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She’s got a ticket to Ride



Captain277: – *Candice whimpered quietly as her sister knelt before her and began licking her hand clean. It was only a cramp, and by the time Corsica had finished, the pain had gone away. Candice wanted very badly to kiss her twin, but couldn’t work up the nerve, even as her own body burned for the contact. Corsica’s promise reminded Candice of their current situation, and she slowly rose with her sister, bracing her still shaking knees by leaning on the sink again. Corsica pulled her out of the lavatory and back onto the train car, and Candice’s face went entirely red as she noticed all of the eyes on her and her sister. Moving sheepishly towards her luggage, Candice hurriedly gathered up her things and disembarked from the train, hoping the wet spot from where her skirt had drooped between her legs wasn’t too obvious. As they walked through the crowded station, she adjusted her purse so it covered the patch, trying to act casual in spite of the awkward gait she had to adopt to haul everything in this manner. The train station seemed every bit like an alien world. The people were pretty much the same as anywhere else, but Candice could neither read, nor speak, Czech. This revelation brought up a rather important question.* Mist-Cor, do you uh, do you actually speak Czech? Or Russian or anything that will let us talk to these people?

CharlotteCarrendar:- Corsica carried both her sports bag in her left hand , her shoulder bag smacking her hip, as she took in all around her, the passing parade of travellers and locals. This was just another stop, just another European city, in a long line that they had travelled through. This one however, had such rich history, architecture that was world renowned  If they had been there as tourists, it would be a sight to marvel, take happy snaps, and thrill in the excitement of discovering more of what once lay behind the iron curtain. But Corsica and Candice were not tourists, they were fugitives, always trying to keep one step ahead of the law. Interpol probably had teams scouring Europe in search of them, but somehow, they had avoided the spotlight, and capture due to cunning, on the part of Corsica, and a level headed Candice. Corsica looked back at her sister, who appeared to be trying to cover up the fact that she had her inner thighs coated with the tell tale glaze of a woman’s want. Corsica let out something of a half chuckle, not a full laugh, since she knew they had to find shelter, and a meal. To do that, would require some under handedness from Corsica. Candice, naturally had a question, a serious one, as they trotted along together.

“Mist-Cor, do you uh, do you actually speak Czech? Or Russian or anything that will let us talk to these people?”- Corsica shrugged, the bag in her hand, rising and falling whilst she kept a brisk pace, finally saying out of the corner of her mouth. “I had a Russian instructor for gym class. Lets just say, I learnt a few more things in the locker room, aside from the size of his cock.”- Up ahead, she could spy a large business man, whose jacket was undone and there was a sizeable bulge in his inner pocket. Corsica quickly handed Candice her sports bag, and then said under her breath. “Meet me outside the train station, nearest bus shelter. Just go..go ahead of me.” If Candice did this, Corsica would set herself on a collision course with the business man. “My first catch of the day.” -she whispered, as she walked on, in a sexy strut in his direction. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice had a feeling her sister would try and console her with some kind of story about fucking a Czech diplomat or something along those lines. Candice doubted such language could be of any use, unless one were only able to communicate using various iterations of “Oh my god” and “Don’t put your fingers there”. In spite of her cynicism, Candice always had faith in her sister. They’d always taken care of each other, and she knew that Corsica would figure something out. Corsica pushed her handbag over towards Candice, and without even thinking about it, Candice took the bag and added it onto her moderate burden, surprised that her sister had apparently already come up with a solution. She glanced in the direction that her sister’s eyes had locked onto, and spotted the mark. Knowing better than to protest, and maybe just a little jealous, Candice nevertheless did what she was told and disappeared into the crowd, making a point of not looking back as her sister swayed off to seduce some unlucky fool. As she stumbled along on her way, Candice couldn’t help but notice the nature of the people around her. Most would glance in her direction and then carry on, others would stare, and some didn’t even seem to notice her at all. It was all just as well to her though. Unlike her sister, Candice could do just fine without all the eyes of the world upon her. The nearby loudspeakers blared something out in a language that made absolutely no sense to Candice, and she almost froze in the middle of the crowd as she spotted a pair of policemen by the station exit. Most of her mind told her they weren’t here for her, and that if she kept calm, she’d get out of the station just fine, but a little, paranoid bit of her brain sent off alarm bells, and Candice quite nearly dropped everything to find Corsica. Steeling her resolve, Candice hopped up slightly to readjust the bags hanging from her shoulder and continued on her way out the door. She passed the policemen without a second glance and at once was greeted by cool, open air and a cerulean afternoon sky. As she blinked away the sunlight, Candice realized she had been holding her breath, and quietly exhaled. Moving towards the nearest visible bus stop, she took a moment to admire the beauty, and then sat down at the bench.*

CharlotteCarrendar; – Mission, if you choose to accept it. Target, overweight business man on his way to a business conference in Prague. Danger factor; relatively high, but if successful the rewards would be emmense. Accepted. There was no turning back as Corsica continued on her path, getting closer and closer, till finally, ~Smack~ she ploughed into him, dropping her shoulder bag onto the ground, but at the same time, grabbing onto him as though she might fall over. “Ach, pane mi to tak líto, jsem se nedíval, kde jsem šel, a …. teď jsem upustil tašku.” (translation: – “Oh, Mister I am so sorry, I was not looking where I was going, and….now I dropped my bag.”) The man, whom took a step back to right himself, suddenly found himself being grinded againest by the delicious temptrous, who pouted with full moist lips. She appeared so apologetic, and he swallowed as he became aroused instantly not only by her scent, but by the softness of her skin. “Mohl byste si to pro mě, já jsem takový nemehlo.” (translation: – “Could you pick it up for me, I am such a klutz.”) Her hand at this point was within his coat and seized onto his fat wallet, as he licked his lips and nodded in something of a daze. “Nenechte se omlouvám, můj milý, budu si to za vás” (translation: – “Do not be sorry, my dear, I will pick it up for you”) As he reached down, she skillfully removed his wallet and tucked it into her own skirt whilst he was not looking. By the time he stood up and handed it to her, both her hands were free, and she took it, gushing and fluttering her eyelashes. Biting her bottom lip as he looked her up and down with hungry eyes, she held up a finger and then unzipped her purse, as she said quickly, as the lights changed and the man’s train was approaching. “Byl jsi tak hodný, možná bychom mohli mít … večeři někdy. Jsem si svou kartu … I.. Oh no, budu kýchat” (translation: “You have been so kind, maybe we can have…dinner sometime. I get my card…I..oh no, I am going to sneeze”) -she instead took out a small fold of cloth, as she looked set to sneeze, the man moving closer, but as the fabric unfolded, she blew, not a sneeze, and the powder went into the man’s eyes, causing him to spin and turn, rubbing his eyes madly. A woman who was in a hurry, pushing a baby’s carriage, came along right in his path and he tripped and staggered, then fell, falling onto the tracks. By this time, Corsica was already back peddaling, stuffing her hanky back in her shoulder bag, whilst the woman with the baby carriage screamed. “OH MY GOD…STOP THE TRAIN!!”- thinking she had caused him to fall from the platform. Corsica was now on her way up the stairs, as the train could be heard braking, and then the god awful scream was enough. The train didn’t stop in time, and the man would be killed instantly as the woman and her baby screamed, people running towards her and the site where the train now was.

Making her way past the two policeman, she continued out till she reached the bus shelter and sat herself down beside her sister, her face white as she tried to catch her breath. In her skirt pocket, a dead man’s wallet- “So, Sis…..you can pick a nice hotel for us. I think I have it covered.” -she said, looking straight ahead swallowing hard as she tried to regain her composure, waiting for the next bus- <3>

Captain277: – *Candice had quickly grown bored of the skyline, and had become infinitely more interested in the chart of bus routes bolted to the side of the bus stop. She couldn’t understand a single word, but it distracted her well enough from the bum sleeping on the far side of the bench, and she could piece together a decent idea of the town just from looking at the map that helped rationalize the routes. Rummaging blindly into one of her small luggage bags, Candice produced a small booklet on Prague she’d bought when her sister told her where they were headed. It contained mostly useless information on the town, but had been updated fairly recently and would probably do the duo some good in their travels. Corsica joined her at the platform, nearly startling Candice when she looked up from the booklet and caught her sister’s reflection in the plexiglass covering of the bus-route map. Turning away from the map so she could talk with Corsica, Candice paused for a moment, taken aback by her sister’s state.* You look like you’ve seen a ghost, Cor. Are you alright? *Something clicked in Candice’s mind at that moment, as she registered the words ‘nice’ and ‘hotel’ in the same sentence. Frowning a little bit and biting her bottom lip, Candice nodded and went back to flipping through the book. After a few moments of searching, she let out a quiet murmur of approval.* Yeah, there’s uh, hm. Well, it says it’s three-stars, but there’s no telling if they go by the same standard as the hotels do back home. Let me just check if I can find this address on the map. *Doing her best to memorize the layout of the street name in its original language, Candice scoured the bus map for a few minutes before she found it.* Yeah, here we are. It looks like it’s just a block or two away from the bus stop for the ah…Yellow route. I think I saw a Blue route bus pulling out of this stop when I left the station earlier, so we shouldn’t be here too long, I imagine. *Realizing she was starting to ramble, Candice quieted down and set a hand on her sister’s knee.* You okay sis?

CharlotteCarrendar: – Corsica sat, she didn’t look at her sister, she just stared straight ahead, her breathing erratic as she was well aware of what she had done. Slowly, her eyes closed, and she replayed the last few moments, as the man fell before the train. The horror on the mother’s face as she panicked, the baby, screaming and crying at the distress, the train driver, his eyes wide as he tried to stop the train. As luck would have it, a bus pulled up, right on cue, and Corsica tried to smile, and show that she was still in charge of the situation. Candice had paused a moment, seeing the look on her sister’s face, for once she was actually paler than her.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, Cor. Are you alright?” – Candice asked, concerned, and Corsica, ever the diva, turned her head towards her and reached for her sportsbag. “Never better, sweet Candi. Ah good, you have a map, Wonderful.”- the tone was laced slightly with a hint of sarcasm, and she rose up and motioned with her head that her sister join her on the bus. Right on cue, a fleet of ambulances were pulling up at the station, along with more police cars and rescue teams. All the crews, rushing past the bus and into the station, as though a great tragedy had occurred  Not sparing a minute, Corsica boarded the bus, and paid for their seats, and moved to the back of the bus, as crowds were now swarming the station, for this terrible event. Seating herself out of view of other passengers, Corsika removed the dead man’s wallet from her skirt, and the first thing she saw, wads of euros, racing tickets. “Why that lucky fellow…or should say, unlucky.Right, this is the yellow route bus, isn’t it?”- Corsica quickly folded the wallet closed and stuffed it into her sports bag, as the bus left the station. <3>

Captain277: – Wha-*Candice could barely manage much more as her sister hauled her onto the bus. Nearly tripping on the first step, Candice managed to heft the luggage up first and then catch up with her sister. The whole way, she kept her eyes on the windows, watching the fleet of emergency vehicles pull up and send their crew into the station. Candice made it to her seat just as the bus began to pull away from the station, sitting down as her sister stashed a wallet she had never seen before. It was evident that her sister had achieved her goal, but now Candice was beginning to wonder exactly how she had done so. Clearing her throat, watching as the flashing lights and frantic people disappeared as the bus turned a corner, Candice elbowed her sister gently in the side.* Well, looks like we just missed it, hm? Some idiot probably fell down the stairs or something like that. *Setting her hand back on Corsica’s leg, Candice let out a sigh and checked the bus-route map mounted up near the fore of the bus.* Uh…yeah, looks like Yellow. Just in time, eh? I wonder if this hotel will be nice. It could be fun, sleeping on a proper bed after the last few weeks.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Corsica would make no apologies, for how she reefed her sister up onto the bus, nearly causing her to fall, cause in truth, she was positively shaken to the core. What an actress she was, and played her part to the full. As they left the crowds and flashing lights of emergency vehicles behind, Corsica eased back in the seat, the wallet now safely in her sports bag, and the magic all done, out of sight of prying eyes. She had made a promise, one that she would do whatever it took to keep her sister from sleeping in the gutter, and one day, they would be the toast of Europe. But that was so far off into the distance. A brass ring on a merry go round, that was for now out of reach. It did not escape Corsica that her sister wanted to keep in close, and so when she placed her hand lovingly upon her leg, Corsica responded by covering it with her own. Corsica had been nudged, when she suggested that someone probably fell down the stairs, and that they missed the action. “Pity really. Those stations are notorious. You could so easily lose your life.”- Never a truer spoken, as the bus pulled up at the stop where they were to get off. The hotel, Loretánské náměstí,


With many cars, vans and people going about the cobble stoned streets, few took notice of the twins from Canada, who alighted the bus and stood outside the Hotel. A man selling paintings, on a cart, with a large awning over the top, tipped his hat at the pair, and at last, Corsica was ready to enjoy their stay. “this beats Paris. Come on, lets check in, and then, I really think you could use a bath.” – Corsica teased. Her sister, still smelling of sex. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice enjoyed the pseudo-sightseeing tour as the bus trundled along its normal route. Her sister’s hand resting atop hers, free from the train and on their way to a proper hotel, Candice felt the best she had in a few months. There was something odd about the air here in Prague. It felt dangerously like something Candice would call peace, maybe even euphoria. Then again, she was horny as fuck, and still definitely wet. She made a note to explore the city once she had calmed down and cleared her head a bit. Drumming her fingers quietly on the arm rest, Candice felt rather surprised that their trip from the station to the hotel had been so quick. In hindsight, she’d spent the lion’s share of the journey lost in her own thoughts, daydreaming about living a peaceful life, without having to look over her shoulder every minute of each day. Leaving the bus, right behind Corsica, Candice smiled at the beauty of their surroundings, kicking playfully at the stones embedded in the street with the toes of her shoes.* I think I might actually start liking it here, Cor. Feels a little bit like home to me. Then again, you always did say I was the romantic one. *Her sister suggested they check in, and again, Candice felt her face grow hot. She really did need to stop blushing so much. She hadn’t quite noticed it, but after the pulled her head out of the clouds, even she could smell herself. Trotting into the hotel with Corsica, now with a slight urgency born of embarrassment, Candice waited behind her sister at the counter.*

CharlotteCarrendar: – The hotel was called the Jeleni Dvur and was but a stones throw from Prague castle, as well as other notable structures that dated back to the 17th century. It was notable in many a brochure and a lover’s dream, with both modern fitted suites as well as the more decadent of penthouse rooms for those of discerning tastes. Waltzing up to the counter, Corsica set down the sportsbag and undid the zip, as the receptionist, a buxom lass would come out from the back and oogle at the stunning pair. “Vítejte v Hotel Jeleni Dvur, může jak Vám mohu pomoci jak?” (translation: – “Welcome to Hotel Jeleni Dvur, how may I help you both?’) – Corsica smiled broadly, and asked in her most alluring voice. “Ano, Dobrý den, já a moje sestra vyžadují apartmá s manželskou postelí velikosti King, kabel, pokojová služba a ložní prádlo, spousta čerstvého prádlo, za týden.” (translation: – “Yes, Good afternoon, my sister and I require a suite with a kingsize bed, cable, room service and fresh linen, lots of fresh linen, for the week.”) – The receptionist nearly fell back, paying customers that would be staying the entire week. That would be pleasing to the management that was for sure. The receptionist tapped in a few keys on the keyboard and then offered. “Máme místnost, která v průběhu vypadá rotundu a trhy. To bude 1470 eur, a žádáme vás, zaplatit zálohu ve výši 200 eur, zbytek při odchodu.” (translation: – “We have a room that over looks the rotunda and markets. That will be 1470 euros, and we ask you pay a deposit of 200 euros, the rest when you leave.”) This was just perfect. Corsica slipped her hand into the sports bag and withdrew the large wad of notes from the dead businessman’s wallet and then counted out the 200, leaving plenty to spare. The receptionist counted the money, then thanked Corsica, handing her the room key, marked room 1106. So far so good. Corsica turned, bag in hand and led her sister to the lift, where there was an elderly couple waiting, both of which stared at the pair, as Corsica decided to be the devil and turn to her sister, and with one hand free, gripped the back of her sister’s head, and brought her in for a passionate kiss, moaning softly, as the lift bell went. The older couple decided to take the stairs, as Corsica broke the kiss with a deep throated chuckle. “I hate the smell of old people, don’t you?” -she then led her sister in and pressed the button for their floor. “Going up?”<3>

Captain277: – *Candice felt like a little bit of an idiot, just standing there as her sister handled the business of buying a room. Her inability to understand the language here would probably have been a huge inconvenience, if it weren’t for Corsica. Now it was just an issue of vanity. Candice didn’t usually like to lose total control over a situation, but since that same lost control belonged to her sister, she didn’t mind it too terribly much. The desk clerk passed Corsica the room key, and the two of them began to move towards the elevator. An older couple stood near the elevator doors already, patiently waiting for its arrival, and Candice smiled politely at them as her and her sister passed by. She spent a little time looking the couple over, trying to figure out as much about them as was possible in the small time frame they had together. Candice always loved making a game out of observing people and trying to figure out their life story. A jolt ran down her spin as Corsica’s hand grabbed the back of her head and spun her around. Before she could object, her twin’s lips were on hers, and Candice melted into it, letting out a few muffled moans of her own as her sister had her way with her right there in the lobby. She had just begun to calm down a few minutes prior, but it was no use, her heart was fluttering again and she felt the tingle in her thighs come back. As her sister pulled away, Candice looked sheepishly over at the elderly couple, who frowned and mumbled to each other in disgust and made their way towards the stairway. Corsica dragged her into the now open elevator, and Candice backed away from her sister until she hit a corner. Her voice had regained that same soft edge.* I don’t mind old people that much, Cor. I’m sure they weren’t that bad. Let’s not waste time though. I desperately need to get to our room. Sort myself ou-uh-take a shower.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The old lift groaned and shook, as the wheels turned, the cables pulling taut, as the lift rose up and there was that god awful musak that they always seemed to play in the damn things. Coco Cabana or some such tripe by Barry Manilow. “Ugh…really”

Corsica groaned, and leant back against the mirror in back of the lift. “You would think they would have something a bit more modern.” Corsica gripped onto the sports bag tightly, inwardly trying to block out what she had done, to get them this far. But then she stared at her beautiful sister, who was going on about how old people aren’t all that bad. Like she was defending them. “They should be all placed before a firing squad at the age of fifty, and shot, then turned into fertiliser or Kitty cat food. I don’t want to be reminded of some crusty old farts, that will probably bang bones later like two half dead corpses. Really. Off…putting.”- The lift door opened, and not a moment too soon. Corsica charged out and stormed up to the room marked 1106. Placing the sports bag between her legs, she fiddled the keycard and swiped the door till the light went green. The door opened, and what a site. A large king size four poster bed, oak with the cleanest white sheets, and velour blanket. Wide screen HD television, champagne basket, complimentary, and…..a bar! “YES!” Corsica squealed,and ran into the room, tossing the bag haphazardly and went to jump on the bed like she was a fifteen year old at a slumber party. ~boing boing boing~ “I can mess up the sheets and not even fuck in them!”- she threw herself down on the pillows and snatched up the menu for room service, flicking through, as she kicked off her shoes, that fell with a thud to the floor. “Lobster mornay…..and thats just for starters.”<3>

Captain277: – *Candice had half a mind to ask Corsica if she would feel the same way once she turned fifty. She didn’t bother though, she knew that her sister would throw back some line about never living to be that old, and while it frightened Candice to think about it, she knew her sister, in this hypothetical dialogue, would be right. Candice allowed herself the sudden, perverse thought about exactly what she would do if Corsica died first. She immediately scolded herself for even thinking it, they were a pair, and if anyone had to die first, Candice would rather it was herself, rather than her sister. The elevator finally reached their floor, and while Corsica rushed to the room, Candice took a moment longer to study the fire escape plans and nearest emergency exits. Her sister’s girlish squeals grabbed her attention, and Candice hustled towards the room, dropping her luggage off right inside the door. Greeted with the sight of her sister bouncing up and down on the bed, her skirt fluttering up and down with her, exposing the crotch-less underwear beneath, Candice’s mind flashed back to the lavatory on the train where they had been just over an hour prior. As Corsica began rifling through the room service menu, Candice shuffled towards the bathroom, trying to act fairly casual about it.* Alright then, order whatever you want. Let me know if they have anything good on the dessert menu. I haven’t had any actual dessert in a while now, and I’d kill for something with white chocolate. I’m gonna shower, might be a little while. Don’t do anything rash. *And with that, Candice slipped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Shambling over to the rather luxurious shower/bath combo, Candice felt suddenly out of place. She had grown used to not having much, and to be so suddenly thrust back into this sort of extravagance was a little jarring. Determined to enjoy it, she stopped up the bathtub and turned on the faucet, spending a minute or so adjusting the water until it felt just hot enough. Stepping away from the edge of the tub to let it fill up, Candice tugged off her sweater and unzipped her miniskirt, letting both fall to the floor. She took a moment to admire herself in the mirror, running one hand across her bare abdomen and the other over her head, twisting and posing. She had to chuckle at her efforts; she’d never pull it off like Corsica could. Unhooking her bra and kicking her panties off afterwards, Candice moved over to the filled tub without ceremony and slowly lowered herself in, letting her eyes shut as the water enveloped her.*

CharlotteCarrendar: – Flicking through the menu, there was so much on offer, and twenty four hour a day service, delievered to their room. Heaven. Food, rich, delicious, not something that had been found in some back door diner rubbish bin, but food served on fine bone china. Rolling over, Corsica picked up the phone and dialed 9 for the room servce and the woman on the other end asked to take the order. Ano, rád bych porci humří Mornay, dvojitá Cobb chlebů, bylinu s máslem, OH a bílé čokolády pěnou. Pokoj 1106 …. jak dlouho? Čtyřicet pět minut. Perfektní, že mi dává čas občerstvit. Děkuji vám. ” (translation: – Yes, I would like a serving of the lobster mornay, twin cobb loaves, herb with the butter, oh and the white chocolate mousse. Room 1106….how long? Forty five minutes. Perfect, that gives me time to freshen up. Thank you.”) -Hanging up the phone, she then tossed the menu on the floor and grabbed the remote, flicking through the pay TV channels, till she stopped on the one for the news. “In recent developments  Miss Inga Snoggleblom is recovering at a private clinic under the care of the world renowned Doctor Warehouse, after suffering complications due to the operation. Her publicist, has come out saying that Miss Snoggleblom should be on the road to recovery, but her work on her reality TV show and of course the new contract for the Cover girl shoot, put on hold. Co workers at her former place of employment, the Death Club, have been sworn to silence to the events that took place at a private function in the club.”- the ending shot showed the outside of the Death Club, and this is when Corsica leaned forward, seeing the flashing lights of the club and the bevy of beauties and businessmen, lined up around the block. Grinning, Corsica liked the idea of checking that place out. Hearing the splashing coming from the bathroom, Corsica’s ears pricked and she crawled like a cat along the bed, and then skipped off and entered the bathroom, just as her sister was sinking beneath the bubbles. “Dinner…will be here in under an hour.” -she said matter of factly, and pouted with luscious lips. “Tsk…I thought I could scrub your back.”- she teased, unsnapping her skirt clip, letting it fall to the ground, then she slipped her hands around and undid her corset, taking it off and exposing her B size breasts. Her crotch less panties were simply discarded, after she bent over and with one finger, pulled them down, so Candice got an eyeful of her ass. She stepped into the bath, one foot at a time, and sank in, the bath was capable of holding four people easily. She slid in behind her sister, and then reaching for the soap, she started to lather up her sister’s shoulders, and then the back of her neck. “I made you a promise, you know. One I plan to keep”- she said, leaning forward, and then licking the very top of her neck. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice slid down into the spacious tub until only her head was dry. Her eyes closed, she let her fingertips float across her body, sweeping soft eddies of water over her skin as she let her hands wander. Her thoughts drifted back to the lavatory, and Corsica’s cum, which she could still taste on her lips. Her right hand rolled over the soft curve of her breast, its fingers finding purchase on her erect nipple. As she began to tease and pinch the stud with slow, precise motions, her left hand walked down her abs, over her bellybutton, and down between her legs. Gasping a little to herself, she let her fingers stroke her feminine mound, running in circular motions over her clit; warming herself up before she put anything in. She got so caught up in her bit of foreplay that she didn’t realize Corsica had entered the room until she started talking. Sitting bolt upright in the tub, the water cascading down the upper half of her body as she exposed it to the chilly air, Candice tried to cover her stiffening nipples with one arm, in spite of how silly the gesture seemed.* Oh, hey Cor. Didn’t hear you come…in. *Candice stopped talking as Corsica began undressing. She knew, just from the way her twin went about it, that she was putting on a show. She wanted Candice to watch and admire every part of her body as she sauntered over and dropped into the warm waters herself. Candice didn’t object when Corsica slid in behind her, her bare back pressing against her sister’s fairly larger breasts. Candice shuddered a little as Corsica began running the slippery bar of soap over her shoulders. Breathing slowly, not wanting her sister to notice as she continued playing with her clit, Candice leaned her head back against her sister’s bare shoulder and stared up at her face.* What promise was that, Cor?

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was one thing to walk in on Candice as she was lost to the swirl of bubbles and froth, of the steamy hot bubble bath, and Corsica could only imagine, that beneath the crest of foam and white, Candice would be doing more than simply cleansing her body fo the dirt from their trip thus far. To be fair, Corsica was actually feeling the weight of responsibility, not just for her sake, but that for her sister’s Keeping her mind free from the painful memories of the past, she wanted to give her sister a chance at a future, somehow. As her sister eased back, pressing her spine so that it ran between Corsica’s breasts, Corsica set the soap up on the holder, and nuzzled the light fuzz of her sister’s head, ever so often kissing it gently. Surprisingly, Corsica was capable of beng soft, soft like her sister, but it was only rarely shown. Perhaps she needed to break from the tough bitch, just a few moments, to explain a matter of importance. “You are all I have in this world, Candi. You’re mine, and I love you fiercely. I promised myself that one day you will have everything you ever dreamed. A full library in some rambling country estate. Horses, cars. Nights in white satin. Days with nothing but just you and me. Where no one can ever find us.”- She drew up her soapy hand, and cradled her sister’s face, bringing it to hers, and she kissed her hard, closing her eyes tight, squinting almost. Her free hand reached for her b size breast and manhandled it roughly, pulling on the piercing and twisting it. One thing about Corsica….when she said something, she meant every word. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice smiled and closed her eyes, trying to hide her gasps as she struck her clit the right way every other pass or so. Corsica’s light kisses on her scalp, and the gentle way in which she cradled her, were both a little alien to Candice. She loved the moments like these just as much as she loved it when Corsica abused her. She felt warmer in her twin’s arms than she did in the bath, and though she figured that might just be a trick of the mind, it didn’t matter. She listened to her sister talk about the life she wanted for the two of them, and Candice smiled at how beautiful she made it all sound. When Corsica moved in to kiss her for the second time that day, Candice had been waiting for it. Turning her whole body around into her sister’s, Candice wrapped her arms around her sister’s waist, rolling over until Corsica lay on top of her in the water. Their lips pressed firmly together, parting only as the two women gasped for breath or pivoted their heads, eyes shut firmly as they let their love for each other overtake them, Candice felt as happy as she believed possible. Corsica’s hand wrapped around her breast, and Candice squealed as her sister began pulling on her nipple piercing. The rush of pain set her body alight, and she was once again her sister’s slave, eagerly awaiting orders or demands, but unwilling to break the kiss until Corsica did.*

CharlotteCarrendar: – Oh, Corsica knew that Candice had been waiting for this. Poor thing, back on the train, there was no time to do anything more, than kiss away her tears, and suck a few digits, but she would leave her wanting, wet and unfullfilled. Course, that suited Corsica, since it meant she still had all the aces to play. The splash of water over the bath edge, a wave brought on by Candice rolling over so now they were facing each other, no longer back to back. Candice, like a sweet teen, wrapping her arms around her sister, as if to say to the world “Mine” but it was the other way around, in truth. Corsica allowed this moment, when she let her sister take a tiny bit of control, but only cause she was going to lead her on some more. Another sharp tweak of the piercing, turning it with her fingers, before drawing and pulling it hard, so the pain would be delicious. Corsica broke the kiss, drawing back her head, and stared at her sister’s skin, glistening in the hot soapy water. “Here is my offer. You want to be fucked…You have to beg, beg…and tell me you are my little whore..my sweet Candi slut. Beg me to fuck you, or I get out of the bath now, and you finish yourself.”- She stared at Candice with eyes suddenly appearing cold, but her lips had a cruel smile painted on them. Corisca dipped her hand into the water, and then tugged on Candice’s clit lips, showing dominance. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice’s back arched involuntarily as Corsica tugged on her piercing, the electric jolt of sharp pain making her body writhe beneath the lithe form of her sister. Letting out something between a scream and a moan, Candice squeezed her eyes shut as her sister broke the kiss. As the tension on her poor, tortured nipple let up, Candice opened her eyes and stared up at her sister, recognizing all too well the look of utter control on her face. Candice listened silently to her sister’s order, knowing before Corsica even began to say anything that she would obey the demand without question. Corsica wanted her to beg and degrade herself, and Candice would do it, not only because she desperately needed to be fucked, but also because she was in love with Corsica, and would do anything she wanted. Whimpering and moaning as her sister tugged on her clit, sending another sharp jolt of pain through her body, Candice felt every muscle grow suddenly weak as she gave in and gave voice to the order, her voice wavering, but entirely sincere.* I-I’m Candi, your Candi slut. I need you to fuck me, Miss. My body’s on fire ever since you were so kind as to let me lick your pussy. Fuck me like the whore I am, Miss, please. I’m begging you, fuck whichever hole you want, and do anything you want to me. I want you to enjoy your Candi, Miss.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Whimpering, moaning. Yes, she really wanted it. Corsica pulled on her clit a couple more times, as she heard her sister, her voice wavering, and she said everything that Corsica had commanded her too. “Good girl, my sweet Candi. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. So…you shall get your reward. And I am going to suck my candy dry.”- Corsica eased back and then with both hands she prized her sister’s legs apart, and lowered down, her shoulders going beneath the water, only her head was out. She then winked at Candi and submerged beneath the soapy foam. A couple of bubbles popped from underneath, and then, Candice would suddenly feel the first stroke of Corsica’s tongue, since Corsica decided to fuck her under the water. Prodding with two fingers, she tested the opening to Candi’s hole, before pushing both digits in, spreading them out inside, and turning her wrist. All Candice would see, was Corsica’s ass just peaking out of the water. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice squirmed and shifted beneath Corsica’s gaze, terrified that she hadn’t begged enough. Her fears were suddenly assuaged, however, when her erstwhile mistress congratulated her and began to slip beneath the waters. Candice’s legs parted without a struggle, her skin burning so much it felt like her whole body was blushing. She watched her sister wink, and then disappear beneath the waters. Grabbing the nearest side of the tub with her hands in anticipation, Candice squealed as the first sweep of Corsica’s tongue passed over her hood. She felt the sudden prodding of her sister’s fingers, and was immediately glad that she’d been warming herself up the whole time. Corsica forced her way into Candice without mercy, stretching her sister’s cunny and massaging it in every way she could. Trapped above the waters, unable to do anything until Corsica told her to, Candice could to little but squirm, moan, and stare at her sister’s ass, wishing she could taste Corsica again.*

CharlotteCarrendar: – A second lick…a third, and with fingers now digging deep, plunging in and out, Corsica rose to the surface and took a breath, gasping almost, as she stared at her sister, who was now clutching the side of the bath. Reaching up with her free hand, Corsica pressed on the jets button and the spa really started to froth and bubble, jets even coming up from under where Candice lay. But one thing Corsica noticed was the detachable shower nozzle, and it wasn’t the usual either, it was a long chrome one, with a curved end on it. Metal….cold….and looked pefect to be used as a tool of pleasure. Corsica went up on her knees and disengaged the shower nozzzle on the snake pipe and brought it down, and dipped it into the water, just to warm the tip. “Why get a cramp…when they provide such fun toys. Right Candi?”Corsica then went below the surface again, only this time, instead of her fingers being inserted, Candi would feel the sudden cold rush of the metal shower rose, reaching up inside her, as Corsica lapped at her clitty lips, all while holding her breath. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice took Corsica’s break to take one herself, catching her breath and trying to cool her body down while she had the chance. Staring down the length of her naked body into her sister’s eyes, Candice wanted to beg for the chance to please her sister. She didn’t get the chance, as Corsica turned on the bath tub’s water jets. Moaning as the length of her body received a massage from the high pressure nozzles, Candice watched with something between horror and excitement as Corsica pulled the shower nozzle free and began to warm it up. She almost wanted to object, not sure that she could handle that much after spending the last few hours at such a heightened level already. It wouldn’t do her any good to beg for mercy though, and Candice made sure to put on as much of a show for her mistress as possible as she slid the nozzle between her lips. The powerful surge of water rushed up into her body, overpowering her and forcing her legs to lock, entirely rigid. Corsica continued to lick around the edges of her slit, every now and then flicking at her clit. Candice’s eyes squeezed shut and she screamed and moaned, trying to pass words out in between the gasps and squeals.* Mistress! If you can hear me, please let your Candi slut lick your pussy! I’ll even lick your ass hole if you tell me to! Let me make you feel good too! Please!

CharlotteCarrendar: – A few hard thrusts up with the metallic shower nozzle,and Corsica could feel the press of her sister’s legs locking as she was growing rigid. The screams and moans did reach Corsica beneath the water and slowly Corsica rose up and the water dripped down, the bubbles, and suds slid down her skin and she licked her lips after catching her breath. She rose up and then sat on the edge of the bath, taking up a sponge that had been floating in the water, and started to rub herself over with it, concentrating around her breasts, but she kept her legs wide apart as she did so, making sure that Candice got a good eyeful as she tilted her head back and leaned against the cool of the tiles. “Candi….here…now.”-she drew her own finger up between her clit lips parting it and then waited, for her pet and her adored sister, to come and eat her out. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice’s hips rocked and swayed under Corsica’s assault, half of the time trying to pull away from the nozzle, and the other half trying to take it further in. Suddenly, she felt a rush of water flowing out of her cunny, and an unexpected lack of pressure. Panting like a dog as Corsica rose from beneath the water, Candice watched, unable to move, as her sister moved to the edge of the tub and began to wash over her body with the sponge. Candice’s eyes were locked on the slit between Corsica’s legs, left on proud display to taunt Candice. At her mistress’ order, she rolled onto her hands and knees and gingerly crawled over to Corsica, sliding her head back between her sister’s thighs and burying her face in Corsica’s pussy, thrusting her tongue into her twin’s hole and rolling it back and forth, gathering all of the juice she could as her soapy ass wiggled left and right for Corsica’s pleasure.*

CharlotteCarrendar:- Grinning, she watched her obedient sister, come through the soap hot waters, having been teased and spread open inside by the cold metallic shower nozzle. Corsica’s eyes rolled back as she felt her sister’s eager tongue thrusting in out of her soapy hole, the delcious sound of her licks, with the hot breath combined to send shivers up Corscia’s back. Corsica tossed the sponge and began to massage her sister’s head, the softness of her near bald head a sinner’s delight. She traced her fingers around her ears, and tugged on them, teasing all the more, ever so often using them to turn her head and lick just outside the opening to her ripe cunny. “Good sweet Candi…that a girl…Yes…you know how to eat licorice. Suck …suck to…don’t miss a bit.”- Corsica loved nothing more, than watching her sister’s ass, wiggling and the bubbles popping on her skin, as she kept pressing forward, rocking on her knees and hands. Corsica was set to burst by her sister’s insatiable appetite for raw pussy. Starting to buck to her face, she cooed down at her sister, gripping her head harder, driving her face in all the way. Soon nails were dragging across her soft skull, and Corsicar released, with a loud cry, singing out Candi’s name loudly, “MMMM GGOOD GIRL…DRINK BABY GIRL…Drink my little candi slut!”- as she squirted into her sister’s open mouth, drenching her tongue. <3>

Captain277: – *Candice may have been the one eating Corsica out, but it was her sister that was having her way with the other. Candice felt amazing, and without a doubt content, as her sister shamelessly tugged her head around by the ears, guiding her to where her tongue would do best. Arching her hips up and down as they swayed, Candice humped the air for her sister’s eyes to help nudge her towards release. Candi loved the taste of Corsica’s pussy more than anything else in the world, with white choclate coming in a close second. She ran her tongue around in greedy circles, cleaning the inside of one lip before passing around to the other in a constant cycle, periodically sweeping up, to collect the beads gathering on Corsica’s clit. When these all ran dry, she went back to thrusting and rolling her tongue about inside of her twin, until she had leaked enough juice out for the process to start over again. Her sister’s lewd encouragement only made Candi pick up the pace, alerting her to Corsica’s impending climax when her mistress began riding her face. The slight pain of Corsica’s nails raking over her scalp spurred Candice on, until her twin’s screams gave way to spurts of cum that coated her tongue and dripped down her chin. It wasn’t often that Candice made Corsica squirt, and she could still remember each time she had. This might be her favorite. Undaunted by her sister’s orgasm, Candice withdrew her tongue and simply dropped down an inch, rimming Corsica’s ass hole while she waited for her next orders.*

CharlotteCarrendar: – Sisters true, and yet more in love than any could imagine. Dark nights spent huddled together with no food or water, shelter a cardboard box in some dingy alley. On the run…always on the run. So this moment, this wonderful soap filled tub of sex, was heaven and where Corsica wanted to be. She felt the lowering of her sister’s tongue, and then she was being rimmed, Corsica pushed her sister’s head back and then sank back into the hot waters, and let out a huge sigh, not before taking bringing her up and on top of her, and kissing her fiercely, licking her lips, and then searching her mouth with her tongue. She reached around and grasped her ass cheeks to pull them wide apart, and started to rub their mounds together. Their pierced nipples, the metal brushed against the others skin, and teased Candi’s nipples. Only then, there was the sound of someone knocking on the door, and Corsica knew that was their meal. Breaking the kiss, she stared into Candi’s eyes and whispered. “Think you can eat your white chocolate now?” <3>

Captain277: – *Candice could lick every inch of Corsica’s body and never get tired. So it was with a bit of sadness that her sister pushed her head away. Bowing her head, afraid that she’d done something wrong, she felt Corsica drop into the water, and then in a matter of seconds she was wrapped up in her arms, locked once more in a passionate kiss, Corsica’s tongue invading her mouth, desperate to taste Licorice mixed with Candi. Candice moaned as Corsica kneaded her ass cheeks and let their piercing catch and pull on each other. The knock at the door shattered the moment for Candice, and so she broke away from her sister’s lips and stared back at Corsica. Grinning a little, Candice leaned in; it was her turn to lick and tease Corsica’s ear lobe.* Maybe if I get to lick it off of you, Miss. You haven’t let me come at all today, but I think we can put it off for some of that fancy food we haven’t eaten in so long. Standing up in the tub, the water sloughing off of her body like a disintegrating dress made of diamonds, Candice let her sister see all the hidden parts of her body, and then stepped out of the tub and made her way to the towels, drying off and wrapping herself up in one of the hotel’s bath robes.* I think you should get the door, Cor. You were always better at that “people” thing.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Corsica didn’t want it to end either, but there was that gnawing in her stomach, crying for food. Now, sex, she could have whenever she demanded, but food like this, well, that was a rarity. Promises from Candi of having the white chocolate licked from her, left her with evil thoughts. Oh the next time was going to be a night to remember. Sushi covering the sweet Candi. That made her salivate at the thought of it. Corsica watched with darkening eyes, as her sister rose up from the bathwater, and the soap and foam slid off her and back into the bath. Candi was simply perfect, beautiful and delicious. Cracking a wide smile, Corsica followed her sister, stepping out onto the fluffy bath matt and taking up a towel, drying herself off vigorously, before placing on a hotel robe and making her way out to the door. On opening it, there was a very handsome bell boy, with their meals on a trolley. “Room service, Miss”- Stepping back, she allowed him to trundle the trolley in, as Corsica directed where she would like it set up. “By the window” -she instructed, and the young man set out the dishes on the table, before waiting for a tip, hand extended. Corsica swanned over and then ripped open the towelling gown, the bellboy’s jaw dropping, as she took his hand, and then clamped it over her right breast. “Tits are much nicer tips than a few euros.”- the bellboy gulped, as she let him feel her breasts, before stepping back and tying the robe back up and sitting herself down to have a slice of cob loaf, as the young man tried to walk back out, having a bit of difficulty since he now had a hard cock trying to escape his pants. Once he was out of the room, Corsica laughed and beckoned her sister join her, as she drove her fork into the cheesy seafood. “Tonight, we dine like Queens, then later, we fuck again like rabbits.” <3>