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November 01, 2012 07:57PM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club
The Chisolm Twins.
Sin Sin Sin
CharlotteCarrendar:- Clenching the cigar between her teeth, Corsica raised her hands up and ran them over her bald head, as she arched her back, showing off her breasts, as if to say, this is what you might get if you do what pleases. Lowering her right arm, she took the cigar from her lips, and simply held it out, and assumed something of a regal air, acting more like a Madame for a brothel, about to inspect the girl of the hour. She was of course, covering up her true feelings, and that was the fear of what she had brought her sister into. She blew smoke from her cigar out of her nostrils, much like a dragon lady from the orient, the smell around her quite pungent. Corsica’s eyes trailed up and down every inch of her sister, Candice’s body, admiring, drinking in her form. “So much better naked….but a show is a show.”- she said, tapping her cigar so the ash would fall into a small glass dish on a side table. For a woman that has basically lost everything back in Canada, she acts as though she owns Prague with her mannerisims. When Candice bounced, literally, out of her jeans, and showed off that fabulous ass, Corsica wet her lips with her tongue, before placing the cigar back between her lips and taking a few puffs. Ever the one to multi task, she reached for a bottle of whiskey, and poured herself a glass, humming softly with the cigar between her teeth again. A quick change of hands, she placed the cigar in the ash tray and then brought the glass of whiskey to her lips and took a small sip, as her sister placed the dress over her head, and let it slide down her body, the strap like strings revealing much of Candice’s breasts and stomach, much to Corsica’s pleasure. It always amazed Corsica, how easy her sister got wet, and so ripe whenever Corsica gave her commands to perform for her. This added to the titilation, having such power over her sibling meant that she held something of a hold over her sister. The wings were fitted, and then when she shook her shoulders, the wings beat, and she truly did look like a fallen angel from the heavens. Corsica uncrossed her legs, and rose to standing, setting down her whiskey glass, and walked towards her sister, raising a hand so her fingers would come up under her chin, and then bring her sister’s face up so she could see her eyes. Her blue irises flickered as she said in a firm voice, “Oh…but it does. Seems such a shame, to taint the angel further. Course, we both know that is what you want.” Corsica then turned away from her sister, and walked over to the balconey doors, opening them, so the cool breeze would enter the room, the curtains billowing as she turned around and unbuttoned her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, so she was wearing only her briefs and suspenders, with matching garter belt. “Walk out to the balcony, and hold onto the rail, legs spread. Then I am going to part….your…wings, so to speak. And have my way.” <3>


Captain277: – *Candice shuddered as her sister rose from the chair. Striding confidently over, her more over-bearing half grabbed her by the chin and forced their eyes to meet. Listening to her sister’s words, Candice remained completely and utterly still, as if she were afraid to move at all. She let her sister walk away, still remaining obediently in the same spot. Only allowing her head to move, she watched Corsica walk away, moving towards the window. Candice’s unexpected exhibitionist surge flared up suddenly at this moment, as she imagined her sister
taking her down into the hotel lobby and pouring syrup over her nipples and cunny, and then charging men to come and lick it off. Candice pictured the hundreds of ways Corsica could pimp her out and force her to please man
after man, and all of them made her wet, but none did so as much as seeing her sister take off her skirt and slowly saunter back over to the immobile Angel. Pretending not to look at her sister, dressed as she were in suspenders, panties, and garters, Candice imagined her sister doing everything in the book to her, and leaked to the point where it was visible even between the sheer fabric of her skirt. Shivering as her sister spoke of parting her wings, Candice waited for her sister to make the first move, or place the first orders.*
CharlotteCarrendar: – As the wind blew in from the city, the scent of smog, car fumes and smoke, only added to the sweet smells of the room, a cocktail that was sure to delight. Corsica went over to one of her sports bags, and drew the zip along, opening the bag up. She rummaged for a moment, before extracting a black silk bag, that contained something long, cylinder shaped. There was no sounds of laughter, or anything else, to Corsica, this was all part of the game. Taking the strap on, out of the silken bag, she began to fit the harness, around her hips, down low, and fix it underneath, so when she turned back around, she had the full length sticking out around eight inches. Sauntering back over to where her cigar was, she picked it back up again, and took another drag, before tilting her head up and releasing another smoke ring. All the while, her sister would be at the balcony  leaning forward, and clutching the rail. Seeing that her sister was already leaking pre and staining her skirts, Corsica knew that lubricant wouldn’t be necessary. Now like the hunter, she stalked the winged Candi, making soft noises, as she came in from behind, knowing that her sister would not be looking back, for that would spoil the anticipation. With the cigar firmly clenched between her teeth, Corsica, reaches for her sister’s skirts, lifting them slowly with one hand, making sure to caress her ass, with her fingers. Then, with the skirt brought up out of the way, and exposing her ass cheeks, Corisca slides the strap on between her inner thighs, the honey of her sex, lubricating it, and since it is cold to touch, it should send a shock wave through Candice, as Corsica seized her hips and then presses her pelvis in, teasing her sister mercilessly, as she threatens to take her out on the balcony for all Prague to see. Even God himself. <3>
Captain277: – *Candice stared down at the people, far-off below. It was rather magical, to look down at them, as if they were hundreds of ants, busily running back and forth, never thinking to look up and catch a small glimpse of heaven. She could hear Corsica rummaging around in the living room, but refused to turn around, focusing instead on the dew gathering between her lips as she stood out here in the open air, virtually naked. The heady scent of cigar smoke grew stronger as Corsica moved in behind her, and Candice exhaled slowly as she felt her whole body shudder in a curious form of anticipation. The gossamer length of her skirt slowly started to peel upwards and away, the cool nighttime air now rolling unhindered over the pale skin of Candice’s bare ass. The warm, jewelry-laden lengths of Corsica’s fingers ran across Candice’s cheeks, sending a soft tingle up and down Candi’s spine. Something cold and artificial pushed between her legs, and Candice’s arms buckled in shock. Bending almost completely over the ledge of the balcony, presenting her sister with a much better view of her naked ass, Candi let out a few sharp gasps as Corsica began to lubricate the strap-on with her own juices. Candice felt Cor’s faux-nailed hands grasp her roughly at the waist, and braced for the harsh thrust of the strap-on slamming into her. Instead, she felt the soft prodding of its head, and squirmed a bit in her sister’s grasp as she teased her, unable to resist, Candice could do little but whimper and wait.*
CharlotteCarrendar: – Ah, a city skyline, how it sparkles like jewels laid out on a black velvet sheet. The moon’s rays provide the illuminating light. Behind them, the soft glow of the lamps, and the fan on the ceiling rotates slowly, stirring the fine dust particles. The smoke from the cigar, snakes and curls upward as released from Corsica’s nostrils, and mouth. Her nailed fingers, drag along her sister’s fair skin. So delicate…..it deserves to be treated with care, like you would a fine china doll. But Corsica wanted to have her own brand cast across the bare ass. A wry grin, the tips of her nails press in to the point it would leave deep indentations. However, she had not yet brought the head of the fake cock up into her waiting wet cunny. Oh no, that is too kind. She wanted her sister to beg….to plead. Only through the torture of not allowing her to experience the drive of the thick metal cock piece, would her sister learn true submission. A throaty growl, warm and delicious, came from Corsica, as she kept the same pace of hip thrusts. Just..enough. Not too much. The scent of the cigar, so close, could cause her to become lightheaded, and all this while staring down at the people of Prague, going about their evening jaunts. If only they were to look up, and see the dark woman, the sister showing no mercy to an angel…who was destined to fall into the pits of lust. The cool of the metal, passing back and forth, slipping up and parting her sweet clit lips would be glistening in Candi’s sexy syrup. Then out of nowhere, Corsica would slam her hips to Candice’s ass, hard enough to jolt her, the metal tip of the cock piece jutting out in front of her. <3>
Captain277: – *Candice hissed as her sister dug her nails into the sensitive flesh of her ass, drawing blood from one spot and tracing deep, painful furrows along the others. Her body wiggled and twisted involuntarily, trying to escape the abuse even as she consciously tried to grind her slit against the artificial length being passed between her legs. Candi knew what her sister would be expecting of her, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it just yet. The words would not come to her lips; she was terrified of saying something that would displease Corsica, so instead she simply took the abuse, waiting for her sister to order her to do something explicitly. Cor growled behind her, and Candice suddenly locked up as the dildo continued its rhythmic back-and-forth between her lips. Without warning, Corsica slammed her body fully forward into Candice, making her ass smack against the bronzed skin of her older sister. Candice let out a small cry of surprise and waited for the sensation of the hard vibrator prodding about inside of her. Instead, to her surprise, she felt it still wedged between her thighs. With a sigh, Candice slid her hips forward, until the tip of the strap-on slid over her asshole and up, between her cheeks, flopping away as Candice dropped to her knees and turned around, facing her sister, and her eight-inch assailant. Her head bowed submissively, Candice took the shaft of the strap-on in one hand, and began to run the tip of her tongue carefully over its head, lapping up her own fluids as she tried desperately to please Corsica enough to elicit new orders.*
CharlotteCarrendar:- Mmmm was that a hiss? Yes, yes it was. Skin had been broken when Corsica had pressed the sharpened fake nails into her sister’s rump. The texture of the blood as it oozed out, was so smooth. Wet wet. It was pretty clear that her sister was finding it hard to stay hunched over, in such a position where she couldn’t see anything but the city of Prague at night. The sharp thrust forward had the desired effect, as intended. That cry of surprise was a reward, titillating to say the least. Candice decided to slide forward, and Corsica stepped back, taking the cigar out from between her teeth, and tapped the ash into a glass dish, watching her sister silently. With feet shoulder length apart, she pressed her hips forward, so the strap on metal stood out and proud, now with drips from the tip falling to the ground, as though she was acting like a man, who was showing signs of pre. It was a show, designed to have Candice unable to resist. Temptress to Candice’s hidden desires. To make it worse, Corsica ran her left hand across her own breast, turning the piercing and showing it off to her sister. Another puff of the cigar, and with dark eyes, circled in rich eyeliner, she stared down as her sister assumed the position to pray. Yes, praise the one true goddess, for Corsica is her name. With the cigar between her fingers, she brought her hand down, and placed it behind her sister’s head, and said just one word. “Suck it, bitch” -Corsica lined up the cock, with the help of her sister using her hand to hold it, and Corsica pushed the tip into her sister’s mouth, letting out a pleasured moan, clenching her ass cheeks tight. The strap from her harness, pulling her own clit lips apart, and giving her something of a thrill. <3>
Captain277: – *Candi moaned as Corsica began pushing the length of the dildo into her mouth. She wanted her sister to call her every rotten name in the book and beat her for daring to be such a willing slut. Relaxing her throat, Candice exhaled through her nose and took half of the strap-on in before she had to ease off. Pulling away to catch her breath, Candi began to work her hand up and down the half of the dildo that she couldn’t swallow, trying to jack the toy off while she sucked on its upper half. Squatting with her legs spread before her sister, Candice’s free hand worked furiously on her cunny; her lips spread open, two fingers plunged deep within, frantically thrashing and rolling as her thumb played over her clit. Candice was clearly getting off on sucking her sister’s fake cock, and for all of her efforts, it seemed she was trying to get her sister to, once again, give her orders, or to take charge and violate her in some new and exciting way. Candi’s tongue ran up and down the length of the shaft as she took it in, scouring the last of her juices from its surface, until the delightful taste of her slit was no longer noticeable. Whining quietly to herself, Candice pulled away from the strap-on and angled her head up at Corsica, trying to lock on her eyes. When she spoke, Candice had to pause every now and then to catch her breath as she continued to violently finger herself.* Do you like this Mistress? I want to be a good slut for you, please tell me what you want.
CharlotteCarrendar: – Candice really was getting into the swing of things. Taking to the cock like it was a man’s, taking it right back to the start of her throat. Each jerk forward action that Corsica made, tugged on the harness between her own clit lips and she actually snorted, like a bull about to face a matador. She kept her eyes straight ahead, not looking down at her sister, her hands she brought up to her own head, and caressed. Her hips were held forward, further than the rest of her body, with her arching her back. She looked to be deeply enjoying this just for herself, but then that smacking sound coming from below. Why that little slut. She couldn’t wait to ask….She couldn’t wait to beg…She had gone ahead, and used her own fingers, to violate her delicious flower of flesh. “You dirty.. filthy slut. You shouldn’t even be wearing white. You certainly not an angel, nor are you even a good sub.” – Her words were harsh, vile, and were dripping with the acid of disdain. Corsica stepped back and unclipped the strap on harness, and then swung it like a pendulum in front of Candice’s face. Turning away to pull out one of the dining chairs from the setting, Corsica said with a grin, one that Candice would only catch sight of when her sister turned around “If its a metal dick that gets you off, then fuck it.”- Corsica straddled the chair, so she would be showing off her luscious lips, practically winking at her sister, daring her. Corsica tapped her left foot several times as she waited for her sister. “Get down on all fours before me, so you can be fucked good and proper. I think its high time you learnt your place as my pet.” Corsica then let out a sadistic chuckle and said. “You are to finger fuck yourself, as I reem your ass, no lube. AND..”- she added, leaving a good few seconds to pause for the hell of it, she said…”You are to bark…. like a dog.” With that, Corsica ran the head of the strap on along her own cunny, just enough to wet the tip. <3>
Captain277: – *Candice’s eager expression twisted into one of horror as her sister insulted her submission. She felt suddenly like she had failed Corsica somehow. As her sister undid the harness of her strap-on and began to walk away, Candice pulled her fingers out of her slit and sat there, squatting down on the balcony, everything still put on display, watching her sister walk away. She watched as Corsica grabbed a chair and sat down, spreading her beautifully tanned legs to show off her pussy. At her sister’s new set of orders, Candice virtually jumped. Slumping forward onto her palms and knees, Candi moved slowly forward, working carefully to not tear the sheer fabric of her costume’s skirt as she dragged it along on the floor behind her. She deeply regretted fingering herself before Corsica had ordered her to, but she knew that saying anything now would only make it worse. She would be glad to let her sister fuck her in the ass if it made up for her disobedience. Turning away from Corsica’s seated form, Candice angled her ass up, putting her perfectly rounded cheeks and shapely hips on display, wiggling them back and forth like an eager mutt. As she waited for the inevitable violation of her body, Candi followed the rest of her sister’s orders, balancing herself precariously on one arm and returning to her administrations with the other, her fingers working in and out of her slit for Corsica’s viewing pleasure as she got ready for her own part in the act. Rather nervous, and unsure of exactly how to bark like a proper dog, Candice let out a small yelp, and then let out another one at about the same pitch, trying to make it sound authentic.*
CharlotteCarrendar:- Luscious squelches  Candice’s fingers working her dripping cunny, right where Corsica could view this scene, without distraction. Biting her bottom lip, chewing it, the dark Dominatrix continued to run the tip of the strap on, up and down between her own rose red folds, spreading her legs further apart, and balancing her left stiletto heel precariously on the side coffee table. Arching her back, Corsica let out a gasp, hearing her sister’s sweet puppy yelps, all the while assuming such a submissive role. Candice would do anything her sister wanted, and she knew this, it was part of what kept their “special relationship”; so thrilling. Opening her eyes slowly, Corsica stared down at her sister’s sweet ass, that bounced with each thrust of her fingers deep inside herself. Corsica threw the strap on well clear of her, so it even hit the glass window pane, clattering to the floor. Corsica clamoured down off the chair and knelt in behind her sister, growling long and loud, a menacing tone. “HARDER…MORE FINGERS IN!…HOWL AND CRY FOR ME!”- she slapped her sister’s ass with the open palm of her hand, like a horse bite, so her left cheek had a large welt, breaking the blood vessels upon her porcelain like skin. Corsica bent over her sister, and with a devious smile, she started to bite the back of her sister’s neck, sinking in her teeth, pressing her breasts hard up against her back. The sweet angel would become the Devil’s playmate in this sick and twisted game, for the right to be dominant. Corsica was leaking down the insides of her inner thigh, getting so aroused, by conquering her sister, and lowering her to that of an owned pup. Corsica turned her head side on and whispered just loud enough for Candice to hear. “I never break a promise….Candi.” Running her fingers around the outer rim of Candi’s ass, she prodded three times, teasing, and then pushed in two fingers to her anus, drilling her ass, all the while biting her back, till her sister would beg her to stop. Corsica rose up, and arched back, gripping Candice’s ass with her left hand tight, nails digging in, as she finger fucked her ass, now with three fingers, taking them out every so often and reaching in to pull at her clit lips, tugging the folds, to juice up her fingers, wet them, and then go right back to violating her anus. “Squirt CANDI!!”- she ordered, letting out a loud growl, her dark side now fully exposed. :: On a monitor, the scene playing out was one of absolute depravity, shocking, as the lesbian twins gave into their hedonistic pleasures. Candice’s barking and yelping, and the powerful voice of Corsica, was bringing moans and groans from the men all seated at the table, their faces masked, in strange french designs, similar to that of the Masquerade. All wore black cloaks, except for one, that wore a red one. The Exalted, most high. All the men had their hands in their robes, pulling and jerking on their stiff members, eyes unable to be cast from the scene on the monitor. Who were these men? And how did they have the ability to watch over the Chisolms in a hotel room in Prague? The leader held up a black envelope, and ran the edge of it under his chin, while one of his seconds, was unable to hold back, jerking and spilling seed all over the inside of his robe. The leader chuckled low. The masked men all turned to look at their leader, the smoke of many cigars, was wafting all around, creating a more sinister atmosphere, in the centuries old mansion.
They were…the Illuminati.https://i0.wp.com/a3.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/38/a769073108d74c089e3e87c95f933733/l.gifThe Illuminati is a very secretive group of occult practitioners who have been around for thousands and thousands of years and are using the Jewish Cabala as one of their guidelines to oppress the rest of the population. It is not a boys’ club or a group of adults trying to get some excitement in life; this is something much bigger and much more sinister. It is an extremely well structured organization consisting of people in very High Places. Those people are the Super Wealthy, who stand above the law. Many of them don’t even appear on the list of the wealthiest people in the world – they are that secret. What is driving them is power, money and control over life and death of others and themselves.“Now, you all know why I have chosen….them.”

The group at the table all continued to jerk and moan, getting off on the images that they could see, a large monitor coming online, and the mug shot pictures of Candice and Corsica Chisolm, appeared above, with all their personal details, their lives in text. The leader rose from his seat, and picked up a chalice, raising it to the picture of the two women on the overhead monitor.

“Your pleasure….is to be Ours.”- he sipped his goblet, as a trickle of red wine, ran down his chin.

In the hotel room, beside the bed, were two boxes, each contained a mask. To be worn by each of the Sisters, when they attend the ritual. Question was, did the Chilsom twins, have any idea, what they had got themselves into?