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This particular role play story, about the Puppet Master, is one of my favourites, that I wrote alongside with DarksiedTheLegend,  AsayuAnnavianna, XXDefelXX, AidenArius and  SothisRaWintersunII.
For a group that wrote this live, and in a postal order, its one that I treasure, for the suspense and action.
NatashaNarishnakov aka CharlotteCarrendar


June 23, 2011 10:17AM
The Puppet Master
Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The strange silence that echoed throughout the big tent even though there was a big hole not a single shred of light was present it was complete darkness, people wouldn’t even see their hand if they were to put in front of their faces. Trying to find a light or even trying to make a hole in the tent would prove to be futile for the holes that were present on the outside doesn’t even exist on the inside then silence was interrupted by the voice of a British bloke- (?) Welcome welcome -A spotlight would shine its bright light at…. before many more would open up to the surroundings as the spot light illuminated the area where the audience normally sits. There sat countless puppets from every size, age, weight, height and even gender but those sited near the aisle, they puppets were actually staring at her with those painted eyes, wooden eyes and metallic eyes. They were just staring at her quietly just staring at her. The lights would then shine to the centre of the tent the so called hippodrome where the circus used to take place and there lie three giant dolls, broken mannequins and a broken stair way with a man standing on the top. A skeleton lies in the middle of the entire hippodrome and the British bloke who was the owner of the voice slowly made his way down the steps. As he got went down the steps anyone get a clearer view of him, the medium sized man had short blonde hair and he was about five feet and nine inches dressed in white tuxedo, black shirt, white pants, white leather shoes with black tips on them, white gloves and a white bowler hat. His face was with heavy white make up and has red lipstick on his lips. He was also wearing an unusual cane with a shrunken skull in a glass orb. He smile apparent he said again- Welcome…

NatashaNarishnakov: -The eerie stillness of the air, caught Natasha off guard, as she entered the big top tent. Guns drawn and aimed straight ahead, she had reason to believe that the one known as the “Puppet Master” would be found in this abandoned Circus, but….was it really abandoned?…Her question would be answered, as from out of the darkness, a light, a spot light, shone down with such intensity, it made Natasha look away briefly, only to revert her gaze and be confronted with a man. A man wearing nothing but white clothes, from his head to his shoes, his bowler hat, blonde hair, why, even his face was painted white, to match in with the rest of him. Cherry red lips shone out, bright as he would offer a large smile, and in his British accent, bid her welcome. She blinked, but then it was when she realised, they were not alone. the tent was filled with…puppets, of all shapes, sizes, and colours, wooden eyes, painted, and metallic, all staring at her. She actually spun slowly, her mouth opening, her guns still aimed true. With her blood tenticles still up like swimming sea serpents, her unease was clearly evident. The skeleton at the bottom of the broken stairs, that lay across the middle of the arena she would step over as the owner came closer and she did not speak. What words she was thinking were not of greeting, but more like words your mother would wash your mouth out with soap for. Natasha held her ground, even though, her nature was telling her to open fire. Finally, she spoke in her native tongue “Приветствую …. я считать, вы Puppet Master “? (translation: Greetings, I take it you are the Puppet Master?”)

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The British bloke with place one hand behind his back as he begun to spin his cane as he walked around and seemingly pondering upon her words.-(?) Puppet master? puppet master? are you sure you got the right circus? -Noting the tentacles moving strangely and that they are connected to her in a manner of speaking, the British bloke would continue pondering, spinning that cane until he came full circle around her before sitting back at the broken steps and staring at her before taking out a newspaper from his back pocket. He would open up the newspaper and begun to read it out loud (?) Ahh yes Lady Ophelia la femme araignée such a beauty . I should have gotten tickets when she was still around. Oh you still here what are you waiting for? or do you think that the puppet master is me? -The British bloke would put the newspaper down on the stairs as he waited for he next move-

NatashaNarishnakov: -The British man was either incredibly brave, or totally daft, to walk around an armed Aniplas, in the manner in which he did. He quizzed her as to whether she had the right place, but by all accounts, the fact that the tent was absolutely filled with the damn things, of all shapes and sizes, she was pretty sure she was in exactly the right place. Perhaps this was some sort of game to him. Natasha enjoyed games, very much, her favourite was of playing cat and mouse with Doctor Greer, and so far, in that game, she was winning. Natasha hesitated, lowering her arms slowly when she witnessed the man, casually take a seat, and start to read the newspaper. (Natasha)”Yez I amz ztill ‘ere…I vaz zent do findz zhe Puppetz Mazter. And…*she would gesture to all the many puppets with a wave of her right hand, which still held one of her Walter PPK’s*…lookz atz all dhe puppetz. Zo…if you notz be dhe puppetz mazterz…vhere canz I vindz ‘im?”

XXDefelXX: * Cautiously entering the enormous closed canopy her eyes shift from left to right, growing wider with each paced rotation of her awed gaze. She continues to trail the worn path from the road as it bent around the lighted tent and stares towards a ticked stand. Lifting her head with a subtle lean, she flashes the shadowed figure behind the booth a short smile. Thrusting her right hand into the side pocket of her striped attire she rummages her hand around the sunken depths of fabric * ah ha * Her smile stretches further across her ebony, pencil thin lips as she proudly retrieves and presents a crumpled, rectangular parchment , a representation of foreign currency, she takes a another advancing step towards the shadowed ticket booth. An odd emotion begins to swell in her mind as she clenches both eyes shut for a mere second, her eyelids holding their closed grasp for a second more the a standard blink, but also releases the shroud of her sight in quickly to take another look at the sales area, unsure of her own senses as she begins to mumble under her breath * I could swear there was a person standing here * her smile beginning to decay from her face as she rolls a shrug off her shoulders, accounting the mistake in vision to 12 mile walk to the circus and fatigue, she continues past thee squared stand, shoving her hand back into her pocket to release paper form of money. Giving her right side a light pat she continues to make her way up the short isle towards the first, bench seating of the circular bleachers , keeping a lowered eye for the nearest seat ,  accented tone hits her ears as if an alarm had instantly begun to blare a warning in her head. * I knew this was a bad idea, *She takes a step back as her resumes a standard posture , taking a panned evaluation of the seemingly quiet playgrounds, her sight becomes fixed on the Blonde female standing several feet from her. Broken takes another step backwards, settling to take a different seat in a shadowed end of the rounded tent. Tipping her chin up, her vision blurred but her ears remain keenly perked to any sudden movements, knowing she had heard that voice before her brain begins to rack itself in a mental evaluation *” I know, I know that voice* she speaks to herself in a whisper, knowing she had heard the pronounced accent before, but could not exactly place where, or more importantly …who. Lacing her arms across her chest a single time, she conceded to watch the female speak to another figure that still was unclear as the tall female was standing directly in front of any vantage point she would have to view the second silliohette, waiting a few seconds she opens her mouth to speak as the sudden realization of her surroundings began to blare obvious inconsistencies to what she had expected . Broken began slowly release her crossed arms nervously , knowing that her unsettles nerves were becoming crystal clear in her body language , her mind still racing with multiple questions regarding the certain confusion she was now apart off, still quizzical as she looks for active animals, clowns or even the buttered smell of fresh popped corn, these details had been assumed standard of any circus,in her mind, leaving her with a certain quizzical caution as she inadvertently speaks her thoughts aloud in a soft whisper * Is this circus abandoned  or have I yet to see the actual attraction * her eyes quickly pan the circled tent again as she resumes her indirect stare toward the tall female as she attempts to hear her words in effort to making sense of this strange, quiet playgrounds.* *

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The British bloke listened to her words and when her the word zent and her whole dialect as he thought to himself “Seriously is that how they talk nowadays….my my my I should really go to the schools and teach them young lings the proper way to speak the language. Oh that’s not my cup of tea at all didn’t she say sent…oh yes she did hmm no time to dilly-dally” The British bloke would first stand up before brushing off the dirt from his clothes and straightening up his clothes before tilting his head up and laughing out to the world as his laughter echoed through out the tent-(?) Yee ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha. My my lassy why is such an elegant beauty like yourself even looking for the demented psychotic twisted evil bloke like myself? -The British bloke was indeed the rumoured puppet master the man so many of the criminal underworld had feared but all the stories about him ended with no description and always with the blood-

NatashaNarishnakov: -His laughter would fill the tent, the eyes of many of his puppets continued to watch her. How truly errie this whole setting would be. The British chap would then pose the question as to why she would be sent to look for the Puppet Master, who in his own words, described as a demented psychotic, and twisted evil bloke. She rammed her left handed gun back into its holster, then extracted a cigarette from behind her ear, and placed it between her full crimson stained lips. Her breath exhaling would fuel the tip, causing it to glow, as she drew back the delicious smoke into her body. Holding it a moment she then withdrew the cigarette and blew a smoke ring high up. “Becauze I amz zhe onlyz crazy azz mutherz fuckaz in dhe vholez of Nemaeus that vaz villing do come vindz you.” -She was on guard, but she was not going to give him the satisfaction that he rattled her slightly-“Dhe Mazterz of dhe Fuyu no arishi, ‘e zent me” -She refused to take her eyes off him, in case he was going to try any funny stuff, while she was still armed and not in the least bit trusting-

XXDefelXX: -she holds her posture still, Taking a broken gasp of air, every fibre of muscle tenses in unison with her physical reaction to only speech, her mind begs her to rise to her feet and be on her way , yet her will stands deviant of any pure logic, abandoning all reason for satisfaction as curiosity tears at her self control as her lungs burn from held momentary stall in her rhythmic cycle of breathing , she grins, her mind now accepting of the defiance with little recourse as she bravely leans forward to get a better view, and at the same time exposing her full form to the other two identified occupants *

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The British bloke would look at her as she was so calm for some reason maybe she didn’t hear the tales but then again he isn’t that well known so maybe its about time to test her as he thought to himself- (Puppet master) You are not afraid hmm maybe I am losing my touch. Should have hired that artist what was his name…..uhh Rob something a bit late for that. Seriously aren’t you going to shoot me even a little or are you the type that won’t attack until someone shoots at you? maybe I have grown to old for this…. How do you plan to get me back to the Fuyu no arashi clan? You are going to convince me? -The British bloke would stare at Natasha before continuing to spin his cane waiting for some sort of reason or convincing meaning or something that might convince him-

NatashaNarishnakov: -She twirled her gun, and then pointed it to one of the puppets to the left of her and she opened fire- ~BANG!~ -blasting the head clear off the puppet. She then tilted her head left and right- “Dheyz neverz zaidz anythingz aboutz killingz you. Zo…I zuppoze I amz zuppozt do dragz you back to Lorewallz.” -she then thought for a moment. “Okayz. I azk youz nicezly. Youz come bazk vith me, now….OR….I zhoot all dhe puppetz”- She then smiled brightly and waited for him to respond-

XXDefelXX: *chin as her w* her eyes burst to double their size as shards of porcelain and and patches of cotton and fabrics flew upstarts in the air immediately trailed by a thin wisp of smoke as it made it winded pattern upwards, her eyes held fixed to the headless doll with a slow exhale as the instant the shot rang, a single word blared in her head * “Natasha” her splintered stare begins to shift as her features dull and lose expression, her eyes slowly sway back to the two, releasing a single chuckle and her current thought * I wonder which one is the “Bad Guy” , chuckling again at the as she lifted her ebony upper lip in a smirk at the entire notion. Her Slender hand press her leather skin to her bare thighs , sliding her right hand lust an inch to the side , grazing her bare palm over the cold steel of her blades, she lets out another quiet gasp, quickly retracting her limb knowing that such a pompous act would only secure a false sence of security, he finalizes her discomfort with her hands supporting her chin and her elbows pinned to her knew aider her in the subtle lean forward *

AsayuAnnavianna: The sound of her boots was barely audible as she walked past the forest seeing lights in the distance. Her colourless eyes looked out upon the strange carnival or so it had seamed she had happened upon. Her psionics already kicked in causing the soft silver hair to lift slightly from her shoulders. Her physical sight was gone but that was in no means to say the woman couldn’t see. Her lithe body rose only to the short height of only five foot three inches.Her fingers reached back and touched the hilt of the rather large and almost seemingly rusty looking sword. Though those who knew her this was one of her most prized possession. The fabled Dracoslicer appeared the massive blade that it was held a one micron thick edge that would rend most metals to ribbons in a single swipe though it would only deal normal damage to Mithril or Adamantine or any other metals that held magical properties  the reason for such a sharp and glinting blade being that it was forged of ancient Draconian magic’s while in the fires of the platinum dragon court in ages past. Her other weapons consisting of twin daggers that were strapped to her forearms which had seemingly went silent for now, the sentient blades almost always bickering over who was the strongest of them even though they were equal in strength. A silver knife with a serrated and diamond edged blade being the only other weapon on her body though that was all she would need, the knife being perfectly balanced for throwing if she needed to do that even though she could still use it like any normal combat knife…it had taken her years to forge it and now it was encased in a pure obsidian sheath. The sheath resting on the outward facing side of her right combat boot having been held in place by three two inch wide by two inch thick straps of leather, the boots themselves having steel encased toes that she had forged herself to protect her feet from being broken…the well oiled leather bending with her every move as though it didn’t even exist. The skin tight dark green leather armour she wore left little to the imagination to the curvature of her body. Most would think going into battle in only leather armour would be a bit crazy. Though Asayu never claimed to be sane. She tilted her head to the left and right as she rolled her shoulders popping the top vertebra in her back. She walked to the edge and simply smiled as her blind eyes took in more then they should have been able to see. She made no move to enter the strange place as she stood in silence at the entrance placing her hands on her hips wonder where the hell she had ended up.

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -As the puppet head blow of its body, the puppet master didn’t even blink in fact he didn’t show any sadness or anger but instead his face showed a hint of confusion before he closed his eyes and shook his head at her. As he reopened his eyes before letting out a yawn-(Puppet master) YAWN Thats it? That’s all you can do? Shoot puppets….not the first person who tried that and for heavens sake you are not going to be the last. Here let me help you, why not use something from the advance team? -He would walk to the side of Natasha as the spot light followed him to an area of the hippodrome where a lever just stood there. He would yank on the lever as a number of guns started falling down onto a few feet away from the lever. Many guns for example pistols like the Desert eagle, the Colt M191 and the Glock from shotguns like the Remington Model 870, the Winchester Model 1887/1901 and the SPAS-12, from machine guns to both assault rifles to sub machine guns like for example the uzi, the ak-47, ak-74, the M-16, the MP5 and the IMI Galil and various more guns that would fall to form a some what small hill. He picks up an uzi and tosses it to her feet before twirling around as if he was pointing to every puppet in the audience-(Puppet master) Come shoot shoot shoot until your heart is satisfied or until your bullets run or when you finally realize that it is futile and pointless. -The British bloke would then place his cane to his side before just leaning on the cane and waiting with that large grin on his face. At the same time waiting to see what is her next course of action or rather what can he do to taunt her to action-


NatashaNarishnakov : -The reaction was not exactly as she had hoped, for her thought perhaps he was some sort of mad collector, and that to blast the head off the doll, may get some sort of reaction, but barely a titter, no, anger, just a simple shake of the head. No no no. So that was not going to work. But he yawned. No one yawns in front of Natasha. She is NATASHA. Deserves a bit more than that. The puppet master would of course, do something so bizarre  that it simply had her speechless, which is saying a bit for her. He pulled some sort of lever, which would release a torrent of weapons, some that she had never seen before, and she was a professional with the KGB. There was the Desert eagle, the Colt M191 and the Glock from shotguns like the Remington Model 870, the Winchester Model 1887/1901 and the SPAS-12, from machine guns to both assault rifles to sub machine guns like for example the uzi, the ak-47, ak-74, the M-16, the MP5 and the IMI Galil and various more guns. Ok this was getting ridiculous, for it was forming a small mound. “Vhatz are you…a vone man militia?”-she picked up the uzi and studied it. She then pointed it at another puppet, and it just sat there, and she could now see the futility in shooting them to get him to do what she wanted. Natasha lowered the weapon, and looked back at the Puppet maker. She then noticed the cane he was holding, with the shrunken head inside the orb. Now he seemed awfully fond of it, with the way in which he handled it. “Zo…I can zee dhat dhe puppetz do notz meanz much. Hmmz. I gotz questionz vor you. Vhy you in dhiz dumpz of a circuz?….Why notz live in dhe zity, eh?” -she was still holding onto the uzi, and tapped her foot twice-

XXDefelXX: *Broken slowly shakes her head as she begins to rise to her feet, sliding her knees to a stand , she moved with a dire intent to be remain unnoticed by the pair a of armed enemies. She carefully back peddles down the same isle she make her entrance as she continues her silent retreat. Once out of sight from the dueling pair and shielded by the bleachers , her swooning , glass splintered stare immediately intensifies, as her strong will is beaming a glossed reflection of the ticket booth, in that moment she began to run from the row of seats , not daring to look back as her speed began to excelerate, her mind pushing her to run fast and faster, rapidly approaching the exit which also coupled an the entrance at a good stride, strands of black hair split in several locks of black hair lay across her face ,, squinting she desidesto dismiss the exit entirely, not bothering to angle the twenty feet to the gate , she steams directly forward , ramming her body through the old wooden fence with ease, the impact of the rotted barrier failed to slow her , yet made her will stronger, causing her to yet increase her rate of speed. as her form begins to gain some distance she yearns at the temptation to look back, yet this decision her logic would prevail, as she reminded herself that her brash and fearful act of running down the fence most likely alerted the couple that she was present for the first time. With that in mind , she just runs till she finally collapsed some seven miles away*

AsayuAnnavianna: She blinked slightly as she heard some sort of commotion coming from inside. Her silver hair flickered slightly as she leaned in closer to try to see what was going on. Her ears twitched slightly much like a cats would as she tired to hear what was going on inside. Her nose wrinkled up as her brow furrowed for a moment. She blinked slightly as saw someone running out of the big tent. Her eyes went wide a bit as she watched the female run right past her crashing threw the fence. A look of completely worry crossed her face as she turned back to the carnival shook her head and turned around heading back into the woods. Mumbling to herself. “Screw this.. to weird for me.”

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The British bloke would crouch down towards the guns turning his back to her as he started screeching through the small pile picking up a Glock before standing up and showing the gun to her not even pointing the gun at her- (Puppet master) This Glock here was owned by a government agent of Nemaeus,Jimmy Ortuga I think his name was… he was searching to find out about me…Too bad no one will ever know about me as he tried to catch a peek of my folder, I managed to obtain so much about him. His friends, his family, his parent and even his little kids…All I had to do to lure him to me was hurt his closet friend I can still hear his friends neck snap. When he came here I enjoyed his last breathing moment before snapping his neck with my bare hands…pity his family will never know what happen to him or even remember him. Poor old Jimmy in a way I killed him twice….so how about this gun? no not enough bullets. -He throws the Glock back into the pile before picking up an AK-74 with a special silencer attachment, he turned again and present the gun to Natasha not even pointing the gun at her while noticing the fleeing person he really didn’t care one day he might actually care enough to get rid of the spying eye but at the moment his attention is entirely on Natasha-(Puppet master) How about this gun? Used to belong to a man who said he was some famous bounty hunter or assassin really didn’t care which he is. But he claimed he can get my head unfortunate for him, he was never silent neither was his gun and I had high hopes that this one to give me a proper fight. But still the look in his eyes on those glorious eyes filled with anger and hate turned to fear and without a hint of hope before the eventual snap. -He threw the gun back into the pile as he skipped and hopped around the gun pile-(Puppet master) Oh the adrenaline, the tingling sensation oh such enjoyment such a thrill. -He would then scoop up a pile of guns before simply letting them drop to the floor- (Puppet master) You know what all the owners of these guns have in common…..One they shoot at my puppets and two they all died by my hands. -He looked at her when she asked those questions of hers-(Puppet master) Maybe I am…..hmmm why live here and not in the city? can’t you see it little girl…. the life….. the existence……the world. If you still don’t understand let me show you -At that instant he would lift up his cane the one with the shruken skull in an orb. As he showed her that his hand was open and the cane was literally floating in thin air before it start to spin as he put his open hand out. The cane would start to spin a few inches a way from the open palm of his hand, while it spin and spin the British bloke was slowly walking towards her-

NatashaNarishnakov: -As the puppet master would show each and every gun off, in that pile the story he was telling was becoming repetitive  Assassin’s come with guns, to kill or to find out about him, they shoot the puppets, and they die, hence the big gun collection. She rammed her second gun back into its sheath, as her eyes continued to follow his movements, very carefully. So, he kills with his hands, and breaks people’s necks? A darkness crept over her features, as blood spikes rocketed out of her knuckles over fifteen inches long and her blood tentacles grew in length. Her elongated fangs began to descend, coated in the corrupt dna of her blood type. He swirled his cane with the orb of the shrunken head, and it would start to spin a few inches from the open palm of his hand. She drew back her right foot, pressing down on the ball, with her left knee bending slightly. Blood wings rocketed out of her back, fanning out in a majestic display of raw power. She didn’t trust him in the slightest, and a low growl escaped from parted lips, as spheres of flame appeared at the ends of her closed fists. She drew back her right arm, elbow bent. Eyes bleeding the swirling aniplas blood as she went feral. Her blonde hair blowing about her face, as she chanted in a thick accent-“I amz no girl….I amz VOMAN”….I amz no girl…I amz VOMAN!”


SothisRaWintersunII: Normally Cinder’s collar could have absorbed a shock like that, but he also had to tell the collar what to do and he was not expecting a shock. Cinder lurched forward at the large sting, gritting his teeth and pursing his lips he turned around slowly and flopped down on the floor. His body would twitch her and there every now and then before his upper body shot straight up. “Wow that was tingly…” He smoothed down his hair and huffed. “What’s your deal bro…those who wallow in self pity will stay that way. Ignore the past and think about your future instead….like that lovely little doctor friend of yours….Greer….”

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The puppet master didn’t care nor did he try to avoid the eventual attach that may soon occur but he continued to smile for a reason that was not entirely clear but maybe it was because he caused her to have some sort of emotional reaction. He kept getting closer as he slowly say-(Puppet master) Come on little girl come on little girl. Yes yes get angrier angrier show me what you can do. Dance my puppet and show me your fangs, SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN DO…. ha ha ha ha ha ye ha ha ha ye ha ha ha ha ha ha. -The puppet master wanted to know, to feel what she can really do otherwise this whole matter of returning is entirely meaningless to him that is unless there was a reason a real reason for him to return as he continued walking straight towards her not changing any direction and always keeping big grin on his face as he got closer-

AidenArius: Jim was sort of in a shock, considering the charges made even Javid screamed like a little girl, and this guy just took it like pro. And it did piss him off a bit because apparently this guy just doesn’t get the freaking point! The images he had scene from his flashbacks would replay inside his mind, when he just think about his past that didn’t make much sense, before his cry-baby like pout y lips start to move. [Jim]”What future? What kind of future can you have when you’re a blood thirsty monster? Greer would just end up dead if I get near her.. Just like you will be if you don’t leave me alone..” He muttered, his voice sunk a bit due to him trying to hold his tears back. Someone give him a candy or something before he calls for mummy.

NatashaNarishnakov: -In her fury, the madness of his laughter, the swirling of the cane with the shrunken head……..the puppets!!….he kept calling her his puppet and to dance. WAIT!….WAIT!!..~her brain fired up the warning as she suddenly looked around at all the puppets.~- The blood stains that led into the tent, the fact the place was deserted. Spent bullet shells, the piles of guns…..OH MY GOD!!…He must be able to turn everyone and everything into puppets. She powered off the ground instantly and flew up to the trapeze high above, balancing on the rope, her wings beating and dripping aniplas blood down below. “Vhat are youz?….Zome zort of Vitch doctor….do shrinkz dhe peoplez and make dhem puppetz?!” -Her arms were now ablaze with fire as she snarled down at him- “Vaz dhiz zome ztupid trickz?”

SothisRaWintersunII: Still sitting on the floor facing Jim, his legs outstretched and his hands folded in his lap, he listened to Jim for a moment before shaking his head violently. “You are what I like to call an artard….Greer gives you something to live for….something to get better for…you have two choices…continue the way you are and make yours and her life miserable, or pick yourself up by the bootstraps and make both of your lives happy….” Cinder yanked out one of his colts and pressed the barrel to his own head, then pulled the hammer back with his thumb. “Example…I know you don’t know me well but how would you feel if I squeezed the trigger…hmm?”

AidenArius: Jim’s eyes widen a bit, that guy he just knew is going to attempt suicide just to get his point across? This guy is nuts! Or that’s what Jim would think. He was threatening him, yeah sure but it was to get him away, leave him alone. And now he’s going to kill himself. He can’t handle a death, especially in front of him considering that he’s being emo out of guilt. His hands shakes out of fear, and he instinctively darts forward and to tackle the man’s chest, and if the man allows it and NOT pulling the god damned trigger, Jim would end up sobbing on his broad firm chest for comfort, saying [Jim]”What.. What should I do.. I don’t want to be a killer…”

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The puppet master grin turned into a scorn once she flew up to the trapeze high up on the rope but the grin instantly turned back into a big grin before shouting- (Puppet master) NOT SO FAST GIRLY! MISTER ZULU YOUR ASSISTANCE IS REQUIRED! -At that instant a large ebony skinned man about six feet and three inches moved away from left one of the two posts that held the tent up and the trapeze wire. The man looked at her before saying -“Igama lami ngu Puppet master”(Translation: My name is Puppet master)-This man had an odd appearance alright, a leopard skin loincloth, straw headdress  straw wrist bands and straw anklets. In one hand was an oval shield as big as his entire body and in his other hand was the Assegai a short stabbing spear and on his back was about ten similar poking out of his back. He would immediately begin aiming and throwing one of the spears at her in hope that it would hit her. While back on the ground puppet master would turn to the puppet audience and bow to them before shouting at loud for all to hear-(Puppet master) Welcome to the greatest show unearthed! -After which he would rush to the gun pile looking for a gun until he picked up an AK-74 before aiming at the big top with one hand- (Puppet master) How uncivilized….the whole point of this thing is to point and pull this little trigger thingee. Ah oh well here goes nothing -He would pull the trigger before shooting out a spray of bullets to Natasha and the wire it seems he has no control of the gun but still manages to keep the gun pointed up for now-

SothisRaWintersunII: “GAH!” Cinders gun flew out of his hand and skidded across the ground and Jim head butted his chest. “Umm…well first you can get off me…” He would grab Jim’s shoulders and try to pick him up off his chest. “And I dont know thats up to you man…Might I suggest going and talking to Greer…this sort of advice is out of my area, all I can say is get out of whatever past you have and uhhh…go forward….” After he was done a loud grumble came from Cinders stomach…”….Need….FOOD!!”

AidenArius: He would sit on his knees, his tears is drying up because a person can only weep for so long before they got tired of it. This whole crying thing actually made him feel better, who knows crying does that. [Jim]”Greer hadn’t actually kill anyone.. She’s a doctor, opposite of what I am..” Jim said, slumping down like a whiny emo bitch before he heard Cinder’s stomach, and reminded himself that he hadn’t eaten for a while now. Well he can’t exactly cry and sob with a hungry stomach, can he? Quickly he picks himself up, before shouting out [Jim]”JAVID! FOOD!” with Javid getting startled from behind the wall that separates them.

NatashaNarishnakov: -Natasha had evaded the Puppet Master and that cane with the shrunken head, and to get to the trapeze was only the first step of avoiding him. But then he called in for back up, by some huge ebony skinned African  wearing the skimpiest of loin cloths, and was that a straw headdress  and matching wrist and ankle bands. So this was what it was …voodoo magic and witchdoctors. In Nemaeus?..No sooner was the big bugger called, that he was throwing a god-damn spear at her. Using one of her blood tendrils, she would catch it mid air and snap it in two sending it clattering to the floor, as she hurled a fire sphere towards the big African’s straw headdress  hoping it would catch alight. That mad Puppet Master was now announcing to the crowd of puppets, that the show had begun, and she was the main attraction. She let go of the trapeze and then swooped down past the Puppet Master who had picked up the AK-47 and started to fire a hail of bullets that would rip through her right wing, sending her plummeting to the earth, where she would do a barrel roll and jump to her feet, one wing hanging down bleeding on the ground. Snarling, she bit into her tongue, as her mouth filled with the vile toxic blood of the aniplas. She wasn’t going to just flee, if these two wanted a fight, she was going to give it-

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -As the fire caught on the straw headdress  the large ebony man would just quickly remove it and threw to the ground below where the puppet master and Natasha were. Some of the embers of the flame was on his hand as he just simply patted his hands down like if the fire wasn’t strong enough to burn him, now he was up there and he clearly has an advantage to those on the ground oddly enough he didn’t do anything but sat on the ledge not even bothering to interfere just sitting there and watching them. The puppet master would a clear grin on his face would just say as he emptied the last of the bullet cartridge firing in the air-(Puppet master) Well well welcome back to earth. -Firing into the ground to make sure that was all of the bullets before throwing the gun away-(Puppet master) I really hate using guns spoils the fun out of the thrill now lets see you said something about a vitch doctor? don’t even know what a vitch is? Unless you are meaning witch then you would need to work on your English pronunciation. For your pronunciation is butchering my beautiful language…where was I oh yes witch…wrong guess care to make another? -The grin was still on his face the big and wide grin almost like if he was mocking her without any words, as he started to circle her and at the same time began to twirl that cane of his again. Twirl and twirl as he watched her ever movement-

NatashaNarishnakov: -Natasha faced off with the Puppet master who had emptied the gun of shells into the air, and then into the ground before discarding it, saying how he thought guns spoil the fun. The large ebony warrior had patted down the fire balls she had sent down to him, like it meant nothing at all, she leered at him, but refused to speak again. The puppet master mocked her for her way of speaking, teasing and prodding verbally. He was no witch doctor, but there was something about that cane. The puppet master grinned like a Cheshire cat, thinking he had the upper hand. When he came round to face her, she did one of two things, her blood tentacles flowed out, one on each side of her to seize the cane while Natasha would spit a projectile of blood toxin towards the Puppet man’s face, so that the acidic content would burn through his heavily made up mask of white, and wipe that smile right off his face. If her tendrils were able to lock onto the cane, she would take four steps back and then attempt to throw it outside the tent-

SothisRaWintersunII: Cinder scratched his forehead for a moment then pulled himself to his feet. “Ummm…I don’t know…” He turned his head from side to side looking around the piece of…something room. “Mmm…food sounds good right about now…by the way Jim, when did Greer get back to the hospital…” Cinder asked his little question as he headed out the door, looking side to side and covering his nose. “Place smells….”

AidenArius: Javid sighed, dialing a number to order some pizzas for Jim and his guest while Jim looks a bit down again. He hadn’t seen Greer since her date with that suited up douche bag  and thinking about it just make him want to sulk more. After hanging up his cell, Javid interrupts the two. [Javid]“She hadn’t left her room. And for you, guy, it’s the slum. Get used to it.” Jim on the other hand didn’t care much, and make his way to his bed to lie on it while he waits for food. [Jim]”Javid. Food. Now.” He bosses Javid around, acting like a child when they sulk, thinking they have the right to special treatments. [Javid]”I just ordered some pizzas. Just wait damn it.” He said before he looks around. [Javid]”And Mouse is going to be pissed at this renovation of yours..”


Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -The acid had connected and had hit his face immediately he let go of the cane with the shrunken skull within a orb so that he could cover his face as he turned away from Natasha as the sounds of something burning as apparent-(Puppet master) MY FACE! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE! IT BURNS! IT BURNS! SOMEONE STOP THIS AGONIZING PAIN! -He was still struggling with the pain as he slowly moved closer to her in a vain attempt to get the cane or to some how get her. As she threw the cane outside oddly enough it didn’t went outside as if some sort of barrier repelled it back, the cane would quickly hit the floor before rolling back in front of the puppet master. But good would it do his face was slowly being eaten up by acid slowly his jaw began to be unhinged while in-front of her still standing and holding his hands to his face but suddenly he force his jaw back into place before removing his hands and shouting out to her- (Puppet master) BOO! HA HA HA HA HA! -This thing that stood before her the so called puppet master had a double face one that was slowing being eaten up by the acid and another with many mechanical gears and mechanisms that allowed facial movements. Here in front of her was a puppet designed to look like human with the multiple skin grafts on its mechanical face and body that would make it appear completely human. This is thing would then hit the ground as the cane would spin back up instantly grabbing the cane and making the shrunken skull to look directly at Natasha before saying- (Puppet master) My turn! -At that instant the shrunken skull opened its mouth and eyes appeared in its eye ball sockets as it seemingly screamed at her before letting loose a number of screaming ghost skulls-(Skull) Argh! argh! -The skulls would slowly begin to circle her and if they manage to correctly trap her in that circle everything would turn back to darkness-

SothisRaWintersunII: Cinder turned to Javid and crinkled his brow, his eyes would gleam with a tint of anger as they locked onto Javid. “She… hasn’t left her room?….Natasha…” Cinder drew in a deep breath and pulled off his blue jacket and superman shirt. Under the skin in his shoulder a bubble formed, it was almost like some sort of growth. The bubble would grow larger and large and eventually it would burst and a blodo covered arm would reach out, followed by a set of shoulder, a head, and another arm. One of the beings arms that was crawling out of Cinder would grab Cinder’s head and used it to push the rest of his body out of Cinder’s. The being looked like it had just been birthed, but it was still a full grown man. The naked being shook his head violently, long red locks cascading below his shoulder. It looked up at Cinder and mumbled a few words.(Sevryn) “What is the meaning of this….little brother…” (Cinder) “Find her Sevryn…..” (Sevryn) “And why should I chase after your little crush for you….” Cinder huffed and pinched the bridge of his nose (Cinder) “Just do it…by the way…chu nakys.” Sevryn looked down at his body and shrugged before flipping his red locks over his shoulder. Sevryn was in fact Cinders older identical twin, the only differences was Cinder changed his appearance and gave himself blue eyes and black hair. Sevryn slugishly walked away but turned around when Cinder threw something at him, it was a semi chrome clear crystal. He smiled knowing what it was, clutching it tightly he turned back around and headed out into the streets, barley able to walk as he traced Natasha’s scent. Meanwhile Cinder turned his attention back to Javid and sighed. “How long till the pizza gets here…and how many did you order?”

AidenArius: [Javid]”Well considering that Jim’s a monster—no offence when it comes to food, and the whole wreck at the kitchen in the hospital after you got admitted… 6 box?” Javid would say, even though he planned to order a lot more, he only had enough money for 6.. Poor guy.. Jim raise his hand while being lazy on the bed, [Jim]”umm.. Am I the only one here that saw a guy coming out of another guy? Like.. What the hell was that? And can I have 5 box?” Jim says to the two male before Mouse storms into the place, carrying a newspapers about Greer’s interview after the hospital lock down  [Mouse]”GUYS! The doctor is still here right? *with Javid nodding to him, he threw newspapers to Javid* Check that out. I’m going out to find more info about this. Oh, When the doc wakes up, don’t let her go outside till I get back.” Mouse soon leave the building before anyone can respond to him, panicking about this development, suspecting something grand even.


NatashaNarishnakov: -Though the acid spit would do the job, or so she thought, and her attempt to throw the cane with the shrunken head out the tent would be hit by some sort of invisible barrier, that meant it simply rolled back to the puppet master, like it belonged to him. His screams of his beautiful face sliding off, was all a lie, as he turned to show he was actually….a machine. His horrid laughter through shouts as he revealed himself to her had her recoil in horror. It was then that he held up the damn cane and suddenly it was his turn to attack her. The skull began to scream and let loose a number of screaming skulls, that would begin to encirle her. She had to do something, this was not worth becoming a puppet. She fired up her one healthy wing, turning it to fire, to try and swat some of the screaming skulls away, as she took a look to the exit, the tent flap from where she had come from. If she was able to break the circle with her blood wing of fire, she would make a run for the tent flap, if not, she would succumb to the darkness-


Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -As she tried to escape from the flying screaming skulls towards what seemed to be the tent flap leading to the exit as some of the skulls decided to fly past Natasha and towards the exit where they begun to make a vertical circle on the exit as if they knew it was her only way out as they spun faster to make what seems to be some sort of darkness but if you look outside you could clearly see someone in a white hoody boarding up the exit with wooden boards, the man seems to be succeeding but then again why is he there in the first place if she could see closely at the man’s hoodie there written on it was two letters PM maybe it stands for Puppet Master but then again maybe not. The puppet master with the burnt face would shout to the top of his lungs-(Puppet master) STOP HER! SOMEONE STOP HER! -As he said those words the Large Zulu at the to would start aiming to attempt to hit her with one of his spears, he even tried to estimate the trajectory of his spear before throwing the spear right at her. As the words was said the puppets that were at the aisle way began to throw themselves off the side in an attempt to block her escape or by chance tackle her in mid flight even one of the three giant dolls stood up and begun to walk towards what seemed to be the exit path of Natasha and in one more of the puppet master attempts to deter her the giant puppet would try to swat her with one of its hands that is if the swatting with the hand connected but all of this seems pointless sense the exit is nothing more than a black wall with moving paint if one were to look closely enough they would notice that the man putting the wooden boards up seems to be in some what of a loop as he puts up the board and closes it up completely before he pull it back down and do it all over again-

NatashaNarishnakov: -It seemed that this was all some sort of plot to keep Natasha from ever leaving the abandoned circus. Maybe the Master of the Fuyu no arishu had planned this all along. She had succeeded in gaining the hospital, but this mission was obviously one that would be difficult to escape from. She made her made dash for the tent exit or so she thought, only to have the screaming skulls come around in a verticle circle, that would spin so fast that she was starting to fall into the darkness. The power of her burning wing was losing its energy, since she needed to feed, her eyes darting back and forth, as the Puppet master screamed that she be stopped. She turned away from the exit, when she saw that the exit was being boarded up by someone in a white hoodie. It was then that the Zulu would throw a spear at her, that would drive into her left shoulder, coming out the other side, as her tentacles flailed wildly. Blood oozing from the wound, as the Puppets were now throwing themselves at her,and she was swatting them, kicking out with her feet and using her blood tentacles to catch others and toss them out of her way. THEN a large puppet was trying to swat her like a fly, and she would get hit, being thrown sideways, across the room, landing with a sickening thud. She pushed back up to standing and then using her hands she would break the spear that was lodged in her shoulder and with the last of her energy, hurl it at the puppet Master’s head, to try and do some damage at least. She was looking for a way out…..but the exit was getting boarded up again and again… (Natasha)”NOEZ!!!! I won’t die here!!!”- She turned on the Zulu, and made a dash at him, to tackle him in the hopes to lock on and bite his face, and if she could she would attempt to use her tentacles to bleed him dry-

Guest_DarksiedtheLegend: -Little did she know that the Zulu was also a well made puppet with his long legs he jumped upwards to try and avoid her but then a voice of small girl would echo out- (?) That is enough. -As her voice echoed through out the tent most of the puppets at the audience would stop moving indefinitely the only things that would still move was the British bloke, the Zulu who had returned back down from his high jump and the giant doll who was moving back to the hippodrome. The British bloke and the Zulu looked at each other before the British bloke would say out loud -(British bloke) You mean we don’t get to finish the attack look at me I am ruined a fortune wasted on my face now we have to waste more money which we do not have. Look at me I am ruined. -The Zulu would hold the British bloke back before saying-(Zulu) wha cha you want do her? -The giant doll would open up its jaw revealing a ten or eleven year old girl riding the giant doll in a small drivers compartment in the giant doll as she tried to get down the giant doll would then place its arm to its chest to allow the little girl in black dress with a black bonnet, her face seems to have black lipstick on her lips and has pale white make up. As the doll helped thee little girl get to the ground she would fluff off the dirt of her little dress before continuing to speak- (Girl) The boss wants to return back seeing how well she fought and also she survive the longest from those who have been sent. So we let her go….also your face will be fixed don’t worry about it. -The British bloke would shout out- (Bloke) Your kidding me look at the damage she caused, she doesn’t even touched you two (Girl) Quiet the boss is watching can’t you hear those chains of his…-They all became quiet as they heard chains rattling before it became silent before the skulls begun to circle closer to Natasha forming what seems to be a portal to the hospital bed where Sand is waiting on the other side with a cart of blood packs, he would wave at them. The girl would wave back before she said- (Girl) Zulu put her in the hole….we are done with her. -Zulu would move to get Natasha-

NatashaNarishnakov: -Natasha was bleeding profusely, and like an endangered animal she was growling and before she realised, she would be placed into the hole by the Zulu, being passed over to Sand, in the hospital, where a cart of blood packs were waiting. The minute her body hit the bed her tentacles collapsed down the sides, her blood running on the floor. She had fought, and completed her mission. Natasha then lost consciousness, drifting off to sleep.-