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November 05, 2012 08:37AM
Roleplay Live : Group : Carrendar DynastyNew Forum Series : Dead Nation

The Otyugh




DarksiedtheLegend: -At the underground tunnels of Nixagris the old man called the translator was dressed in a grey robes and hood as he played a strange game of chess with unusual playing pieces and it seems to be playing with a heavily bandaged man as soon as the translator made his first move would the heavily bandaged man just replied with a move of his own as translator looked at the chess board before speaking his mind-(Translator)”Ahh yes a great move hmmm I wonder why the up worlders looked down upon us? Why they chase us? Why they forced our ancestors to flee into the darkness? But most importantly why did our ancestors so willingly embraced the darkness…Maybe we will never know but I pity the up worlders for their piety prejudice and their xenophobia…my move.” –The translator would place his next piece on the board before the heavily bandaged man would ponder for a moment then he moved a piece as translator would speak his mind again.-(Translator)”It’s almost shocking how many of us are still there, almost like our grandmaster knew something big was coming and made those sturdy tunnels. Almost seems like a waste leaving that place to that man….I mean we could have named anyone to protect those tunnels why did we had to pick him, the craziest one…Did you really believe that would change his personality well Darksied.” –The heavily bandaged man was Darksied the carpenter of Lacardis but then the translator would quickly reply back.-(Translator)”I forgot you can’t speak when you become this thing….So we continue this game again next night.”-Darksied would nod his head before returning to the lake of the black liquid. Now back at the tunnels of Lacardis it was deep, dark and spooking in its silence but when the children came here it sprung to life with them splashing in the filthy water but yet one should always question where one is before asking are we alone here? The tunnels of this place heavily constructed by the union of old workers so there was no light done there or at least none that was lit by electricity for if one were to question how these tunnels even have any light one would need to look at the stones of this tunnel very for if one looks close enough they might see a few glow stones embedded within the stones. But the sounds of the suddenly splashing seems to have awoke something deep beneath in these tunnels. –

CharlotteCarrendar:- Baldrick stumbled, as he held Trema’s hand, the dark watery sludge, making it hard to guage what he was truly standing on, and how deep it would be. The other children of Taru, had made it through the gate, including Paige, daughter of Charlotte. The only child of the former Prime Minister, to make it. In a tight group, all holding hands, was Zutos, Trena, Naza, Jira, Cera, Tor, Izara, Bela, and Mika. Raven, was the last to enter, and she gave her siblings a terrible fright, to see how much the Black had effected her. So much larger, and morphed into the Arachnid beast of the Chosen, her hair was still as vibrant as that of her grandmother, but her entire body was black, and she had the full arachnid body, thorax and eight large legs, that sunk into the murky waters of the tunnel. The aura that had her bound, was pulsating as if it were alive. But as she stood within the murky waters, the black seemed to draw away from her, seeping into the very ground, and having her float back down, changing her form of that of the bipedal Bebilith child. The black seemed to melt from her skin, revealing the usual alabaster tone, in the human like appearance. Still holding onto the staff, with the tiny spider trapped inside the gem centre piece, she collapsed into the waters, as the gate behind her….closed. Baldrick ran through the waters, sloshing everywhere, and scooped her up in his arms, taking her free from what would have been a nasty wash. “Raven…speak to me.” The other children were using their night vision ability, to scan the tunnels. Tor, one of the boys said. “I think I liked Lorewall, better than this. How…how do we get back, Grandfather?” -he asked, as the other children all asked the same. Baldrick tried to see, but could only make out the glowing stones in the some of the rock around him. “I have a funny feeling, this isn’t lorewall….I don’t know where are…only Raven would know.”- It was then they heard sudden splashing, like something within the waters…had just woken up. “Oh shit…” Cera said, with a frightened tone. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -The children were right to be afraid and in more or less sense their splashing in the water did woke something up but to some this creature they woke up is one of the many secrets that kept the tunnels clean, make no mistake while the ancient Lacardian citizen had a toilet and a sewer system it did not have a functional sewer cleaning system so ages of filths could instantly pile up and then spread disease and infestation on a wide scale level but yet it didn’t happen realistically it should have happen but this where Darksied and translators old grandmaster had an idea to form certain groups to clean the sewer system of its septic tanks and cesspools these men would eventually be called the flusher men those who would navigate the labyrinth of sewers and clean the filth but even though they cleaned the filth they would eventually get sick of the work due to the rotting smell of disgusting filth and in some cases die because of the sheer number of waste but these flusher men aren’t the secret for the secret was the beast the flusher men are now riding. This creature was being rode by one such member of the flusher men dressed in a black hood, black gloves, black boots, a black witches hats and a mask that hid its face and head well except for his glowing red eyes but the weird part was the creature he was riding on it was strange creature for it had three elephant type feet, moving up wards to its body would one notice its body contains a large grinning mouth full of fangs but then something swerved in front of its mouth, a large tentacle seem to pass its mouth but at the end of its tentacle was a set of sharp spikes then another one passed its mouth it seems it has two arm like tentacles but if one were to look at the rider they would notice he is on top of the creature riding in on a basket saddle but then a third tentacle would approach the rider on his left side before the rider turned to see the third tentacle which the third tentacle would open its hidden eyes before blinking at the rider. This strange creature was the filth eater of Lacardis or better known as the Otyugh but it seems like they both heard the splashing and made their way to the children. As they got closer and closer, the pounding of its feet against the ground rumbled through out the tunnels even its heavy splashing made it apparent that it was coming but when it got close enough to the children and Baldrick would the Otyugh stop and let the rider spoke but the riders language was confusing. Hear for yourself and see if you can decipher what its saying.-(Rider)”BARK GROWL HISS BARK CLICK GROWL GROWL SNARL BARK SNARL HISS WHISTLE HISS CLICK CLACK.”-The rider seems to wait for response to his unusual language of animal sounds before patting the head of the Otyugh.-