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October 18, 2012 04:38AM
Boobs Inga…..Boobs
Addicted to you-Inga’s miraculous recovery from her short term memory loss, and the operation to repair the damage to her spine, was nothing short of amazing. Doctors, and Nurses alike were delighted to see Miss Snoggleblom leaving their hospital, some hoping, that she would never return. Inga waved at everyone that gathered upon the private clinic stairs, all the staff cheering, some a little too enthusiastic, but still, it did make Inga feel rather special. Nanna Noonie was accompanying Inga on her ride home, as Kraus had said that he was planning a special surprise for Inga back at her Hello Kitty Apartment, Rayne’s Place Apartments. Level three, No 12.


The change in Inga, had been nothing short of a miracle. The kind and adorkable Inga that her family knew and loved, seemed to have reawakened when she went through the shocking process of getting her memory back. Holding her Nanna Noonie’s hand tight in hers, she declared. “I knowz I been so bad with how I was with you and Kraus….and I swear I turn over new leaf, and….I will even take up the charity vork. Yah, but vhen all Iz gut, I vunt to go back to the Death Club. I miss the Skippy. You know, the Australian girl….yah, she so nice to be. I hope they haven’t replaced me there…I like seeing the sex shows while I work. Beats me being done on a pole”- Nanna Noonie patted her great grand daughter’s hand twice, just happy to have Inga coming home where she belongs. The aging Mrs Snogglebom, kept nodding and smiling, everything Inga saying falling on deaf ears, since she had forgotten to take spare batteries for her hear aids, and so, she was as deaf as a post. The car had been provided by Inga’s manager, Sven Adolfsson. Sven, had been fielding calls and dealing with the new business deal, that Inga had with Pevonia Botanica. Turns out that the successful testing of bull semen after her infamous photo shoot, had created a whole new market of beauty products, based off the amazing properties, that it had, for a glowing complexion. Little did Inga realise that she would be arriving home, to one very big surprise.


Outside Inga’s building, a large lorry was making a delivery, and not just any delivery, but a special gift. Pallet after pallet was being loaded onto the side walk, as Sven was making eyes at one of the delivery men. “Ock…I have no idea how you do that…it must be so heavy. Oh…yes…you must work out. Mmm…rippling muscles. Don’t stop…no…wait..you’re going to drop it on my foot….GAAAK!”- the Delivery guy, who was not gay, got sick of listening to Inga’s agent ogle him as he worked, and promptly dropped the last pallet load on Sven’s foot. ‘Sorry…didn’t see you there.” Sven jumped about and then bent over to rub the toes of his left foot, as the delivery driver chuckled. “You gotta sign for this, before we take it up.” Sven made a face, a half smile half wince, as he took a pen out of his own jacket pocket, clicking the button madly before snatching the clip board and signing his name, in a swirly style, that looked more like an autograph than just a signature. He even drew a little smiley face, before handing it back. “Righto then…it all goes up to the third floor…room 12, and..there should be someone there, I know she lives with this…really old lady.” There were four delivery men, all up, and each one started to wheel in the many boxes that were on the pallets, heading up the service lift of the apartment complex, Rayne’s Place. But who was waiting up there, and what was he doing?


In Inga’s hello Kitty Kitchen, Kraus was wearing an apron, a smile and that was about it. Chopping away at some spring onions, he had the radio going in the back ground, the aroma of exotic curries, cooking upon the stove, and of course, flowers, bunches, and bouquets everywhere. Seems that not only was Inga a star in Prague, but the fall out from the knife attack, on top of her notoriety with the Bull photo shoot, had meant that many were now keen to sign Inga up for a multitude of roles, in both television, and also magazines, wanting her to be the new cove rgirl. The rice was bubbling, the lid covering it, tinkled and clattered as the water had been boiling a while. The knife tapped repeatedly on the wooden board, as the spring onion was all cut up, then Kraus raised up the board, and scraped it into a dish, placing it down again. He was just about to reach for a large tomato, when he heard the hello kitty chime of the door bell. “INGA!” -Kraus yelled out, shocked she was home before he was ready. “COMING!”- Setting down the tomato, and turning down the rice, he adjusted his apron, and headed over to the door. Positively beaming, he reached out for the handle and opened the door, only to see a very shocked looking Sven and about four delivery men in the corridor. “KRAUS….look at you. Nice Apronz…I never knew they did Superman ones. Ock…out of the way, we have special delivery for Inga from the…Pevonia Botanica company. Step aside, let us get all this in. Come on Boys….in here..over by the hello Kitty couch.” Kraus stepped back, his bare bum against the door, as he watched the procession of delivery men with boxes, come into Inga’s apartment. Dumbfounded by what he was seeing, he turned to Sven, who was admiring one of the workman, and clearly off on another planet. “Err….what is all this?”- Kraus asked, seeing the delivery men were going back out with trolleys to get more boxes. Sven smiled as the second wave of boxes was coming through the door, and he finally came back down from his cloud. “Oh…OH this. Its a gift, to Inga. They want her to do a shoot soon, and…this is their way of saying…thank you. Its normal in the industry to get freebies.” Well, freebies, like a gift bag or even a box of products is one thing, but five hundred boxes? As the last of the boxes were stacked up Inga’s apartment, looked like it had just become the store room for Walmart. Kraus rubbed his temples, trying to figure out just how he was going to serve Inga her special welcome home dinner, when the apartment, was chock full of boxes. He thought and then as the men were leaving, he yelled out. “WAIT…Guys..fellas. Look…I can’t just have five hundred boxes all spread about like this…I am having a special romantic dinner planned. I need….I need…I..”-he then stared at a picture on the wall, of a Hello Kitty cubby house. It was then a light bulb went off over his head. “THAT’S IT!…I have an idea, will you all come help me, I will pay the overtime. ” – One of the delivery lads said firmly. “On one condition. That you put some fucking pants on.’- Kraus glowed bright red, realising it was best not to be working around the men with a bare ass, and quickly ran off to the bedroom to get his pants and his cheque book.


Stepping out of the hire car, the driver goes around and assists Nanna Noonie out, whilst the door man comes out and gets the bags from the boot. The doorman tips his hat to Inga, whos is wearing dark aviator glasses, and a red bikini tank top. “Thank youz…I just vant to go up to my apartment…and see how my poor Tangles is. He must have missed me terriblyz…yah?” Nanna Noonie shuffled along in her pink valour tracksuit, and comfortable shoes, also eager just to get upstairs. Course, both failed to notice the large lorry parked near the entrance, so when they saw the four delivery men leaving the lifts, both took a double take. “I wonderz if ve ‘ave new neighbours?” Nanna Noonie asked, as Inga just shrugged her shoulders and got into the lift, waiting for her Nanna to follow her. Reaching the third floor, the sounds of Sven’s voice, his laughter was ringing out, as the delivery men had left the door wide open when they left. “Vhat in the vorld?”- Inga said, increasing her pace till she entered the door way and saw the largest cardboard box cubby house she had ever seen. “It has windows…Ahahahaha”- Sven was heard to say from inside, only then to cotton on that his little Swedish star, was there. ‘INGA…DAHLINK! Look at what Kraus and I made.”- Nanna Noonie shuffled in and then waved off both of them, blowing a raspberry. “Kidz!.Bah!” and she went off to her bedroom, and slammed the door, obviously exhausted from the many days sleeping at the hospital. Inga wandered in further and looked at the writing on the boxes. “Vhat are these, Sven?”- she asked, her brows furrowing, not recognising the name. “Its…the new product you are endorsing. “Oil of Ole’ ” Made from Spanish bulls. its..suppost to be very gut.”- Five hundred boxes? One can only imagine just how much was in a single box. “That’s…a lot of bull spunk. Godz help whoever gave dhem a hand” – Sven chuckled and took out the contract, and also a letter from the CEO. “Inga…they want you to go to Spain to do the commercial, and…that is not all. You are to star in the commercial with Antonio Banderas. He is going to play the bullfighter. You be a star in Spain!” Inga was shocked, first off by the sheer quantity of boxes, but the fact she was  going to do a commercial with the legendary Antonio Banderas.

There came a cough from the kitchen,and Inga turned to see Kraus, standing with a tray, that held pots filled with curry’s, poppadames, yoghurt, fruits, spring onion, and tomato, drizzled in olive oil. Sven saw that this was his cue to leave, and quietly tiptoed out the door, closing it behind him, as Kraus smiled wide. “My beautiful Inga…tonight, we dine, and then…make love, in your very own…House of Ole’ ” Yes, inside the cardboard house, or fort, was a small table, cushions to sit on, and….a large mat with sleeping bag for two. Hello Kitty of course. He moved past her, going inside the small archway, bending over to fit in, then taking the tray into the small table, setting it down. Inga, naturally followed, and was surprised to see that he had thrown rose petals all over the inside of the fort. He extended his hand to her to sit upon a cushion, whilst soft music played in the back ground. Inga felt whole again, her sweet Kraus treating her to an Indian feast, but she barely touched it, instead, getting up on her knees, and crawling around on the floor, as Kraus set down his fork and then took Inga up in his arms, the pair then kissing passionately, as he lay her down upon the rose petal covered cushions. Inga’s blonde locks spilled out like a frame around her as her hands ran across Kraus’s back, nails dragging down and then back up, slowly removing his shirt, and he helped her take it off completely. For a moment, the two just stared at each other, the memories of all the times they had shared. Kraus pressed his lips to Inga’s nose, as he cradled her face in his hands. “I may love all things Superman…but Inga…I am addicted to you.” – The two rolled over on the soft sleeping bag, slowly undressing the other, the light of the room dimming, as the candles burnt low. The happy couple reunited, celebrating their love…in a house of boxes…Kissing, touching, soft moans, the sounds of love, together, they were at peace. <3>