onto the fact, the girls were not Rider’s real nieces, but for now, were more concerned on getting the food transported back to Rider’s house. Raven grew concerned, for their immediate cover was blown, and if these men did indeed work for the Butcher, they were in for a great deal of trouble. Paige finally twigged, that there was tension in the small room. The brothers and Rider, talking, like business people do, but there was a matter of urgency about the papers. Raven stayed close to Rider, and tugged on her sleeve. “What of of the others, will there be enough supplies? <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider would then say to Raven simply-(Rider)”As of now it will do for the week until then we need to find some work. But let’s head home first, I need some rest for tomorrows patrol of the day and I guessing you had a long journey and you might need some rest too.” –As Rider would then attempt to leave the shop as the door would automatically open up by itself where the first brother was standing outside with a wooden cart as he seemed to be ready to go with them and then as soon as Rider was out the door with the two girls hopefully would the third brother went with them. As the travel back to the home of Rider began as Rider cautious walked in front of the two shop owners would she have second doubts about the two that were following her as she thought maybe they could be spies but then again maybe not. As Rider approached her house would the Otyugh stand in attention as it saw Rider and while the two brothers would wait at the small pathway as Rider would open the door to her home as she turned to the Raven and Paige and simply said-(Rider)”Alright, looks like we have a feast tonight at least but I am going to see if I could strike up another deal with them for the rest of your family.” –Rider then turn to the Otyugh then pointed to the side as the Otyugh obeyed would she then shouted to the two brothers.-(Rider)”Alright start cooking some of the food and bring in some of the rest.” –As Rider then opened the door to her house and entered her house before saying to those inside-(Rider)”Alright we are going to have some food cooked and we got some clothes for you lot. Go outside and stretch your legs. I am going to lie down for a bit.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The children inside the house, heard the sound of the Otyugh rising to attention, being it was a fairly large animal, and joined their grandfather staring out at it. “They’re coming back….but some people are following them. Big..men.” Baldrick said, as the children all peeked through the windows, unsure fo how this would turn out. “Do you see Raven and Paige?”- Jira asked his grandfather, and Baldrick nodded slowly. “I see them, carrying bundles, when I think are clothes. Paige still looked dirty about her sweets,and Raven was keeping an eye on Rider, trying desperately, not to cause a scene. Masks, clothes, food. It was going to have to do today, at least. Raven listened carefully to Rider’s instructions, that there would be a feast for them all tonight, however Rider would need to make yet another deal, to ensure there was enough for all. “If there is anything else I can give or do, I will.” Raven meant every word, while watching the Otyugh go to the side of the house. Within the house, the children waited, for a sign that all was clear, but was it really? Rider asked that the food be cooked up, and that all were to leave the house, to stretch and see what lays beyond Rider’s part of the underworld. The children filed out the door, a number that you would not normally see. Raven and Paige, took the clothes and masks they had, and placed them on the table in the centre of the room, before heading outside, to give Rider a chance to rest. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -Rider went to her bed as she then untie the blanket as she then set it down on the ground so that any of the Carrendars there can use it while she then rested upon her bed of furs as she started to rest a bit before the eventual need to go back to work while outside the two brothers would then speak to each other-(?)”So it’s time to cook with a controlled fire right?” (???)”Is there any other way?” –As the first brother reached into the cart and pulled out eight bricks as he then set the bricks into a small campsite fire place while the third brother would put his hands together as a small fire ball then it grew to a medium fireball as the third then let the fireball fall into the fire place as the fireball hit ad produce a steady flame to which the first brother would then remove a pot, pans and barbecue sticks as they then began placing some of the fish on the barbecue sticks to be fried by the fire place as he then began to shop some of the spare fish heads and put them into the pot before putting in some water and various vegetables as he then slowly placed it on a metal grill before placing it on top of the bricks so that the tip of the fire would be touching the pot, while the third brother would approach Paige and Raven as he then reached into his robe and remove the various bags of candy as he then handed the candies back to the two girls.-(???)”I don’t take candy from children unless its Halloween.” –As the third brother would move to the inside of the house as he the assorted group of children as he then went to find a seat near Rider before saying to her-(???)”Seems like you have a lot nieces and nephews.” –Rider a bit drowsy would then say to any children that were there.-(Rider)”Its like becoming a mother without having to make offsprings but now that you are here…I need to renegotiate the deal about the papers.” (???)”The price would have risen either way but we can still acquire the papers for two but for the rest of them it would be much longer. We are remaking your family tree after all and the Butcher is very cautious after the spider wars.” (Rider)”Makes you wonder what he is afraid of” (???)”Frankly I don’t care if the Butcher’s got money and walked into my shop. I will treat him just like a customer…So tell who are these people?” (Rider)”They are my nieces and nephews…Yeah I have one big family tree.” (???)”Very well keep up this charade but I will find out eventually just be careful.” –The third brother would then make his way out of the house to rejoin the first brother by the fireplace as Rider would let out sigh before saying to herself-(Rider)”What have I gotten myself into?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – The children pretty much kept together, since they unfamiliar with the new men that had arrived back with Rider and the two girls. Baldrick ushered Raven and Paige back outside, and nodded politely to The brother that had just entered Rider’s dwelling. He reached up, and scratched the top of his head, the wisps of grey hair, so few, and he knew that it wouldn’t be long, before there may well be suspicions about him as well. Watching over the eleven children, he knew that the upkeep alone to feed them all would be considerable. As the two brothers, that were to conduct the cooking, brought out pots and pans, setting up the bricks for a small campsite fire, many of the children were in awe of the brother, who could make fire with his hand. None had seen that done before, in their home world, of Nemaues, and Tor’s jaw fell open, easily spooked. What if they could make bigger fires, to burn children. Timid, were most, except for Raven and Paige, that had already spent a small amount of time in their shop with them. The third brother, had returned the sweets to the children, before entering Rider’s house, and Raven quickly gathered the bags, and stuffed her pockets. “These may come in handy later for us to trade with.” She said, eyeing her sister, knowing she would be upset. Even though the third brother said he would never take candy from children, this may serve to help them later on. The smell of the various vegetables and meats, was welcoming, but while they remained outside, Baldrick had to wonder, just what Rider and the third brother were discussing. He was in half a mind to eaves drop, but thought better of it, staying close to the children. <3>

Guest_MagusTiberia: ~The mouth to the grotto had seem silent, and exhumed an old putrid scent from its stoney throat.. The elf had scraped together his will, took a glance around the unwelcoming features to the cave’s exterior, and almost wished he didn’t have a nose, as he descended into the void.. His Drow eyes made the mystery of the darkness enveloped around him seemed like ordinary daylight.. The old tracks fermenting along the muddy surface had indicated to him that a few others had before used this cave, and perhaps looted it out already.. The scent of carbon dioxide clinging to his olfactory perception construed the notion in his mind that the looters were perhaps celebrating their big haul prematurely, for he, would surely by stealth or lethal force, do away with their valuables.. A smirk cringed his lips, like the foretaste of victory on his tongue as he advanced onwards, and arrived to a steep cliff in the grotto.. Without more consideration, and the thrill of riches that may await him, the elf flung himself off the edge with graceful elven dexterity and landed with an audible scatter of dust as his feet planted into the sandy ground below.. He remained haunches down, surveying his new surroundings with a swift gaze left and right, fearing he might’ve awakened a beast or alerted those whom he could spy far off at the fire place~

DarksiedtheLegend: -First off with the notion of the sudden appearance of these other children made the first brother worried as the third brother returned back to the first as he said-(???)”What you are seeing is her extended family, which means more papers” (?)”Price change right Seer?” –Finally a name from the trio of brothers, the man dressed in robes with a hood covering his head was the one known as Seer, the same who had the ability to produce from his hands.- (Seer)”That’s right Executioner.” –And at last we get the name of the man who is still wearing a sack over his head, an apron on his chest and probably pants and shoes the one known as Executioner-(Executioner)”Not in front of the children the fact that my name is also a brutal job doesn’t suit well with people. So that means Jester would be having some more work to do while he tries to break into the records room.” –Thus the second brother’s name has been revealed the man dressed in a red, white and black suit and was wearing the upside mask was called Jester -(Seer)”Indeed brother. Only we of Axe, Dagger, Eye can accomplish such a daring task.” (Executioner)”Yeah you keep telling yourself that when the Butcher’s men finally caught us with our hands in the cookie jar.” (Seer)”Exee, besides was it not Jester who said he could do the impossible.” (Executioner)”Maybe Seer but still the risks involve are getting to high for us.” (Seer)”I think the flush woman might let one of nieces or nephews get a job…Didn’t you say we needed help around the shop Exe?” (Executioner)”I said we needed help, I didn’t say we were desperate.” (Seer)”All I am saying is can’t we think about it?” (Executioner)”If no one comes up for the job then maybe.” –The Otyugh would stand to attention for it thought it heard something out in the distance but the creature wasn’t sure what it was so it went to high alert.-(Executioner)”Time for you to use that semi-portal magic cause I don’t think that flush women has the needed number of plates and bowels” (Seer)”You want me to open up a portal to our shop so that Jester could send us some bowls” (Executioner)”Pretty much and we add it to the flush woman already growing tab.” (Seer)”Works for me besides I don’t get to use magic often.” –Seer would stretch his arms before breathing in then out as he then start to say some words quietly to his hands almost like he was praying then he spit it his hands before moving one hand away from the other as the space between both hands would turn a light blue before he then shouted to the light blue space-(Seer)”Jester, wake up and get the bowls out of their boxes we got a roaming buyer.” –At the other side of the portal was Jester who hear the words of his brother Seer and had gotten moving getting the bowls out of the boxes as Jester grabbed a handful of bowls probably around three to five before shoving his hand into the portal to pass the bowls to Seer to which Executioner would instead take as Seer barked out another order-(Seer)”We need eight more Jester” –To which Jester complied from the other side as he grabbed about eight more bowl out of the boxes from storage and handed them again to Executioner on the other side. When they had the right number of bowls would Seer said to Jester on the other side of their small portal-(Seer)”Make a mark on the books Jester.” –And with that Seer closed his portal as Executioner would shout to those around-(Executioner)”The soup is ready and fish is well cooked. Time to eat.”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The three brothers, had come to notice that there was more than just the two girls that had entered their shop. Discussing the details of the papers, Raven approached her Grandfather, who was looking incredibly nervous. Raven picked up his hand and held it, raising it to her cheek. Raven felt responsible for the situation that they were now in, and as much as she hated it, Raven feared she could not get them back to their world, for the amber crystal, seemed to have lost its power, when they entered. The other children all waited by the fence in a straight line, ten. Paige was grumpy, and angry that her sister had all the candies, still to use as trade. Baldrick brushed his hand over Raven’s hair, seeing the guilt in her eyes. “This is all my fault, Grandfather. And I can’t let you or my brothers and sisters suffer for it. I just can’t.” Raven looked back at the trio of men, who were discussing needing help. She was catching up snippets of their conversation and enough to put the pieces together. Baldrick frowned, and kept watching the three brothers, with one of them using a portal, to gain bowls to serve the meals in. “Well I’ll be, not seen magic used like that since……since…damn my memory.” Time came for the children to line up and get their fish soup, Raven making sure that her siblings and Grandfather went first. Raven brought up the rear, and then when it was her turn, she gave them back the empty bowl. “I know its rude to listen in, but…I would like to work for you all in your shop, to help to pay for the debt that is owed. Rider is only doing what she can,and I am strong,stronger than I look. Would you please consider it?” she looked at them, with eyes of determination. <3>