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Taken from Chapter two :Trek to the Summit

Writer : CharlotteCarrendar

The small white cat, Atriz was indeed old, older than one would expect. But there was a tale to the Cat’s tail. When you gaze on a creature, its often in their eyes that you see that spark. Though in the eyes of the white cat you see stars, there is something hidden in behind. A beautiful woman, her hair the colour of the whitest snow. The sword girl of Suzhou. Lin Yueru was her name. She belonged to a clan of mighty warriors, and she was the daughter of the esteemed leader Zhao. In her journeys with her brothers, she came across a village, and there she was to meet a man that was of her dreams. Li Xiaoyao. He was known to many in his village, as the Demon of Shadows. Lin falls head over heels in love, but her father has chosen to wage war upon the village. Meeting in secret, they consummate their love beneath a beautiful cherry blossom tree. But like all good tales, there is often not a happy ending. Her father finds out she is with child to the Demon of Shadows, and sends for her brothers to kill him. Eight on one, he stood no chance, falling to the blade of her brother Yun. It was no ordinary blade that he used, but that of Lin’s herself. Bringing back Li’s hair and the blooded sword, dropping it at the feet of Lin, she takes the blade in her hands, and tries to kill herself, rather than be left on the earth alone. The wound does the kill the unborn child within, but it is not fatal. Disgraced, her father orders she be banished from their lands. Sent to exile, in a dark temple far from the rest of her clan. The blade is by her side, wrapped in a special cloth as a permanent reminder of her shame. Crying, Crying. Her cries would be heard, but from an unlikely source. A golden dragon lands upon the temple roof, its large head, peering in through the window. (Fung Le)”Hmmm.” Lin Yueru looks up in fright, and tries to run away from the dragon, but each time she reached a doorway, or window, it was sealed to her. She had been bound by a curse, that she could not leave in bipedal form. The dragon watched on in amusement for a time, as the girl kept getting thrown back by the curse on the temple. After a time she finally sank to her knees, more tears flowing. The dragon’s large clawed hand reached in and then gestured with its finger to the tiny white haired girl. (Fung Le)”Only one way out I am afraid. But you have to trust me.” Staring up through tears, she cries. (Lin Yueru)”I trust you, Master. Please help me.”- Lin Yueru crawled onto the dragon’s outstretched hand, and then he closed his claws around her, till she vanished from sight. Whispering an enchantment, he slowly withdrew his hand from the temple, but when he sat up on the temple roof and opened his hand, she was no longer the Sword girl of Suzhou. She had turned into a small white cat. (Atriz)”Nyah?…Nyah?…my voice…my…..eeek. I’m fluffy! What…what..nyah…have you done?” (Fung Le)-chuckling softly- “Helping you of course.” – The white cat was going round in circles, chasing her own tail, (Atriz)”I’m…a.. nyah…cat?” Fung Le placed the kitty on the top of his neck, reaching in to the temple to retrieve her sword. (Fung Le)”You always were, Child. Just no one told you before.” :: In the hall of Lorewall Government  Atriz waited just near the front doors, for the young Thorn. Staring back with starry eyes, she saw much of herself in this girl. She knew she would be headstrong in her wish to follow the journey, and now Atriz knew that this was her calling. Fung Le knew exactly what he was doing, setting Atriz to be her guide. This was not just about a boy any more. Many now counted on Fung Le making it to the summit. All their lives depended on it. The cat sat patiently, she had waited many hundred of years….she could wait a bit longer.