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October 10, 2012 03:09PM
Roleplay Live : Group : The Death Club
The Chisolm Twins
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Captain277: – *Candice strolled absentmindedly down the street, walking ahead of her sister for once. Her eyes were locked on the map she held in her hands. The sky cast a dull gray shade over the concrete walkway below, and gave a dirty tinge to the masonry and ornaments that littered their side of the street. Carefully avoiding the people walking to and fro around her without looking up; a skill that she had learned years back, when she had started reading in public, Candice would occasionally peel her eyes away from the map to check their surroundings. Up ahead, a dimly-lit neon sign that shouldn’t have been running when it was still daytime caught Candice’s attention, and she checked the map one more time to be sure before putting it back up. Moving over to the side of the walkway to get out of the way of the other pedestrians, Candice waited for Corsica to catch up before nodding over at the shop.* I think that’s the shop you said we should check out sis.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Following along behind Candice…had its advantages. For example, it gave Corsica something nice to look at. Candi’s ass. Second, Candice was the navigator for the pair’s shopping adventures, and so like a good pup, she was leading ahead, scouting fo the shop she had read about in the hotel magazine. Corsica waltzed along with a pronounced swagger, her hips swaying side to side naturally, and she had her chin up, eyes straight ahead, but instinctly aware that she and her sister were getting some very strange looks. Wearing a pair of rayban aviator sunglasses, gold trim, certainly was going for more of a masculine look. No bra or shirt beneath her jacket, allowed for an easy peak into the luscious cleavage she might be tempted to offer those she found suitable. ~Click click click~ went her heels, as she kept up with her sister’s fast paced steps. Though the day was decidedly gray, Corisca was not about to let it dampen her mood. Candice, would garner her sister’s attention, alerting her that the store that she sought, was just across the way. “Looks like the brochure. Bit of a sad neighbourhood though. You ask me this is the gypsy end of town.” Making a pointing action with her finger, she then took charge, and walked across to the entrance of the shop, that was two large gilded doors, gold, with etched glass, in the centre. “Ladana Costumes and Adult Boutique. Perfect.”- Pushing open the doors, the scent of mothballs hit her, and she wrinkled up her nose. “Why is it, everytime you go into these places, it stinks like grandma’s smalls drawer? Ugh…oh well…OOO look..Feather boas and whips!”- she chortled, trotting past a rather lanky assistant, a goth emo, with heavy black eyeliner, and wearing a puffy white pirate shirt. Corsica did catch sight of it and then snorted. “It never looked good in the nineties…and sure as hell doesn’t look good now.” <3>

Captain277: -*Candice trotted along behind her sister as she took the lead, her sneakers relatively hushed in comparison to Corsica’s high heels. Dressed in a considerably more modest fashion than her sister, Candice shivered a little bit, even beneath her loose white sweater and black scarf. The weather had begun its inevitable downward spiral into the Freezing end of the spectrum, and though Candice could not complain about the advent of her favorite season, she knew something had to be wrong when her nipples were still getting hard underneath three layers of clothing. Passing through the shop’s doorway to the tune of incessant clanking caused by the bells hung on the door-frame, Candice smiled slightly at her sister’s complaints about the smell. Looking around at the collection of garish costumes and rather curious accessories, she joked absentmindedly with her twin.* ‘Grandma’s smalls drawer’ Cor? I didn’t know you were into sniffing bloomers back in the day. I thought I was just special. *Nodding politely to the clerk, whom she suddenly noticed out of the corner of her eye, Candice made a point of moving further back into the store alongside her sister, entirely uninterested in talking to the anachronistic worker.* Yeah. Guess he never got past the teenager stage of development. If you don’t mind me asking, sis, what made you want to come all the way out here? I love playing dress-up as much as the next girl, but stuff like this does seem a bit…wasteful, considering our current situation.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Flicking through a rack of BDSM leather vests and crotchless pants, Corsica responded with something of a sigh, like it was almost painful to have to explain. “I never went in her smalls drawer for her bloomers. That is where she her collection of porn photographs was, along with a strap on. Guess Pops liked it both ways. To bat and play the field. Ooo calf skin chaps.”- She ran her finger along the top of the metal, moving the hangers along as she checked the layout of the store, were on the walls there was hanging the most gorgeous masks. There were masks made from porcelian, others with glitter and sequins. One in paticular that Corsica found attractive, was covered in black feathers. From behind a red curtain, there would be the murmer of an older man’s voice, barely audible, but the young man with the frilly shirt heard, and bowed before Candice and Corsica, excusing himself. “Please…if you would excuse me a moment.”- Corsica thought little of it, and gave the lad a half hearted wave, as if to shoo. Corsica then lowered her voice, and whispered, “I hear there is money to be made. A certain club as it were. They seek women with…special talents to entertain the men.”- She strode over and took a mask down off the wall, holding it by the handle, it was of a bird, with a very long beak. Corsica brought it up to her face, and then laughed. “Imagine…riding this, Candi.”- She gave the long beak a bit of a stroke, and made fishlip actions, before licking the air. This brought on something of a chuckle from behind the curtain. Whoever was watching, was enjoying Corsica’s performance. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice’s face went even more white than usual at her sister’s revelation. Sliding past Corsica down the leather-stocked isle, Candice let her hand drag a little too firmly over her twin’s ass, her fingers slipping up inside the curve of one barely-contained cheek before falling away.* Sis, I think you could have just let my comment go as a joke and spare me that mental image. *Candice couldn’t find anything interesting among the racks her sister currently browsed; she liked leather well enough, but it never looked that good on her in large portions. Sure, a belt here, a bracelet there, maybe a bondage harness or two, but she couldn’t ever picture herself getting into a pair of those chaps. Wrapped up in a small rotary display of mini-egg vibrators, Candice didn’t hear the attendant excuse himself, and quite nearly missed out on her sister’s explanation for their current task.* Special talents eh? Mmm, I guess that might be interesting. *Candice turned slightly away from her sister and let one of her hands slowly drift down the inside of her thigh as she fantasized briefly about the prospect. Maybe Corsica would pimp her out or do unspeakable things to her on stage. Shaking her head suddenly, Candice snapped out of the brief bit of speculation. It wasn’t usually like her to imagine such things in public. She supposed it was due of the nature of the store they were in. Turning around to face her sister when Corsica called her name, Candice laughed at the perverse display, waving her sister away with one arm, as if the gesture would get her to calm down.* So this whole club thing. Don’t suppose you have any sort of theme in mind?

CharlotteCarrendar:- Corsica couldn’t help but smirk at the idea that Candice found the notion of their oldies behind sex addicts up to their seventies, to be abhorrent. Placing the mask back on the wall carefully, she said with her back to her sister. “A mental mind fuck can be nice, Candi. Either way, I love getting into your head, and any way I can, even if it means using disgusting ideals.” Noticing that Candice wasn’t to fussed on the choices of the BDSM leather, Corsica sidled up to her sister, and stared deep into her eyes, as she reached out and helped herself to a good grope of her left bosom. Her long nails digging into her sister’s soft flesh, beneath her cloth. “The theme….oh yes. Almost forgot. “Holier than thou.” – Corisca then pointed out an angel costume, that was at the end of a rack. With large wings, and a small wire halo, Corsica thought it had Candi’s name written all over it. Corsica stopped smiling as she growled low under breath. “Go put it on…I want you to be my angel. So I can pluck the feathers from you….and watch you fall from grace, as I fuck your face.”- The fitting rooms were just to the left, another series of red velvet curtains. There were four all up, and two were empty. <3>

Captain277:- : – *Candice’s eyes locked with Corsica’s as her sister approached. She didn’t notice her sister’s hand snaking up towards her chest, instead lost entirely in those brilliant eyes. As Corsica’s fingers locked around her breast, Candice let out a hushed whine and went a bit weak in the knees. She could feel her sister’s fake nails press into her flesh through all of the layers she was wearing, something which she considered to be a little impressive. Her sister’s words were like honey in her ear, and as Corsica spun her around and pointed out the costume she was supposed to wear, Candice knew exactly where this was going. The “outfit” was little more than a collection of thin strips that she highly doubted would even fully cover her nipples, which wound around the mannequin and merged into a sheer, ankle-length skirt. The angel wings were a rather striking ebony hue that would accent the pure white of the pseudo-dress, and the halo bore a certain odd charm to it that made Candice instantly hungry to see what her sister would be going as. A hot flush went through Candice’s body as Corsica barked hushed orders into her ear. Her knees went out again, and she stumbled backwards a bit onto her sister, laying one hand on her shoulder and turning her pale lips up towards Corsica’s ear, the latter’s large hoop earrings brushing over her burning, red-tinged cheeks.* B-but sis, do I have to try it on here? The clerk is gone, they could be spying on the dressing rooms. I don’t want them to see me.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Corsica’s eyes narrowed as her sister went the colour of a bright red apple, her cheeks flushed. Embarressment? No, no escape from that today. Corsica slowly lowered her hand, but in doing that, she made sure that her sister, could feel the drag of her sister’s fake nails down her abodmen. Eyes flickered as she glanced at the outfit, how it hung upon the hanger, barely strings, that would show off all of her sister’s winter white skin. It would make teasing so so easy. Her face didn’t move, only her eyes, the flash of brillance, as she weighed up her sister’s insolence, in complaining that the staff here would be spying upon her in the fitting room. Corsica began to walk around her sister slowly, like a panther, closing in on their prey. The black licorice. Strong, and delicious, to a fault. Her voice, would now have a callous edge, as she shrugged her shoulders. “You don’t want to try it on here…I can abide by that. Course, once we get to this party, don’t be surpised if you are mounted to a wall. Wings….splayed out in full. -Corsica carressed her sister’s ass as she closed with- …Legs too.” This was said…on purpose, as another murmer and chuckle was heard, An older man, much older, spoke in hungarian, and then the younger man appeared again, in his hand he held to black envelopes. Calmly, he wandered over and snapped his heels together, before offering both the envelopes each. “Friday….eleven pm. The Father, has said, that you may choose anything from his collection. In particular, he..-the young chap smiled as he looked toward Candice- wishes you to dress as your sister stated. Angels were meant to fall. Why else would they be called; the fallen angel.”- Corsica took the envelopes and then moved off to find a special outfit for herself, as the young attendant lowered his voice and said”The Father seeks you…especially, Miss. You are indeed, fortunate. Many women would kill to be part of the ritual.”- He spoke as though Candice would know what he meant. Seems Corsica was at it again…finding new ways to get the pair in trouble. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice stood stock-still, nervous as Corsica moved around her like a predatory animal, waiting for the moment to lunge. Her sister’s words surprised her, and the fact that Cor didn’t force her to change into the outfit anyways mildly disappointed Candice. Maybe Cor wasn’t feeling as dominant as usual today? Either way, she listened to her twin’s every word with a terrified anticipation. Corsica’s hands slid across her ass like a ghost, but still Candice refused to move, her body shuddering involuntarily at her sister’s promise that her complaint would have humiliating repercussions. Candice’s head immediately snapped over towards one of the dressing rooms, as a throaty chuckle rang out from within. The attendant from earlier came out, and offered the duo a set of envelopes in a rather cryptic fashion. Candice’s alarm bells immediately went off as soon as they were offered whatever they wished from the store for free. In spite of the attendant’s suggestion, Candice already knew she would be picking the Angel outfit, especially since Corsica wanted her to wear it. The worker then began to murmur an odd suggestion that someone called Father wanted to see her at a Ritual. Turning to look back at Corsica, the unsure expression on her face clear, Candice couldn’t help but assume this had something to do with the new job Corsica had brought up. Looking back at the Attendant, then to the costume, and then back at Corsica, Candice spoke up.* Sis. I’ll try the costume on for you now, if you want me to.

CharlotteCarrendar: – If it was one thing about Corsica, she never ever let her sister out of her sight. Sure, it looked like she had abandoned her sister to make up her mind, to either try on the angel outfit in the shop, or to have it wrapped up, and taken home with them to the hotel, however, Corsica’s eye followed the young attendant, who spoke of praise of her beautiful sister, and how the Father wished to see the Canadian beauty, dress as one of God’s own creatures. Success, they had managed to be selected and favoured to boot. Corsica did not waste time, selecting a nun’s outfit. Mostly made from leathers, see through nylon, black chains. Long boots would compliment the ensemble perfectly, and with the crusifixes, draping down the front; she would certainly look holy, from a certain point of view. Candice’s tune changed rapidly, when it dawned on her that she would be a prime attraction at this party, of Prague Elite. Corsica said in passing, making sure she ground against her, before conituing on her way “Let us not spoil the wolves appetite, I do think they like a bit of desert after the main course of harlots, that they would otherwise have.- With that she took up the costumes, and then walked them to the counter, draping them over the wooden stained desk. “Bag them if you will. My sister is going to give me a private showing. *Corsica smirked at her sister, then continued*…Its only fair, since…she does belong to me, and its my call who she fucks, sucks, lays with or plays with.” <3>

Captain277: – *Candice felt a little bit disappointed at her sister’s denial of her request to change into the costume. She didn’t want to have to wait until Friday to put on the outfit, but she supposed if Corsica wanted it that way, then she would do everything to make sure her sister was happy. Sauntering over towards the counter, black envelope still in hand, Candice still couldn’t help but feel extremely uneasy about this entire progression of events. Something didn’t feel right, but no matter what, she would follow Corsica into Hell if she had to. Moving up beside her sister, Candice set one hand on Cor’s and listened to her bark orders to the attendant. A sudden bolt of excitement struck her in the chest when Corsica mentioned a private showing. Suddenly, Candice was aglow, quite eager to get back to the hotel and service her mistress. The sense of foreboding faded away, and instead Candice paid attention only to her sister. As Corsica listed each of the lewd acts that would require her express permission before Candice could perform them, she played out the various scenarios in her own mind, flashing back for a moment to her earlier fantasies. Without noticing it, she squeezed Corsica’s hand a little bit, her heart pounding in her chest as she waited for whatever her twin had in store.*