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This is a role play, inspired by Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.  My co-writer is SlappyKinkaid, under several aliases.


July 31, 2011 01:47AM
The Dark Towerhttps://i2.wp.com/www.comiclist.com/media/users/cslepage/DT2Finch.jpg

Guest_ClothoAevum: The ted looking creature smiled as Slappy sat down, raising a fist casually to his forehead in the customary salute of the line of Eld, which is a line that Slappy actually didn’t come from, but he was still too dazed it seemed to notice. “Long days and pleasant nights to you my boy. How are ya? We have much to discuss.” the temper of the one sitting to his right was putting him slightly on edge, but he wasn’t too concerned about it at the moment. He looked back down to the beach and nodded to the pale woman approaching. “hile Daneeka, Come join us.”

KaljadaWintersun: -A man called a name that to her for this moment in time seemed to mean nothing. Was it of another? She searched her mind, as the name played over and over, till the voice began to that of a deep Russian accent, one that she had not heard in a very long time. Taking tentative steps, she approached the porch, stepping up the timber steps, her boots clacking against the wood, moving with a cat like grace, her clawed hands reaching for the back of an outdoor chair, and lowering herself in as she stared at each man in turn. “Daneeka…why do you seek her?” -a question which she asked, for she knew that from a time before this, that is who she was-

Slappykinkaid: Slappy’s mind was racing trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. “Ted? Is that really you? Fuck I haven’t seen you in ages. Um… Why…. Where… How…. Uh….. WHAT?” He stammered. He barely noticed the woman sitting down next to him. “Im confused. Really fuckin confused”

Guest_AtroposMortis: The man in the suit just sat staring forward, not even acknowledging the new arrivals  It wasn’t just these that he was angry with, but the goddam writer, who shall remain nameless, & especially that last bumbling imbicile of the line of Eld who cant seem to get his shit together and keeps re-running the same god dam cycle over and over again while the last 2 remaining beams holding the Tower eroded away

Guest_ClothoAevum: The man who Slappy greeted as ted, was also called Clotho in another encounter not far from here looked at Slappy. “Nay friend, I am not Ted, I am merely taking his form so that to avoid frieghtening you. I..we I guess you could say are the voice of the Dark Tower, custodians and guardians of it. And we must come to you seeking aid and succor. Time is growing short and it would seem that Roland of Gilead is not able to break the cycle of repitition and truley redeem himself, or at least may not before all falls.” He then looked over to the woman. “And Daneeka, your forgettfulness blinds you. You know who we are and why you are here.”

KaljadaWintersun: “My forgetfulness is understandable for all I have been through of late” -she said, folding her arms, a sign that she was putting up defences, for she was still uneasy in this form. “My life took a twist which means I appear here before you, looking as I do.” Her crystaline eyes gazed at the man known as Ciotho, distrust in her eyes- “No one had called me Daneeka in the longest of times, so you must forgive my surprise. You mention the Dark Tower, and that you are the custodians of it, why do you seek my aid now…after all these years?”- her lips pursed and became thin, no emotion on her face-

Slappykinkaid: Slappys head cleared some hearing the man speak. “No, not Ted… Of course not, The Tower hasnt been a concern of mine for many years though. I mean Roland was winthin a days walk of reaching it when we parted company with him. Surely he reached it and made it to the top. What was there left to do?” Looking to the woman, he commented “You looked different last time I saw you.”

Guest_AtroposMortis: The man in the suit, we will just call him No. 2 inhaled a deep breath with a grim look of irritation on his face. “We seek aid from him because he was Ka-tet with Deschain and at least has enough knowledge of these things to not fuck things up. Plus it is part of his KA. As it is yours.” he said in a even but strained tone. “But you more so because you… Owe…. BIG…” He turned his face to the woman. “You heartless, self absorbed, greedy fuck. Its people like you who just speed the process along. People who only care about what they can get for themselves, who cares who suffors for it.” He rose to his feet amd was upon her, standing before her in a flash. “YOU ARE GOING TO DO YOUR PART TO REDEEM YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE GODS DAMN YOU! WHEN THE TIME CAME FOR HIM… ” His pointing finger shot out at Slappy. “& THE REST OF HIS TET TO RAID THE DEVAR TOI, (Algul Siento), THE PLAN WAS ORIGIONALLY TO LAY WASTE TO ALL THERE! LOW MEN, TAHEEN AND BREAKERS LIKE YOURSELF ALIKE. ITS ONLY BECAUSE OF THE GUY WHO HE…” Jerking his thumb at the Ted creature, lets call him No. 1, “RESEMBLES & A FEW OTHERS WHO I KNOW YOU WELL REMEMBER THAT YOU ALL WERE SPARED!!! THEY SET YOU FREE INSTEAD OF SNUFFING YOU OUT, DESPITE THE FACT THAT YOU WENT ALONG WITH THEIR AGENDA WILLINGLY ENOUGH, DESPITE BEING “PRISONERS” THERE! & HOW DO YOU REPAY THEIR MERCY? BY LIVING A LIFE OF MURDEROUS, SELF ABSORBED CONSUMPTION & WASTE!!! JUSTIFY YOUR LIFE CULLY!!!!! TELL ME I BEG! WHAT JUSTIFICATION IS THERE FOR NOT JUST ENDING YOUR WORTHLESS EXISTENCE RIGHT THEN AND THERE?” He was so furious he was shrieking at the woman, his eyes blazed with fury as he screamed down into her face.

Guest_ClothoAevum: No 1 reached out a steadying hand to No 2 and motioned for him to sit down and calm himself. “Now now friend, there is no need for such outrage, we can all discuss these matters in a civilized manner yes?” He turned his attention to the woman. “He is right though, you have caused considerable harm whether you meant to or not. And sadly we must now confront this matter.”

KaljadaWintersun: -The man in the suit, who rose from his chair, a look of hell fire and brimstone, as his veins stood out on his neck. He started out speaking in a normal tone, but all of a sudden as if gripped by the very rage that was consuming his soul, he tore into Kaljada, or Deneeka with all he was worth, his hot breath right in her face, which she neither showed any emotion. This may well have spurned on the onslaught of vicious insults, which were a barrage including cussing. How she should be thankful and yet she has let herself be tempted by greed, violence, murderous ways, sins of the flesh, and a tyranous nature. To him she was not worth to even be spat upon, lower than the dirt beneath his boots. Silence from her as the second man rose, trying to calm the man in the suit, and it was then that she would speak. “You may not care nor wonder why I sit before you in this form, but let me tell you, I have paid the ultimate price for my sins, so don’t you dare speak of me in such an insolence tone”- she rose slowly, her clawed hands gripping the armrests, as she pushed up to standing, at over six foot in height, her crystaline orbs locking onto the man in the suit. “You can’t do what has already been done. I stared into the eyes of satan himself and he laughed in my face. Existance is but the now, and will not be the forever….*she looked at the man whom had tried to settle him*…death is but a beginning….I will welcome it with open arms and nestle to the bosom of my new mother”-

Slappykinkaid: Slappy was a bit taken aback by the sudden outburst of Mr suit man, (No 2) but did to a degree understand his anger. He had read Daneeka’s files. She left quite a trail behind her. She was not his concern though, he already had enough headache on his plate, but yes he supposed that part of the mess he was tasked with cleaning up in Lisegia, was due to Daneekas antics. He wasn’t nearly as irate though, just tired. He turned his attention back to No 1 and repeated his question. “You never answered me, didn’t Roland complete his quest? Isnt our obligation to the tower fulfilled with him finishing there?”

Guest_AtroposMortis: No 2 looked Daneeka squarely in the eyes as she stood and spoke. “I care not if you suffered from your poor choices. & What I say is not insolence and you know it. You have lived a selfish, trite and hollow life and because of it, many have suffered, even those not directly involved. You may have suffered loss for your errors, but you must face the reality that your own suffering, just like the suffering you cause was YOUR doing. Take responsibility for your crimes, Stop being so self absorbed & start thinking about the effects your actions have on the universes around you. Oh and by the way, Death is not always a beginning. In some worlds, amd on some levels of the Tower, death is FINAL. And if the Tower falls, There is nothing to welcome.” With that he sat back down and grimly looked back out over the soft ripples of sand on the beach, and at the sunset out where the sea and the horizon met

KaljadaWintersun: -A flash of anger that would burst into words- “I DID WHAT WAS ASKED OF ME!”- her voice changing, menacing as though the creature whom she was now was possessed by the devil himself. “My actions were to bring about the greatness of the clan, and I did my job well. Had it not been for that BITCH Doctor Greer, I would not be as you see me today…but in my apartment overlooking Lorewall, that was my town. You say death is not a beginning, and that if the tower falls that, death is final….final for you maybe”- she turned away and then walked out to the shore line as the waves broke on the sand. Though she was Etherician in this embodiment  there was the memories left behind Daneeka/Natasha. A hollowed scream that would scatter the gulls, only to be drowned out by the crashing of another wave. Forever it seemed she must face those who hate her for her crimes, no matter what she was or who. The second man did approach, offering his words that Natasha forgive the man who had verbally spat at her. “You ask what I remember…*her eyes reflecting the blue of the sea*…the true nature of the universe is that it is nothing but a black hole which will eventually claim all of us, as time grows short” – a lone gull would cry as it flew overhead-

Slappykinkaid: Slappy watched Daneeka respond to the more irate of the 2 strangers, He understood her frustration as well as his, but he did remember all too well what he had seen during his travels along the path of the Beam. He felt a degree of respect for Daneekas ambition for success, but pitted her blindness. Had she been aware of the futility of her “clans” endeavours  and how small they as well as both their worlds were in the grand scheme of things, she would have understood. He looked back to No 1 & nodded. “Yes I would like to know what happened.”

Guest_ClothoAevum: NO 1 nodded. “Very well then.” He gestured his hand towards the fire pit. Above it a scene played out of Slappy and Jules, (the character Jules), walking through the Ironwood door that Patrick Danville drew into existance, then as it shut behind them, the gun slinger, (Roland of the Eld that is), sat with his head in his hands before the door that would never again open onto the world his remaining members of his Ka-Tet left to. Oy lay nearby with his muzzle lying on his paws, still morose from the loss of the boy, Jake, he was so close to. Oy who would soon reach the clearing at end of his own path. He saw Roland and Patrick reach the field of Roses surrounding the Tower called Kan Ka No Rey, each one a physical manifestation of other worlds. They saw him battle and defeat the Crimson King from where he stood imprisoned on a balcony in the side of the Tower, (c)

Guest_ClothoAevum: They saw Roland approach the door to the Tower, and watched him enter. They saw him ascend the Tower that he had travelled so many miles to reach, and had sacrificed so much, spent so many decades working towards this one obsession of reaching the Tower and ascending to its top. When he finally reached his goal at the Top of the Tower, he found a door with his name writ upon it. & after so many years, and so many miles, and after so much sacrifice, toil and loss, finally reaching the goal of his life, he opened the door. What they saw on the other side of that door shocked them as much as it did the gun slinger. Upon opening the door, he came to the horrifying realization that this was not the 1st time he had reached the tower. Not by a long shot. They all watched in horror as Roland Deschain of the line of Eld was pulled through the door to the middle of the Mohine desert, just shortly after he left the town of Tull, as he chased after the man in Black, Walter o Dim, beginning yet another circuit in a continual loop of his quest, still once again many miles and years from reaching the Tower.

Slappykinkaid: Looking over to Daneeka. he drew her attention from the waters edge and to the fire. “Daneeka. perhaps you simply don’t understand,” the image changed to the tower rotating as the axis on which a multitude of universes rotated on. some of these were keystone worlds, like the one the Tower stood in for example, others were not. “Daneeka, the tower is a physical manifestation of all existance. All the planets of all the universes are held on its axis. That is why it is so crucial. If it should fall, then all that exists, including you and whatever world you & your “clan” inhabit, will be plunged into the chaotic darkness of the primordial void.”

KaljadaWintersun: -She walked back from the water’s edge, and shakes her head- “If I knew that that be the case, do you think I would be acting as I do…*she sighs*…then how is it that but a few can stop the tower from falling?” -She truly couldn’t fathom how it would be possible to achieve such a feat, and besides, all would need to be united in this task and so far that didn’t seem to be what was happening.

Slappykinkaid: Slappy sat in shock seeing what happened. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” He blurted out. “So he ended up going backwards to just shortly after I met him & keeps doing it all over again over & over again? & Just what in the blue fuck am I supposed to do? I’m not some kind of magician or superhero or anything. So you tell me just what the hell am I supposed to do? Oh and by the way, whose going to take care of all the other stuff that I still dont have enough time in the day to handle?”

Guest_AtroposMortis: Ni 2 was getting annoyed again, “Just what the hell did you think it was you and the other Breakers were doing at the Devar Toi Daneeka? What did you think would happen once the beam you were wearing away at snapped? There would be some big party with cake?”

KaljadaWintersun: “A cheesecake at the very least…..and turning on me is not going to do you any favours….trust me, when I say, if I could change what happened, don’t you think I would have?”- She felt like she was getting nowhere at all with this. A lone gull continued to cry as it flew over head, the waves still pounding against the sand….like a tape recording the same thing over and over, repetition to infinity….was that was this was…she started to wonder.-

Guest_ClothoAevum: No 1 simply calmly nodded and told her. “of course you didnt know, most people cant see past their own noses, but you should have known better. After your time at the Devar Toi, you should have known better. The very beam that you were wearing away at is one of only 2 of the original 6 that supported the tower. & now we must find a way to reverse the damage.”

Slappykinkaid: Slappy looked back at No 1 “So just how am I supposed to reverse this? I really would be interested to hear this. Seriously.” He was trying to sound amused, but he was feeling even more tired than ever.

Guest_ClothoAevum: “Honestly there may be no hope for reversing the damage. But somehow the cycle must break. The remaining 2 beams must be kept safe. If they are preserved then all may yet be well for aeons to come. But there were still 4 intact when he began his quest. & even though time may reset for him, it moves on for the rest of us. That is why it has grown soft.”

KaljadaWintersun: ‘Then someone tell us how to keep the final two intact….not have us sit here arguing about who was bad or who killed who. The past is done, for us it cannot be changed. The cycle of my ways ended at the conversion with the liquid ethra, and what you see before you, is how I shall remain till the end of my existence on this god forsaken earth”- she went up to the man in the suit- “Tell us…tell us now what you wish seen done…and maybe, just maybe if we work together…we can do this”- she would remain unmoving till he answered her-

Guest_AtroposMortis: No 2 was still annoyed with the woman’s demeanour  “Stow the attitude child because the reason we are “arguing” about who did what is because, although you may have ruined yourself from your own mistakes, it seems you have yet to learn the folly of your own self serving outlook. You have caused significant damage to us and in doing so, to all of existence. Maybe instead of getting defensive with this self righteous “whats gode is done” attitude, you should face your atrocities  Apologize and start understanding that as long as you live for your own interests, you will gain nothing but failure and eventually your own undoing, as you have already found. Maybe once you understand that you might have some hope of redeeming yourself. As for what you can do, that is simple. You continue as normal for now, you will know what you need to do when the time comes. Same as hippy dippy tattoo boy there. YOU however might want to keep a low profile though because it seems that your previous talents as a breaker are back in demand and there have been agents of the red sniffing around to track down former breakers. Mayhap they intend to re-open operations ar the Devar Toi, or maybe position themselves elsewhere along the path of the 2 remaining means.” & then he smirks a little. “Oh and as far as you remaining the way you are, that CAN be easily remedied”

KaljadaWintersun: -Daneeka/Kaljada was not one to normally sit still and be turned on as though she was some lecherous evil doer, who would never change her ways, no matter the colour of her skin, or race. No 1 continued to remind her of her failings in her past life, her weakness to do evil onto others, and that she must repent for what she has done, to make up for just some of the damage that she had inflicted on so many in her young life. Refusing to be drawn out and baited yet again by No 1, she simply sat down and folded her arms, eyes of crystalline staring directly at him, for though he had a point, she realised that he needed her as much as the other men. There was to be not second chances, the dark tower would fall if the beams were not preserved and supported. “I think it would be wise of me to say that I have learned from the past, tis why I am presented to you as I am now. And I seek the redemption to ensure the dark tower stands true, but you men, that is up to you whether or not you believe in me.” -she then releases her arms and holds the arms of the chair as she remains emotionless. “I will join you all to see to the success of this endeavour….for the sake of all…not just myself”

Guest_ClothoAevum: No 1 nodded, “I am certain you have, we just want to ensure that you understand the gravity of this matter. You must return to Lorewall, as there are some who you must meet with there as well. When you both awake, you will feel well rested, but will not remember this shortly after. But you will remember enough to fulfil your tasks.”

Slappykinkaid: Slappy suddenly felt like he was being almost sucked down into his chair as he dropped from this dream scape, or this level of the Tower, or whatever it was. The quiet little New England beach setting in autumn seemed to rip open around him and he felt like he was falling. The last thing he remembered before awaking back in his own bed was the faint discordant sound of chimes.

KaljadaWintersun: -Kaljada eases back into the chair, as the words of the men around her suddenly start to meld with that of the crashing of the waves upon the sand, the lone gull calling overhead is heard over and over till eventually her eyes close, and she is back in her bed in the Embassy in Loch Solitude, her faithful snow pup Freki at her feet. She rolls over and continues to sleep…but outside her window a white snowy owl hoots.-