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“What you wanted to know about Role play, but were too afraid to ask.”

Ever been intimidated by a roleplay room, or a particular roleplayer?

Ever been told in ooc…….


We all have. And for the most part, a lot of people think its a lot harder than it looks. But the truth is, its actually quite easy and enjoyable, if you pick up a few basic tips.

On this blog, I am here to help you enjoy that next role play that you wish to be a part of. No more of this…


So, to get the ball rolling, we look at Entrances.

There is so much more to entering a room then a simple *Walks up to the door and opens it* “Greetings.” That is pathetic and unoriginal… there is no spark, no imagination to it, and if there is no imagination, then your RP is practically worthless.

Wishing to be a good roleplayer, whether you are playing a vampyr, demon, god/goddess, human, elf, slave, etc., you must strive with every fiber of your being to go above and beyond any other RP you have seen. You must put effort into making your character the epitome of their kind. One very quick way to do this I have found is finding an alignment. Alignment will help you stay in character and help you know how to post. It also gives you A LOT of extra material to put into your post. When I say Alignment, I’m referring to those mentioned in Dungeons and Dragons: Good, Neutral, Evil and Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic. This is used to decide your characters demeanor, a key in RP. Is your character entering in a bad mood? A good mood? Are they out for blood or do they just want a nap? Are they depressed or lost in thought? Perhaps they are frustrated or maybe overjoyed. These are questions your entrance post must answer.

Once you have decided this, you have a jump start in presenting a fine entrance. Now then, how can you accomplish a successful post? Description. Detail. You as the typist, must view yourself as an artist. The words you type and present to others are your paint and paintbrush. The canvas? The minds of those who are reading your posts. Describe the sounds your body makes, its reactions to certain scents as you approach, the way the light is hitting you. Para RP should, when done properly, read like a book, and like in a book, the characters are described. What is your character wearing, how tall is she, what does he look like? Describe his voice, the shape of her body, the style of garments he’s wearing, any accessories which might adorn her skin. Is it a certain time of day? What season is it? Does the light hit her a certain way, casting shadows over your characters face? Have you just come from a fight, would you be bruised?

Many people use portals, windows, holes in the ground, etc., for entering a room. While these are all fine and dandy, and I love seeing them when done with amazing detail, often they are left lacking. Don’t forget about a good ol’ door, as 99.9% of places you will visit have them. Do you barge right in through a door or do you knock and follow societal standards ((Personally, if someone tried to come into my home without knocking, I’d probably kill them and claim self defense or call the cops, even in RP)). What is the door made of, what does it feel like when your hand turns the knob, the rush of the air from inside hitting your skin. If you are entering from a window, what does the sound of shattering glass hitting the floor sound like, how does it feel beneath your feet? You are entering from a portal. How big is the portal, does it reek with the aroma’s of the place you are traveling from, can we see into the other side from it?

This may seem like a lot, but really it is not very hard. You don’t need a twenty line post or even a 5 line post to accomplish the basics for an entrance. Even if you don’t cover all of these points, as they are just guidelines, applying a few of them to your post that you don’t already do can dramatically improve ones entrance. Remember, never copy someone’s entrance post or style of entrance. The beauty in RP comes from being unique!