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October 10, 2012 08:05PM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club
The Chisolm Twins
Russian Roulette
CharlotteCarrendar:- Corsica caught sight of the dissapointment that appeared upon Candice’s features. A knowing glance was all it took from the older twin, as the attendant folded up the costumes with great care and precision. In fact, it was almost as if he was performing some sort of ceremony, the way he laid the cloth out on the counter, and folded it with tissue paper of red between. The boots as well, placed lovingly in boxes marked with the logo “I” Strange, if you had no idea what that meant. Corsica had her suspicions of course, but did the rattling of bloggers and cult theorists have a ring of truth? Perhaps. Before handing over the costumes in the desinger labelled bags, the attendant reached behind the counter, and brought out two boxes, one black, and one ivory. “You will both….wear these. They are specially chosen, and if you do not wear them, you will not be granted entry.”- his eyes darted to the back room, where the smell of cigar smoke, was now wafting through in a grey haze from behind the red curtain. Someone, had already enjoyed the opening act of the Chisolm sisters. All bags would be handed over and Corsica took hers, giving her sister, something of a nudge, as she gestured with her head to the door. The attendant came out from behind the counter, and walked briskly over, opening the door for the twins, so that they did not have to struggle with their bags. “You are to tell no one of this, nor show the invitations to others. You have been warned. Good Day.”- Outside, a black cab was waiting, with the door opened, ready. Seems someone was making sure they got back to their hotel….in one piece. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice felt a small bit of her initial discomfort return as the strange mannerisms of the attendant, as well as the overt presence of some unseen figure in the back, began to smack increasingly of the surreal. The whole business was entirely suspicious, and the sudden orders that they were to share their appointment with no one did nothing to allay the girl’s doubts. She had read more than enough stories to know something was wrong, but resolved not to mention it until they were back in the privacy of their hotel room. Stepping down into the cab, Candice buckled up and set the box, the bag with her costume in it, and the black envelope, neatly on her lap. As she looked down at the bits of white fabric poking out of the bag, another small flush of excitement distracted her from her worrying. Sitting quietly in the seat, Candice buckled up and, for all intents and purposes, put on the perfect manner of a patient woman. In all honesty, she was shaking with anticipation.*

CharlotteCarrendar: – As the black cab pulled out from the curb, Corsica eased back into the comfort on the plush leather seating, her bags at her feet, and she casually draped her arm over the back of the seat. Watching her sister’s behaviour, typical for a woman who had just been given the key to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, Corsica chuckled, and it had a sinister edge to it. “I have to say, that they really go all out with the service, Sis. Costumes, cars, mysterious envelopes. Men behind curtains. Bet he was beating that meat to the tune of Nessun dorma.”

She crossed her right leg over her left and let out a contented sight, before smirking as she reached over and caressed her sister’s neck. “I am really starting to love Prague.” – The Cab pulled up at the lights, and a motorcyclist came up right along side them, the bike rider tapped on the window, making a motion to roll down the window. Corsica looked slightly bewildered, and the driver started to swear in Czech, for Corsica not to open it. He pressed his foot to the excelarator, and the cab took off, right through the red light as the motorcyclist followed, weaving in and out of the traffic, as Corisca spun around and kneeled the leather seating, watching the bike behind the cab getting closer. The rider then pulled a gun from his pocket and fired….~BLAM..BLAM~ – “ACK!” Corsica reacted in the only way she knew, and threw herself across her sister, to knock her below the window range. “GET DOWN!”- she screamed. <3>
Captain277: – *It was an odd thing, for a motorcyclist to try and get Corsica to roll her window down, but for some odd reason, Candice thought nothing of it. She was lost in her own world again, trying to figure out if she could recognize the I logo on the box, and, failing that, trying to recall anything that had been overtly out-of-place about the shop. The cab driver swore at Corsica, and slowly Candice started to snap out of her sort of trance. The cab suddenly tore away from the intersection, running the light and streaking down the road. Candice couldn’t tell what had just happened, but without having to turn around, she could hear the motorcycle gaining ground on them. When the gunshots rang out, it took a moment for Candice to register them. They sounded, from such a moderate distance, more like tires blowing out or an engine explosively backfiring. The cracking and shattering of the back windshield as the the bullets struck the cab were the first indication, and the only one Candice needed, to realize they were being shot at. Now snapped fully from her malaise, she heard Corsica shout out the order to get down and immediately dropped flat onto the seat, joined almost immediately by her sister’s body on top of her. Under any other circumstance, Candice would have been turned on by the way her sister’s breasts rubbed against hers. Instead, it only helped to highlight just how tightly the two of them were squeezing together to try and get out of the potential flight path of the bullets.*
CharlotteCarrendar:- The cab was swerving all over the road, barely missing the other cars, as the cab driver was driving like a stunt driver. “Ženy .. dostat se dolů .. zůstat dole … kurva … FUCK, že je střelba … STAY DOWN!” (translation: – “Women..get down..stay down…fuck…FUCK, he is shooting…STAY DOWN!”) He shouted back at the Twins, as he did a hard lock right turn, the wheels spinning and screaming, as white clouds came out from the back. Taking a hand off the wheel, after correcting, he pressed in a code madly and then started shouting in to the mic he wore. “Oni … zabít. Kde je tracker auto? Rychle … nebo oni zabijí nás všechny!” (translation: -“They…trying to kill. Where is the tracker car? Hurry…or they kill us all!”) There was static and then a deep russian voice on the other end, yelling instructions to the driver, on the next road to take. The motor cyclist was in hot pursuit, firing another two shots, at the tyres. Corsica had landed hard on her sister, and if it weren’t for the fact she was scared out of her mind, she would have started to grope and fondle her sister right then and there, instead she tried to shield her. Eyes wide open, she couldn’t believe what was happening, and then felt the lurch of the vehicle as it went around another corner sharply, sending their bags flying across the cab interior. “Agggggh!”- she squealed. There was another quick rapid fire from the russian on the other end, and just as the cab raced past a side street, a large waste tip truck pulled out, giving the motorcyclist no time to pull up. The bike skidded and then slammed into the side doing approximately 120kms an hour, causing the fuel tank to rupture and explode on impact. There would be a great ball of flames, which radiated towards the speeding cab, the sound unmistakable, the force would be felt in their chests. <3>

Captain277:- *Candice had been fortunate, in that she had buckled up when she had entered the cab. As it swung dangerously around the corners, sending their unfastened cargo flying around the vehicle’s interior in a hectic flurry of well-packed bags and tissue paper, Candice merely felt the harsh tug of the cab’s seat belt across her lap and stomach, pulling tightly against her clothing; if she had been dressed like her sister, she might have had some nasty cuts or scrapes to show from the abuse, but the thickness of her layers kept her relatively safe. Keeping her arms latched around Corsica’s waist to help keep her older sister anchored, Candice’s eyes screwed shut as she heard the hollow, metallic thud of several more slugs embedding in the trunk of the cab. The vehicle made one more stomach-turning corner, followed quickly by a violent thunderclap of metal striking metal. Candice knew, all at once, that the motorcycle had not survived the turn, though she had no idea what had ended the pursuit. She kept Corsica held tightly to her chest, waiting for her sister to give her some kind of command or affirmation that she was alright before she would let her go.*

CharlotteCarrendar: – The driver didn’t slow down, his foot still firmly planted upon the excelerator, changing gears, crunching them as the car, a simple euro hybrid cab, struggled to keep up to the demands of that the driver was placing upon it. The explosion of the motorcycle, on slamming into the truck, gave little comfort to Corsica, who knew only one of two things. Either, they had been identified, or…they were now enemies to those that were out to stop the Illuminati from getting more women in for its special balls. Corsica’s heart was pounding, the driver was screaming into his mic, that the motorcyclist was dead, and wanted the tracker car to catch them up. All through this, the russian on the other end, laughed, and then spoke to reassure the driver. “Nikdy opustil náš survelliance, provádět na jejich určení, máme agenty v místě v hotelu. Tyto dvě BUDE fufill jejich role v rituálu. Bylo rozhodnuto.” (translation: “You never left our survelliance, carry on to their destination, we have operatives in place at the hotel. These two WILL fufill their roles at the ritual. It has been decided.”) Now, Candice may not have been able to understand czech, but Corsica knew it perfectly, and she for once held a look of fear. This was no longer a game, or a quick get rich scheme. She had just dragged her sister into something much more sinister. Corsica had to mask this from her own sister, and then righted herself, her right breast exposed, as her jacket had come open. “Wasn’t….that fun?”- she joked, but in truth, it was far from funny. Two minutes later, they would pull up out the front of their hotel, and across the street, was a silver van, with tinted out windows. Who could it be, watching now? <3>

Captain277:- *Listening to the radio chatter, Candice couldn’t decypher anything being said. Although the cab driver sounded absolutely frantic, the voice on the other end sounded almost infuriatingly calm. Resolving to ask her sister about the conversation later, Candice nudged Corsica a little bit, letting out a sigh of relief as her sister rose back into her seat without incident. She smiled, more for the sake of maintaining some semblance of control than for the actual attempt at humor, and gently reached across the cab, covering up her sister’s breast and fastening the jacket. Spending the next few minutes cleaning up their gifts, in spite of how much her hands were shaking, Candice made a note in her head of what had almost happened just mere minutes prior, and then did her best to bury it for later, when she had alcohol at her disposal. Without saying a word to Corsica, Candice exited the cab when it pulled up to their hotel, and walked around to her sister’s door, opening it and offering her still trembling hand to the woman who had been so quick to throw herself over her younger sister in an attempt to protect her. In spite of the fact that she was clearly in shock, Candice’s face softened as she looked down at Corsica, still sat in the back seat. She didn’t have to say anything; they would talk when they got back to their room.*


CharlotteCarrendar: – Candice did what came naturally, buttoning up her sister’s jacket, and restore some modesty to the older twin. Course, the joke did little to ease the mind of either sister, however, Candice went to task of collecting the costumes, and the special gift boxes. As Candice got out on her side, this gave Corsica, a breather from putting on the act that she was fine. Corsica was far from it, and eased her head back into the seat, inhaling sharply through flared nostrils, as the driver looked back at her through the rear vision mirror. “Ty a tvoje sestra … je velmi šťastný. Doufejme, že to platí dost dlouho na to, abyste oba projít rituál.” (translation: “You and your sister…are very lucky. Let us hope that it holds long enough for you both to pass the ritual.) At this point, the passenger door would open, of course, by her sister Candice, and Corsica quickly regained her composure, not to let what was said be written all over her face. So, to add to the charade, she said to the driver. “Není tam žádná taková věc jako štěstí. Udržujte změnu” (translation: – “There is no such thing as luck. Keep the change”) The driver was handed a fifty euro note, which was more or less a thank you for saving their lives. Stepping out of the cab, she quickly drew herself up to full height, and then beamed at her sister, showing off sparkling white teeth. “Seems you are an angel without the wings. Come on, let us go inside, I am sure…you could use a drink.”- she motions with her hand for her sister to go forward, before saying to herself in Czech. “Vím, že jsem mohl použít jeden.” (translation: “I know I could use one.” ) <3>

Captain277: – *The ride up the lift seemed to take an agonizingly long time, and while Candice stood next to Corsica in the silence, she quickly remembered that the keycard to their room was in her right pocket. The lift chimed, and the heavy metal doors rolled open, presenting, on the other side, no armed guards, and no hit squads. Rather, the hallway was desolate, and the pall in the air only added to the weight of worry on Candice’s shoulders. Opening the door to the room with the magnetic click of the keycard, Candice strode smoothly in, separating the bags, and going to great lengths to be sure she didn’t peek at Corsica’s outfit. She left the boxes and envelopes on the table near the hotel suite’s bed, her bag still in hand. The room’s minibar beckoned to her from across the room, but Candice once again resisted the temptation, instead standing straight up, facing her sister, as if she were being inspected.* Sis, would you like to see me try it on now? You can try on yours as well if you like, or do whatever. I’ll be glad to change in the bathroom.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Like the Joker, with a smile that seemed carved into her facial features, frozen. Frozen due to fear. She dare not lower the mask. She dare not let her sister feel or get a glimpse of what Corsica was now replaying over and over again, in her mind. The bell to the lift could not ring soon enough, and Corsica swallowed, closing her eyes, as she stepped out of the lift, sensing that they were now under heavy surveillance in the very building that was to be something of a sanctuary. Candice had the lead, getting the door, and taking the bags inside, laying everything out, so that they could not be damaged further, or crushed. Corsica walked straight past her and to the bar, finding a box of cigars, and she collected up the metal tin in her hand, pressing the catch so it opened and she inhaled the scent of the cigars. Her sister came to face her, after setting down the boxes, and special invitations in the black envelopes. Candice asked if she could change into the angel outfit, and wanted to know, if she would try hers on. Lighting the cigar, Corsica simply nodded, before tipping her head back and blowing out a smoke ring. “If you are going to change…do it in front of me. Be relaxing to see, after our little trip up town.”- she said, with a voice that had a tinge of sarcasm. She lowered herself into the nearest lounge chair, and then unbottoned her jacket, exposing her breasts, and resting her right elbow on the arm of the chair, as if she was about to watch a fashion show. “I want to see….everything.” <3>

Captain277: – *Candice watched her sister with baited breath as she lit the cigar, the pungent smoke wafting through the air, polluting it with the smell of a strong, hickory fire. Her sister’s order sent a new rush of fire through Candice, like she had taken a shot that had not just burnt her throat, but the entire length of her skin as well. Candice bowed at Corsica’s command and sauntered over to the bag that held her costume. Removing the delicate faux wings, Candice unfurled them and gently laid them flat against the bed, setting their strings and back-brace in order before removing the halo from the bag as well. Slowly, trying to control her breathing as she felt her sister’s eyes dance constantly over her body, Candice pulled the costume, if it could be called that, out of the bag and set it on the bed as well, straightening it out and arranging it properly, until it formed a mirror image, of sorts, on the bed. Still trying to ease her breathing, Candice unwound the scarf from around her neck and tossed it onto one of the room’s unoccupied chairs, and then carefully tugged her sweater, and undershirt, over her head. As the thick layers of fabric peeled away, the thin, pale frame of Candi’s body slowly revealed itself, her stomach now visibly rising and falling quickly as she tried in vain to marshal her breathing, now that she had been stripped down to her simple black bra. Tossing the sweater and shirt onto the same chair as the scarf, Candice turned away from Corsica’s unwavering gaze and unfastened her jeans, bending over as she pulled them over the ample curves of her ass, revealing the black bikini panties she had been wearing below. Bouncing from one foot to the other a few times, giving her sister a good show of her ass jiggling as she kicked the jeans off and onto the floor nearby the chair, Candice slowly turned back around to face Corsica, her hips swaying slightly as she did so. Unfastening the clasp of her bra while her eyes locked on Corsica’s, Candice shrugged the upper half of her underwear off and threw it to the side, revealing her slightly smaller, albeit perky breasts, and her already erect nipples. Hooking her thumbs under the waistband of her panties, Candice threw these onto Corsica’s lap, spreading her legs a bit to reveal the hairless, nearly albino mount between her thighs. Picking up the costume from the bed, Candice pulled it over her head, the sheer skirt doing nothing to hide away her faintly glistening slit. Arranging the straps as meticulously as possible, managing at last to get it situated properly, Candice could tell most of her areola was showing, and her nipples stuck up from behind the almost non-existant strip of white fabric that covered them. Hefting the wings almost reverently from the bed, Candi slid them on, the false appendages flapping of their own accord as she rolled her shoulders and put them into position. At last came the black, wire halo, which Candice situated on her closely-shaven head, adjusting it until she was satisfied. At last finished, she drew back up to her prior position, staring at Corsica’s feet, instead of her face.* Does this look please you, Miss?