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November 06, 2012 08:25AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Carrendar Dynasty
The Dead Nation
Is Still Ailve

CharlotteCarrendar: – The children were all still dressed in their camoflauge clothing, with the emblem of the Arachnid, their creed, upon their lapels. Even though most were the children of Taru, many of them had different colour hair to the others, from the winter white of their mother, to the dark brown, of their uncles, the black of Charlotte, their aunt,and then Raven, whose hair was the same of that of her Grandmother, Lorelei. Raven was held in Baldrick’s arms, as she recovered from the draining of the black, which seeped into the murky waters. Was this a sign? Did the black, truly belong in this time, and not that of Nemeaus, the future? Raven was still clutching the staff, the amber stone, which was brightly illuminated, with the spider set inside, seemed to have darkened. Had the key become defunct here, and lost its magic as well? Baldrick gently patted his grand daughter’s cheek, as there was the sound of splashing. Heavy feet, something of great size was approaching. Trema tried to focus on something bulky, that seemed to be coming towards them. “There’s something down here….and I don’t think its the welcoming committe.”- Raven slowly started to open her eyes, and could see the stones, that had glowing rocks set into them. Like the glyphs of the tunnels to the train system, so to these rocks, threw off a similar type of light. “What happened?”- she asked, still groggy from her metamorphisis. Paige, who was back up againest the wall, slamming her small fists on it, turned and cried out. “My brothers and sisters are back there!…..I want to go back….We have to save them!”- But it was no use. The gate to the other side was closed. Baldrick set down Raven, whose boots went straight into the sludge. All the children, could then see and hear the beast and its rider that was approaching. Sound of running water, from many points, lead Baldrick to believe, that they were not just in some tunnels, but…a sewer. He suddenly got an errie feeling about all this, as he knew of the tunnels in Nixagris, but these tunnels, seemed to have been carved….long long before. The pounding of feet grew closer, and Balrick urged the children, all eleven of them, to get in behind him. Tor pointed “LOOK!”- all the other children gasped, when they saw the Otyugh. “And I thought Mom looked nasty in full form….woah.”- The rider then spoke ”BARK GROWL HISS BARK CLICK GROWL GROWL SNARL BARK SNARL HISS WHISTLE HISS CLICK CLACK.” All the children looked at each other, none recognising the sounds, or could even make heads or tails of what was said. Baldrick pursed his lips, then decided someone should speak. “Salutations. I am Baldrick Fitzgibbons. These are my grandchildren….forgive me for sounding stupid, but…where are we?” <3>


DarksiedtheLegend: -The rider had caught sight of eleven individuals, ten children and an old man then the old man stepped forward and introduced himself –(Baldrick)”Salutations. I am Baldrick Fitzgibbons. These are my grandchildren….forgive me for sounding stupid, but…where are we?” –When the rider heard the old man used that language it remember a language the rider hadn’t heard in awhile…the language of the up worlders, the surface dwellers and even the Lacardians. It made the rider smile behind its mask before it would smell sour apples coming from the Otyugh at which the rider patted the tentacle with eyes before replying to it softly-(Rider) Hisssss –The Otyugh seem to nod back at the rider before the rider shifted back its attention to the old man named Baldrick, as the rider thought of one thing excellent then the rider spoke as if it was trying to stop himself from using the usual animal noises.-(Rider)”Come,…. you will…. follow me….Not safe….down here…” –At the end of its sentence would the rider tapped gently on the head of the Otyugh at which the Otyugh would quickly pivot around so that it didn’t face them before walking forward in hopes that they were following its trail well not to close as it had an awful smell but it seemed like the rider was leading them somewhere but where no one truly no ones knows.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – Paige lowered her small fists, resting her head against the rock wall, not caring about the rider and the Otyugh, she wanted to go home. Paige was incredibly close to Seven and Luna, who had been left to fight Slenderman, in the tunnels below Lorewall. A single tear of frustration, ran down her small cheek. Two small knocks, her head on the rock, and she finally realised, that the only way back, was to follow along behind the others. Baldrick made the salute, his right arm crossing his chest diagonally, a slight bow from the waist, to show respect to the rider upon the Otyugh, and though he marvelled in the beast, and his strange speaking rider, he could not quite get over the foul stench that accompanied it. At first, the rider hissed, and the children all took a step back. Raven, who was trying to come around from being possessed by the black, stood alongside her grandfather. Raven looked remarkably like a child version of Lorelei herself. The children waited to see how the rider would speak back to Baldrick, and if it would be the variety of zoo like sounds, or maybe english. Thankfully, the rider, did speak English, saying in between pauses. Come,…. you will…. follow me….Not safe….down here…” Tor nodded to Mika and said, “Well, I agree with that. Come on.” Each of the children grabbed another’s hand, except Paige, who was not happy at all with their predicament. “Where are we going?” she asked, hoping Baldrick could shed some light. “That a way.”- Baldrick said simply, following along behind the Otyugh, and his rider. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -The Otyugh would make its way through the various tunnels filled with filthy black water and from time to time the Otyugh would pick up something up from the water then place the object into its mouth just as quickly as it grabbed it then one could hear the audible sounds of bone cracking inside the Otyugh’s mouth once the rider notice the Otyugh’s actions would the rider let out a laugh well some laughter with a mix of hack and coughing-(Rider) “Ha ha cough cough hack hack ha ha cough.”-The Otyugh seemed to have smiled after its meal before letting out an odor of wet fungus to which the rider scratched the head of the Otyugh before the eventual arriving of a place somewhere in the labyrinth of tunnels but somewhere that had the hustle and bustle of noises. They had arrived at the destination the rider was leading them to it seems that this place was filled with shanty houses, masked and hooded people, carts and open markets. One might consider this place a town center but in reality it’s just of the many trading outposts hidden around these tunnels but the rider had no intention of entering the hustle and bustle of this trading outpost but instead headed to one of the shanty houses before coming down from the Otyugh and almost letting it free to roam around the riders land as it waited next to a bucket to which the rider would the fill the bucket with water and bits and pieces of rotting fish. The Otyugh would then be contented to eat as the rider went into its home before stopping and waving them in as the rider waited outside by the door. If anyone were to enter through the door, one would notice various bits of wooden furniture well not well made furniture more like pieces of old wooden logs make shifted into a bed with a furs on it to be a mattress and blanket of sorts, a couple of wooden stools and a table with one leg missing.-

CharlotteCarrendar: – The tunnels were quite large, like that of a subway tunnel, carved in such a manner, it was as though it had been drilled out by something very large, or done by many many workers. The scale was enormous, and this had the children intrigued, as it varied greatly to the train tunnels on the other side of the gate. Baldrick tried to make sure, that all the children were keeping up, and the only one straggling along behind was Paige. Tor glanced back at Paige, and said. “Come on, you don’t want to be left behind.”- Something in the water, brushed past Paige’s leg, and she let out a shriek of surprise, and took three strides, trying to get away from it. “Eeek. There are things in here…I think it had claws, something scratched me.” Jira reached out for Paige’s hand, which she latched onto, and he helped her up to a higher part of the water line. Raven wanted to get closer to the Otyugh, but then, it ate something out of the water, and you could hear the crackle of bones, and chomping down. Shortly after which, it released a rather bad smell, like the odour of wet fungus. Blinking in surprise, she grimaced and fell back with the pack, not liking being at the rear end of the Otyugh much at all now. It was just on a bit further, when they could see what appeared to a village of sorts. Ramshackle homesteads, roughly made. If you could imagine a shanty town, where the populace was dressed all the same. Hooded beings, that wore masks, as if to hide their identities. Now, this was not lost upon Baldrick, who did happen to recall, Darksied, from his final moments at the End of Days, and he wore a mask and hooded cloak, very similar. “Hmmm” he murmured, as the Otyugh, approached a small dwelling, to the side of the rest of the houses. With the Oytugh now feeding on a bucket of murky water, and…odd bits, the rider, led them into the small home, which was sparsely furnished, with crafted pieces of timber logs, fashioned into a bed, a few wooden stools, and a table with three legs only. The children barely were able to squeeze in, however, none wanted to be left outside with the Oytugh. Baldrick piped up “Lovely home, did…you decorate it yourself?” <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -After all had enter the rider’s house would the rider then shut the door before replying to the question asked by Baldrick.-(Rider)”Well if you consider scavenging as decorating then yes I did.” –The rider would let them wonder with their thoughts for a moment before making them realize the sudden truth that the rider can speak full sentences without the need of stopping every so often. As the rider would remove its witches hat to reveal its long black hair then reverting to its more usual feminine voice as if to point out the obvious that it was a woman not a man-(Rider)”You lot do know that your language and mannerisms is a dead giveaway that you used to live on the surface of this place. But seriously you don’t know where you are….and I thought most of the surface dwellers left on those big ships so the tunnels were locked down or up can’t tell anymore.” –The rider would move her way through the children before laying down on the bed as she continued to speak while resting her head upon the furs.-(Rider)”I mean seriously you surface dwellers have no idea what anyone else might have done if they have caught a glance of you lot….sure one of you is an old man and the rest are children but still they could have….Wait a minute!” –The rider would sit up on her bed to see these children and their grandfather was it? Before asking the question that was on the rider’s mind-(Rider)”How did you lot survive the bombings? Most of the tunnels were sealed off and those surface dweller who lived are either meat or slaves…. Were are my manners…Umm my name is…”-The rider would pause to ponder whether or not to tell these lot her name before deciding to just give her occupation-(Rider)”You may just call me rider…cause I don’t want you lot to start using my name otherwise it won’t be just you lot that goes to the butcher but me as well…..now care for some water…..well clean drinkable water?”.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Now to the gathered children, they were only about 12 years old. To some, that is a fair age, but in the world of Nemaues, it was not quite a half of the age of the nation itself. Thirty years ago, the people of Lacardis were foretold of the End of days. The beginning of the end of Lacardis. Charlotte, who was herself a teenager at the time, all of fifteen years of age, was told by Captain, to lead the people to safety, after the nation had been rocked by the plagues, and the bombing, caused by the Marquis. Thirty years ago…millions of people were evacuated to the massive ships of the fleet of Captain, to take them to space, and rescue them all from certain death. The children that stood in the cabin now, knew very little about the world of Lacardis, only the tales of their teachers, and how it was once goverened, by their grandmother, Lorelei, and their aunt and Mother, Charlotte. But there was one man in that ramshackle hut, who was there, at the end. At the end of days, he was left behind, alone in the hall of the government, in Arachne. He was old, frail, riddled with disease, and holding in his hands, the skull of his adored Lorelei, who had died fifteen years before. When Rider spoke of the surface dwellers, leaving on big ships and the talk of bombings, that trapped many beneath the surface, it jogged something in Baldrick’s memory. The children all appeared bewildered, and somewhat frightened, as she spoke of the surface dwellers becoming slaves and meat for the butchers. Raven took a moment, to look up at her grandfather, who had the face of a man, who had just seen a ghost. But it was not what he saw, but what he felt, as the memories, started to play back, of the disasters that befell Lacardis in its final days. Had it not been for Darksied and his followers, Baldrick would have died in the rubble of the Meeting hall of Arachne. Raven tugged at his shirt, and asked. “What’s wrong? What does she mean by surface dwellers? The gate was sup-post to take us to freedom? Is that not what this is?” So innocent, so young. She had no idea, she had brought them, to hell itself. Panting, twice, as though he had just lost all his breath, he asked the question, that he already knew the answer to. “We are beneath…the nation that was consumed by fire and the waves. I never thought I would return….here. Rider….is this the world beneath Lacardis?”- All the children started to murmur amongst themselves, waiting to hear, if it were true. That the world lost to the people of Lacardis, had risen from the sea. <3>

DarksiedtheLegend: -When rider saw how they suddenly became confused and bewildered would the old man or their grandfather so to speak, Rider herself doesn’t know if the man posing as their grandfather is their grandfather but anyway when Baldrick said-(Baldrick)” We are beneath…the nation that was consumed by fire and the waves. I never thought I would return….here. Rider….is this the world beneath Lacardis?” –As Rider was about to respond by impulse would she stop and realize he said return here… Now that’s a shocker for her, it might have been a minute as she processed those two words return here before saying.- (Rider)”Well kind of…it’s the sewers. You are not here after the bombing were you?… I am going to ask you a couple of simple questions….Are you a part of the butcher’s men? Or are you an escaped meat or slave?.” –Rider waited patiently to hear their answer as if to cure her own curiosity and fear while the Otyugh was busy eating and drinking its meal while keeping a watchful eye at the front of the house of rider.-