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December 23, 2012 04:03AM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club
All I want for Christmas is you
Love at Christmas
iShatteredSanity: -After so many days that had passed, Demetrios was finally home. He had opened the garage door, waiting to see if Dixie, his angel with ink feathers was inside. To his surprise, when he opened the door the scent of marinated meat along with another familiar scent reached his nostrils. Demetrios sniffed a few times and closed his eyes as he smiled softly and sighed happily.- “I am home…” – Demetrios mumbled to himself and moved the Ducati inside the garage, parking it and then closing the door slowly and while trying not to make a sound.- “Damn… I never thought that my garage would smell so damn good…” –Demetrios mumbled to himself again and looked around, taking off his leather jacket and tossing it on his bike. Looking around he noticed the Christmas decoration. The tree, the presents underneath, the food on the counter. But where was Dixie? Looking around for some more, Demetrios approached his desk, he finally saw her.- “Dixie…” –He whispered and moved closer to her, making no sounds at all.- “I missed you so much Dixie… I fucking missed you so fucking much…” –Demetrios whispered and tried to hold back a sob, but a tear did roll down on his right cheek. His angel was there, sleeping on the desk, probably worn out from everything she did while he was away. Approaching her some more and finally standing right next to her, he noticed that his laptop was on and on the monitor was the picture of Marianna. A deep sigh parted his lips and closed the laptop, making only the slight ~clip~ noise. But that was not all, he saw the drawing that Dixie had made. His eyes opened wide as he noticed that the person on the paper was none other than Marianna herself. Demetrios was very surprised, not believing what he was seeing. Dixie not only had found a picture of Marianna, the only picture that he had from her, but she had also drawn it on paper, using her own hands to create an image of his past lover. “A woman of substance”, was the signature on the paper. A soft smile appeared on his face once again as he leaned closer to Dixie, kissing her head softly.- “I can’t find any worlds to say my angel. I will only say thank you, but we both know that it is not enough…” –Demetrios whispered softly and kissed her head again, moving away so that he could get a blanket to cover her. Walking away from the desk, he headed to the bed.-

CharlotteCarrendar:-  Dixie was dreaming, far away in of all places;  Athens.  Dixie and Dem were standing in front of a statue.  Dem had his arm around her, as he explained what the statue was, and about its significance.  They were so in love, and dressed well.  Obviously it was a few years in the future, and a small boy ran to them, who Dem swept up in his arms, as Dixie looked on adoringly.  “My angels.” Dixie says, as in the real time, Demetrios was kissing her softly.  “My angels”- she can be heard in the real time.  Her eyelids moved, and she yawned as she woke from her slumber, only to see Demetrios walking away.  HE WAS BACK!  Dixie jumped up out of the chair, and did a running bolt, from around the desk, and ran up behind him, to leap onto his back with her arms wrapping around his neck.  “BABY!” she exclaimed, as she hung from him.  “”You’re home..and..and…shit, the meat.  I was going to cook, and..I fell asleep.  I missed you so so much!”   Dixie clung to him, like a koala hung onto a tree.  Like she would never, ever let go of him again. Everything else seemed forgotten, including the picture she had drawn.  For in her excited state, there was only him. <3>



iShatteredSanity: -“My angels”, Demetrios had heard Dixie whispering those words in her sleep and he wondered what kind of dream Dixie was having. Maybe, a good one. He thought about it while he was walking towards the bed to grab the blanket so that he could cover up so that she would not catch a cold. But he was not expecting Dixie waking up and clinging on him like a koala hanging on a tree. But damn… That felt so good… To be held by Dixie again… That felt so damn good… Demetrios closed his eyes and placed his hands on top of Dixie’s, rubbing her hands softly with his own as he laughed softly at her words about the meat. Finally opening his eyes, Demetrios slowly turned around and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in a warm and tight embrace, also lifting her from the ground and kissing her neck.- “I missed you too Dixie angel… I missed you so damn much…” –Demetrios said in a soft whispering tone before plunging his face on her neck, closing his eyes shut and holding back a few tears.- “And yeah…” –Demetrios made a slight pause to lean his head back as he opened his eyes and looked deep into Dixie’s.- “I am home, back to my own heaven with my very own angel…” –He said and smiled softly, leaning his head closer to hers, pressing his lips against hers and locking them in a kiss, a kiss that he had missed, a kiss that he so much needed.-






CharlotteCarrendar:-  There was nothing else in the world, that Dixie wanted at this very moment, other than to be In the arms of Demetrios.  He was her present, and she never appreciated him more than she did at that very moment.  His scent how she had longed to breathe him in.  The nights with her nose buried in his pillow.  The ache that her body felt from waking up alone.  Pain, in her heart from feeling lost without him.   He was the very air she breathed, and the song in her heart.  Dixie nuzzled the back of his neck lovingly, making cooing sounds, happy, content.  His fingertips brushing her hands sent her tingling.  And then, he turned around, and she could again become lost in his eyes, those beautiful hues.  So rich and warm.  No one knew him, like she did at this very moment.  Words could barely express her thoughts that were filled with all manner of things she wanted to tell him, share with him.   Sure, the meat was still marinading, but for now, she just wanted his attention, to express her love.  “I missed you too Dixie angel… I missed you so damn much…”  Demetrios said, as she felt his face buried in her neck.  Dixie hiccupped a cry, for she could relate right at that moment.   She brushed her cheek against his, and then when he at last drew back and announced he was home, she nodded, almost dumbstuck.  Words she wanted to say, but feared it would come out in a blurb of nonsense.  But words are not needed, for the body can express far more in actions, and as his lips caught hers, she returned the kiss, with such passion, fuelled by her love.  Dixie wrapped around him, kissing him, breaking only to look into his eyes, smiling with wet cheeks, for she was in heaven….with him <3>



iShatteredSanity: -A soft kiss, nothing more, nothing less. A soft kiss was enough to trigger an explosion of emotions that could not be contained in a human body. Holding Dixie tighter into his arms, Demetrios did not want that moment to end. He was holding Dixie again after so much time that seemed like a century. No, he did not want to let go of her, not at all. Words that were not spoken, yet they were. Emotions that could not be fully expressed, yet they did. A love that could not be contained. Their eyes said it all. The eyes never lie. Staring deep into Dixie’s eyes, those beautiful eyes of hers, Demetrios did not need anything else in the world. The soft kiss from earlier changed. It changed into a passionate kiss, fueled by the flames of passion by those two, ending in a fiery kiss that could not be broken easily; even their breathing was short and fast as they did not wish to part each other again. While lifting Dixie from the ground, Demetrios slowly moved back till he had reached the couch. There he slowly fell on the couch but still holding Dixie into his arms. No, he did not let go of her, but while holding her, his hands travelled up and down on her back. He had missed that tender and soft skin of hers, her warmth. Closing his eyes slowly and getting lost in the moment, Demetrios sighed happily while in the kiss, being in a frenzy of love for his beautiful angel. The grim reaper and a fallen angel, a forbidden love. But doesn’t the forbidden fruit taste better than the rest?-



CharlotteCarrendar:-  The Grim Reaper, takes the souls onward to their next life.  The fallen angel, guides them, and so it made perfect sense, that these two though very different, opposite personalities, and with so much pain and death in their past, be joined together now.  Demetrios had bared their souls to the other, shared their grief, their pain.  Most would not stand and watch, many would say it’s too hard.  Yes, their love was tested.  They walked through each other’s painful memories.   Only true love could stand such a test.  Demetrios had his demons, that were so ravenous to feed upon his turmoil and tortured former life.  But like the winged angel, that fell from heaven, her wings stained with the blood of loss, she was the one person that could understand what he was going through.  Her arms now, were her wings, encircling around him both protectively and lovingly, guiding him back home.  The couch would be touchdown.  Demetrios, bringing her onto the worn sofa, where their love was found.  Both had closed their eyes, as their fingers mapped out what the eyes did not need to see.  Familiar, how well they knew the other.  The kisses gathered momentum, as the angel radiated love.  Dixie’s cheeks flared red, and she nipped at his lips and chin.  Pushed deep into the tattered leather folds of the couch, she looked up adoringly.  “Forever..”- one word, but it meant everything. <3>



iShatteredSanity: -Indeed, the love that both Dixie and Demetrios, the fallen angel with the feathers of ink and the grim reaper, it was tested. But despite all the hardships they had endured, no, it was EXACTLY because of the hardships that they had endured, the flame of their love could never die. But none of that mattered anymore actually. The moments that Demetrios was spending while holding Dixie into his arms, they not only were moments of bliss, but also moments that nothing else mattered; not even the food that was halfway done, since Demetrios’ appetite was known to almost everyone. “Forever”, one word that meant everything. So true. Demetrios did not say anything on that, he merely nodded his head as he slowly opened his eyes and looked into Dixie’s eyes once again as his hands traveled up, his left one resting on her right shoulder blade while the right one ran through her hair, combing through her hair softly.- “Thank you.” –Demetrios whispered that word, only for Dixie to hear. He was thankful for Dixie not running away. He was thankful for Dixie still loving him. He was thankful that Dixie loved him. He was thankful that Dixie was there for him. Hell, he was thankful for many more things that Dixie had offered him and she was still offering to him. If Demetrios was to thank her for everything she had done for him, he would need hours if not days to accomplish that, so he just said those two words that hid a multitude of others.-